Point of no return?

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Point of no return?
I can’t believe I walked through the door.
I told myself over and over that it would never happen, that it would always remain a fantasy.
Here I am on my knees and the the most perfect specimen is mere inches from my face.
It is cut, long, smooth, and capped with a large mushroom head.
I know I want to taste it, to run my tongue up an down it, to take it inside my salivating mouth.
I can’t, I can’t go beyond the point of no return.

But I can grab it, I can stroke it, and so I do.
I feel it throbbing in my hand, it is smooth.
It is thrusting in from that hole and it feels good in my hand.
I roll it between my palms.
I spit in my left hand and I circle my wet palm around the head.
I am surprised how much I like the touch of it. So different than my own .
My right hand strokes this beautiful shaft, I love the veins, I love… how close it is to my face.
I can’t, I will be beyond the point of no control.

But, what if I just kiss it? It is not like I have tasted it?
I lean forward, and my lips make contact. I rub it over my closed lips. Just one taste?
It can’t hurt, can it?
My tongue slides under the head, I can feel the contours of the bottom of its mushroom head.
I explore the sides, the top and back to bottom, i love the feel of its ridges where it meets the shaft.
My tongue explores the shaft from head to base, he is hairless, i like it.
But, why not take it in my mouth, let’s see if I can take it all… i like a challenge right?
I can pull it out of me if he is getting close to cumming,
That would be beyond the point of no return.

I open my mouth and slide my lips first over the head and consume it as far as I can.
My tongue works the bottom of his head and his shaft.
He is too big, I can’t take him any further than that.
Or can I?
I relax my throat and I start to move back and forth. Every time a little bit further.
He starts to thrust, I can feel my gag reflex,
I relax, I can do this.
I continue on my quest to swallow him whole. I like this feeling, it is so hot. My own cock is hard as hell.
I love pussy, I think to myself. But I also like this… this cock really turns me on.
I find my nose has touched the wall, mission accomplished,
I did it… but can i make him cum?
My new goal makes me even more turned on. His thick cum squirting into my mouth… wait!
That would take me beyond the point of no return.

I pull my hungry mouth off of his shaft and I work on his head with my lips and tongue.
My right hand strokes his shaft, and my left cups his balls.
I could do this all night I think to myself.
I think I could do this again?… Am I liking this too much? Am I still straight?
Something in the back of my mind asks why it matters.
Something in the back of my mind says, “if it feels right, then do it”.
Suddenly, I taste something new on my tongue.
It is warm, salty, i know this taste

Have I gone too far?
No, I like this taste, I’ve tasted it before.
When ever I masturbate,
When I have gone down on a girl after claiming her wetness was her, but I knew it was from me.
I always look for a reason to taste my own from her, it turns me on more than anything.
And his taste… well, it turns me own even more than that.
I can’t let him completely cum in side me, but I can make him finish on my face.
Yes, a face shot,
That won’t take me beyond the point of no return.

But I have felt that before, I have done it to myself when alone and really horny.
I can let him cum in my mouth, as long as I don’t swallow…
That would take me beyond the point of no return.

I swallow him again and I milk him with my lips as best as I can.
I use my tongue in ways that I think will feel amazing.
I feel him thrust forward harder than ever, I hear him grunt on the other side of the wall.
It is forceful, jets of his cum, pound into my mouth.
It numbs my tongue, but I love the taste.
I hold it in my mouth as I work the rest out of him.
I pull away but hold him in my hand.
I roll the cum around in my mouth, I feel it build more saliva in my mouth.
My instinct is to swallow, I hesitate.
I hear the voice in my head,
Do it, so much awaits you beyond this point.
I think of the possibilities, I think about how much fun this could be…
And I swallow.
I went beyond the point of no return… and realized this point was only the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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