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Shopping (from www)
“I told you men wear things like this,” she said. “See, look at
these catalog pictures.”

Susan held open a thick department store clothing catalog. The pages
she had opened were from the women’s undergarment section. They
displayed color photos of models wearing panties, girdles, body
briefers, corsets and other women’s foundation garments.

Although he never admitted it to anyone, Pat had always enjoyed looking
at the gorgeous female models in such photos. She held open two
particular pages. Eleven out of the twelve garments displayed on those
pages were women’s fashions, but Susan focused on one item.

It had all started out the day before. The two of them were working out
in their basement when she remarked, “You know, I bet a girdle would help
take pressure off your back while you exercise.”

He replied, “only women wear girdles.”

“Oh no, men wear them too,” she answered. “I’ll show you some
pictures.” The conversation then shifted to another topic. During the
next hours however, Pat’s mind kept drifting back to the words she had
said. He wondered what kind of pictures she was referring to.

Now she read out loud from the text while pointing with her index
finger, “Item H – Women’s or men’s posture belt. Lets you breath
freely, yet it stays in place while supporting your back.”

Next she sat down next to him, very close on the sofa and continued to
read aloud from the same catalog paragraph, “Upper section is contoured
in back, overlaid and secured to lower section with accordion type folds.
Three rows of front hook and eye closures for a comfortable fit.
Measures 9 inches from top to bottom. Color White. Soft weave elastic
of nylon polyester spandex blend covered with textured nylon.”

The picture showed the torso of a female model who wore the garment over
black panties, but sure enough, the text did say men could wear it too.

Susan put her arm on his shoulder and spoke with a gently persuasive
voice, “Granted, most things pictured here are for women, but I would
really like you to try some of them. It would be just for when we
workout together, privately in our own house. No one else will know.”

Pat and Susan had been dating for a long time and were very much
attracted to each other. She was an aerobics instructor and he worked in
sales. To the outside world they looked like a handsome couple. She
the feminine beauty and he the masculine male.

“Well, I don’t know . . .” he questioned as his voice trailed off.

“Let’s face it, we’re not young adults anymore,” she replied. “I’ve
noticed that, like most men your age, you’re beginning to show excess
weight around your middle. Also your posture is not a straight as it
used to be.”

“You’re right about that,” he sighed.

“These could help you darling,” she said with a convincing appeal in her
voice. “Look, the catalog pictures a firm control girdle, a long line
bra, a back support body briefer, and various waist cinching posture briefs.”

Turning the page she went on to point out and explain, “Here’s a long
leg panty girdle, some corsolettes and briefer. And look at this page.
The things pictured are described as smoothers and shapers.” Her
fingers highlighted a headline at the top of page with four shapely
models in form fitting foundation under garments. His eyes were drawn to
the shimmering satin white panels on some of the garments, and way they
hugged and shaped the models. While it was true the catalog copy
indicated the posture belt could be worn by a man, all the rest of the
dozens of items in that part of the catalog were clearly for women. Many
of them had built in bras.

“Would you wear some of these if I bought them for you?” she asked.

Pat was obviously surprised and caught off guard by the question. She
paused briefly then continued talking while he groped for an answer.

“See how they mold the shape of the models.” she said. “They would
work the same on you. Oh darling, it would make me very happy.”

Her fingers drifted down to his right hand. Susan used her thumb and
forefinger to form a ring around his thumb. Gently she stroked it back
and forth in an obviously sexual suggestive manner. With a warm smile
they kissed, playfully at first then more deeply. Her hands drifted over
his body as she touched and fondled his chest and crotch. He reached out
to wrap his arms around her, but was surprised when her hands held his
wrists back for a moment.

“You know clients in my fitness program have had good results. They’ve
all been women. I’d like to try my techniques on a man.”

“What techniques are those?” Pat asked.

“I have in mind some exercises I’d like you to work at. Some form
fitting foundations would help with your posture and mussel tone during
workouts,” she explained. “In order for this to work, you have to put
yourself in my hands. Let me call the shots then you work hard at
following my directions. She looked right into his eyes and asked, “Do
you think you could do that?”

Pat thought back on the times when she was happy, and in turn made him
happy. Any man in that situation would answer yes and that’s just what he did.

“Promise me you’ll wear the things I get for you,” she asked.

“Which things are those?”

