Penny’s Second Day

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Penny’s Second Day
Penny’s Second Day at Finishing School

Penny was very satisfied with herself and her first day. She finally got some real cock penetration but only in her arse. She thoroughly loved it, in fact, she was now an addict for anal penetration. She loved everything about it, the way it made her feel like a filthy whore, perhaps even the thought that she had probably gone a lot further than her mother ever would have. Perhaps it was some kind of weird Electra complex playing out but what she couldn’t shake was the idea that after every depraved thing she’d done, and had done to her, she was still technically a virgin. She still had not had a real cock in her very experienced cunt. Her mother was still one up on her! She ignored the thought, it wouldn’t be long before she would no longer be a technical virgin anyway. However then and only then, would words like slut and whore really fit properly in her mind, and then she’d be happy.

She just wished it could be Mr Johnson to take her virginity. She wondered why it had taken so long, or more to the point why it had not happened yet. It was clear Mr Johnson loved her cunt, and so did his friends and all their wives and girlfriends. They all admired it and it was the reason for her nickname Miss Pretty Cunt or Pretty Cunt for short. It was some kind of cunning scheme she imagined on Mr Johnson’s part as it had been fairly clear he was in control and had stopped any of his friends from using their cocks to penetrate her vaginally, or even anally, when they clearly wanted to, and she wanted them to too! Mystery or otherwise tomorrow’s subjects included gang bangs and triple penetration. She was going to be deflowered one way or another. She just wished from the bottom of her loins she could have her vaginal virginity taken by Mr Johnson. Without that, her yearning to give herself totally to Mr Johnson might never be realised.

Mrs Johnson showed up to pick Penny up and bring her back to their house. The school was just north of Dural in a semi-rural area and about a 30 minute drive. Mrs Johnson went to the waiting area. The girls were brought out from a door at the other end by their individually assigned school guides. Most of them had obviously dried cum stains in their hair and on their faces and across their legs and their uniforms. The air wafted smells of cum and anal activities which the girls had recently participated in. They all had looks of contentment and were chatting and saying goodbyes.

Each guide took each girl and their sponsor to a debriefing room where they went through the day’s activities and a physical examination. Penny’s guide explained how Penny had been the first volunteer for the anal cum bucket demonstration by virtue of the fact that she was out of uniform by not wearing a butt plug. Mrs Johnson had purchased one and brought it with her, so now was an opportune time to insert it in her arse. The guide also opened Penny’s cunt to show Mrs Johnson that there were no cum stains or smells in it. Both the guide and Mrs Johnson couldn’t help but admire Penny’s creamy pink cunt and both couldn’t resist a little lick and clit rub. In no time at all they were both using Penny’s butt plug by thrusting it in and out to stretch Penny’s arse gently while licking her pussy. In no time at all both the older women had their panties off and were using the butt plug on each other while having a three way clit licking party. It was only a matter of 20 mins and everyone had cum. Bridget the guide had just taken the plug out of her arse and made Penny lick it clean and was about to re-insert it into Penny when Mrs Johnson said no. She had an idea.

She asked Bridget if it would be possible to fill Penny’s arse with some cum first. Mrs Johnson wanted an after school snack for Penny and for herself when she got home after the drive. Bridget was only too happy to call in the principal and deputy principal who approved of Penny’s new butt plug and willingly took turns fucking Penny’s arse again until they’d both cum in it. They watched as Bridget popped the plug into Penny and said the snack was ready to be taken home! By now Penny was totally naked again except for her shoes. Mrs Johnson just gathered Penny’s uniform into her bag and put a collar and lead on Penny and led her away to the car and walked her naked out of the office and to the car in the car park. She had a few more splashes of fresh sperm on her which reflected the sinking afternoon sun. The gardener smiled as she was marched away.

Mrs Johnson told Penny to masturbate if she wanted to but to also masturbate her too while she drove. Penny happily obliged and was thinking about eating the cum once the butt plug was popped out and sharing it with Mrs Johnson. Soon they were back at Mr Johnson’s. Mrs Johnson parked in the driveway in front of the garage. She walked Penny by the lead to the front door, still naked and waddling ever so slightly due to the butt plug. The door swung open. Mr Johnson was home and heard them walking down the drive as the scoria crunched under their footsteps. He picked Penny up in an embrace by her arse and pushed her butt plug up, she was naked and she wrapped her legs around him and rubbed her wet pussy hard up on his crotch and his belt buckle and hugged him tightly with both arms locked around his neck. She kissed him passionately and probed his mouth with her tongue and ground her cunt on the belt buckle and the stiffer material on the fly of his trousers. Mrs Johnson gently twisted the butt plug in Penny’s arse and it was enough stimulation to make her cum soiling Mr Johnson’s trousers with her ejaculate.

