Sexy Secretary Slave Search -17

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Sexy Secretary Slave Search -17
Poets Petra and Pete Punished by a Lovely Long London Gang Bang
Pete and Petra abused you, sweet sexy Sarah, last time in lovely amazing Amsterdam
Our revenge will be hot, horny hotties! Awesome Ann and sweet sexy Sarah, come on
Extremely erotic adventure up for us three tasty lovelies from lusty London, loves
Terrorise them in their sexy sex-shop in old Amsterdam, God damn. Jesus you’re hot
Such a sexy idea. Let us abuse that old foxy fucker and his tasty teen granddaughter

Pretty precious Princess Kate takes her virtual Isabella and redhot Rose to the train
Extemely and sextremely sexy as cute and convenient to have private compartment dears
Teasing you two tasty dear les lovers, I tell you I did book our compartiment there
Ready to pay the train fee to whomever wants to check the non-tickets of our chicks?

Amazing how Kitty Kate rules their tasty twats by her magic mighty dirty dark sexy side
Now listen to my perfect pervy plan, pretties: we three beauties will take rough revenge
Damn, Peter and his pretty Petra gave you a too painful lecture, sweet sexy Sarah, or not?

Pete was so naive to trust me and told the most secret code to his erotic enterprise
Easy, once one knows: ring thrice and his sex-shop slave sweethearts will all retire
That offers us an easy chance to overwhelm that old man and his hot gorgeous granddod
Extemely tasty teen, be it terribly bushy. She never ever shaved her pussy! Imagine!

Practiclly inpossible, is she a pervert? Does she realise we live in Europe, I wonder?
Unusual tasty teen she is. Her hot big bush is because her bad dad dominates her, I guess
No nice naugty tasty teen would not shave sexily her private parts every day, isn’t it?
I fear those pot loving hippies in old Amsterdam do as they like. Some girls don’t do legs
So amazing the craving of those old hippies for hairy hot hippie cute chicks, so backward
Hihihi, Amsterdam seems aexy jungle, lets us terrorise the Pee and Pee sex shop up old town
Extremjely arousing idea. Let’s wet them that their canals overflow. And anal abuse also!
Daring dirty teens from frivolous London get wet and in the good mood for a foxy visit!

By Jove, you are even a bigger beauty than I thought, sexy Sarah. That’s why our mutual love
Yummy young Kitty advised you not to make your own account. Too pretty! Threat to her hordes!

All you need to do Pete, is to give me the key and shut up or my Ann and Sarah will numb you!

Lovely looks them three tasty terrorists from London who rang my secret sexy barcode to enter
Open as I am, cute Kitty Kate knows to ring three times my door and let my sweet slaves retire
Very surprised to see you back, cute Kate! Great that you brought sexy Sarah back, cute beauty
Eeeeh, my sweet awesome Ann, you are even prettier in real than in 2-D dear blonde cute beauty
Long to please you dears. Please come upstairs with me, where my room is all available to you
You are warmly welcome to come upstairs, three tasty beauties. How hot to see you back, dears!

Lovely pretty Petra! Is Pete in as well? Sure, sexy sweetheart, at your service, great gals
Oh, by Jove! How hot and innocent we were! The three tasty teens tied me down and my Petra
No mercy. The tree take us to their likes. They stuff me a d**g causing an enduring erection
Good gracious, how hot I got by watching them abusing my dearest. Dear dod came continiously!

Like to watch how we abuse your teen queen, horny old man? You still like to write about us?
Oh, we love you for your honesty as always. Confess to your lesbian readers how we abuse you!
Nice to notice your hard-on with my finger up your virgin sphinxter. You are a bit gay or not?
Dominant tasty three London lovelies silenced first my dear doddy. Next all three overwhelm me
Oh by Jove, for the love of wars between England and Holland, I love the hard-on you give me!
Now let me explode my load, loves! I will shoot my first load up your nose Kate. Snort me!

Good gracious your old hippy is really a perfect pervert, worse than we three together, dear!
Are we allowed to suck that tasty brown bent banana back into action, Kate? I’m in for anal!
No problem you cuties! Pete’s my slave. Just use him as you like. It is only his damned duty!
Go and have him. No need to relieve him. He’s older as we three together! Haha, still strong!

Beauty is basicly the perception in sweet sexy secret beteen ones ears. Are they cute beauties?
Amazing how my female friends from far flock at my sweet studio for first fucks on my screen
No guarantee but my word, to keep their sexy horny hot shots privately, all agree with me
Great that Kate jumped up to defend her frienc at me. Big bang coming up, I invite my tasties!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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