Sex With Swamiji

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Sex With Swamiji

My name is Aruna aged 31, working as a secretary to the CEO of a MNC. My husband Suresh is working as Area Sales Manager for a pharmaceutical division of reputed company. I got married at the age of 21. At the time of marriage he was Sales Executive. He was mostly on his wheels. Almost twenty days out of house. We always spend the days with great enthusiasm when he was with me. The married life went in a pleasant manner. Initially we decided to postpone the c***d option for two years. We were using contraceptives. After two years we decided to go for the c***d. But the efforts went in vain. I didn’t conceive in the first year and waited for the next year. Total three years gone. Then we went for medical help. The doctor thoroughly examined both of us and confirmed that we both are perfectly alright. She advised to take some medicines for both of us. Another year also went in vain. . Slowly I started losing my confidence. But Suresh convinced me and gave me courage. I was not able to be normal and became reluctant. My in-laws were cursing me and I was very embarrassed to face them.

Everybody kept on asking me about the c***d issue when we gather. Because of this I started avoiding the family functions. But Suresh convinced me. That gave me little courage. One day I saw a small advertisement in the daily regional language news paper about Swami Divyananda’s Ashram. The advertisement stated that remedy will be done by performing ritual holy poojas for all types of problems and evil effects are rectified. The place was 50 km away from the city limit. I visited the ashram when my husband was on tour. The place looks very nice and peaceful and spacious. I entered the mail hall. So many statues were there. Few peoples were there. They were sitting on the floor. I also sat down and waited for some time then went around the ashram. I noticed some huts in the ashram. Then I came to the mail hall and noticed the swamiji was blessing the people. He was around 45, fair complexion with good physique and with clean shaved chin and long hair. I went to him and touched his feet. He blessed me and gave some flowers. I came to the main hall and sat. I felt somewhat relaxed and good. I closed my eyes and feeling the good. Suddenly I felt somebody calling me. I opened my eyes and found a lady of 35 yrs sitting opposite to me.

She introduced herself as her name is Lakshmi and working in the ashram. She asked me about my problem. I broke in tears and explained my problem of being issueless for four years. She convinced me and said “Don’t worry, swamiji will perform special poojas if the case is little complicated. But definitely the solution will be there for all the problems. She asked me whether I am willing to meet him after pooja hour and I said OK.

She asked me to wait for sometime in the other hall adjacent to the main hall. All the flooring was in tiles and all the walls were clean. After one hour she came to me and said “Let us go, Swamiji is in the other hall. We both started moving and she came till the entrance of the hall and asked me to go inside. I went inside that hall. It was full of aroma of incense stick and mild smoke of fragrance materials. Swamiji was sitting on the platform. I went to him. He asked me to sit in front of him. I was about to tell my problem he raised his hand and said “Lakshmi already told about your problem. Don’t worry. He closed his eyes for few minutes and prayed to god. He asked my name, my husband name, stars, date of birth and other details.

Then he closed his eyes for some time and said “Aruna, your opportunity of being a mother is disturbed by the stars so you have to do some poojas to rectify it. The pooja is little bit tough and you have to be very careful and cautious during the pooja. Three days you have to stay here. He asked my menstrual cycle. I was shocked when he asked me about my periods. I told him about the period’s cycle. He started calculating and said and coming Friday is full moon day and that day is auspicious day for the pooja. He asked me whether I am ok with that. I said ok. Then he said “Lakshmi will brief about the pooja” and blessed me. I came out of the room and looking for Lakshmi. I came to the main hall and waited for her.

Lakshmi came after 20 minutes and asked about my decision for pooja. I said ok. She said “Aruna, on the pooja day you have to stay back at ashram for three nights because the pooja will be performed during night in the moonlight. You have to be here by 4’o clock in the evening on the first day. Bring additional set of clothes. Don’t tell anybody about this pooja and if you tell anybody then the effects of the pooja will be in vain. She said the cost of the pooja will be around ten thousand rupees. I said ok and came to my house. I didn’t tell anybody about this pooja.