“Trust me,” she replied, still holding his hands back in a playful,
teasing manner.

He paused for a moment then tried to kiss her. She held back and again
looked into his eyes.

“Say you trust me,” she purred with a sinister smile. “You’ll love it

“Okay,” he answered, “anything you say.”

“Good. Stay here. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” The two of them had
been sitting in the living room. She got up and walked into the bedroom.
“Take off your clothes so I can get some measurements.”

Pat took off his shoes, shirt and pants but stayed in his underwear.
He could hear drawers and a closet opening, then about ten minutes later
Susan returned. She had in her hands a pad of paper and a fabric tape
measure like a seamstress would use. His eyes were drawn to the firm
control body briefer she was wearing.

“I slipped into this to show you what I mean,” she purred. The white
undergarment had a front panel made of Acetate satin the reflected a
shimmer of light. The upper part was a bra and it extended over her
midsection onto the top part of her thighs. It was like an open bottom
girdle and had four attached garters. He could see white nylon panties
under the briefer. Nylons encased her legs and she wore pumps with
heels on her feet. The tops of the nylons were fastened to the garters.
She looked very sexy and he loved the way the power mesh fabric hugged
her feminine curves.

“No, take off everything,” she directed. He removed the remaining
clothes and stood naked in front of her. Pat could not help holding her
in his arms, and he loved the feel of tight fitting fabric as he ran his
hands over her back and ass. She let him embrace for about a minute.
Once she noticed his cock was getting hard she stepped back away and got
down to business.

“Stand over here,” she said pointing to a spot on the floor. “Stand up
straight and hold your arms straight out from your shoulders.” She used
her hands to direct him into the proper posture and began to take
measurements. He felt a wave of pleasure come over his body as he stood
naked in front of her. His hands instinctively moved to cover his penis
as it pulsed and continued to be hard, but she playfully moved his arms
back to the position of extended out from his sides.

She started by wrapping the tape measure around his chest. After noting
the number of inches she proceeded to measure his waist then hips. She
playfully touched his nipples and penis as the tape moved lower. Next
she wrapped the tape around his left thigh then the right one. She
measured his arms and other parts of his body and even his neck size.
She could have gotten all the measurements in a minute, but she prolonged
the process in a thorough teasing manner. After about five minutes of
touching and teasing she announced she had all the required dimensions.

“Here’s what we’ll do,” she announced. “I’m going to order some things
for you from a catalog. Some other things we’ll get on a shopping trip.”
Susan left the room to get a calendar then came back.

“Two weeks from now is Tuesday the 23rd. Let’s each take that day off
from work.” It was most erotic the way she kept her body close and in
nearly constant contact with him as she spoke. The steady contact had a
electrifying effect on him.

“I want to take you shopping to buy some things that were pictured in
the catalog. Now we’ll be going into the women’s department of some
stores. I know you can’t do that around here so we’re going to drive to
some malls on the far side of Milwaukee. It’s a two hour drive away so
there’s not a chance anyone in those stores could recognize us.”

Pat had a surprise look on his face. His mouth started to open as if to
ask a question, but Susan just held a finger to his lips and smiled as
she looked deep into his eyes. “Trust me darling, it will be a fun,
relaxing day. Just the two of us. No one will know about our little
shopping trip.”

The Tuesday they had planned was a beautiful fall day. Both Pat and
Susan were in a well rested, carefree mood. She wore pantyhose, heels
and a dress that came down to just below her knees. He was going to wear
jeans at first, but she talked him into wearing nicer clothes to dress up
the occasion a bit. The drive was pleasant and they arrived in the area
of the malls just before noon.

“Let’s start in there,” she remarked pointing to a large discount store.

Some men fantasize about shopping in boutique shops such as Victoria’s
Secret. This store was a popular mass merchant, the kind of store where
women go to buy every day clothes.

“Here, take a shopping cart,” Susan directed. Pat began to feel nervous
and was glad to have the handle of the shopping cart to place his hands
on. This being a Tuesday, there was little traffic in the store.

Susan understood his nervousness and suggested they first take a long
walk around the various departments within the store. “I know you may
feel uncomfortable darling,” she whispered in his ear. “Let’s just
stroll around for a while.” After about 10 minutes she guided their
pace over towards the west middle part of the store. A large blue and
white sign suspended from the ceiling announced, in a classic script,
“Intimate Apparel”.