He carried her like this into the lounge room and sat her down on the lounge with her legs spread apart. He gently pushed her back and raised her arse up and looked at Mrs Johnson and asked, looking at the plug, what was going on. Mrs Johnson said it was Penny’s after school snack and that she was going to share it with her. Mr Johnson raised his eyebrow wondering exactly what this meant. Mrs Johnson said “look, see!” As she twisted and removed the plug from Penny’s arse a load of cum leaked onto the leather lounge and Mrs Johnson licked at the cum coating the end of the butt plug. She put the butt plug in Penny’s mouth, it had a beautiful pungent odour of the lining of her arse, Mrs Johnson had to taste it too it smelt so good. Penny licked up the cum that leaked onto the lounge while Mrs Johnson licked Penny’s arse clean. She said it was delicious and commanded Penny now lick hers. Mr Johnson’s thumb rubbed hard on Mrs Johnson’s clit. As she shuddered in climax she passed a note to Mr Johnson.

The note was from the principal explaining basically, as Penny was still a vaginal virgin technically after tomorrow she wouldn’t be because the training was going to be triple penetration, and this would be the last chance for Mr Johnson to deflower Penny if he wished. Yes he wished!

He looked at Penny and unzipped his fly and almost instantaneously his cock unfolded and inflated rock hard and stood up erect and beautiful. Penny smiled noting the mess she’d made of his suit trousers. She looked longingly at his cock and he put it in her mouth and she immediately began sucking it hard. She was instantly aroused, her clit was rock hard too and Mrs Johnson could see it too and gently stroked Penny’s cunt from her labia up to her clit and back. Mr Johnson said the note told him she would be deflowered at school tomorrow. She nodded and gasped yes in a whisper as she sucked hard and jerked on his warm meat rod. It seemed bigger than ever before. She was so aroused too as Mrs Johnson was not only rubbing her clit and fingering her she was now using the other hand to finger her arse. She was sticking it in and twirling it around in a circle inside her arse it was making her so horny her natural response was the start grinding her arse down on Mrs Johnsons’s finger, or was it fingers?

Mr Johnson asked her if this is what she wanted. She hesitated and stammered she wanted him to deflower her, it was the only way she could give herself to him totally she said. He smiled and said “don’t worry you will learn how to give yourself to me totally, there is a lot more I’m going to take from you but that’s for another time.” He then said “you’ve been waiting for a long time, you were ready to give me your flower on the first day, weren’t you?” She nodded, they both knew they day he was referring to. It was a moment etched in both their psyches forever. Thinking about it like that it was like a massive climax building since that moment to this one, like a building orgasm bearing down about to blow Penny’s mind beyond all rationality. Only lust and primeval sexuality were the only functions that would be left. As his big hard cock slid straight into her pulsating cunt dribbling in waves of self-lubricating lust, she felt no more than a piece of throbbing gristle. All the higher planes of her existence had collapsed into her sexual being. Her cunt being at the centre of this pulsating universe.

Mr Johnson fucked her with long hard regular strokes. He wasn’t rough but every thrust was hard with his engorged penis ramming into the back wall of her cunt and tickling the end of her cervix. Penny hadn’t even realised she was whispering “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” in perfect rhythm with every cock thrust. Whatever the hell Mrs Johnson was doing with her arse was also in perfect rhythm and driving her insane with lust. Penny was in the cow girl position riding Mr Johnson her nipples were hard and rubbing on his now bare chest. Mrs Johnson had somehow stripped him, she was facilitating this completely. She was giving Penny her husband totally and enjoying watching Penny give everything up for him. Penny could no longer tell who was giving who to whom and exactly where her ecstasy was emanating from. Was it her vagina, her clitoris, her sphincter, g-spot, anus, breasts or nipples, or were they all acting in concert? Mr Johnson flipped her over onto her back and pushed her legs back so her ankles were up in the air. He kept his cock in her the whole time.