On that Friday, from the morning I was in a tensed mood. I can’t guess how the pooja will be performed. At 3’o clock in the evening I started from my house and reached the ashram by 3.30. I stepped in the main hall and spotted Lakshmi. She took me to one of the hut. The hut also floored with tiles and walls were clean. It was a well built restroom in the hut shape. She asked me to take bath and wear a set of dress what I brought and come to the main hall. She left the hut. I felt relaxed and went to the bathroom. It had the option of hot and cold water. I used the hot water and cold water blend and took bath. Towel was there in the bathroom already. I used that towel. Then I wore the one set of dress what I brought. Then I went to the main hall. People were singing devotional songs in the main hall. I also sat along with them and started singing songs. At 7’o clock Lakshmi came to me and asked to come with her. She took me to the dining room and served the dinner.

The dinner was very simple but nice. She gave a sandal color cotton sari and said “Take bath and wear this sari”. I took the sari from her and went to the hut. Again I made the hot and cold water blends and took bath. She had given the sari alone so I used my inner wear and blouse. At 8.00 she came to my hut, on seeing me she said “Aruna, you are not supposed to wear anything other than the sari given to you. Will you please remove the blouse and innerwear? I was little bit shocked and asked “Why? She said “This is full moon light pooja and you are supposed to wear only sari. I looked at her hesitatingly. She smiled at me and said “Don’t worry Aruna, please hurry up, it is getting late.

I removed my blouse and bra and asked “You want me to remove the petticoat? She replied “Yes”. I felt little awkward to wear sari alone without blouse and petticoat. But no other option left for me. It was little difficult to wear sari without petticoat and Lakshmi helped in wearing the sari. She started giving a light touch up to me with scented powder and some perfume. She clipped some jasmine flower on my hair. She took me to the roof of the main building through another secret passage so that no one can notice us. She asked me to wait in the hall and left. There was a small building with open roof. It has a hall and two side rooms. There was an idol in the hall and cot like platform which can occupy two persons was placed in the center of the hall. A bed was spread on the platform and flowers were thrown on it. Before the idol there was a small platform in which two persons can sit comfortably. Flowers, fruits and other pooja things were kept in front of the idol. I also noticed a mangalsutra made of yellow color rope on the plate. Swamiji came to the hall through the side room. He was wearing an orange color dhoti only. He asked me to come closer to him and asked to take his blessing. I felt on his feet, he offered his blessing. I got up but I felt little nervous. Chilled breeze made me to shiver. He said “Aruna remove your mangalsutra and place it on the idol’s neck. I looked him in surprise. He nodded his head and smiled. I did so.

He took two garlands from the plate and garlanded me with one garland and asked me to garland him. He asked me to sit on the platform. He came to my left side and sat on the floor near the idol. He started doing the pooja for fifteen minutes and asked to move me to the other end of the platform. I moved to the other end and he sat next to me on the platform. He started chanting some mantra and asked me to say that. I did so. I noticed a mangalsutra made of yellow rope on the pooja plate. He took that mangalsutra and tied around my neck. I was surprised on seeing his. He placed kum kum on my forehead and asked me to get up. He held my little finger of left hand with his little finger of his right hand and thrice came around the idol. He asked me to take his blessings. I once again felt on his feet and he offered his blessing. He said “Aruna, now you are the wife of the god Kama deva. He will clear all your problems and fulfill your wishes. That’s why I told you to remove your mangalsutra. Now you lay down on this platform facing the idol and then look at the moon”. I did so. He adjusted my sari such a way that my bare back was touching the bed.

He went near the idol and did pooja for about 5 minutes and then came near me with a bowl of rose water. He started sprinkling the rose water on my body. First he started from my forehead and then bust. He sprinkled more rosewater on my bust. The sari covering the boobs became wet and my dark nipples were visible. My nipples became taut due to the cool breeze and the chillness of the rosewater. He sprinkled the rosewater all over my body. He then took a lotus flower and gently rubbed on my forehead. I was trembling in fear that what will happen next. This pooja seems somewhat different. He adjusted my hands and legs and made me to lye straight facing the moon.