Susan knew the management of this chain had always made women’s intimate
apparel a key merchandising category. As with all the other stores in
this chain they had an unproportionate large amount of square footage
dedicated to that type of product. In this section of the store the
retail racks offered a wide selection of panties, bras, pantyhose,
bikinis, briefs, girdles, corsolettes, nylons and any type of
undergarment a woman could ever want. Pat’s hands began to sweat. He
imagined a thousand eyes were watching this man being out of place in the
women’s department.

She sensed his feelings and whispered in his ear, “Relax darling, no one
can recognize us here.” Indeed, during the next minutes three store
clerks walked by, but they were so busy with their work they didn’t give
a second glance to the handsome couple. Only one other customer was in
that department of the store and that was a much older woman.

After a few minutes went by, a sudden change overcame Pat. The
anonymity made him very comfortable. No one could recognize them and
they could shop at ease.

“You can’t wear bulky men’s underwear with the things I have in mind for
you. Let’s start with some panties,” she announced taking him by the
hand. Susan led him over to a rack with a large selection. The ones on
the left were on individual hangers while panties to the right side were
in see through bags of two and three.

They stood close and she spoke quietly in his ear. “Look”, she said
reaching to lift a hanger off the rack, “These are made of a nylon with
spandex blend.” Her finger traced the back part of the stretch fabric as
she read the words on the package: “the center back seam will give a
rounded back silhouette. I bet a size 6 would fit you. Like them?”
she asked. Susan didn’t wait for Pat to answer, she just put them in the
shopping cart.

“Here’s some more panties,” she said speaking softly in his ear. The
package advertised them as being made of cling free nylon. “These
panties sort of remind me of the nylon brief trunks men swimmers wear.
See there’s no lace on them. They are a full cut style and the material
stretches every which way so they should fit you.”

As the couple walked down the aisle they stayed very close. At times
she would hold his hand, leaving him with only one hand free to steer the
shopping cart.

“We can’t be sure exactly which size will fit you,” she explained. “For
that reason we’ll get quite a few pair. The ones that don’t fit we’ll
throw away.” Since this was a mass merchant type store, the panties
were low priced. Being among all these feminine undergarments was
beginning to spark his libido. If they overbought a few items that
were the wrong size it was a small price to pay for the pleasure this
shopping trip was bringing to him.

They chatted quietly between themselves and selected a few more pair of
panties. Next they moved over towards the section of the lingerie
department that was stocked with waist cinchers, waist nippers,
torsolettes and girdles. Sizing for these was a bit trickier as the
labels referred to bra measurements. Susan and Pat consulted together
and picked a few things off the rack.

“Do you like shopping like this?” she questioned.

“This is a good time, Honey,” he replied.

Let’s try another store then head home,” she said. They paid for their
purchases with a credit card and headed back out to their car. The next
place they entered had more of a traditional department store format. It
was a very large building however, where they could shop by themselves
as opposed to a smaller store which would have had clerks approaching
with suggestions. In this store they focused on legwear.

“Let’s get a few pair of pantyhose for you darling,” she pointed out as
they entered the store’s intimate apparel department. “I think you’ll
need a queen size. Here’s a size chart.” Pat looked closely at the
chart posted near the packages of pantyhose. Together they picked out
two pair, one dark and one tan.

“The pantyhose will energize your legs, darling,” she explained while
standing very close to him and holding his hand. They massage and
invigorate your thighs and lower legs. I also want you to buy some
tights, nylons and a garter belt.” Together they picked out a garter
trimmed with a smooth satin front panel. Then they spent another few
minutes slowly browsing around the intimate apparel.

“One other thing before we go,” she said. I want you to have bras to
wear. Come on, I’ll help you pick some out.”

The there were two types of displays for bras. About half of the
inventory was in individual boxes and the other half was on plastic
hangers suspended on racks.

She spoke quietly to him so no one else could hear, “We don’t want
something with lace. You’ll like the feel of smooth satin side panels.
I figure a 42 should fit you. It has to be a B cup. Anything larger
will be too big.”

Bras of various colors, textures and styles were on display. After five
minutes of looking together they found some they both thought would fit
him. They then made their way to the cash register. At that point
Susan stepped forward to talk to the clerk and make the purchases so Pat
could feel easier standing in the background. Once in the parking lot
Susan put the shopping bags in the back seat and they took a long casual
drive home.

