Please…I’ll Do Anything…Part 1

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Please…I’ll Do Anything…Part 1
“What is it baby? Do you not wanna cum anymore now that you’re in this position?” She teased, “Cause if not, i have no problem putting you back in that lil cock-cage of yours” I could see her laughing through the gap between my legs. Right now i was staring straight at my own penis, it was about 5 inches away from my face. It had been 2 weeks since my girlfriend Callie had tied me to the bed and locked me into a CB3000 chastity belt. Now after 2 weeks of tying me up, removing my chastity device (she only took it off when i was tied up, that way she could get it back on without much of a struggle), and then it was about an hour of blue-balling (if i was lucky). I had begged several times for release, crying and moaning when she would just laugh and lock me back up.
But today, after many hours of blue balling and begging, she had untied my legs and put them over my head so i was no face to face with my own penis.
“Cum!” she said, “all over your face and into your slutty mouth!”
“NO please!” I begged.
“You were whining like a baby to do it earlier! Now here’s your chance! It’s either now, or another two weeks, and you’ll be in diapers if you keep all of this crying up!” she furiously unstrapped my right hand from the restraints that were permanently attached to the bed now. She wrapped my hand around my cock and stood back to enjoy the show.
I wanted to cum, I really did. But I had never done anything like this, I didn’t ask for any of this, but then again it was all my fault.
With great hesitation, I sighed, and started stroking my cock with a very close-up view.
Callie smiled. “Open your mouth, every drop you miss is going to be one week without cumming”
It didn’t take long, my cock exploded with cum.
The first shot missed completely, hitting me on the chin, I figured I would miss the initial shot as it would be hard to judge. But the next couple spurts I managed to adjust and aim into my wide open mouth. The taste made me cringe and caused me to miss again, hitting just under my nose and sliding up my nose. It seemed like I would never stop cumming, it was hard to even enjoy my humongous orgasm due to the circumstances. The last spurt was stronger than I expected, and landed in a large drop ranging from my eye to cheek.
I had never seen Callie so elated at my condition. She smiled gleefully, clapping her hands and allowing me to lower my legs from the awkward and uncomfortable position.
I was in hell, I felt disgusting covered in my own sticky, warm, smelly, and bitter tasting juices.
Callie leaned in and whispered in my ear, “would you like to swallow?”, she asked, softly giggling as she pushed the drops i missed into my mouth.
“Nooo, pleashhh nohh!” I managed to burp out with my almost full mouth.
Callie giggled again,”Fine! Hold it there!” she laughed loudly as she tied me back up, with much protest from me.
“If you swallow one drop without me telling you two and i’ll double the amount of time it’ll take me to take off your lil cock cage. You’re already at 3, wanna make it 6?” She sounded stern and very serious.
I could do nothing but curse myself for not thinking my answer through as I tried to bear the taste, warmth, and texture of my own jizz in my mouth.
Once Callie had my legs and arm tied back up she refastened my chastity belt, locking the tiny padlock that locked the metal device together.
She watched me squirm for about 10 minutes with the pool in my mouth.
I knew what I had to do, Callie loved to see me beg, it gave her an amazing sense of power. I begged, I begged to swallow cum. MY cum. It took Callie a while to even allow me after she heard my pleas, she just couldn’t get enough of them, she was marveled at what she accomplished.
“Ok,” she said, looking somewhat disappointed.
I reluctantly gulped down the huge load.
Callie released me, and allowed me to go to sleep in my new bed, the large-sized dog kennel next to her bed. She locked me in for the night and went to sleep.

