Slave 37

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Slave 37
Slave 37

As I gained consciousness, the ?rst thing I noticed was a splitting headache and mild
nausea. My mind was racing trying desperately to gain some knowledge of anything
before this moment. As I became more awake my senses began to return one by
one. First, I blinked several times only to realize I could not see. This obviously
created confusion and sent alarm bells ringing in my head. This de?nitely was not
another morning after a late night of single malt scotch and cigars. Next, I felt a chill
and realized I was naked and immediately after that I also felt a stab of pain in my
shoulders. I attempted to raise my arm but could not. I tried to move my legs and
got the same result: nothing.

Needless to say I was more than a little scared at this point. I was blind and
apparently paralyzed and had no clue as to where I was or how I might have gotten
here. Finally I heard a tapping sound in the distance which was growing louder. As
the sound came closer it began to seem familiar, a woman’s shoes on a tile floor?
Yes, that must be it. I heard a door open, a long pause, then close. The footsteps
were very slow now and very near. My head was still pounding and I was really
starting to freak out. I attempted to say something but could just manage a very
quite grunt. It was like a bad dream. In fact, I relaxed a little and told myself this
was one of those dreams that seems entirely real until you awake.
Then a felt something brush against me and realized I was wrong. Nextl heard a~
sharp click and at few moments later smelled the unmistakable smell of cigarette
smoke. Then the voice. A. deep, husky but very sexy woman’s voice, “ How are we
feeling today Mr. Chanders?”. I began to answer the question but once again could
only manage a grunt‘. I heard a low chuckle come from very near me, “Ah, I see the
treatment is working weli. I. just wanted to be sure.”I thought to myself treatment?
What treatment? I was trying to remember ifI had gone into surgery or something,
but what Doctor would be smoking in post-op? “I’m sure your little mind is racing:
right about now, Mr. Chanders. Don’t worn/, that’s typical for someone who has been
sedated for over a week. You won’t remember this, but you and I met last Friday
night at a martini and cigar bar in midtown.”

At this point I heard the lighter click again, but the smoke smeiled different. Almost
like spices. The woman in the room continued, “You were seated at your normal seat
at the bar, drinking your usual Glenlivet 18 year old scotch attempting to come down
after another week running a Wall Street fund.” She leaned very close and whispered
in his ear, “yes, I do know everything about you.” She stepped away, “ Anyway, I
was seated in a booth in the corner wearing a pair tan leather pants, leather boots
with 5¨ heels, and matching leather coat. All of which turn you on incredibly. I had
your attention at this point, but had to…what do you Wall Street types say? Seal the
deal? Yes, so once I had your undivided attention, I casually removed a long gold
case from my purse and extracted a matching 4¨ cigarette holder and a small
cigarillo. It was so funny watching you trying not to stare, trying to ?ght the fetish
that controls you. However, after the waiter lit me, and I after I collapsed my cheeks
around the holder until the cigar crackled, removed it, inhaled and then blew a
languid plume of smoke over the lit end of the cigarillo just to make sure it was lit.
After all of that I slowly looked up at you and smiled. You were mine.”
My mind was reeling from what this faceless woman was telling me. I still could not
understand why I was unable to move or see. I was about to ?nd out just how bad
off I was, though. The woman continued her story of how she seduced me back to
her penthouse and then gave me a drink laced with sleeping pills. At this point I felt
her hand on my face as she spoke, “You have surely noted your inability to see by
now. It is time I removed your blindfold.” With that she pulled the blindfold from my
eyes. Ai’cerI had adjusted to the light in the room I could see my captor. She was
stunning. Raven black hair pulled severely back highlighting her angular features.
Black, almond shaped eyes, olive complexion and surprisingly full lips. She appeared
to be of either Middle Eastern or Greek descent.

She smiled, not a warm smile but rather one of pride, more of a smirk really. “Mr.
Chanders, like many men before you, you have allowed your penis to do the thinking
for you. As a result, you are now in another country and are about to be treated to a
living nightmare at the hands of my very capable staff.” She gave this time to sink in
as she reached for the stand next to the bed. I couldn’t turn my head to see what
she was doing, but my curiousity was soon quelled when she placed a long, white
cigarette between her lips and lit it. ” In fact, one of the few pleasures you will
receive for the relativley short remainder of your your life is my smoking. Lucky for
you, I love to smoke even more than you enjoy watching me.” with this she placed
the cigarette between her lips and took an enormous drag while never losing eye
contact with me. She followed that with another 7 second drag and inhaled. Alter
what seemed like an eternity she blew a thick, slow stream out of the side of her
mouth away from me. “Mr. Chanders, after our conversation is done you will be
assigned your number, 37, and never again will hear your old name. Why 37?
Because 36 men have come before you.“

