Sit on THIS!

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Sit on THIS!
The other day I was talking with a guy in line at the deli. We had similar interests and when I mentioned my woodworking hobby he said he’d always wanted to try but never knew enough about it. I happened to have a card handy with my email on it so I gave it to him and said he could email me for more information.

When he looked at my email address he got a smirk on his face, looked straight into my eyes and said, “I know you, I read your story on Xhamster and you included this email address for people to comment to.”

Oh shit! I felt embarrassed and the heat rose to my cheeks. He saw me turn red and said, “Hey, don’t worry, your secret’s safe, but I’d love to help you feel like you talk about in your stories, I’m free right now and I think we should go straight to your place for some recreation.”

I was intrigued. I hadn’t been with anyone in years and never seemed to be able to hook up locally with anyone who wasn’t a complete nut job, plus, this guy (Stan he said his name was) was about 6′ 2″ tall, had nice milk chocolate skin and seemed friendly enough.

“OK,” I said, let’s get our orders then you can follow me home. I’m only about a mile from here. Stan said it sounded like a plan and so I soon found myself in my living room with Stan sitting naked on my recliner with a huge hard-on.

His cock was absolutely beautiful. He was circumcised and about 8 or 9″ long with just the most perfectly shaped helmet. Having read my stories Stan insisted I change into some lingerie and put on some makeup. I got some red stockings, my 4″ high heels, a Frederick’s of Hollywood corset, also red, and put on some red lipstick and mascara.

When I saw Stan’s cock standing at attention I immediately got to my knees in front of him and gave the underside it a kiss. A drop of pre cum had formed which I rubbed back and forth across my lips to use as gloss while with my other hand I tickled the underside of his balls.

He didn’t have a lot of pubic hair. He wasn’t shaved but he obviously kept himself groomed down there. Anyway, back to the business at hand. I opened my mouth keeping my teeth covered by my lips and took as much of him in as I could. I bobbed up and down and kept my tongue moving on him, every now and then pulling off so I could clean up any of the pre cum leaking from his slit.

Stan said, “I want to fuck that ass of yours,” and I was more than ready. I turned around and Stan used spit and his fingers to lube me up a little. I had never fucked anyone bareback before, but looking at Stan’s cock I never wanted anything so bad before in my life.

I moved back and Stan held my ass cheeks apart as his cock head touched my opening. I pushed out and felt my asshole open wide and I sat down and increased the pressure until I felt his cock head finally slip into me. My sphincter tightened up on his shaft as the head entered me and I felt a lot of pressure building in my bowels. I hurt, but wasn’t too painful. I wasn’t ready for any more yet though.

Stan was nice and just sat there while I got used to him being inside of me and eventually I felt my asshole relaxing and opening up more. I rocked back and forth on the tip and gradually began to work more of him inside of me on every 4th or 5th stroke.

Soon I was sitting in Stan’s lap with our balls touching and his entire cock inside of my man pussy — which is what it now was, a pussy!

As I started to rise and fall on Stan’s cock I felt it rubbing against my prostate. Each time it pressed on my prostate on the in-strokes cum would pour out of what I was now thinking of as my clitty. I reached down and scooped up my cum and licked it off of my fingers. Stan was holding my hips and helping me to move on his shaft and then he let go and pulled my body down on top of his.

He grabbed my tits (sometimes it’s good to be a little overweight) and squeezed them and rubbed and tweaked my nipples. He pulled my head toward his, turned it and kissed me on the lips. I tasted my cum, the lipstick and his tongue as it swirled in my mouth against mine. He suddenly tensed up and jammed his tongue into my throat as I felt him quiver and shake with his orgasm.

He shot load after load deep into my ass, breeding me, turning me into his woman. My own cock exploded with the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced in my life. I could feel my asshole twitching and tightening on his cock with every spasm. I felt all kinds of feelings come over me.

I was Stan’s woman. I would do anything, any time for this man. I never wanted to eat anything ever again that wasn’t his cum…

I was in love with this man’s cock and cum and now fully understood the meaning of someone becoming a sissy cum slut!

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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