She’d never been so aroused, so craven, so lustful, ever. Mr Johnson exploded inside her sending a warm pulse shooting through her whole being rippling in heat waves through her cosmos. Cum gushed into her cunt and she involuntarily squirted her fluids back hard on that cock she was pounding against. Mrs Johnson recognised the moment and was down there licking up the leaking fluid as it dribbled down Penny’s perineum and pooling in her anus. Penny was floating in heaven in a divine state of orgasm and moaned and moaned for what seemed like minutes. Talk about fucking deflowered! Penny was a deflowering beauty, that is, deflowered beauty. Mrs Johnson came up and dribbled cum from her mouth into Penny’s and she then kissed Mr Johnson. The next time Mrs Johnson came up with a mouthful of fluids she kissed her husband pushing it into his mouth with her tongue. Penny was still quivering in orgasm. She instinctively scooped her hand into her pussy and smeared them over her face and rubbed it over her swollen breasts. She wanted to be covered in sex! Covered in her juices and his. The three of them embraced and held each other and licked and kissed each other.

Penny could never have wished for a better first fuck. She didn’t know who to thank more. To repay them she would do anything they asked of her. She was theirs totally. She wanted to be their slave, she felt lucky to be their slave, she gave herself up to be their slave more than willingly.

Mr and Mrs Johnson said they were going to a party to celebrate the occasion. It was a party in honour of Penny’s final loss of virginity. Penny’s clothes, or her uniform was still in Mrs Johnson’s bag but they told her she was to be taken naked except for some high heels. Mr and Mrs Johnson were clothed, and their cum slut was naked. She put her hands around their shoulder and the Johnsons each reached across and stuck a finger in Penny’s arse and held her like that as they walked her to the car out the front. She was still sticky and smelled of sex. It was a powerful aphrodisiac.
The party was at Mrs Johnson’s house. To Penny’s surprise Sarah, was home and opened the door. She too was naked! Sarah congratulated Penny on being deflowered and beckoned her along with her parents through to the entertaining area out the back. Penny still had Mr and Mrs Johnson’s fingers in her arse as they walked arm in arm. The Johnsons took turns wiggling their fingers and making Penny walk funny! As Sarah turned to walk in front and lead the way Penny noted she actually had a tail… it was attached to a large butt plug partially protruding from Sarah’s anus. She pranced along in a way with her butt stuck out so you couldn’t help but notice. She also attached a lead to Penny’s collar and held it. They walked to the rear entertaining area to a round of applause from a crowd of people. The men were all dressed in suits, some women were dressed up, some were in lingerie and others were completely naked. Penny realised the naked girls were all cum sluts like her and they were with their masters and mistresses.
As the guest of honour Penny was told she was going to get the evening started with a solo double penetration exhibition using the toys neatly arranged on a padded platform for the gathering who were now an audience. Penny used gymnastic like abilities to put on a masterful display of double insertions. Mrs Johnson told Penny calmly what to do next and what to think about as she did it and brought her to a quick orgasm for the appreciative crowd. Next she told Sarah to get up there with Penny and that they should pleasure each other. They got into a 69 position and licked each other’s cunts. Next they were told to keep licking but to fuck each other with the anal toys. Both girls really enjoyed themselves and could see they were getting a reaction as flies were getting unzipped and the other cum sluts were now sucking their master’s cocks. Some were also licking their mistresses’ pussies as well. The crowd became quitter as they started focus on their building arousal and lust. Mr Johnson then announced Penny had completed her first day at finishing school and had mastered anal cum slut training with an A and for her homework she was to be anally gang banged until her arse was over flowing with semen. Sarah was also part of it. Sarah and Penny would act as spotters for each other and help feed the willing cocks into each other’s arses.

Two lines formed from opposite directions. First in line for Penny was Mr Johnson, he said he had some catching up to do as he had yet to fuck her arse with his cock. Penny knew that cock as it drove into her arse it was the same rhythm and by God Sarah licked her clit in the same synchronised rhythm like her mother had earlier. It was just that the holes were reversed! She came again quickly which pleased the crowd and they cooed in admiration and they cooed again as a sudden leakage of cum indicated Mr Johnson had too. Sarah fed the next cock into Penny’s arse and soon cum was leaking from Sarah’s arse too and Penny fed the next cock into her arse while cleaning up the spill. Sarah appeared to be heaving in orgasm as well, soon the whole place seemed to be a writhing mass of throbbing and naked lust.

