Playing Horsey With My Mom And Dad

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Playing Horsey With My Mom And Dad
It’s only now, many years on that I realise what an odd and peculiar up bringing I had with mom and dad. You see we lived in a one bedroom flat above mom’s workplace and some of my earliest memories that I can remember is hearing my mom being fucked by dad, although I did not know what they were doing at the time or anything I did at the time either.

It all came about with getting my last feed in their bed on a night, I can vaguely remember my dad sucking on moms tits too, sharing my supper. Often I lay there still attached and I would hear mom whisper, “no” to dad, and then I would hear her breath in sharply as dad must have penetrated her before she started to pant and the bed creak.

I thought it was great playing shuggy boats in bed, trying to hang on to mom’s nipple as it wobbled and I would giggle with excitement, shouting
“Faster, faster”
Then dad would lie back down next to me all-breathless and sometimes I would wake up the next morning still in their bed.

Dad would already be away to work when I woke and I would watch mom get dressed, she was and still is a larger plumper woman with big tits and chunky thighs. Not fat, just a well-built, big boned woman. She always wore stockings with a girdle or corset and I was amazed how she had to squash her tits in to her cups before giving them a good wobble to settle them in for the day.

When she realised I was awake she would lie back down on the bed and heave her tit back out for me to suck on for my breakfast. She would breathe heavy some mornings and pant as I suckled her breast with her legs raised. Mom would make the bed wobble and I would shout
“Faster, faster” with excitement before she tensed up and her whole body shivered.

Very often, when dad arrived back from work and mom was feeding me on the sofa he would push her skirt up her legs and bury his head in between them. Mom’s chest would rise and fall with her breathing and I would have to suck her nipple hard to get my milk.

Dad would lift his head then unzip himself, he had a sticky out thing like me but much bigger and pointed it between mom’s legs. She would breathe in sharply then dad would make us all wobble on the sofa.
“Horsey mom, horsey” I would cry out.

I would climb on top of her tummy and wobble back and forward, holding on to her big naked tits with my little hands as not to fall off. Mom would smile back at me and she would make panting noises. We always ended with a gallop going faster and faster before mom grunted and lifted us up off the sofa for a few seconds.

As I got older the horse rides became more frequent, maybes because I was awake more and not sleeping as much or I just started to remember a lot more of them. I woke one morning when dad had not went to work yet, mom was on her knees bent over and daddy was holding on to her from behind
“Horsey, horsey” I shouted and jumped from my bed and in to there’s and climbed on to mom’s back; she lifted her head from the pillow just so I would not fall off and I had my horsey ride. It was fast and wobbly and mom collapsed on to her tummy with being out of breath.

Dad had to go to work and left us two in bed, mom rolled over and I started to suckle her breast for my breakfast. Afterwards I asked if I could have another horsey ride and mom sat me on her tummy, raised her legs and started to lift herself up and down on the bed. I held on to her tits shouting
“Faster mom feaster”
When mom stood up afterwards white stuff was running down her legs and she had to run to the toilet.

The feeding on her tit became less and less till there was no milk but daddy would still come back from work nearly every night and bury his head between her legs. Mom would open her blouse, pull out her tit and call for me to come and suck on it. Then he would point his thing at her and I would climb on mommy for a horsey ride again, holding firmly on to her bouncing tits till the ride was over. I thought it was great.

Dad would then stand up and his sticky out thing would hang limp and go for a shower. Mom would lie there after I had climbed off, her tan coloured stocking covered legs wide apart. I decide to take a closer look one day and see what dad sees when he has his head buried between them.

Mom smiled at me as I ran my hand up her leg, touching the smooth nylon of her stockings then the soft flesh hanging out before coming to a hairy triangle between her legs.
“Mom you’re leaking”
“I know Nick, would you wipe it up for mommy” and handed me her hankie.

It was like an open mouth on its side, hairy all the way around the outside lips and pink inside where she was wet with creamy liquid. I wiped up the mess then mommy took my hand
“Let’s see if you have cleaned it all up”
She slid my hand over her pussy and between her lips; although I did not know what they were called at the time them smiled at me
“Good job, you can be mommy’s little helper from now on”

It became a regular thing on a night after dad came back from work, mom and him would kiss and begin to strip each other even when I was about. Dad with his big hard willy standing naked and mom just in her girdle and stockings with her tits hanging out over the top, I started to participate and take my cloths off too.

