Sharing with a friend

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Sharing with a friend
This is true, with some minor details changed.

A friend of mine flew in from out of town to go to a mutual friend’s engagement dinner party. I took off from work to pick him up at the airport. We hit a bar for lunch on the way home. He bought us shots of Jack to start the celebrating early. Once home, we just chilled and watched some TV until she got home. There had been some history between the three of us in the past, but nothing physical. Some emails, some texts, some phone sex– stuff like that. This was the first time he was with us and we had some private time. But it’s not like it was a sure thing, and the anticipation was hanging thick in the air. Him and I hadn’t even mentioned it all day.

When she got home from work, we were downstairs watching TV. She came down and said hi to him as she plopped down next to me on the couch. He got up from the love seat to go upstairs to use the bathroom. Her and I chatted a bit. I told her that I’m sure he would love to mess around, and that I was okay if she was. She was okay with it. I told her that I would loan her out for the night to be his slut, then I we went upstairs. In the kitchen, the three of us talked for a few minutes and then decided to just hang out and watch TV until we had to leave for the dinner. I could see him checking out her ass whenever she walked by him. Sitting watching TV, I decided to put our down time to some good use. I asked her to go upstairs to make us some shots. After she was upstairs for a few minutes, he got up and said he would go help her. I let him go up there alone and I waited downstairs. I could hear them talking but I couldn’t make out their conversation. Then it got quiet. Then I started hearing her moaning. Quietly, I snuck up the steps. When I got to the top, they both laughed out loud. “I knew he’d think we were fucking,” he laughed. I was annoyed that they played me. He went back downstairs while we finished pouring some shots and getting some beer chasers. I asked her what happened. She said they were just chatting, but then he started feeling her up. They kissed, and then he convinced her to moan as a joke to see if I’d run upstairs. “Very funny,” I told her. We went back downstairs.

We did our shots, then I told her that she should kiss him again but this time so I could watch. She stood up and pulled him up off the love seat. Before he leaned in, she told him to take it easy this time and don’t shove his tongue all the way down her throat from the get go. So he slowed down this time and I watched them make out. Then he sat back down and I told her to take off her pants and go ahead and sit with him– he was the guest! She took off her work slacks, adjusted her thong, then sat down next to him on the love seat. I leaned back on my couch as he put his arm around her and we all watched TV. They kissed on and off and he rubbed her. I looked over now and then– it was hot to loan out my girl as his slut. Then I heard her breathing harder and starting to moan, and I realized his hand slid down behind her back and he was fingering her. She buried her face in his chest as he finger fucked her to an orgasm.

Once she caught her breath, he started kissing her again. “Your turn to grab him,” I whispered their way. As their tongues played, I watched her hand grab his cock through his jeans. “Take it out,” I whispered. She awkwardly undid his belt with one hand, then his button, then unzipped his jeans. I watched her hand slide into his boxers and wrestle out his growing cock. They continued to make out as she jerked him off. Then they stopped kissing and she laid her head on his chest while she stroked him. I saw her get up on her knees on the couch beside him then lower her head down to lick the tip of his dick. She looked over at me and grinned. Then she swallowed his cock in her mouth and started sucking him off. He moaned, closed his eyes, and laid his head back on the love seat. I watched her give him head and it was turning me on. He pulled her up and kissed her, then he used his hands on her back then her hips to guide her up and off the couch to stand in front of him. He started kissing her ass cheeks. He spread them and started licking down her ass crack. I heard her moan and then she slowly bent over and put her hands on the rug. He slid down off the couch onto his knees and slid her thong to the side as he started eating her pussy from behind. She moaned louder and I could hear his mouth and tongue eating her out.

He wiped his face as he sat back on the love seat, and she reached back to fix her thong and catch her breath again. Then she turned to face him and she kneeled in between his legs. She gripped the base of his cock and she started blowing him again. I watched her suck him as she stroked his dick in her fist. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I got up and took out my raging hard cock. I kneeled behind her and slid my cock into her wet pussy. She moaned with a mouth full of his cock. Grabbing her hips, I started fucking her as she sucked him. “You like taking two cocks, baby?” I asked her. “Mmm-hmm,” she mumbled while she gave him head. I pushed her head down and made her deep throat him. Then I pounded her and didn’t last long because it was so fucking hot. She started to cum on my cock and I filled her pussy with my load as she sucked his hard dick. I backed off and sat back on the couch. He wasn’t cumming, so she stopped and sat back next to him.

After we all caught our breath, I said that we needed to start to get ready for the dinner. She went upstairs first and took our glasses. A minute later, he grabbed our beers and headed up. I heard them talking again in the kitchen. Then, again, it got quiet. This time I heard no moaning, but I didn’t creep upstairs, and I sat and watched TV. Once I heard them walking around again, I decided to go upstairs. He had already gone up to the second floor to get changed, so I asked her what happened. She told me that he felt up her ass again as he kissed her, turned her around, pushed her down on the counter, pulled down her thongs, squatted down and ate her out from behind again, also licking her asshole. She said that he made her cum yet again. That was hot to me.

We all got cleaned up and dressed. Getting into the car, he asked if she could sit in the back seat with him for the relatively long drive ahead. She asked me if that was okay. I told her that I already said that I’m fine with loaning out my girl as his slut for the night. So I was like the chauffeur while they got in the back. While I drove in the dark, I could hear them kissing. Now and then, with the right street lights or oncoming car lights, I could see them making out in my rear view mirror. About halfway through the drive, I heard her moaning again. I looked back and his hand was down her pants and he was fingering her pussy. My cock got hard as I listened to him make her cum again in my back seat.

After the dinner, we got into my car the same way– no questions this time– and they got cozy in the back seat. It was late and not many cars were on the road. Again, he wanted to make out with my girl. I listened to the kissing from the front seat as I drove on. I heard him whisper something to her, then her boot stuck between the front seats. I looked at it and saw her unzipping it. Then it came off. Then I saw her reaching to pull her pants down and off her one leg. (Later she told me that he whispered to her, “Can I eat you and make you cum in my mouth again?” and she had said yes.) There was much movement in the back seat as they re-positioned themselves. I felt her hand on my left shoulder from the back seat– she was now lying back right behind me with her pants and thongs off one leg, and he was crammed down behind the passenger seat. I heard her start moaning and I could hear him licking her pussy. When I slowed down to go through an EZ Pass toll booth that was pretty well lit up, I took the chance to turn around quickly to see the scene. His head was buried between her wide spread legs. Her head was back, eyes, closed, and she was moaning loudly as he ate her out. I resumed driving and I reached over my shoulder to hold her hand as she came very hard in his mouth and moaned very loudly and squeezed my hand.

Back at home, we were all spent. He asked if she could come into his bed after we were all cleaned up and in our pajamas. She asked again, and again I gave my permission. I told her I would walk into his room if I heard sex because I wanted to watch. However, he passed out after a few minutes and she slid out of his bed to come back to me. We fucked and then passed out ourselves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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