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After graduating from a rural High School, I worked for my uncle at his shoe store in the city. I needed a summer job to pay for university so it was an ideal fit. Since I was 18, and not a minor, he could leave the store for me to run. He liked to golf and if it was a nice day, he would leave when the urge hit him and I would not see him until the next day. I enjoyed working in the store. It wasn’t so much the selling of shoes that got me all hard and excited as seeing women try them on that filled the bill. Even back in the 60’s, lots of women wore shorter skirts, and I was big fan of shorter skirts!!! Not only that, but once in a while, a woman would come into the store sans underwear. We did sell men’s shoes too and I would check out the crotch of their jeans or slacks or shorts. And yes lots of guys go commando.
Helping women try on shoes is an untaught art. Either you have a feel for it or you don’t. I had the feel for it and I loved handling and touching their feet and twisting and turning their legs this way and that. In a subtle way of course. I like to think that they knew what was going on and they enjoyed it too! Soon several opportunities for guy on gal and guy on guy sex presented themselves and I was only too eager to indulge.
This is the first such experience. Sorry guys, but it’s guy on gal sex, but, hang in there, I’ll get to the guy on guy sex too:
Sharon came into the shop about 5:15 one Tuesday afternoon. It was pretty quiet in the store that late in the day so I was able to give her my undivided attention. It was her payday and she had just left her office and was going to buy new shoes on her way home. Sharon is 20ish, tall and stacked like Anita Ekberg. If you don’t know who she is, google her name and prepare to be amazed.
Sharon’s skirt was white, quite modest, just below her knees. Her stockings were black and as I soon saw, the garter belt too. Remember garter belts guys? She tried on several pairs of shoes and I soon saw that her panties were white. I managed to catch several glimpses as she tried on one pair after another. The contrast between the black & white and her pink skin soon got me all hot and hard. When the time on the clock reached 5:30, I went and turned the sign around too closed, locked the door and closed all the blinds. “Oh no, you’re closing” she cried. “No problem” I informed her. “I won’t let you go until you get that new pair of shoes”. “Oh goodie” she says.
The latest pair she’d tried on looked very good on her but she needed a smaller size. So I put those shoes back in their box and took them into the back room and put them back on the shelf. While looking for the right size for her, I became aware of her presence beside me. Now customers are not allowed back there but I am not stupid enough to tell her that. I was not brilliant at school but I sure as hell realized that she is only back there for one reason!!!
“Oh Hi” I said. “Do you know what I’ve never done back here?”
“What” she replies.
“Kissed a beautiful girl like you” I say. And I put a hand on each of her shoulders, pull her towards me and kiss her. Lightly but thoroughly. Lots of effort in the lips and my tongue tip is ever so close to penetrating her lips. And she is kissing me back. Her lips part and our tongues are soon playing with each other. I can feel those tits of hers pressing against my shirt. My boner has now gone on full stretch and is pressing against her belly. She reaches down and says “what have we here?”
I manage to eke out “let’s take it out and find out”. I reach down and undo my belt, pull down my zipper and unfasten my slacks. She pulls them down along with my shorts and then she grabs onto my cock. I open her blouse and reach inside to latch onto those tits. Her nipples are bright pink and hard as pencil tips. I gently tweak them and roll them between my thumb and fingers. I step out of my shorts and slacks and back peddle her over to the desk and hoist her up onto it. I stand between her legs and reach under her skirt and pull her panties off her legs. Wow, she’s blond like Anita Exberg too. My hand finds her pussy is dripping wet and hot and slick with her juices. She still has my cock in her hand and she guides it to her hot snatch. I push against her opening and am inside in a flash.
I bury myself to the hilt and she moans with delight. She is as eager as I and I am soon thrusting into her and she is thrusting against me in a steady quickening rhythm. I am gliding in and out of her pussy like a well-oiled piston. I momentarily stop to bend down far enough to taste those pink nipples of hers. They are sweet and my lips stretch them to their fullest. Her gyrations against my dick are quickening and I can feel that she is close to cumming. I reach under her bum and lift her butt with my hands so that my pistoning cock is leveraged to the max, running in and out of her cunt. Now she is gasping & moaning & panting & cumming with all her might. I ride her until she quietens and her thrusting slows to a gentle rocking back and forth. Finally the urge to get my own rocks off reaches it’s zenith and I can hold back no longer. I grab my cock and pull it out of her pussy. I press it against her belly and lay my full weight on top of her and grind and thrust until I ejaculate between us. Our bodies are hot and slick with sweat.