Dad would stand in front of mom sitting on the sofa and push his cock into her mouth and she would greedily suck on it. Then she would lie back down and dad would go and lick mom, she pulled the bottom of her girdle up so I could see dad’s tongue licking at her lips.

Mom would pull me on to her tits and let me suck on them as dad did his magic on her pussy. When he inserted his cock, mom pulled me on top and we played horsey again, holding her tits firmly as not to fall off, I bounced and ride mom pretending to be like the lone ranger, on the telly at the time.

I could not wait for daddy to leave for his shower so I could touch mom’s pussy with her hankie. That was starting to become the best bit of playing horsey, touching moms warm leaking pussy. She would lift herself up and rubbed her pussy against my hand as I wiped her clean and this was taking a longer time each night.

Daddy was coming from the bathroom by now and naked to go in to the bedroom and told mom
“I have to be quick for tea I have to go out again”
There was no time for mom to dress before tea but we were pretty much used to going around the house semi clothed, I was naked and mom had put her tits back inside her girdle as we eat our meal.

Dad left and mom said it was bath time, she ran the bath and I watch her as she started to undo her suspenders and roll down her stockings, something I have seen many times before. She slipped her straps down then slid the girdle down her body, mom was naked now just like me and pulled me close for a hug, my head only came up to her pussy and I was overwhelmed by the smell of moms sex juices.

Thinking about what dad does, I licked up her lips just like I had seen him do tonight. Mom bucked and twisted and held my head tight in to her. I remember her being warm and wet and me not having a clue to the affect I was having to my mom.

“Mom its all wet” I cried out when there was a gush
“That’s normal Nick, just use your tongue like my hankie”
I did as I was told, wiped her pussy with my tongue, licking the juices from her lips and hairy bush
“That’s it Nick, what a good little helper you are” mom said and smiled down at me

Mom sat in the bath and I stood as she washed me first, covering my body in soap suds then with the sponge dribbled water over me to get rid of them.
“Mom why is my willy not big like dads”
“It will be on day”
“Sometime it sticks out like dads when I need a wee”
“I know, I sometime have to point it down in to the toilet bowl for you”
“Look mom, it’s big now, can I stick it in your mouth like daddy”
I was pushing myself closer to her mouth like I had seen dad do
“Nick I don’t think you should be doing that”
“But daddy does”
“Yes he is older, a lot older”
“Will I be old enough when I go to school, mom?”
“Not until you leave school Nick”
“That’s for ever, but I licked your thingy tonight”
“I know and your mommy’s naught for letting you”
“Will mommy get wrong”
“Just if you tell anyone”
“What about telling dad”
“Not even him Nick, don‘t tell any one”
“I like licking mommy” I said
“I know you do and I will still let you lick my breasts, that‘s not naughty”
“Ok mom”

Mom and me played in the bath some more then I started to get tired so mom took me to bed. She was just wrapped in a towel when she lay with me and I cuddled in to her, sucking on her tit through the towel till I was asleep.

Mom was still asleep the next morning; dad was already gone when I climbed in to their bed. The bedding was in a heap and mom was naked on her back with her legs slightly a parted, Mom pussy was leaking and I did not have a hanky to clean the mess up. She said it was alright to lick her as long as I did not tell anyone and that’s what I did.

Just like dad, I buried my head between her legs and started to lick up her lips, It was more creamery than last night when I licked mom, more like when she tells me to use the hanky. Mom started to stir, moving her legs further a part and I was able to squeeze in further between her legs.

I licked up her lips, sucking the sticky creamy liquid in to my mouth and mom started to stir more by raising her legs up. I cleaned the mess up and heard mom pant as I did so, just then her hand came on to my head.

“Nick what are you doing,” she shouted, “You don’t do that to mommy”
“But I was cleaning the mess up and I didn’t have a hankie”
“That was very naughty Nick”
“But I am your little helper you said I could still lick you”
“Yes Nick but not down there”
“But daddy does when we play horsey”
“That’s going have to stop too; you are growing in to a big boy now”
“But mom I like playing horsey”
“And big boys stop in there own beds from now”
“Ok mom”

That was the last time I ever got to see my dad or mom fuck each other, they were very secretive after that and when I was seven I was moved out of the bedroom but dad got bored and soon left mom and me.

The End

See my other story to find out what happened when I was older at.

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