They stopped for an early evening dinner on the way back and arrived at
home around 8 PM. As they settled in for a quite evening at home they
embraced and hugged a few times.

“Let’s make sure there’ll be no interruptions,” she remarked taking
charge of the situation. “I’ll take the phone off the hook, lock the
doors and make sure all the d****s are closed.” She moved about the
house while he sat in the living room.

“I’m going to change into something comfortable,” Susan explained as she
headed for the bedroom.

Pat sat back and watched TV. About fifteen minutes later Susan stepped
back into the living room. He could sense her sweet perfume and was
delighted to see she wore a romantic sleeping gown under a flowing see
through robe. Her panties and bra were visible under the flowing
garment. She had let her hair down.

“Would you like to get a little kinky tonight?” she asked invitingly.

Pat just smiled his response as they both new there wasn’t a man on this
earth that would answer negatively to that question.

“Take your clothes off,” Susan directed. She then laid a towel on the
floor in front of the sofa, near where he had been sitting. “Put your
clothes over here,” she said pointing to the far end of the sofa. “Then
sit on the towel. I’ll be right back.”

Her gown flowed beautifully as she moved into the bedroom. It took him
only a few moments to remove all his clothing. He then sat naked on the
towel on the carpeted floor, with his back leaning up against the sofa.
She returned shortly caring the feminine clothes they had bought on
their shopping trip and a few other things. In her right hand was a
some kind of small black piece of cloth. Even though the light was dim,
he could see, as she got closer, that the cloth was a blindfold.

“I stopped at a dance supply store the other day and got you this,” she
remarked. In her left hand she held up a long sleeve, black, scoop
necked woman’s leotard. “That’s why I wanted to have you get the tights
and pantyhose today. The next time we’re just lounging around the house
I want you to wear this.”

She knew he had a “thing” for leotards. This was the type of garment a
female dancer would wear. It was made of a shimmery spandex material.
At first it looked like it would be a bit small for him. As he ran his
hands over the fabric he could feel how it was very stretchy. She could
see his penis start to harden as he imagined how sexy it would feel to
have his body encased in pantyhose, then slip on the leotard.

“Before we get started I want you to wear this,” Susan said as she held
up the black cloth. I got this sleep mask at the d**gstore. It’s for
people who have trouble sleeping at night. The elastic bands slip over
your head like this.” All light was shut out from Pat’s eyes as she
slowly slipped the mask over his head. She took a long moment to adjust
the elastic straps and carefully position it on his head.

“Notice how the inside lower part of it is padded. The sleep mask has
an extra fold of padded fabric under to your eyes so no light can get in
underneath or at the corners. If we get it adjusted correctly there
should be no pressure on your eyes. How’s that?”

Pat moved his hands up to the sleep mask to make a slight adjustment in
its position. Instead of answering with words he just made a slight nod
with his head to indicate it felt as though the mask was positioned right.

“Can you see any light at all?” she asked.


“Good. Now I want you to promise you won’t try to remove the sleep
mask. With the sleep mask on you can focus on the feel of the clothes
with no distractions. It will help you relax and I want to make you feel
that you’re under my control. Is that Okay darling?”

Again he answered, not with words, but with a slight forward nod of his
head. He was still sitting upright on the floor, leaning with his back
against the sofa. He sensed she moved back around to be in front of him.
Now Susan was kneeling next to him. The next thing Pat realized was
that she was touching him. She was slowly gliding her hands over his
body in a most erotic fashion. A light touch to his left nipple was
followed up by a firm stroke on his thigh.

“Let’s move the towel over here a bit,” she whispered. “Now lay face
down on the towel with your arms folded in front of you.”

Since he was wearing the mask, Pat had to feel around a bit for the
towel. He then stretched out. For the next few minutes she gave him a
luxurious message. Her hands rubbed his back and stroked his legs for
about five minutes. The sensuous message was beginning to move him into
a dream like pleasure trance.

“Now let’s have you stand up.” Her hands guided him up into a standing
position. He could feel her apply a gentle touch to his shoulders to
have him turn towards the right.

“We’ll start with the panties. We bought six pair today. I want you to
try them on, one by one, to see which ones fit.”

He could hear her open one of the shopping bags.

