Petra Private: My Molly Malone 2

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Petra Private: My Molly Malone 2

Petra is author of several sexy short seductive stories secretly, at both my ‘petdyke’ profile and at ‘Poet-PETER’.
Petra is awesomely attractive, as you all can admire her hot lovely looks ‘en profil erotique’, ma belle, tout nu ici:

Precious Princess Petra en profil, an intimate invitation:

Petra provides privacy for Molly Mallone’s petty ‘perverse’ purchases in internet: two dildo’s & a set of handcuffs.
Petra provides privacy for her however she keeps her hot great granddad Professor Peter Pervert well informed!

Molly Mallone has no idea what is happening to her, the day she is at Petra for a language lesson and ‘pick-ups’
Molly Mallone has all signs of erotic experience lacking, longing for love as any horny good-looking girl her age!


Precious Princess Petra meets Molly Mallone in Paris, who looks for hot help in ordering something very erotic.
Petra reads her hot thoughts through her great green eyes, so she offers her horny help for some sexy solution.

Precious Princess Petra, see her private photo above, is an expert at erotic writing as her granddad, poet Peter!
Petra in Paris: source of some sexy stories to seduce our dear readers into intimate extatic erotic ‘dirty dreams’:

Precious Princess Petra hot & horny hosted Molly Malone, an intriguing as interesting Irish red-hot real redhead.
Petra is as smart and quick-witted as her great granddad, so she spotted the nice naughty needs of a virgin girl!


Professor Poet Peter has a hot gorgeous granddaughter, erotically educated by him from her days as his baby.
Petra became writer as well. When she left his home for further studies she spent some time at French friends.

Petra soon has her own apartment in up-town ‘Paris Seizième’, which she mainly pays for by language lessons.
Poet Pete keeps an open eye for future erotic experiences at his hot great granddod, all time on-line at camera.

Petra teases Peter to get his little Pete ready to grow at the next visit, secretly on video, by virgin Molly Malone.
Poet Peter sees Pete peter up to sexy size, as soon he gets her hot intriguing sexy set-up for foxy Miss Malone!


Petra’s perfect perverse intriguing idea is to invite Molly Malone to try the tasty toys in all privacy at her place.
Petra’s public is a lovely looking lesbian Parisienne perverse and her hot great granddad, nobody else sees it.

Petra’s plan plays almost as it is designed by pervert Prof. Peter: she suggests to try the velvet handcuffs first!
Petra plays perfect perverse Domme: directs her camera at the teen’s tasty crotch, casting her first foxy feature.

Petra perfectly knows what she is doing with whom: she assures Molly’s anonimity, as she invites her to bare.
Petra perversly zooms in at Peter’s request. Likewise, she shows the screen to Molly, so she knows: Watched!


All Rights are at Professor Poet-Peter in awesome Amsterdam, COPYRIGHT de dato January Twelve, 2018

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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