Road Trip

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Road Trip
I just wrote this story and I would love all the comments you would like to leave for me.

My family was driving across country to see my mom’s side of the family….
My dad was driving and my sister was sitting next to him up front. We had a big van with a bed in back. Mom was sleeping facing the front of the van and I was behind her. I suddenly felt her hand rubbing on my cock. Maybe she thought it was dad behind her at first. I don’t know for sure. Then she pulled it out of my shorts and started stroking it. She started pulling it towards her pussy and I moved in closer to help. she pulled her shorts down and I pulled mine down too. She guided it right into her pussy and I began pumping into her. She groaned softly and we began fucking at a nice pace. She grabbed my hips and she froze as she came hard on my cock. I kept pumping her and she went into another orgasm. She turned around and whispered “Fuck mommy harder and cum in me baby.” I was 15 and wanted to nut in her bad! I picked up the pace and kept fucking her while dad and s*s were oblivious to what we were doing. I felt mom’s cunt gripping me tighter and then she was cumming. I let my nuts go and flooded her with my cum. As I did she whispered a long “Yeessssssss!” I laid there with my cock inside her for a long time till dad said we were going to stop for some food at the next exit. I pulled out slowly and let my cock slide down her ass cheek. I stuffed it back in my shorts and she got herself back together. We were calm but smiling as we went into the truck stop for some breakfast…

We had been at grandma’s house for a couple days when mom and I went to the store for some groceries. She had grown up in this town and wanted to show me some of her old memories. I was enjoying the ride and time alone with mom. She was glancing at my cock which was already half hard. I was staring at her firm breasts bouncing in her tight top. We turned down an old dirt road and she was reaching for my cock. “Pull out your big cock for mommy. I want to see it. Stroke that sweet meat for mommy” I was on it in a heartbeat. I unzipped my jean shorts and pulled out my cock. She was glancing at my dick and back to the dirt road. She found a small turn off into a field edge and we parked. as soon as she got the car turned off she was bent over and sucking my cock with amazing expertise. my cock slid easily down her throat and she was swallowing on it over and over while she licked my balls. Simply amazing! She knew I was getting close to cumming so she backed off and said come on let’s go to the bed in back. We both quickly went to the back of the van and stripped.

I was licking my mom’s sweet pussy and she was talking nasty to me. “Yes eat your mommy’s cunt. Make mommy cum all over your face. Oh god I’m cumming on my sons face!! Lick it hard! I’m cumming so hard son!” Her hips were bucking up and down off the bed and I was loving the sweet taste of her cunt juice. “Now get up here and fuck mommy good!” She laid on her back and I slid my raging hard cock right in. “Oh god yes! Fuck mommy deep with your hard cock. Soooo much bigger than your daddy. So much harder. you are fucking me deeper than I have ever been fucked. Yes My son is fucking me! it feels so right! I want it harder baby. harder harder harder. I was a piston fucking her sweet cunt. I was giving my mom my cock as fast as I could pound her, as hard as I could slam into her sweet cunt. She was cumming over and over on my cock and loving every second of it. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Im going to cum mom! I can’t hold it anymore!” “Yes! Fill me with your seed. Give mommy that hot cum deep inside me. I want it all. Drain your cum in me. Use my cunt for all your pleasure. mommy is cumming tooooooooo! It was so hot I almost passed out from pleasure. We eventually got up and cleaned up a bit and went to the grocery store. That was our original plan.

On the way back home on that trip we did more. There were curtains across the bed area and they were pulled shut. Same situation except my sister was back there with us. Mom and her were laying with their heads the opposite way as me. I suddenly felt a hand on my cock rubbing it through my shorts. She pulled my cock out of my shorts and began stroking it. It was mom. She wanted more. I reached over and felt my way to her pussy. I started fingering her as she stroked my cock. I was rubbing her clit as I fingered her and knew she was going to cum soon. her hips were bucking a bit and then she clamped my arm between her legs and went rigid. She was bucking her hips involuntarily as she had a long drawn out orgasm. I felt my sister stir a bit and she rolled against me. I was getting a bit nervous and sat still for a few minutes as I fingered mom slowly. She was still stroking my cock and I was trying to figure out how the hell I was going to get my cock in her. My sister woke up and said she wanted to go up front. She climbed over us and never noticed what we were doing. Or so I thought. After she went up front I slid more towards mom and she slid more towards me. she wanted to suck me and I wanted to taste her. We slid into a sideways 69 position. We were licking and sucking silently in the back of the van till we both came. Mom swallowed my dick down her throat and swallowed on my cock as I nutted down her throat. She was cumming and had my head clamped between her thighs as she bucked and I nutted… When we were finished she whispered in my ear “God I love your big cock. So much bigger than your dad!”

A day after we were back at home my sister and I were talking in the living room in the morning after mom and dad went to work. She had a devilish grin on her face and I asked her, ” What the hell is up with you?” She laughed and said, “Did you have fun with mom on the way home?” I was busted and I knew it was going to cost me. I tried to deny it, but she told me she reached for my cock herself and felt moms hand on it. I hadn’t even noticed.

I asked her why she was reaching for my cock, and she laughed and said, “Why do you think a girl reaches for a guys cock?” “so you wanted me to fuck you?” she smiled and stripped off her shirt and panties. She reached over and pealed off my underwear. Looked up and smiled as she started sucking my hard cock down her throat. After a few minutes she stood up and bent over the arm of the couck with her legs spread wide. “Come on little brother. Fuck your sisters cunt with that big slab of meat. I want it now. Fuck your big sister. I know you want to. I’ve seen you watching me. It turns me on. Now fuck me!”

I slid my raging cock into her tight pussy and we began to fuck right there in the living room. I was pumping my shaft into her and she was moaning and talking dirty as hell. “Fuck me brother. Fill my cunt with your cock. I want your boy seed in me.” She was cumming hard now and I loved the sight of her twitching on my cock. I picked her up and spun her around so I could see her face when she came. Her mouth was open slightly and the sounds of my balls slapping her asshole were awesome. She was so tight. Her screams were so loud I knew the neighbors could hear them but I didn’t care. She was cumming again and I was ready to let lose with a monster load. She was talking so naughty. “Yes fuck your naughty sister! I want your seed in me! Cum hard in my cunt brother!” I began spraying her womb with blast after blast of my seed. I couldn’t imagine cumming harder. I was shooting ropes of cum beep inside her. We slowed down and just stared at each other. She smiled and said, “Thank you little brother. I needed that so bad. When I felt mom’s hand on your cock I almost came in my panties. I knew I had to have you too.” I pulled my cock out of her sloppy cum filled cunt and she slid down and licked and sucked my cock clean. I was still hard and she had me sit on the couch as she gave me a nice slow blow job. I filled her throat with my cum about 20 minutes later. She swallowed it all down like a good sister would.

I went and took a shower and she came in and dried me off then took a shower herself. I took off to go to the pool in town and the rest of the day was as normal as a Norman Rockwell painting. I just had a smile that no one was sure why.

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