“Lift your right foot up, I’ll help you get the first pair of panties
on,” she directed as he could feel the fabric of the panties being
slipped over his ankle. “Now your other foot.” The panties were slid up
over his thighs and were soon covering his penis.

“These panties are too high cut in the front so they don’t fit you at
all,” she observed. “Let’s take them off and try on the next pair.”

One by one she helped him slip the undergarments on and off. Some fit
him poorly so she set those aside. Others were more full cut and fit him
surprisingly well. Just as she had planned, the constant friction of
the panties on his lower body was beginning to have an powerful effect on
him. She could see his penis start to grow and become hard. Susan also
noticed his body reacted to her using the words “panties” and “penis.”
The more he would hear her feminine voice repeat those keywords, the more
aroused he became.

“How do those panties fit?” she asked after an ivory colored pair was
slid up in place. Don’t the panties feel good on your penis?” she
asked already knowing the answer to the question. “These panties fit,
but some of the other panties don’t fit as well, darling so I’ll put
those over here.” She was making a point of using the arousing keywords
liberally as she spoke. She did most of the talking as he would make
only brief comments as to how each one fit.

After he tried on all of them, they both agreed the fourth pair fit the
best. He stood there naked while she took those and put them in his
hands so he could identify them by feel. He was becoming accustomed to
the blindfold so his senses were more attuned to touch and feel.

“These panties are a color they call rosewood. Remember we got them at
the first store?” she asked. The label says they are made of nylon/lycra
spandex. Remember this is the pair with the front panel made of the
shinny stretch satin?”

Pat needed no help in remembering. His mind vividly recalled the
picture on the package that held the panties. He loved how the full cut
garment hugged the model’s body to accentuate her curves.

“Since these panties fit the best I want you to wear them as while you
try on the other things.” she announced.

“In a moment I’ll help you slip into the panties. I want you to put
them on so the panties hold your penis in an upright position, that is
pointed up. The tip of your penis will be pointed up towards you navel
along the underside of your belly. Do you understand.”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Good, now the best way to do this is I want to make sure your penis is
as hard as it can be before we slip the panties on you. Here’s how were
going to do that,” she directed.


Pat went down to his knees and rested back so his legs were bent and he
was sitting upright.

“No darling, I want you to kneel up,” she said. Pat had always had
erotic feelings towards stories that involved dominant women. While her
words were not overly dominant, that fact that she took control of the
situation turned him on. He rose up so he was kneeling in an upright
manner with his knees together.

“Keep your left knee where it is and move your other knee to the right,”
she said while touching his leg. “Hold still. There, that’s
better,” she paused. “Now here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to
put a few pair of panties in your hands. I want you to use the panties
to stroke your penis until it gets very hard. The main thing however, is
you must not cum! Stoking your penis will bring you close to orgasm,
but you must not cross the line. I want you to stop right before you
feel the rush. We’ll then slip the panties on while you’re good and
hard. Do you understand?” she asked. He replied with a quick nod of his head.


She took one panty and wrapped it around his right hand like a glove.
Another panty was applied to his left hand in a similar fashion. She
then took a third panty and had him hold it in both hands.

“Now promise me you won’t cum,” she demanded.

“Yes,” he sighed”

“Good, now begin,” she directed.

It took about five minutes of the soft fabric stoking his penis for the
blindfolded man to be hard as a rock. He was so aroused he thought he
would burst. Susan could see he was going into a trance-like erotic
arousal. Earlier, once his blindfold was in place, she had turned on a
brighter light. Now she could see a drop of pre-cum liquid forming at
the tip of his penis so she knew he was ready to orgasm.

“Stop,” she said suddenly.

If the blindfold would have been off she would have seen he was nearly
in tears. His body was aching to cum, but she stopped him at the last
moment. Pat was so close to orgasm he thought the sperm would ooze out
of the pores of his skin. She had him stand, then slipped the best
fitting panties up his over his thighs. His penis was so hard it was
easy for him to point it upwards with his fingers, properly in place. He
felt a tingling sensation on his penis as his fingers touched it.

“Put your hands together behind your back,” she ordered. “Palms facing
away from you with the back of your left hand resting in the palm of the
right.” He then felt her firmly rub her hands and fingers over the front
satin panel of the panty, through which she could easily see and feel
the outline of his thickened cock. This went on for about two minutes,
but to him it felt like an erotic eternity.