I go into the toilet and bring out tissue paper for each of us to mop up. I can’t resist watching her as she wipes off her belly and puts her clothes back in order. She is cute and hot and horny and irresistible. I’d love to do her again, lol. Returning to the front of the store, she tries on the smaller shoes and decides to take them. She pays for the shoes (I can’t give her the shoes, remember it’s my Uncle’s shoe store, not mine) and I let her out and ask “Can I see you sometime?”.
She replies “thanks but I think we’ll keep this a once-in-a-lifetime happening and our little secret ok, my husband might be a tad uptight about this!!”.
So that was my initial shoe store sex occurrence.

This isn’t my next SHOE STORE SEXPERIENCE but, it is my first gay one.
I was labelling some new stock in the back room. My uncle was dealing with a customer about his age. He was a cute bald headed dude, wearing a nice blue suit. I finished the pricing and took some new stock out to the front to put on display. The customer was leaving empty handed it appeared and my uncle said the guy thought the shoes were too expensive. They were an Italian patent leather slip on and they do not come cheap at $100. My uncle told me that if the guy came back while he was away golfing, I could sell them for half price as they were soon going to be old stock.
The guy did return about 15 minutes before closing time. He asked me if those slip ons were going on sale anytime soon. He wanted them for his daughter’s wedding in 3 weeks. I advised him that our next sale was 3 months away. “However” I said “I’ll sell them to you today at half price since it’s a special occasion”. “How does that sound?”
He replied “Ok great – thank you, I‘ll take them”. He paid for the shoes and left.
At 5:30 I locked up the store and headed off towards the bus to go home. A car pulls up alongside me and stops. It’s the bald headed customer. The window is down and he asks me “would you like a ride home?”.
To which I reply “sure that would be terrific.”
I go around to the passenger side and get in.
He says “I’m Dan”.
“Hi, I’m Bob” I reply.
We start into traffic and half way down the block a guy in a blue truck cuts him off. Dan screams “fucking cocksucker, watch it”. Then he laughs and says “oops”.
I chuckle and say “it’s no big deal, I’ve heard those words before”.
He says “speaking of cocksucking, have you ever had your cock sucked?”
“Ahhhhhhhhh no” I say.
“Would you like to have me be the first to suck it?”
I hesitate and reply “I don’t think so, I’m not queer”.
He laughs and says “I’m not either but I do like to suck cock and every so often I see a guy and get all excited about giving him a blow job”. “So today could be your lucky day” “Whadda ya say?” “Are you horny?” .
I laugh and respond and tell him “I’ve been getting a boner since you first hollered cocksucker at that guy!” “I put my hands in my lap so you wouldn’t see it”.
Taking his right hand off the wheel, he reaches over and takes my hand away and glances down and says “yes I can see your bulge”. “Looks mighty impressive too”. Then he rubs my crotch and feels my boner.
“Mmmmm, I’d sure luv to suck you off. We could go to my house, the wife is at her sister’s baby-sitting until later tonight”.
“Would I have to suck you” I ask?
“Not unless you wanted too”, he replies.
“Well I am really horny. I don’t get to jerk off too often at my grandma’s where I am staying and I haven’t met any girls here yet who want to fuck”. “so ok let’s do it.”
We drive to his house, go inside, take off our shoes at the front door and go downstairs to the rumpus room. He guides me over to the couch and gets down on his knees in front of me. He unzips my slacks and pulls them down to my ankles. I step out of them and he starts fondling my cock and balls through my shorts. He rubs his mouth against my shorts and kisses the fabric. I can feel his hot breath on my cock through the material. My cock is stretching the material begging for release. He pulls my shorts down and my cock flips up into his face. He laughs and exclaims “oh my, what a beauty, I luv unclipped cocks”.
His left hand latches onto my nuts and he starts to fondle and caress them. His right hand grabs the base of my cock. His lips nibble on my foreskin. Even fully erect there is some overhang left over. He kisses the tip of my cock and his lips pull and tug on my foreskin. Then he pushes his tongue inside and rolls it around my glans and inside my hood. My cockhead is super sensitive and I can feel myself going past the point of no return. I moan and gasp amd cum in squirt after squirt. He is surprised by my quick cumming but quickly recovers and gulps and swallows it all down. He is breathing hard, savouring the taste from his throat and tonsils being awash in cum. He continues to suck on my dick as it diminishes.
He says “wow, you were horny weren’t you?”.
“Oh yessssss” I reply gratefully. “That was wonderful, it felt so good I couldn’t hold back, sorry”.
“No problem he says, but now I have to get off, I am so hard and horny”.
And he stands up and unzips and drops his pants and shorts and I see that he is indeed hard. His cock is circumcized and long and thin with a smooth broad head. He has shaved pubes. He is stroking his cock in earnest, breathing fast and sort of humming or moaning. His hand speeds up and soon cum shoots out and sprays all over the carpet. He keeps on jerking until the last drops are drained and his cock goes soft.