Penny woke up early, not exactly sure whose bed she was in. She looked over and it must have been Sarah’s as she was in bed next to her. She was so so happy. She’d been defiled and deflowered by the Johnsons in the most beautiful ways. She now understood she was the cum slut for the whole family as she peered under the covers to see both her and Sarah were naked. She’d been thinking of the curriculum and the subject matter for today, her second day with some titillation. Somehow though she was distracted from those thoughts and found herself admiring Sarah’s perfect breasts. She peeled back the covers and for the first time found herself lusting for another woman. It was almost predatory. She began caressing Sarah’s breasts, and her hand furtively wandered down to Sarah’s pussy. She spread it open slowly as she gently rubbed and it moistened. She saw the strap on by the bed and remembered how after the crowd had left Sarah and Mrs Johnson has brought her back here and had taken turns fucking both her holes using her to extract a last ounce of pleasure before total exhaustion and satisfaction demanded sleep.

Penny could see Sarah rousing with a smile on her lips and straddled her smiling face and rubbed her now wet cunt across her face. She leaned over her and spread Sarah’s legs wide apart and spat on Sarah’s pussy and began licking her glorious cunt. Sarah reciprocated but also ran her tongue around Penny’s sphincter. Neither were getting out of this room until a trembling orgasm was reached! For Penny it was a beautiful private moment between her and Sarah and brought them closer like sisters.

Time waits for no man or woman. Mrs Johnson made coffee for Sarah and Penny. She’d left Penny’s uniform outside the shower while they both showered together. They embraced and kissed passionately during their shower but in a more loving than sexual way. It was just an expression of their love and enjoyment of each other. Penny dried and dressed in her uniform and Sarah just dressed in a short floral dress, neither of them wore any pants. For Penny the uniform had no panties though she had a butt plug to cover her arsehole. She left that out for the time being. She though Sarah might like to help her put it in later in the car, assuming she was coming along for the ride. Sarah did come along and was happy to help Penny complete dressing in her uniform. Sarah and Mrs Johnson dropped Penny off at the office and said their farewells for the day leaving her in the care of Bridget her guide. Bridget promised to look after her.

Bridget took Penny through for uniform and body inspection. The principal decided to drop in personally to check Penny was wearing her butt plug today. When Bridget sat her up legs spread apart on the examination bed he nodded approvingly. He couldn’t help himself and had to fondle her cunt and removed her butt plug and forced it into Penny’s mouth. Bridget gaped Penny’s arse open for the principal to inspect. By now he had a raging horn and jammed it into Penny’s arse and told Bridget to do a thorough inspection of the cunt, which she did. She prised it open with fingers on both sides and took a look in. Everything looked pink and healthy. Bridget secretly thought delicious too. And after running her tongue along Penny’s lips and clit reached in with a finger and checked for her g-spot response with a slight rake of her finger against the rougher skin on the vaginal wall just under the pubic bone. Penny’s slight quiver told her it was fine. Because today involved a lot of penetrations it was best to keep Penny as unsoiled for as long as possible and Bridget could see from the principals accelerating thrusts her was about to cum. She rested her face on top of Penny’s pubic bone with her mouth wide open suggesting the obvious. The principal acknowledged and said he was not going to soil Penny this early, he quickly pulled his cock out and thrust it into Bridget’s obliging mouth and filled her with cum. She swallowed it down in a professional manner ensuring not one drop was spilt on Penny or anywhere. He then took the butt plug from Penny’s mouth and relubed it and pushed it back in her arsehole. “Inspection finished!” he declared.

These inspections served a dual purpose. Firstly was for discipline and to ensure the uniform code was not breached the second was for health and hygiene purposes. It was important to keep infections and sexually transmitted diseases out of the school. It was not uncommon for this inspection to go over an hour. Some surmised there was a third unspoken purpose – to give the school staff an opportunity to engage in extra-curricular sex with the students. Given the school’s motto of et serviamus subditi, submit and serve, and its raison d’être, to train girls to be highly skilled obedient sluts, it was viewed simply as smart use of any available opportunity to reinforce the schools teachings. The school’s results spoke for themselves, all the school’s graduates, students and student’s sponsors could not be happier.