She then had him slip on the tights, right over the panties. Next came
the leotard. She helped him put each garment on in a slow, deliberate
manner that involved her hands stroking over his bare skin, and then the
fabric as it covered his skin. He loved the feel of his body being
encased in the nylon tights and leotard. The garments seemed to hug him
in a most erotic manner, quite unlike any male garment he had ever worn.

“Tonight we’re just going to see how each thing fits,” she proclaimed.
“Keep the leotard on for a minute, then we’ll try on the other things.
Here, I’ll take your blindfold off for now and we’ll take a little break.”

Next she picked up a bra and carried it with her into the bathroom. He
could hear a light hissing sound. “Take the leotard off,” she said from
the other room. Susan returned with the bra a while later.

“Hold your arms out in front of you,” she directed. Susan stepped
around in back of him and slipped the bra over his shoulders. A
wonderful feminine fragrance overcame him. While she was in the bathroom
she had sprayed some perfume on the bra cups. He loved the snug feel of
the bra as it fit around his upper torso. His hands moved up to feel the
shimmery side stretch panels of fabric. The bra was like nothing he had
ever worn before and the smooth fabric gave a tingling feeling to his skin.

“Next time you wear the leotard I want you to have a bra on underneath,”
she said. Someday I may even get some artificial breasts to insert into
your cups, but that will have to wait for another day. Here let’s have
you try on some other things,” she said.

One by one he was fitted into a waist nipper, panty girdle, corsolette
and all the other feminine foundation garments. The panties stayed in
place under most of the things, but for some she told him to take them
off first. It took the better part of half an hour for them to go
through all the things.

“We’re almost done now darling, and that’s good as I can see you look
like you’re overheated!” she laughed. “Here let me take those panties
down off your hips. Lay face down on the towel and I’ll let you cool
down and give you a message.” She brought him a drink which he sipped
through a straw.

Before he laid down Susan took a small hand towel and placed it in the
middle of the larger towel, right where his penis would be. He was now
completely naked. She started to message his shoulders. Next she gently
nudged his left hand indicating it was all right for him to slip it under
his body to stoke his penis. It was a heavenly experience for him. She
was doing everything a woman could do to successfully tease and arouse a
man, but he knew he must not reach orgasm without her permission.

As a final inducement to arouse him, she took a pair of panties and
reached under his side to place them in his left hand. He understood he
could use the panties to message his cock. Her hands moved slowly over
his legs, buttocks, back and shoulders while his left hand stroked the
panties over his cock. This went on for about five minutes.

“Would you like to cum?” she whispered in his ear.

Pat was so aroused he quickly let out a hiss like sound of the word “Yes.”

“Then go ahead darling.”

About a minute later Susan could feel his body quiver and his muscles
tense, which was then followed by his sigh of relief. She then left the
room to let him relax for a while.

In the end, the day was very enjoyable for both of them. Pat was very
thankful that Susan understood his peccadilloes. Everything they did
involved a bit of play acting. Susan prompted him into wearing the
women’s undergarments. He protested at first, but latter “relented” and
let her have her way.

Many of the things they bought for him did not fit, so they threw them
out. What was left over was put into a special drawer in their bedroom.
It was understood that she controlled the access to that. If she was in
a playful mood, she would take out some panties or something else and
give it to him to wear.

Of course, deep down, he really enjoyed the feeling of the panties and
other things on his skin. She understood that. Many women would not
know how to react to learning their man enjoyed wearing panties. They
would think the man is gay, queer or perverted. She knew none of those
labels applied to Pat. The clothes were like a simple harmless stage
prop that would spark his sexual interest.

Pat appreciated the mature manner in which Susan handled their little
secret. Her mood during the day was light hearted and relaxed, but she
was careful to not laugh at him or make fun of his desires. Her manner
in dealing with the situation was more like a professional person in a
clinic. She took his desire to dress in panties seriously.

He had no desire to “dress up” in public. He also had no desire to go
further and wear dresses, makeup, wigs or jewelry. In fact most of
the time they would make love in a conventional manner. Only once in a
while would they go on a shopping trip to a distant city and pick out a
few feminine undergarments for him to wear in the privacy of their own
bedroom. Susan’s attitude made the experience great for both of them,
and brought them together as a loving couple.

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