He said “close your eyes and tell the mantra what I say. I closed my eyes and started telling the mantra what he was telling. He was telling the mantra and started rubbing the lotus flower on me. He rubbed my eyes, cheeks and then on my neck. I was getting goose bumps all over my body. He moved the flower on my bust, on my boobs, nipples. While rubbing the flower on my boobs he purposely rubbed in such a way so that the sari covering my boobs moves and gave him the maximum exposure. He adjusted the sari so that my navel visible and rubbed the flower on my navel and slowly came to my boobs and rubbed on the side of the boobs. I was getting wet slowly. He then moved the flower to my navel, and pubic area and then on my legs. He placed some flower petals on my forehead, eyes then on my nipple over sari, on my navel. He slowly adjusted the sari little down and placed flowers below my navel and on my pubic area finally on both the legs. I asked “Swami what are you doing? He replied “Nothing to worry this pooja is little bit tough but I will try to do it in a comfortable way. I kept quiet.

He loosened the sari pleat completely. I was about to get up but he pressed my hands and said “We already started the pooja and if you stop it now then the consequences will be worst. So please remain cool and nothing will happen against the ethics”. I got convinced in his words and remained silent. He said “I am going to remove your sari so adjust your body accordingly. I slowly raised my hip and he removed my sari from the body. I was lying naked in front of him. He said “Aruna, open your eyes and see the moon”. I opened my eyes and saw the moon. I felt very shame being naked on the moon light in front of a person who is other than my husband. But according to him I am his wife because he has tied the mangalsutra to me.

He took the rosewater bowl and started sprinkling on my face, then on my boobs and he put some drops on my nipples. I was getting aroused. He poured some rosewater on my navel. He sprinkled the rosewater on my pubic hair area and gently rubbed then poured on my pussy. He placed his hand in between my inner thighs and spread them. Now my pussy is clearly visible to the idol. He sprinkled some rose water on my pussy and started rubbing with his fingers. He opened my pussy lips and washed the pussy with rosewater. I bite my lips due to pleasure and shook my head. Already my pussy was absolutely wet and he was washing my pussy with rosewater. I felt so nice. He sprinkled on my legs also.

He asked me to close the eyes and took the flower basket of rose and put some flowers on my face, then on my neck, more on my boobs, on my navel, on my thighs, on my pussy and on legs. I was moaning due to pleasure. He was chanting some mantra for few minutes and then sprinkled rosewater on my face. He said “Aruna, Kama deva has given permission and the instructions for me to complete the pooja. Can I go ahead? He already aroused me and made me wet and now I was in the mood to enjoy the pleasure. So I said “Swamiji please go ahead and complete the pooja as per Kama deva instruction.

He asked me to open the eyes. He was standing naked in front of me facing me. I was surprised to see his monster dick. It was about 7 inch long and 2 inch thick. He asked me to get up. We two went naked in front of the idol and worshiped the Kama deva idol. He asked me to do flower pooja to the idol and he did the aarthi pooja to the idol. We two came around the idol nakedly and stood in front of the idol. He hugged me tightly from the front and started kissing me from the head. He kissed my forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips, ears, neck, boobs, nipples, stomach, navel, pussy hair, pussy lips, thighs and toe. He asked me to do what he did to me. I started kissing him from forehead then eyes, cheeks, lips, ears, neck, chest, stomach, navel, pubic hair, dick, thigh and legs.

