Shared with a Stranger- Part 2

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Shared with a Stranger- Part 2
Shared With A Stranger- Part 2
From Part 1
“We have what we need, are we ready ?”
“I believe we are, and I know baby girl is.”
Stranger stands and offers me his hand to help me stand, as I am rising Sir pulls down my skirt, but I still feel as though everyone can see all they want. Sir stands and wraps his arm firmly around my waist. Stranger looks at Sir and we begin to follow him, but we are not headed for the exit. Where are we going?
We follow Stranger past a few more booths, I notice everyone staring at me and then giving nods and smiles to Sir and Stranger. I bury my head against Sir’s arm as he pulls me closer with a little squeeze to tell me that it’s all going to be ok. I breathe a sigh of relief as I see the Stranger is now standing in front of door. He has a key in his hand! That is what the waitress gave him. What kind of place is this? As he opens the door, the room is dark, I see him reach for a switch and lights come on, but they are not bright, more of a soft glow now fills the room. My eyes looking in every direction, my mind immediately knows….this is a play room.
Sir has released me and has moved over to Stranger, they are whispering. Stranger is looking at me, eyeing me up and down, I fight the urge to rush to Sir’s side. Sir looks at me and senses what I am feeling. He comes back over to me, pulling me close.
“It will be fine, you are safe, you know I will not let anything happen to my baby girl. But to help you relax I would like to blindfold you again. Are you ok with that?”
“Yes Sir, I know you will keep me safe. I would like that, at least to start.”
“Good girl.” He kisses my forehead and walks over to a small chest and opens it, pulling out a blindfold. He comes back to me, kisses me softly, and places the blindfold on me. He leads me over to what I think is a bed.
Someone is pulling my skirt off, I think it is Sir but I can not be sure. And then my top, as I feel a finger trace down my chest stopping just over my pelvis. I hear mumbling but can not make out the words. I feel a hot breath near my ear.
“Baby girl, I want you to let go and just do whatever you need. No permission to cum is needed and you can be as vocal as you want. And remember , you can use your word anytime you need. Do you understand?”
“Yes Sir, I understand.”
“One more thing baby girl, our new friend would like us to tie you down, arms and legs, now I have told him that is a boundary we rarely cross as I respect your feelings on that. But would you be willing to do this, just a little while, and then we would release you but keep you blindfolded until you decide to remove it.”
“I am willing to try to Sir, but I don’t want to disappoint you by using my word if I can not continue.”
“You will not disappoint me baby girl, but I would be very proud of you for letting us try.”
“Then I shall try Sir.”
“Excellent baby girl.” A kiss on my forehead and then a flick of a tongue on my nipple let me know he is pleased.
I feel each of my arms being stretched toward the corners of the bed, some sort of leather bracelet being placed around my wrists. Once fastened I notice whatever they are connected to does have some give so I can move a bit, this lessens my fear. Hands follow my arms, down my sides, down my legs, grabbing my ankles, spreading my legs wide, the same sort of cuff placed around my ankles, and they to have a bit of give . I am able to move more than I thought I would be, this is good.
Hands run up the inside of both legs, so close but not yet in my pussy that is so wet cum is dripping out of me. My clit is throbbing from anticipation. Two tongues on my nipples, one sucking, one flicking. My mind is racing, I want something, anything inside me now so that I can cum hard. I begin to whimper without realizing it.
“I think someone needs a cock in her” stranger tells Sir.
“You are right, shall we let her know who is going to take which hole, or shall we let her wonder?”
I don’t hear their decision, and quickly know they don’t intend to fill me in as suddenly I feel knees on either side of my head as a hard cock shoves into my mouth making me gag, and another is teasing my pussy by just rubbing over it slowly. I still can’t be certain who is where. Sir knows how much both of these actions excite me. My hips arching up trying to get a cock inside me I feel a hand push me back down, staying on my pelvis, thumb stroking my clit, the head of that hard cock teasing me , I can’t take it anymore when a thumb presses down hard causing me to squirt cum.
