Sissys suprise

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Sissys suprise
Now these are your orders master snapped down the phone
Have yourself ready to be picked up at 8pm sharp and make sure that your fully shaved and smooth you are going to learn how to impress me tonight and make sure your wearing something easy to change out of as I will be providing your outfit slut.

At 8 o’clock sharp master pulled up and sissy dutifully climbed into the passenger seat she asked where are you taking me a burning sensation crept across her face from the slap she had just received . You will only speak when told to they drove from the town into a private country lane before he pulled over into a wooded area she saw that there were 5 other cars parked not far away .

Now get out and strip naked slut he barked she removed her baggy t shirt and jogging bottoms and pants good slut now let’s cage that pathetic little cock of yours as you will have no use for it
Now get on these clothes he threw her a matching black thong and suspenders as she pulled them on he handed her a pair of fishnets now for gods sake hurry up we haven’t got all night .
As she started to pull them up she heard voices and rustling in the bushes as six men appeared don’t worry slut master said they are here to to help me teach you to obey now get on your knees as she dropped to her knees the crowd surrounded her and the first one approached now open your mouth and show them what you can do she took his cock in her mouth and started to lick and suck for all her worth and as he shot his load into her mouth and started to pull out a second guy much bigger than the first stuck his throbbing manhood deep into her mouth and throat as she started to gag she felt the burning slap of masters crop across her ass don’t let me down bitch I’ve made promises to these guys that you don’t ever gag and always swallow don’t you dare spill any of that glorious cum you are going to get.

The cocks kept coming one after another for what felt like an eternity some having two goes at stretching her lips apart and trying to nock her tonsils out . Now stand up bitch and say thank you for your treat .she did as she was told and was about to turn away were not finished with you yet bend over that bonnet and pull those knickers down remember lads her ass is my property and will be only fucked my me but you can loosen her up for me her master said .
She felt a finger prodding her and then thrusting dry inside of her puckering ass a second and third finger were inserted and she yelped in pain ok that’s enough now let’s show here what real pain is as master started to crop her ass twenty strokes later and while she was trying to get her breath and hold back her tears she felt the familiar cock of her master driving deep into her ass he had hold of her hair and was pulling it so that she could not move away from the force or weight of his body as he relentlessly pounded her ass eventually he came inside of her she could feel his hot sticky cum driving from her ass as he pulled out .

Sissy nearly collapsed after all of her exertion but had the biggest smile on her face as she said thank you master and pleas thank your friends for helping me fulfil my dream of being used as a useless cum dump .
Next time my dear I will introduce you to my local rugby team master sneered as they drove from the car park sissy still in her stockings and thong was sure this was just the beginning of things to come and that she was now truly owned by her master after all how could she refuse him anything as he had video footage of this evenings events and she knew he wouldn’t be afraid to use them against her after all what if her wife and boss found out what a sissy slut she was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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