she could not get pregnant she said, was free to d

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she could not get pregnant she said, was free to d
She bought the house down the st. and hired me for some projects. I was 23 at the time and side work was my fun money. She was a much older woman but had an amazing body. She always looked nice and very clean. Her home was museum clean, so I expected she looked great nude.

I was not disappointed when she came in the bedroom. She wore a bad jacket of while silk with a loose cleavage line. They looked big and full right then. She had offered me sex and just that. Told her wealthy husband was not attentive at home, just with the girl he paid for sex. She and he finally divorced after she hired a PI to catch him. he had slept alone for many years. She said he snored so loud she could not sleep. So he had not bedded her in years.

She dimmed the lights and undressed me. She sat at the end of the bed and licked my cock like candy. She would suck and then suck my nuts for a big. Fingers massaged my nuts while she sucked the head and shaft. I reached between her legs and she stopped me,
I will be right back, get in bed and wait for me.

She climbed on the bed and opened her legs for me. looked own and found a well trimmed bush and glistening shine of some kind of lube. Stuck my finger in her and it slid right in. she wanted no part of the fingers, she wanted meat. She pulled my cock into position and guided it in her. She grabbed my ass and pulled me close to her.
I think you hit bottom stud, lets back this off some.
She closed her legs some and protected the depths as I went to work. She had her first orgasm with in a minute or so, told me to stop for a bit. Let her enjoy this.
I laid there and enjoyed her large breast while I laid in her soaking in her. We talked and she told me how good my very hard cock feels. had been years since she had a hard one in her. She had used her fingers so long she doubted she would ever have a man again.
She told me she used the lube when she stopped having periods two months before. she had been through the change, so I could feel free to cum inside her. She was looking forward to this pleasure again.

Enjoyed the view under me, she was still a nice looking woman. Her grey frosted hair in perfect place, the tan lines on the large breast and her very nice nipples. Was nice for a guy my age and made me look forward to more of this.

We picked up the stroke as she fell into orgasm again. She apologized for making me stop after each. She worried if I did not it might become to much for her. In time if I wanted she would try to take it with out stopping. I did not care, she was a pleasure to have sex with. kind of exciting for me, I liked the age and the look. I had always liked older women, had sex with a few before her.

She finished an orgasm and I was close my self, she ask me to stop again but I kept going. She gasp for her breath as I stoked her long in and out. feeling for me was amazing, she had an active nerve pussy and reacted to orgasm and my stroking. I soon could feel the build up and finally the release, I shot a big load in her. She gasp in excitement and ask me to go that again. I did and she gasp again. I shot five hard sprays inside her. She seemed to enjoy each shot as an orgasm. Not so sure she did not orgasm with the cum hitting her insides.

We had a weekly visit and each were pure sex. She and I developed passion as we got to know each other. she became more elastic inside and finally depth was not an issue. She told me I made her nipples a bit sore, to be easy on them. next week her breast seem to hurt pretty bad. She did not seem right inside either. She told me she wanted to see a Dr and be checked out. She worried I had been to rough on her and she was sore inside. I had called few days before and ask if I could come over. She offered me oral sex and I got it. just do intercourse.

The phone call I did not want to get, come over we need to talk. The Dr did a test and she was pregnant. He suggested an abortion for her sake and the sake of the c***d. No doubt the c***d would have issues. She was in her 60’s and was very rare for her to produce an egg, but I guess she had one in reserve. She refused to have an abortion and I worried what I would do. We spent the night and to comfort her we had sex. I figured I had nothing to loose so I went at her pretty hard. Legs up and just pounded her with out stopping. She looked pretty shook up but I kept going. The next morning I left and did not come back for a few days. I came over on Friday night and she was crying. She had lost the baby and the Dr confirmed it. To prevent any further problems she started birth control pills. She was so upset she did not want sex. I held her for the night and the next day.
We ended things after that, I came back a few times and sex was still good, just the shock of getting a women that old pregnant, hurt things.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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