Pick Up Truck Part 1

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Pick Up Truck Part 1
It was late by the time I got off work. I knew Liz would be PO by the time I got home since it was Friday and we planned on going out to the club to dance. Headed down the freeway into the valley I noticed two guys standing beside a broken down old pick up.
Know I was going to be late anyway I pulled over to help. I have been broken down on the side of the road and knew what it was like to be stranded with no one to help. The guys both gave me large grins of relief as I got out of the car and asked them if they needed help.
Sure, we were headed home for the weekend and this old b**st of burden crapped out on us. After looking at the truck for awhile we determined there was nothing we could do as the sunset and it got dark. I asked them if they wanted to leave it there and crash at my house for the night. They both agreed it was the best they could hope for and maybe in the morning they would get it running again and return to thier travels.
Tony and Kevin were both farm boys in thier early 20″s. I could tell by looking at them that they had worked hard in the fields. Both had tan faces and arms and looked the picture of health. We chatted on the way to the house and both were pretty much flat broke but happy. I told them we were planning to go out and Liz would be upset if we didn’t but we could not afford to take them with us or leave them at the house alone. I knew I was in trouble when I got home for brining them.
As we walked in the house Liz gave me a look of surprise with a flicker of anger in her eyes. She was all dolled up and ready to go danceing. She had on a mini-skit and a tight blouse that showed off her tight little ass and perky tits. I introduced her and told her the story about my good deed for the day and that these two needed a place to crash. Knowing she was not happy I told her we could party with these two and she could dance with all three of us right in the living room.
She was not happy but agreed with my idea. We had some beer and Royal Crown on hand and soon we were all drinking, talking, laughing and telling stories of our past and present lives. The guys started to relax and soon were looking like they were ready to go out on the town. With no money to do so I turned up the stero and Liz and I started to dance. I like to get close and run my hands on Liz’s tight little ass. She pushed my hands away and told me not to spread her ass cheeks to far because she was wet and did’nt want Tony and Kevin to notice.
Of course by this time I was a little lite up from the booze. Proud of how cute my wife was I started to show off a bit and gave them little shots of my wife’s ass as we danced around the living room. I could see them adjusting their cock’s in thier jeans as we moved around the floor. From the looks Liz was giving them she was taking notice too. Kevin was the first to cut in on our dancing and I took the clue and sat down while he took over dancing with Liz.
After a few minutes of dancing he moved in closer as the music slowed down and soon they were up tight to each other slow dancing in front of Tony and me. Soon enough Kevin’s hands were roaming closer and closer to Liz’s ass. He looked at me as his hands moved closer and I just smiled. Taking that as a OK he took both of her cheeks in her hands and started to rub them in his big farm hands.
Liz was feeling as pent up as I was and started getting into it. I stood up and moved in behind her and soon we were dancing with Liz in the middle of us in a slow sexual dance that had all of us wound up. Feeling bold I lifted her skirt and started rubbing my rock hard cock up against her nice little ass. She was grinding her tits against Kevin’s chest and they were almost kissing each other.
Since were busy we had all but forgotten Tony sitting on the couch. As we swayed to the music I came around and noticed that Tony had not only taken his shirt off but had taken out his cock and was stroking it in full view of all us.
Liz noticed about the same time Kevin and I did. Tony smiled at us all and said you three are so hot dancing in front of me I couldn’t help myself. I need to blow a load off of these balls and you guys are so hot and horny looking its like watching live porn.
Liz turned and looked at his hard cock. She told him it was a great looking cock but she wanted him to see mine. She unzipped my fly and tugged my uncut cock out of my jeans. As my cock came out into her hands I dam near blew my load right there. It was so hot to see her all horny from seeing two hard cocks, she was licking her lips and stroking my cock.
Tony’s cock was a good 8″ and cut with a nice mushroom head but when Liz got mine out his eyes grew wide. I am pretty happy with my cock and Liz likes it allot. 9 1/2 inches of uncut cock and two big around for Liz to get her hand around she has always been happy to be a one man woman. Tonight I had the feeling that things were going to change.
Kevin had taken my place grinding on Liz’s ass as we still kind of swayed to the music, Liz stroking my cock in front of Tony and licking her lips as she looked at his tight abs and uncut cock. Not to be out done Kevin unzipped his jeans and laid his growing cock on Liz’s pantied ass. Her skirt was now over her hips and she was almost bent over against his groin. His uncut monster was sliding up and down her panties and soon was standing at full attention with pre-cum coming out of the big mushroom head.
Liz turned around a looked. That is the biggest cock I have ever seen she exclaimed. I have to admit it was the largest I had ever seen and we both had seen allot of porn. It was as big as the porn star Mandingo but white. At this point Liz started getting a little nervous. She looked at me with her big innocent eyes and said, Honey, what are we going to do, I want to fuck all of you guys…
What could I do? I had brought them home and gotten them all horned up. I looked at her and said………….I guess we are going to have to show them a good time..
Story to be continued.

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