“Whew, I needed that” he says contentedly.
‘Yeah I did too” I say and chuckle.
Dan went to the bathroom and returned with a wet washcloth. He wiped all his juice off the carpet and went back to the bathroom and returned with a towel which he used to dry the wet carpet.
“Would you like a coke or pepsi”?
“Sure, a coke would be great”.
He went to the fridge, got out 2 cokes, opened them and came back and gave me one and sat on the couch. I felt a little uncomfortable sitting there on the couch with him half naked so I reached down to get my pants to put back on.
“Just leave them, you’d only have to take them off for round 2. Take off your shirt and lay down and I’ll give you a massage”.
I take off my shirt and he gives me a pillow off the back of the couch to put under my head. He takes the other pillow and puts it on the carpet and kneels on it.
He is sitting at my mid section and reaches over and starts to massage my chest, arms and belly. Each hand is going over my body, rubbing and stroking and massaging me. It feels pretty good. Never had a massage before. He then starts on my lower legs and then the thighs. My crotch has become very interested in the goings on of course and my pecker is once again hard and sticking straight up. His hands reach for my cock and start fondling my nuts and cock. He grasps my boner by the base and starts licking my balls, First one and then the other. He gently sucks on one trying to get it in his mouth. Mmmmmm that feels so good. My nuts were aching for attention. Licking up from my nuts to the base of my cock to my cockhead is what follows that and it feels good too. His tongue finds the end of my cock and licks it around and around. He knibbles on my overhanging foreskin with his lips and tugs the excess flesh into his mouth. Gently peeling back my foreskin he licks all around my glans and tries to get the tip of his tongue into my piss slit. Ohhhh that feels so delicious. I moan and gasp my approval with his ministrations. Holding the base of my cock he sucks my cock into his mouth seeming to swallow its entire length. Then his head is bobbing up and down and he is sucking and my hips start an involuntary thrust up and down into his mouth. He sucks and sucks and my thrusts soon develop a regular rhythm. He feels I am getting close and he backs off.
“Let’s slow down a bit, I want to enjoy you a while longer”.
“Ok” I say.
He gently strokes my cock up and down, from the base to the ridge. His stroke is slow and lazy but keeps me erect and wanting more. Once again he licks the end of my cock and knibbles on my excess foreskin. He rubs my nuts with one hand while holding my cock with the other. My nuts seemed to have shrunk up into my nutsack as he rolls them around in their sack. Once more he engulfs my cock and is soon bobbing up and down again. His rhythm is faster now. It seems as though he is now in a hurry, needing my immediate release into his eager mouth. My hips are bouncing up and down matching the bobbing of his head. His sucking and stroking my cock with one hand soon pushes me over the edge. I start to squirt load after load into his mouth and down his throat. We are both moaning and gasping with pleasure. He sucks on my cockhead while his hand pumps on my cock to drain every last drop. Not a drop escapes, he has once again swallowed it all. When I am nearly soft he asks “Did you like that?”
“Oh gawd yesssss, that was fantastic, bloody fantastic”.
“Would you like to massage me?”
“I can try, never did it before”.
“You’ll learn fast”.
He stands up and I see that his cock is hard and sticking straight up. We switch places. I kneel at his mid section and slowly start rubbing and massaging his chest and arms and upper belly. His nipples seem hard and erect and I playfully tweak one. He gasps with pleasure. “Mmmmmm I like that”.
So I rub and pull on each nipple and they seem to extend even further. I then go down and massage his legs and calves. His erection is inches from my face. I have never seen one up this close before. Except for my own of course :).
“Do you want to touch it?” “It won’t bite”. I don’t reply but instead grab onto his cock and slowly stroke it up and down. He is hard and hot in my hand. His cock is smooth with only slightly visible veins. Not like my own which is thick with veins.
As I am rubbing his cock with one hand, up and down, I start to play with his nuts, rolling them around and fondling them gently.
“Ahhhhhhhhhh I like that, keep it up please.” “Would you like to taste it?”
Oh boy, I think. This would be my chance to try it. I never ever ever thought about sucking a guy’s cock before. Dan’s cock is hot and hard in my hand. What would it feel like in my mouth? My curiosity gets the better of me and I lean over and lick his cockhead, around and around it’s tip. He is as surprised as I am.
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” he mutters.
I take his cockhead in my mouth and suck on his cock. I slowly take more and more of his cock into my mouth with each stroke. When his cock reaches the back of my tongue I gag and need to swallow fast and furiously to recover. My face is red and I am embarrassed.
But he says “No problem, take it nice and slow ok”.
