Sex encounter with maid

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Sex encounter with maid
Today I am going to narrate one of my real experience with my sexy and cute maid name Usha.

First let me describe myself. I am a average looking guy with a good physic. My tool size is approx 6.5 to 7 inches and I am very fond of having sex. U can even say it is the best way to relax myself. I am married and have a k** as well. My wife loves me and like me on bed. She always says that No one can satisfy as I am. To be very honest it is one of my quality.
Coming back to our story, as my wife is a working woman we kept maid for household work. But in a city like pune to geet a. Good maid is a headache. After changing couple of maid we appoint Usha, she is a girl of age not more than 20 yrs very sober and decent. My wife like her most as she do all work without any mistake and my k** also comfortable with her. To describe her, she is simple looking slim girl her figure can be described as 28¨ 26¨ 30¨.

First I never got any feeling for her but as my wife works in day shift and I in nit. Most of the time Usha and I will be alone at home with k**.

I use to see her and slowly slowly I started noticing her assets. Whenever she use to sweep the floor I get chance to peek her little grown boobs and use to masturbate thinking of her when she was not at the house.

She was very comfortable with me and use to talk to me and use to share her family problems with me. I even helped her with extra money as and when required. Some time I use to follow her in the kitchen to get a chance to touch and to get more I use to help her in moving big stuffs for cleaning.

One day my wife told me that she want to visit her mothers place for one week but due to office pressure I told her I will get off and she can continue with the trip. A copy of our key was always with Ushaa to continue with work if we are not there.

It was friday my wife took evening bus and left for her mother place at 10 I got a call that she reached. As usual I came home at 4 in morning and slept in the hall with a small boxer in drawing room as I was very tired. I didn’t notice when Usha come and start doing her work suddenly I felt that someone is touching my penis I slightly open my eyes ad I saw Usha was dusting the floor I thought it was just a accident and closed my eyes and lied on the sofa after 10 mins I felt the same but this time it was bit hard being careful I opened my my eyes I shocked to see that Usha was sitting below and watching my erect penis and trying touch it.

That day first time IT saw lust in her eyes. Looking at me she was little bit scared and unable to utter any word. I hold her and make her sit near me and asked why is so scared and what is she looking for. For which she told me she noticed my penis when she entered the house and want to check how big it is. I asked her have she ever had sex before for which she nodded in yes and told me that she has a boyfriend and had sex with him couple of time but he cannot satisfy as his penis is just 5¨I asked her did she want to taste sex with me for she she told me that she know I watch her assets and boobs many time. I was very happy that we are on same page for first encounter. She told me she can spent the whole day and night with me as she stay alone here.

I was very happy and I started kissing her lips this was first time she was giving a french kiss to somebody but she responded well and in between her hands were searching for my penis.

I removed my boxer as I was not wearing any underwear I was totally nude in front of her I told her to remove her cloth she felt shy for this. Then I gave her my wife’s sexy nighty and told her to change. Within 5 mins she changed her clothes and come in front of me she was looking like a sex goddess to me. I hugged her and kissed her passionately. Then she started playing with my dick she was so well in that I can guess that she love to play with it she took my whole toll in the mouth and started good massage. He was doing it so well that I cummed in 5 to 7 mins she drank all my juice and told me she love to drink the juice. Now if was my turn I started pressing her boobs over the gown slowly I remove the rob it was a two piece gown now I started kissing her shoulder and neck then I kissed her back on the gown and removed it.

Then I sat on the ground and started kissing her nave for which she mad a cute sound. I told her to lay down and take a looking the pussy started rubbing it she was getting out of control. I started licking and fucking her lovely pussy with my tongue with some time a floe of juice come out of her pussy it was so tasty that I don’t want to waste a single drop of it. She told me that her boyfriend don’t like to kiss the pussy. She hugged me tight and started kissing me on my chest and started sucking my nipples after sometime she told me to fuck her as she cannot control more I took a condom and applied the same on my penis as I believe in safety. I placed my dick on her cunt and gave a small push even though she was not virgin I found it a bit tight may be because of her boyfriends small penis.

I pushed it again she controlled her voice but her eyes can show that she was getting pain. I stopped for some time when I was sure that she is now fine I started pushing my dick in her cunt she was started enjoying it continuously gave couple of strokes which she was enjoying well. After couple of minutes I withdraw my dick and ask her to change position she gave a ? Mark to me I told her to pose like a dog and I will fuck her from back now it was a new experience to her. She obeyed me well and IN started fucking her pussy from back now which she enjoyed more and start making sexy voice our session last for approx 10 mins then I told her that I am reaching to the climax. She told me that she want to drink it IS took out the penis removed the condom and gave it in her she start giving heavy jerks finally I shoot a heavy load in her mouth she drank all of it and cleaned my penis.

Then she got up wore thee same nighty and cleaned her self. She went to the kitchen made Tea and breakfast for me after breakfast we had couple of session. And in night also I satisfied her well. Now also whenever we get chance we sue it well some time she give me a good blow job even I lick her until she cum. She is a secret sex partner for me now. Please send your comments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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