“Holy fuck, she covered my chest”
I now realize stranger is the one teasing my pussy. He drives into me hard, his cock feels so good, he’s a bit thicker than Sir but not as long, but oh does he know how to use it. Thrusting into me hard and fast, never taking his thumb off my clit. The harder he thrusts the harder I suck on Sir’s cock. Realizing that I know he is in mouth, he grabs my head so that he can control me the way he likes. Pulling his cock out and slapping it against my tongue, as stranger notices and pulls out his cock and slaps it against my pussy. I feel it building inside me when Sir shoves his cock down my throat and starts pumping his hot cum down my throat. I explode again and feel it running down my ass. Sir moves away from my head.
“I think we need to flip her over. There’s something I want to us to try on her if you are game.”
They are whispering now, but I don’t really care, I am enjoying this much more than I probably should. I feel the cuffs being released and find myself actually a little disappointed that they chose to remove them before I asked them to. Suddenly being flipped over I feel a smack on each side of my ass. I feel one of them lifting me and top of them, a cock under my mouth, and suddenly a tongue on my clit. Now I’m confused, what is it Sir is wanting to do, and suddenly it is clear as I feel a cock drive into my pussy. A tongue on my clit and cock in my pussy!!! I’ve seen pictures of this, this is much better than I imagined, I start pushing back onto the cock faster and faster as my clit is now being sucked hard and a finger has started working my ass. The cock in front of face sadly only has a hand around it, I am literally screaming too much to suck it. Begging to be fucked harder seems to have them both working harder. Cum is gushing out of me and being sucked up by the mouth under me. The finger in my ass working harder, as I feel myself opening up. Suddenly the cock pulls out of my pussy and I get rolled over.
“I think she’s ready, let’s give it a try.”
“Where would you like to me be.”
“You take her pussy, this ass only belongs to me, that’s one thing I won’t share.”
I’m relieved to hear this as Stranger is much thicker than Sir. I feel myself being pulled back on top of Stranger. I decide I have had enough of the blindfold.
“yes baby girl?”
“May we remove the blindfold now?”
“Yes baby girl.” As he removes it from my eyes.
I lean back and kiss Sir deeply as I lower my soaking wet pussy down over Stranger’s cock. Sir has his fingers in my ass making sure I’m ready as I slowly grind on Stranger. I feel his hand on my back pushing me forward onto Stranger’s chest. Stranger’s hands grab my ass and pull me open as Sir slowly works his cock into my ass. No one is moving as I adjust. Even with them being perfectly still my pussy is throbbing and clamping down on Stranger’s cock. As my ass opens and Sir begins to pump slowly Stranger begins to thrust up into me. I am so sensitive that I begin cumming almost immediately. Sir slaps my ass hard.
“GOOD GIRL, baby girl I have wanted you to have this for a long time and I am pleased to see your reaction.”
I can not say anything. My body has taken over and I cum almost non stop. Suddenly I feel Sir’s grip change and I know he is going to cum. He starts growling so loud as he holds himself deep in my ass and then Stranger thrusts hard into me as I feel him cumming at the same time. Sir slides out of me, and lifts me off of Stranger, he lays me down next to Stranger and he lays on my other side.
I awaken and find myself alone, I have no idea what time it is or where Sir is. I sit up to see him sitting in a chair across the room just smiling at me.
“Good morning baby girl.”
“Morning Sir?”
“Yes baby girl, morning. You were sleeping too hard and I didn’t want to wake you. You worked hard last night. I am very proud of you.”
He comes over and sits on the edge of the bed and gives me a gentle kiss.
“Now let’s get you dressed and I’ll take you home to shower. I’ve already had your car taken there. After your shower we have things to discuss.”
“Discuss Sir? Have I disappointed you?”
“No baby girl, quite the opposite. We will talk more at breakfast, after you shower.”

Stay tuned for what happens next……

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