Inspection finally over Penny was taken to class by Bridget. Bridget said they were not late but she wanted to hurry as she was class assistant for the class on triple penetration. They were the last to arrive but still not late as such. There were generally 5 or 6 students per class as that was about the practical limit for the school’s resources. For 3 penises per girl this meant 18 male assistants were required. Too many students and the intimacy of the school would be lost. So each course was limited to no more than 6 enrolments. Two girls were talking about the anal training they received yesterday while the remaining two were actually stimulating each other. This wasn’t encouraged but it wasn’t forbidden either though if it meant their attention lapsed they could be punished. Three men with hard cocks were waiting around and the teacher told Bridget to quickly undress herself and to get into position. First up was the doggy position and one of the men assigned to fuck Bridget was laying down on his back on the demonstration table in front of the class. The other 2 were waiting for Bridget to climb on though first to get things warmed up Bridget starting sucking the man’s cock that was laying down to get it to the rigidity that she liked for her cunt to grind on. She soon mounted him and took the other 2 in her mouth together. The teacher pointed out the benefits of warm up and explained this was a good position for deep penetration in all three holes. The teacher spread some thick viscous lube on her fingers and started to finger Bridget’s arsehole gently working further in and with more fingers. Bridget was sucking on one cock now in a concerted effort and the other man now climbed up above her and prepared to mount and penetrate her arse. The teacher signalled for a pause and motioned for the girls to come closer and watch the cock enter Bridget’s arse. The teacher guided the cock with her hands and while Bridget rocked back and forth he more or less remained stationary and had his cock swallowed by Bridget’s arsehole incrementally with each time she rocked back.

The girls were now totally engrossed in watching Bridget move in gentle rhythm with both cocks sliding in and out of her as she did. The cock in her mouth went in and out at alternating times to the cocks in her cunt and arse. It made for an interesting heaving of lust. Bridget’s nipples had gone very hard and the teacher invited the girls to touch them. One of the girls asked if she rub Bridget’s clit and the teacher said she could. Bridget nodded and smiled as her lips surrounded the big cock sliding in and out of her mouth. One of the girls even started to finger the arse of the guy in Bridget’s arse. The teacher liked the idea and said all the girls should take turns doing it on all three men. Bridget was about to cum just as the teacher signalled she should changed position. She waved negative to that suggestion as she started to buck like crazy. Soon was heard Bridget’s soft contented moans and the wetness emanating from her crotch was now quite obvious. The teacher asked the girls to feel it. Now she signalled for a position change so the men could change holes but the men all shook their heads too. The teacher and the men settled for the cocks in Bridget’s arse and mouth to swap.

As soon as the cocks came out the girls grabbed wildly at their cocks to suck them. Penny had made sure she got the one from the arse. She sniffed and sucked it approvingly. She tucked her finger into his arse and she sucked the cum right out of him, he was done. It was the right time to put Bridget into reverse cowgirl for anal. The guy underneath remained there and Bridget stuffed his cock up her arse and beckoned the other cock to her mouth. She wanted to finish off with anal/felatio DP. She was soon bucking wildly again as her libido kicked once more and turned her nipples to stones. The presence of an audience was a big turn on for her. She pointed at her cunt demanding it be serviced by a willing tongue. She lunged and grabbed a handful of hair of one of the girls and pulled her down to her cunt. Her tongue and the tongues of her fellow students were going wild. Her nipples were sucked and licked, one tongue was in her cunt and another was flicking her clit. She was in heaven and did all that she could to stall the immanent climax because this, right now, was divine. Suddenly there was a load blasting in her arse, Penny licked up the spill and sensing this is what Bridget really loved, grabbed the other cock from her mouth and stuffed it into her arse. The already spent cock still had a few drops and went into her mouth. Bridget wriggled in delight as she came. The next loaded was deposited in her arse and there was a frenzy because all the girls were now eager to get a taste of cum and Bridget’s arse. Those that missed out rimmed her. The girls were so eager they were popping their butt plugs in and out. The three men were thanked by the teacher and the next three walked in with their cocks hard as rocks! The girls went nuts with insane lust, each begging to be the next one to have all her holes filled simultaneously.

The vigour with which each of those girls took on those cocks was exemplary. Their classmates chanted “et serviamus subditi” as each of them began their triple penetration session. After the final student had been defiled and soiled with semen completely, there were now 5 sticky cum soiled sluts demanding the teacher join in. The earlier male trios had now come back to the classroom to see what the commotion was about and instantly like the idea obviously. In no time at all the teacher’s clothes had been torn off completely and she had 15 mean fucking all her holes relentlessly in what was one massive gangbang with her students poking her and licking her everywhere. She had to be helped to her car after that as she could hardly walk she had cum so hard she was in a complete daze. Seeing cocks everywhere!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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