Robbing the Cradle

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Robbing the Cradle
He’s the daughter’s boyfriend, and that should make him off limits. He’s of legal age, but still, I would feel as if I were robbing the cradle. We’ve had some pretty intense sexual conversations. Every time we do, you can slice the sexual tension like a hot knife going through melted butter. To even think of him in a sexual way is taboo. But I cant help it.

I finally was given the small opportunity to touch him the other day. To be near his young body. He needed a shave, complaining that he couldn’t get his face smooth on his own. I offered to help him out, and he quickly took me up on the offer. I told him to take his shirt off, which he did so very obligingly. He has some of the sexiest chest hair I’ve seen on a man.

I took a deep breath, turned on the hot water, and wet my hands. I placed them on his cheeks, letting them linger just the slightest bit. He looked up at me with his pale blue eyes, and fire seemed to burn from within. I took the can of shave creme, shook it up and squirted the foam into my hand. I applied the rich lather to his fuzzy cheeks and his throat, touching more than I should have.

I grabbed the razor in one hand, and with the other, I tilted his head back to have access to his throat. He sat there silently. Trusting me not to knick or cut him. Breathing slowly, his hot breath upon my stomach. How I wished I could feel is breath elsewhere. The more he breathed upon me, the more I touched him, the more I ached to be fulfilled.

I finished his shave, cleaned up his neck and sideburns with the clippers, and rinsed off his neck. I toweled him dry, and felt his face for any missed hair. I had gotten it all. I told him to follow me to my room for some aftershave. He followed like an eager puppy.

We walked into my dark room, up to the sink in the bathroom. I could feel the heat from his body upon my back. I reached into the vanity and grabbed the after shave. I turned around and he was so very close. I poured a generous amount of the creamy cool liquid into my hands, rubbed them together, and gently rubbed the lotion onto his face.

I left both my hands linger on his cheeks. That’s when he made his move. He was only slightly taller than me, and so he leaned in for a chaste kiss. Testing the waters to see if I would respond. I caught me off guard, so I stood there, frozen for a moment. He kissed me again, and this time I wrapped my arms about his neck and pulled him in closer. He moaned against my mouth, grabbing my hips and pulling me to him.

I felt the growing bulge in his jeans. No wonder the daughter kept him around. But, at 18, how experienced could he be? I was soon to have the shock of my life from such a younger man. I was 21 years his senior and had my doubts as to whether or not he could pleasure this experienced body of mine.

His hands were at the buttons of my shirt, undoing them slowly one by one. Exposing my tanned skin. He looked at me and grinned, kind of asking for permission to do what happened next. He pushed my shirt off my shoulders and down my arms. Then took one of my breasts in his hand and bent down to take a taste of me. His young, warm mouth felt good upon my flesh, bringing goose bumps to the surface.

I let him tongue my nipples and suckle at my breast. Trying to place his level of skill. So far so good. I couldn’t tell his ministrations from that of a 35 year old man. His hands left my breasts and traveled down my body. Touching each and every curve. His fingers slipped past my black silky panties, parting my lips and finding me so very wet. I let him put his fingers inside of me. Relishing the feel of him.

I pushed my body into his hand, wanting more. Needing release. He quickly got the hint, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down past his hips. I was pleasantly surprised at his size and girth for one so young. God had doubly blessed him in the endowment department.

He pulled my panties down and off, and I stood nude before him. He turned me around and pushed me down on the bed. Taking his stiff cock in hand and filled my pussy with his length. I inhaled sharply, relishing the feel of his young cock filling me up. He stayed still for a moment as I flexed my pussy around him, moaning his pleasure. He then began to move his hips. Pounding hard and fast against my ass cheeks. It must have been the built up excitement, because he didn’t last very long. In a matter of moments, he was pulling out and shooting his load across my cheeks. But that was okay, I swiped up his jizz from my back side, and turned over on the bed. I leaned back, putting my feet up on the dresser for leverage. I took my handful of his cum and began rubbing my clit with it. It was still warm and felt so good. I got off quickly, watching the heat in his blue gaze. We dressed and walked out of the room. I can’t wait for the next time he needs help.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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