pig’s dream wedding…

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pig’s dream wedding…

pig knelt before its Master. today was pig’s big day… pig was going to be married to its long-time boyfriend, Mr. Toilet. chuckling at the ridiculousness of the situation, Master ordered pig to take its place by the toilet.

pig knelt by her fiance, Mr. Toilet. pig has always loved and worshipped its true love, knowing that it could never hope to be pretty enough for a man. so on many lonely nights when it wasn’t in use by its Superiors, it would spend the night making out with Mr. Toilet. pig loved rubbing its slimy cunt on him and licking him clean like the true pigfreak it was. and pig loved how good Mr. Toilet was to it, always putting up with a dumb and needy pig.

but now, on its big day, pig was going to be Mr. Toilet’s pigslut wife… not that it really meant much to pig or Mr. Toilet. pig was still Master’s worthless a****l, living naked for easy exposure and humiliation for His pleasure. and there was never any reason Mr. Toilet would have to stay faithful to a pigfreak like pig. he can have as many nasty cunts rubbing on him as he wants. pig knew Mr. Toilet was probably cheating on it with other sluts. nonetheless, Mr. Toilet was always good to pig. and pig considered itself lucky to be able grind its disgusting pig cunt on him like the pig slut it was.

pig’s Superiors stood over the nasty pig and its soon-to-be husband. pig was then ordered to recite her wedding vow…

“pig promises to love, worship, and obey you, Mr. Toilet. you are its master and its god. and in return, pig asks nothing, knowing it is just lucky you put up with such a nasty scum. pig knows it means nothing to you and that you will have other cunts too, probably even making out with you in front of pig. but pig knows it has no right to be jealous. you have the right to cheat on pig because it is an ugly, pathetic freak. but it just loves and adores you, Mr. Toilet, and pig thanks you for being so kind to it. for letting pig make out with you and hump its smelly, ugly, nasty cunt against you. pig is so happy that you allow it to marry you and take its new name as your wife – pisshole shitface”

Master laughed at the desperate and nasty pig freak and said nothing more than “I hereby name you toilet and pigshit wife. pisshole shitface, you may kiss your husband.”

immediately, pisshole shitface stuffed its head into Mr. Toilet’s bowl, dunking its face into his body and kissing him with a desperate arousal.

as the ceremony ended and the night begun, pisshole shitface kissed its new husband tenderly… the beginning foreplay for the night ahead.

pisshole shitface enjoyed its wedding night with Mr. Toilet. it edged and rubbed its disgusting, smelly cunt all night long, but pisshole shitface was left in perpetual arousal, knowing it still wasn’t allowed to cum.

eventually, pisshole shitface allowed itself some sleep at the foot of its husband.

the next morning, Master found pisshole shitface making out with its husband once again.

with a rough kick to its behind, pisshole shitface was shaken out of its passionate kiss.

it was time for the wedding portrait. pisshole shitface couldn’t have been anymore excited. the disgusting a****l felt like the happiest and luckiest pig freak in the world.

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