Then we moved to the bed. He asked me to lie on the bed and spread on me. He hugged me tightly and we rolled on the bed. He clamped my hands with his hands and kissed me passionately. I also started responding to him and kissed him. He licked my face, armpits, neck, and sucked my nipple. He sucked my right boob and fondled left boob roughly. He bit the nipples one by one and crushed them. Slowly he came down and licked the navel and kissed the pubic hair area. He opened the pussy lips and started licking my pussy. I was moaning due to pleasure. He inserted his fore finger inside my pussy and rubbed deeply. I spread my legs widely due to pleasure. He licked my pussy juice and moved on me. He sucked my boobs hard and bit my nipples making me moan loudly. He kissed my lips passionately and hugged tightly. His monster dick was rubbing my pubic zone. He spread my legs with his legs and came between me. He leaned little up by supporting his left hand on the cot and his right hand opened my pussy lips. He guided his dick inside my pussy and started moving to and fro. I hugged him tightly due to pleasure and started moaning. His dick completely occupied my pussy and I felt the tightness of his dick. He started slowly and increased his tempo. He almost ravaged my pussy. I reached the climax. After 10 minutes of continuous to and fro action he said” I am going to cum dear. Pray to Kama deva for the nature of c***d you want”. I prayed Kama deva to give a son with all the superior qualities. He released his load of sperm inside my pussy and hugged me tightly. I reached climax for the second time. He didn’t take out his dick from my pussy and caressing my body. I too caressed his body and hugged him tightly and kissed him on his face.

We relaxed for an hour and he started his second session. This time he asked me to kneel like a dog and licked my pussy from behind. He inserted his dick from behind and started fucking me. He cupped my boobs and fondled. He kissed my bare back and licked me nicely. We both were moaning heavily and finally he released his second load of sperm inside my pussy and filled it. He said “Aruna, we had to finish minimum four sessions before the dawn. We have already completed two sessions. We took rest for an hour and started the third session. This time he was down and asked me to ride him. He lay on the bed comfortable and I squatted on him and guided his dick inside my pussy and started riding him. My boobs were shagging according to the rhythm of the speed. He rubbed my abdomen and cupped my boobs and crushed them.

He pinched the nipples and pulled them, nibbled with his thumb and fore finger.
The cool air and the moon light were making the scene more romantic and we both were enjoying the session whole heartedly. I don’t know how many females were tasted by this Swamiji who came to him to solve their problems. I felt the tiredness but he was very active. He inserted his dick deep inside me and ejaculated. The mixture of sperm and my juice leaked from my pussy and spread on his dick. I moved from him and started licking his dick. The mixture of our juices tasted well. I eagerly cleaned his dick with my tongue. I also licked his pubic hair, thighs and kissed his nipples and bit them gently and spread on him. I was on him for about ten minutes and then slipped on his side. I was caressing his hairy chest and he was finger fucking me. We slept nicely. Lakshmi came and woke up at 04.30 a.m. in the morning. We got up from the cot and went to the bathroom separately to complete the morning routine. According to him one more session is pending which has to be completed before the dawn. We took bath. I dried my hair and Lakshmi came for my help and she dried my hair and asked me to wear the sari without any inner wear.

We came to the platform at 05.00 a.m. He was wearing only the dhothi. Lakshmi already relayed the cot and now the cot was with fresh flowers. Lakshmi left the room and we started the pooja. He chanted some mantra in front of the idol and I repeated the mantra. He held my hand and took me to the cot. He removed my sari and his dhoti and hugged me tightly and kissed me passionately. I too kissed him with equal efforts. He lifted me and rolled me on the cot. He spread on me and cupped my boobs and kissed them and bit them. He rubbed his palm on my palm and clasped my hands tightly and spread my legs with his legs. He rubbed his pubic hair with mine and created a great pleasure. Then he released my hands and asked me to guide his dick inside my pussy by praying Kama deva. I hold his dick with my right hand prayed Kama deva to give me a son with all superior qualities and guided inside my pussy. He started moving inside me gently. I was moaning heavily. He increased his speed and fucked me deeply. I locked his waist with my legs and counter attacked his attack. He was really a fucking machine. He asked me to pray Kama deva. I did so and he released his sperm inside my pussy and completed the fourth session. We relaxed for some time and both were caressing each other and stroking others genital areas.

He got up and asked me to sit in front of him. He said “Aruna, I have already filled your pussy with my sperm which will really give a c***d in your womb. Now take my dick in your mouth and give a blow job and let my sperm spills in your stomach to strengthen the pregnancy. He came closer to my face and I kissed his dick and licked. I opened my mouth and he inserted his dick inside my mouth. I started giving a nice blow job for five minutes and he released his load in my mouth and I drank eagerly. He asked me to clean his dick with my tongue. Already I am in his control, I did so. Then he lifted me in his arms and spread me on the cot. He spread on me and we both rolled on the cot. He got up and started kissing me inch by inch. I was at the maximum pleasure. Then he went to his room. I wrapped the sari by that time Lakshmi came and took me to my hut. I was literally tired due to continuous fucking session.

