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I had always fantasized about a big black man with a big thick cock fucking my lovely blond wife Elaine. She is 6 years younger than me, just 29 years old with short bottle blond hair and a very shapely 34 24 34 figure. Although she is only 5’2” tall she is well “stacked” with big soft breasts and nice pink nipples. I had sometimes asked Elaine if she ever fantasised about having sex with a big black guy, she said yes but showed no interest in making it reality. In fact she didn’t seem too fussy about sex, we had been married for 8 years and had settled down into a “once a week” pattern for sex. We had never been that worried that we hadn’t had any c***dren, we were always “trying” but nothing had happened.

I first contacted Roland in a chat room – there was a very good photograph of him in white Dinner Jacket. He was very keen on the idea of meeting Elaine from the outset, he had come to London from Nigeria as a teenager and trained in the telecoms industry, he now had a good job exporting mobile telecommunications to West Africa. He had recently been enjoying a number of “white wives” through internet contacts, I told him that Elaine didn’t know I was contacting him, he liked the idea of winning her over rather than just having her “laid out” for him.

I first introduced Roland to Elaine as a business contact, meeting in the pub, we told Elaine we had been at a business meeting together, near where she worked so she joined us for a couple of hours. Elaine and Roland really hit it off from the start. Like most Nigerians he has a big smile and a loud laugh. Soon Roland and Elaine were in fits of laughter together over a “private joke” they had made while I was getting more drinks from the bar.

I invited Roland to come round to our house the next evening to watch a football game on TV. He got on with Elaine very well, bringing her some flowers and a bottle of wine. Roland spent most of the evening helping her in the kitchen, both of them laughing as I watched the football match alone. Roland invited us out to a West African club for dinner as a thank you. I was the only white man in the club, the music was very loud, lots of people dancing. Roland hardly spoke to me, he was ignoring me but flirting with Elaine.

Elaine and Roland spent a lot of time dancing together; Elaine had come straight from work and was dressed in red business suit with navy high heels and a cream blouse. As they danced I could see Roland’s hand wandering onto her arse.

It was clear there was a budding romance. Roland sent flowers to Elaine and asked if she would come with him to an “company dinner”. We talked and agreed she can go to the function with Roland.

Elaine had her hair dyed and styled especially for the date – she wore a formal but sexy outfit which she had gone shopping for with her mother, Peep toe stilettos, Black Tight dress with bare shoulders, Red lips and nails, an ankle chain (which I later found out Roland had given her!), sheer stockings, black lacy bra and knickers.

Roland came around to our place to collect Elaine. It was agreed that rather than get a cab, I would drive them to the function and then collect them. He gave her a small gold pendant and some flowers when he arrived, and told us that he has told all his work colleagues that he was bringing his new girlfriend. I have to say they made a lovely couple. Roland wanted some photographs of them together and I took lots of photos of them together: happy, laughing and kissing. I drove them to the hotel where the function was being held, they were both in party mood, Elaine was ignoring me and Roland started to treat me like I was the chauffeur. They walked in together, Roland holding Elaine’s arse.

I picked them up, at 1.00 am. They were holding hands and laughing, they showed me a photograph they had taken together kissing. Roland and Elaine started kissing in the car on the way home, they were both a little drunk, his hand seemed to be well up under Elaine’s dress.

I got them some more drinks at home, they started dancing together, Elaine telling me that Roland had danced all night with her, lots of arse rubbing and tongue filled kissing. They started to really kiss passionately on the sofa. Elaine told me to “try out” the bed in the spare room. I went to sleep in the spare room. I hear them giggling and slipping off to the bedroom together. I listened as they started to fuck, and crept towards the sound of Elaine moaning. I peeked though the door to see Roland’s black arse rutting against Elaine’s spread thighs. His big black cock in and out of Elaine’s cunt like a piston, he gripped the headboard to pull himself into her, fucking hard and constantly, as she laid back accepting the black monster in her cunt with pleasure. In between her moans and Roland’s grunts he kissed her with big wet hard kisses forcing her into the pillow. Elaine accepted his tongue as eagerly as she accepted his black cock in her slit licking his saliva as he slobbered over her. She moaned as waves of ecstasy shook through her pale body, as the relentless black cock fucked her cunt hard. Then suddenly Roland grunted hard like a bull and Elaine gasped, his black arse tried to bury itself in her cunt as Roland deposited his thick seed deep inside her womb. As he drained his cock in her cunt Elaine smiled and Roland’s sweaty black body rolled off, exposing Elaine’s little white body, as he pulled out of her cunt I could see for the first time the size of Roland’s huge black cock. I guessed it was nine or ten inches long but it was so thick I could not believe my eyes. There was a loud slurping sound as the black monster slipped out of her wet spunk filled cunt.

Roland rolled on his back congratulating Elaine on being able to take his full length into her cunt. Elaine looked delighted and leaned over to kiss Roland, moving down planting kisses on his nipples and stomach then nestling her face in his black bush. Roland was dozing as Elaine began to lick his dripping cock, although it was soft it was still as big. Looking at my wife kissing and licking her own cunt juice from that big black cock so happily I knew I was never going to get back into her cunt ever again. Just then she looked up and saw me peering through the door. She smiled and took the big black head into her mouth and started to suck as she held my eye.

I went back to the spare room, wanking myself all night, as I heard them fucking like mad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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