My mouth engulfs him again but now I establish a pattern of slow short strokes that do not gag me. He is enjoying me sucking on his cock I am sure as he is moaning and gasping “Oh gawd that’s good,, don’t stop”.
His cock fills my mouth and I can taste something on my tongue. I take his cock out of my mouth and there is precum oozing out of his piss slit. I lick the tip of his dick and taste it on my tongue. It is different for sure. Not unpleasant but not too tasty either. My lips savor his cockhead and I lick all over the tip and around and around on his knob. His cock is now bright pink and bursting with heat.
“Can I cum in your mouth?” he asks.
I don’t reply but take his cock into my mouth again and suck on it, bobbing up and down with a steady rhythm. Soon he is breathing hard and pushing his hips up and down. Then I feel the first hot spurts of juice hitting my tongue and back of my throat. I deliberately try to avoid gagging and swallow repeatedly to take his full load. I continue sucking on his cock and swallowing until he goes limp and there is no more jism oozing from his cock. My tongue establishes that it a different taste entirely from anything I’ve ever tasted before.
“That was bloody terrific” “Sure you’ve never done this before?”
I laugh and say “No never have, so you liked it?”
“Oh yessssss!!!”
He looks at the clock and says “Oops it’s nearly 7:00, I’d better drive you home, before the wife finds us”.
“Ok” I reply “thanks for…………well….. everything”.
Dan drove me home to my grandparents and stressed to me that this was to be our “little” secret and I certainly agreed. I wouldn’t have wanted anybody to know about what we had done, even though it was worth bragging about.

Six weeks later I am finishing up my summer job at my Uncle’s shoe store to go to college and Dan comes into the shop 5 minutes before closing time. My uncle is out golfing and there are no customers around. Dan and I start to talk and once 5:30 comes, I lock up and turn the sign around to “closed”. He tells me that he is moving to New York. He works for an insurance company. He got his new job like this. The district sales manager was visiting their branch early in July and over drinks one night was complaining that he hated coming here because it was impossible to get a blow job. If he went to Detroit, Chicago or Denver he always arranged to get his cock sucked. But here there were no opportunities. So Dan drove him to his hotel and went up to his room and proceeded to blow this guy’s cock like it had never been blown before. The guy was so appreciative that when a job opened up in head office he called Dan and offered the job to him (as long as blow jobs were included). Dan accepted and he and his wife were moving in mid September.
I became quite aroused when he was telling me this and soon Dan noticed the bulge in my slacks.
“Are you horny?”.
“Oh yesss” and I rubbed my dick a little through the cloth.
“Wanna go in the back room?”.
“Ok, sounds good”.
In the back room, I drop my slacks and shorts and perch on the edge of the desk. He kneels in front of me and taking hold of my erect dick, he proceeds to lick it all over and around and up and down. Sort of like a lollipop or an ice cream cone. His other hand is busy playing with my nuts, fondling and caressing them and licking all around my sack too. My dick is leaking precum and his tongue laps it all up and squeezes more out for him to savor. His lips are teasing my foreskin, nibbling and pulling and stretching. His tongue probes inside my foreskin, licking all around inside. Gently he retracts my foreskin and licks my cockhead and up and down my shaft. My glans is super sensitive to his tongue and I tremble with the thrill and excitement. Taking my cock in his mouth he starts sucking and his head bobs up and down in a steady rhythm. I lean backwards on the desk to give him better access and he takes my full length into his mouth. I can feel my cock against the back of his throat on the down stroke. We are both moaning and breathing hard as his rhythm increases. He pushes down as far as he can and my dick is fully impaled on his mouth and throat and his lips are buried as deep as possible in my pubes. He maintains that pressure for a few moments and his tongue licks the underside of my cock. Sucking hard, he raises his head and then plunges down again deeply. Again and again he repeats this and I can feel myself cumming from deep within my nutsack. The spasms start and I shoot huge gobs of sperm down his throat. He sucks and sucks and swallows and doesn’t miss a drop. His tongue bathes my cock and laps up all the juices I have expended. Soon my cock has diminished, drained of all it’s ejaculate. He gives it a final lick and sticks his tongue inside my foreskin and his lips nibble on the excess flesh.
“Wow that was wonderful. I am so glad you came in today!”
“Well it was great for me too Bob.” “Gotta run, the wife is expecting me home by 5:30 and I am late already. Otherwise, I’d have you blow this boner in my pants”. He stands up and sure enough his pecker is bulging in his crotch. He arranges his dick in his pants to leave and he reaches out and we shake hands goodbye and he says to cum visit him sometime if I ever get to town. I agree and we wish each other all the best in our future endeavors.
And that is the last time I saw Dan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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