She Fucked him Good

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She Fucked him Good
Eddie McCaethy was a basically a motivator, he had great dental work, sleeked black hair and he wore a tailored suit to perfection. In his seminars, which were billed under the title “The McCaethy Method,” he told people what they already knew and for this they paid three thousand dollars a seat to hear it.

Very few people actually carried out his recommendations because – having been aware of their shortcomings before they entered the hall it was unlikely they would make changes in their life just because someone else pointed it out. Not wanting to work hard and work smart in order to be successful they were hoping to hear some pearl of wisdom so they could make an easy buck.

After a slide show featuring some of the wealthiest people in the world who had started out working in a Jam Factory or as a street vendor he yell out “They did it – so why the fuck can’t you,” and for dramatic affect he’d kick off one of his Gucci Loafers into the audience. One day it was caught by a gorgeous brown skinned, brown eyed beauty that walked up to the stage and handed it to him with a beautiful smile.

It took a lot to throw Eddie off his stride but he kept glancing over to her table and every time he did she’d smile. Several times he had to refer to his notes and that was something he rarely had to do.

After the session he fought his way through the exiting crowd to catch up with her. He managed to attract her attention before she got to the hotel lobby and asked her if she’d like to join him for a drink.

“It’s the least I can do for someone who made such a brilliant catch.” he said.

She laughed, accepted his invitation and introduced herself as Kareena Desai. Eddie, who’d been married a couple of times and had more notches on his dick than you could count, was captivated by her. This woman was not only stunningly beautiful she was a great conversationalist and that damn SMILE it made him go weak at the knees.

Dinner followed drinks, during which she explained that she was a representative for a major IT company and she was anxious to increase her commissions as she had lots of family obligations back in India.

“I’m sending two of my brothers to college,” she said, “And I want to buy my parents a really nice house. This is why I’m at your seminar – they say you’re the best.”

Eddie pretended to be interested but in his mind he was stripping her clothes off and imagining her on his bed naked with that beautiful long black hair spread out on the pillows. Because she was so ambitious he invited her to go to his room and look at some new DVDs he’d made on the sales process.

Once in his suite they sat sipping champagne and talking about sales strategies but once again he was finding it difficult to concentrate as he was seated opposite her and could see right up her long legs with the short skirt she was wearing.

“What did you do in India,” he asked, not expecting anything like the answer he got.

“When I was a young girl I worked in a garment factory,” she began, “But I wanted to go to college and so I became a prostitute for a while – it was the only way I could raise the fees I needed.”

Eddie almost choked on his Champagne.

“O I’ve shocked you,” she said, “I’m sorry perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned it.”

“No – no,” stammered Eddie, “We can be honest with each other but I wouldn’t mention it to any of your clients.”

“Of course not,” she laughed, “And I’ve not included it on my resume.”

His imagination started to run wild and he wanted to suggest that he could waive the $3000 fee for the three day seminar in exchange for her favors. However, he was a little nervous of coming out with it as he thought she might take offence and quickly leave the room.

Eddie’s opportunity came unexpectedly when, prompted by one of the DVDs, the discussion moved on to the approach used when calling on a prospective client for the first time. Kareena initiated a little role play.

“Mr. McCaethy,” she said, “As you know at one time I was a prostitute and managed to work myself through three years of college using my shaved pussy and my voluptuous breasts. I can assure you that my services are second to none and I’d like the opportunity to prove that to you.”

Sweating profusely while trying to pretend he was the client Eddie swallowed hard and came back with, “I’m aware of your good reputation Miss. Desai but do you offer competitive rates?”

“Perhaps my services are a little more expensive than you’ve paid before but you have a need Mr. McCarthy and I have the solution to that need and it’s available immediately.”

He was sold. Eddie knew that he was about to blow $3000 but he felt it was going to be worth it.

Soon Kareena’s naked body was lying on his bed with that long black hair spread out over the pillows. He crept up from the bottom, up between her legs and took her dark erect nipples into his mouth. Her tits were so soft and warm he could have buried his head in them and just died right there. As he moved his tongue around she responded by arching her back and quietly groaning.

As he moved his lips down the center of her body gently kissing her smooth brown skin she whimpered a little knowing that his next stop was her shaved groove. He pulled back the petals of her exquisite flower and tasted its nectar with the tip of his tongue. Her ass started to move as if she wanted more and he gave it to her.

Using his mouth and his finger he played with her love orchid as Kareena sighed and moaned and called him Eddie for the first time. It didn’t seem long before the petals began to quiver and her body started to move up and down as she took deep breaths that culminated in those familiar words, “O Fuck I Cumming!”

While she continued to tremble he moved his finger up and down from her hip to her breast and every so often she would jerk upwards as if it was too much for her. He was about to do it again when she grabbed his wrist and then bending over she took his hard dick in her hand and descended on it like as if it was flavor of the week.

As the skin was peeled back she licked all around the end and then absorbed the whole thing in her mouth. Holding that position for a moment she then withdrew entirely making him gasp as he waited for her to swallow it up again. It was excruciatingly frustrating and his balls were beginning to ache . Seeing his plight she smiled and then started to suck it furiously. He was in ecstasy.

When he felt his goo surging through his tubes he called out, “I’m cumming,” and she moved back, continuing to work it with her hand until it blew all over her face. As he lay back trying to catch his breath she scooped some on her finger and tasted it. “That tastes pretty good – try some,” she said, holding out her finger.

Eddie declined her offer but invited her to get him up to full strength again. Giggling she played with his dick like a c***dren’s toy and as it started to firm up she took it in her mouth once more sucking it in an unusual way that made Eddie’s eyes almost pop out of his head. By now he was ready to ram it inside of her and she was ready to receive.

He grabbed her shoulders and pinned her down and then proceeded to shove it into her hot wet crack. She took a sharp breath as it enter deep inside of her and then began to move her ass, impatient for the action to start. Still pinning her arms down he began to thrust it in and out with his balls bouncing against her pussy in a steady rhythm.

“That feels good,” she gasped as he rammed it in harder and harder, “I love your dick inside of me.” These words were magic to Eddie’s ears and he started to pound her for all he was worth. When he felt himself cumming he began to shout “O fuck,” to which she responded “Yes Fuck – fuck – fuck me Eddie,” and then let out a piercing scream as he shot his load.

“O my god, that was good,” she said, “I want to do it over and over again.”

The next morning Eddie was so weak couldn’t get out of bed and he asked her if, using his notes, she could managed to do the morning session for him. Kareena surprised him by saying she’d attended his seminar no less than four times, “I know every word, every move you make,” she said, I won’t have a problem.”

From that day on Kareena’s career moved forward, companies now wanted that fresh glamorous approach she brought to the business and not Eddie’s old fashioned evangelical style. She now travels around the world lecturing and makes more money that he ever did. Her brothers have graduated from college in India and her parents have a brand new house.

According to industry sources Eddie has fallen on hard times and has been considering hiring himself out as a male prostitute, but so far these rumors have been unsubstantiated. THE END

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