I slept till 11 in the morning then got up and started getting ready. I took bath and dressed and had lunch. At 01 O’ clock swamiji came to my room. He undressed me slowly one by one and made me nude. He said “Aruna, in this three days don’t wear anything other than sari’. Just wrap the sari on you that is more than enough and comfortable. He laid me on the bed and sucked my boobs. He widened my legs with his legs and entered inside me. He started moving to and fro and after ten minutes he released his full load of sperm inside me. He said “Aruna, in these three days I will inject my sperm as much as possible inside your womb, so that you will definitely get pregnant. I was thinking myself that I came for ritual pooja but he was doing sexual pooja. After some time he left my hut. I slept till 4 O’ clock in the evening and got up. I didn’t want to go to the bajan hall because if someone see me in this place that will create problem for me. At 7 p.m. Lakshmi came and asked me to take bath and come to the place where the pooja took place on the previous day by 09 p.m. I went to the place by that time. The idol and cot remains as it is. I sat on the cot.

After some time swamiji came there. I got up on seeing him. He came closer to me and hugged and kissed me. We both went in front of the Kama deva idol and worshiped. He did some pooja for about 15 minutes and sprinkled the holy water on me. He placed his hand on my hip and said “Aruja, let us continue the second day pooja for your benefit. We moved to the cot and he undressed me and himself. He hugged me and kissed me tightly. We were in 69 position, he was licking my pussy and I was sucking his monster cock. Then we changed the position, he spread on me and widened my legs with his legs. He opened my pussy lips with his right hand and inserted his monster dick inside me. He was fucking me heavily and I was moaning wild. He was with constant speed and I was unable to control me. I was wriggling my head and holding the cot with my hands. After sometime he released his sperm inside me and exhausted. He relaxed on me for some time and slept next to me.

After one hour he was ready for the second round and he pulled me to the edge of the cot and entered inside me. He widened my legs and went deep inside me to the maximum. I was enjoying his every thrust. At last he released his sperm deep inside me and said “Aruna, I don’t want you to miss any chance of you getting pregnant. That’s why I asked you to stay here for three days. Don’t feel that you are fucked by somebody other than your husband. I am here to solve your problem. I have given c***d to many women who came here for the remedy. I have fertilized all the women whom I fucked. I was wondering about his power. Every one hour he gets erection and fucked me as many times he can in different styles. He never allowed me to sleep or relax. After he released the sperm I have to give blowjob to him. He will be playing with my boobs or ass or finger fucks me. He fucked me once again at the time of sun shine. Later he went to his hut and I went to my hut.

The same thing continued, I slept till 11 O’clock and he came by 12.30 and again his fucking session started and he finished three rounds before 5 O’clock and went to his hut. I slept for some time and 7 O’clock Lakshmi came and woke me. I took bath and finished my dinner. At 9 O’ clock went to the regular place. Swamiji came at 09.30 p.m. and started his mini pooja and started fucking me in the open area. He finished four rounds and released me in the morning to my hut. As usual he came at 12.30 and finished two more round and by 5 O’ clock he said” Aruna, now you can go home and I am sure you will get pregnant because of this 3 day pooja. Once you got conceived come and finish the final pooja so that you will have healthy baby.

I went home and soon I got the good news that I got conceived. I was so happy and all my family members were happy. My husband was very happy and moment he came he hugged and kissed me a lot. I only know who is responsible for this. After one week of this glad news I went to that ashramam and met swamiji and conveyed my thanks to him. He blessed and said “for every problem there is a solution” don’t worry about anything and feel for anything. Be happy. I gave birth to a baby boy. I know what I did was wrong but to save my life I have to submit myself to somebody. Whenever I see my son swamiji will come in my mind and I cannot forget that three days pooja with swamiji.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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