I never realized how long 3 weeks were until I had to endure cock teasing every day for hours. Callie would always come home after work (I was left at home to clean, she knew I would never run away, 1. because I probably couldn’t survive on my own without a job, 2. because I still wanted her in my life, no matter how badly she treated me, 3. because I wouldn’t be able to get the chastity device off without potentially causing serious harm to my penis.) tie me to the bed, take off my device, watch it expand to its normal erect length on its own, and perform some time of long, drawn out teasing. She would stroke it until I was on the brink of cumming, then stop, leave for hours, then come back and repeat the same thing. She never wore clothes around the house, adding to the teasing. She would straddle my face and allow me to lick her to an orgasm, the smell and taste made me long to touch my cock and release. If I had to use the bathroom while tied up she would just diaper me, watch me in humiliation as I messed myself, laughed, left for a while, leaving me in my uncomfortable situation, then came back and changed my diaper. She made sure to wipe my penis excessively, bringing me to the point of orgasm, then leaving me and finally caging me for the night.
Finally, the end of the 3 week period rolled around. Immediately when she got home from work I dropped to my knees and sincerely begged and pleaded for an orgasm. It was at this moment Callie realized she was in complete control over me. She could get anything she wanted out of me, and all she add to give me was something so simple as an orgasm.
She told me to go in her room and get ready for, she would just be a minute.
When she came in she was of course naked and had something behind her back, she hid it under her bed while she tied me up.
She teased me for 2 hours straight, running her finger up and down my cock.
Soon she had me begging, and actually crying.
“Please, Callie, I’ll do anything…” I pleaded.
She must have been waiting for this, cause at this moment she pulled out what she had hidden underneath the bed.
It was a 9 inch pink dildo.
She laughed at my face which must have been one of complete horror.
She applied a layer of bright red lipstick to my juicy lips.
“Show me.” She said, “show me what you would want me to do to your cock right now.”
She pressed the tip of the dildo to my fiery red lips.
Reluctantly, I opened my mouth and allowed her to slide it in and down my throat. In and out she went, slapping me when i used teeth. She forced it down my throat as deep as it could go until I was gagging and choking and the fake plastic balls were banging against my chin..
“That’s it bitch! Take that dick in your mouth take it!” she yelled, shoving the dildo in and out as she stroked my cock harder and harder, making sure not to bring me over the top though.
Then she stopped, she removed the dildo from my mouth and started reattaching the chastity device.
“No!!!” I screamed, struggling against my bonds,”You said 3 weeks! Today’s the day! Please!”
She just smiled. After attaching the padlock to the chastity device she untied me.
When I was free I knelt and wept on the bed.
Callie laughed and picked up the dildo, holding it in front of my face. “Who said you were done? I certainly didn’t…”
What was the point…I thought as she handed me the dildo. I’m not getting to cum…
But she must have read my mind cause she said, “don’t worry, you’re gonna get yourself off with this, then we’ll let you cum…maybe” she said.
This was like adding gasoline to my fire..I snatched the dildo and began sliding it in and around my mouth, eager to grant myself an orgasm.
Callie just laughed and said “Now are you ready for the fun part?”
I stopped. Something told me this wasn’t going to be fun.
“Now that it’s all wet, it’s time for you to really enjoy it…”
Oh no… I thought
She pushed me down, laying me flat on the bed.
She leaned into my ear again, like she always does when she’s about to tell me to do something that i’m really not gonna enjoy…
“Fuck yourself with it! Hard! Like a lil teenage slut would do!”
My heart was beating fast, I didn’t like the sound of this.
But I knew what I had to do, I was hers now, she had all control over me. I took the pink dildo, raised my balls, and put it in between my legs, leading the tip to my hole. I would have almost preferred her doing it instead of me, the idea of me doing it to myself made me feel more humiliated and controlled rather than being forced.
I pushed it in slightly, trying to test what I was about to get myself into. The tip slid in slowly, I gasped at the pain. It felt as if i was tearing myself open.
Callie watched on anxiously, admiring, giving pointers, egging me on.
I pushed it in further, breathing harder now and taking in more breath the further it went in.
After about 5 minutes I had worked it almost 7 inches in.
Callie loved the way i looked, she did my hair while she waited for me to work my dildo in, she put my semi long hair in tiny pigtails. I looked like such a girly slut with red make up, pig tails, and a pink dildo in my ass.
After the stretching was done, Callie squirted some KY jelly on the tip of the cock so she could watch me really go to work on my ass.
Though the KY was a huge relief, it only made it easier for Callie to make me fuck myself faster, deeper, and harder.
Soon I was moving the dildo in and out with ease taking all 9 inches in me.
After about 5 minutes of fucking myself, Callie leaned in again.
“Hands and knees…I wanna give it to you doggie style.”
I reluctantly rolled over into position, waiting for the cock to slide back in and cause me more pain.
Callie took the dildo and put it to my hole, then forced it in ruthlessly.
She had me moaning in pain as she forced the dildo in by hand smacking the balls against my ass, watching my face cringe the entire time…loving every minute of it.
10 minutes later, she pulled out, I collapsed on the bed, my ass sore and throbbing.
“Come here!” she yelled.
I snapped to attention.
She turned the dildo over so i could see the bottom of it. On the other side of the dildo’s balls was something I didn’t see before, it was a suction cup. She made me attach it to the wall and get on my hands and knees in front of it. I spread my cheeks open and slid my asshole over the cock. She watched in glee as I rocked back and forth on my hands and knees against the cock on the wall pounding my ass.
I was moaning in pain, the cock was drying up, I told her, expecting more lube. Instead she made me turn around and take the cock in my mouth to wet it. I was disgusted. Then it was back around and more ass pounding against the fake balls.
Then she asked me the magical question: “ready to cum slut?”
I shook my head furiously “yes” releaved for this all to be over.
She let me slide off the cock and handcuffed my hands behind my back before she took my cock cage off.
When she released my cock it instantly grew stiff, she ignored it. Then went to her drawer and pulled out a condom. She slid it over my cock.
Then she took the pink dildo of the wall, and to my horror, stuck it to the floor so the dick was pointing straight up.
She added a very small amount of lube and told me to “have a seat”
When I finally lowered my self over the dildo she made a small ring with her fingers around my cock which was also pointing straight in the air.
“Bounce” she said.
And I did, feeling completely degraded.
But I noticed that when I lowered myself and came back up, it was the allowing my dick to slide through the ring she was making with her hand (which she kept completely still, allowing me to do all of the work). She had me bouncing up and down like a jack rabbit so I could get stimulation to my cock. I felt myself getting to that point where I was about to cum where she would always stop, but now I was in control. I bounced up and down on the base of the dildo and off of its fake balls until i exploded inside the condom.
When I finished I was breathing heavily and was sweating profusely. She pulled the rubber off of me and allowed me to climb off of the dildo.
When I got off I saw her turn the rubber inside out and slide it over the dildo pointing in the air. All of my warm sticky cum clinging to the outside of the condom which was now wrapped around the fake pink cock. She forced my head up and down on the fake cock until i had licked and swallowed all of the cum off of the dildo.Then she locked me back up. “Two weeks…if your lucky” she said.

(more to come later)

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