She then clapped» her hands once and the door to the room opened. A ?gure entered
the room. The person was. covered. from head to toe in leather, from a severe mask
all the way down to high heeled leather boots. The person came immediately to the
woman’s side and kneeled with it’s head rocked back. The woman patted the person
on the head, unsnapped four chrome buttons around the mouth. area, and removed a
flap exposing the mouth. The mouth was gaping open. “this is one of your
predicessors, number 16. He arrived here four years ago and, after extensive
conditioning, has assumed the role as my ashtray.” The woman, or monster as it
now appeared, leaned closer to 16 and again wore that slight smirk, “can you
imagine? the only duty in the life of 16 here is to provide a mouth to place my ashes
and my used butts. It took some getting used to on 16’s part, mind you. For instance
it’s tongue kept swelling when I would host a cigar night for some of my female
associates. For some reason having 15 cigars extenguished on it’s tongue in one
evening was just too much. So, being a considerate ownerl had it’s tongue
surgically removed to prevent that pesky little problem in the future. And we were
having trouble with it’s teeth, unsightly tobacco stains alter being used by my staff
for meetings, etcetera, so we went ahead and had those removed as well. Although
16 was severely trained to never speak , as you will be, the tongue removal was an
added incentive. It feels wonderfull to rest my toes in a nice warm, smooth mouth
while I’m at my desk, or while relaxing and reading a book. It has worked so well I
have recently decided to make it mandatory for all of my pets. From the gardeners
to my chaimbermaids.” The woman then took a quadruple pump, four consecutive
drags at least 6 seconds each which consumed nearly an inch of her cigarette and
left behind a 1/2 inch long glowing ember. She placed one hand on the back of 16’s
leather covered head in a strangely tender fashion and slowly inserted the cigarette
into it’s mouth, “you are witnessing absolute servitude in it’s most beatiful, intimate
state.” With that she stubbed the ciagarette out just as if in a normal ashtray while
exhaling a dense cloud of smoke in it’s face. I could hear faint hissing sounds as the
cigarette was being put out. I noticed a slight ?inch in 16’s arm as the cigarette ?rst
made contact, but that was all. The woman then replaced the ?ap over the mouth
and the leather-covered 16 slowly rose and exited the room. “As I was saying, 16 is
never, ever out of earshot from me. It’s only existence in this world is that one
simple task. Realy pretty easy, don’t you think?” she smiled coyly and stood, “and by
the way, 16 was the president of the largest bank in Germany before he had the
good fortune to meet me.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I remembered reading a story
in the Journal about the head of Germany’s largest bank just disapearing one day
without a trace. Unbeleivable.

I was still mezmerized by the whole scene I had just witnessed when my captor
came and sat at the edge of my bed. I had recently noticed that although I was not a
smoker I had an incredible urge for a cigarette. This urge was growing by the
minute. I had been concious for no more than an hour and I was about to die if I
didn’t have one. My headache was also returning. The woman reached over and
gently patted my arm, ” 37, I’ll bet you are ready for a cigarette.” I attempted to say
yes, but only a croak came out. ” I know, my dear. You see, while you were
unconcious I took the opportunity to heavily addict your body to nicotine. My staff
beagan by placing nicotine patches like this on your body,” she reached over to my
hip and pulled a patch off, “we started slowly, of course, and gradually built up your
tollerance, and thus, your addiction. Then I moved on to my favorite part, smoking
therapy. But before we continue, I thought I would explain your lack of mobility. You
have been injected with a d**g which causes complete paralysis, however, the d**g
allows the vicitm, I mean patient, to maintain total sensory awareness. So basicly
you can’t move a muscle but you can feel everything.” She then stood and pressed a
button next to my bed. In a moment two women entered the room. They were
moderately attractive but nowhere near my captor. One of them pushed a cart over
to my bed. “These are two of my assistants. You should: thank them, they have seen
to your health for the past week.” S-he then walked over and murmered something to
them out of earshot. and then returned, ” Oh, and could you prepare 37 to light my
cigar, please.”

I was confused. This crazy freak had just explained that I was paralized and now I’m
supposed to light her cigar. The 2 women began removing items from the cart and
placing them on the bed. There were all kinds of tools and digital instruments. One
women reached over and placed a clear plastic mask over my mouth with several
hoses running out. Must be an oxygen mask, I thought to myself. The the woman
spoke, “You are about to undergo 2 new experiences. First of all, you will be
thoroughly milked. Then you will be given the honor of lighting my cigar. Then, you
will receive your treatment.” She looked over to one of the other women, ” Use a
smaller guage candle, he’s still new.” She looked back at me and lightly stroked my
hair, “One of the side affects of being immobilized as you are is that you lose the
ability for auto-stimulation, or to masturbate. For males to maintain healthy sexual
function it is necessary to relieve pressure in the testes, prostate and other
reproductive organs on a semi-regular basis. We employ and have perfected a very
ef?cient method here that allows for relief with as little pleasurable stimulation as
possible. I call it milking.” One of the women then slipped on an elbow-length black
latex glove and applied what appeared to be lubricant. Moved my immobile legs
apart and sat on a stool beside the bed. The other woman wore a regular glove and
stood on the opposite side. “I am in need of an additional bedroom pet. The fact that
you are well endowed, ironicly, is the only reason you are still alive. Ladies, begin.”
The woman with the black latex glove slowly inserted a ?nger in my anus. It was a
very strange sensation. At the same time, the other woman began to slowly, very
slowly, stroke me. The feeling was awesome. “As your prostate and penis are
stimulated, you will begin to ooze seminal ?uid, or precum.” After 10 minutes she
was right, I began oozing precum like I had never seen and was dying to release.
“Part of the fun, for me at least, is knowing that you are being milked by experts.
They know exactly how to manipulate your body without allowing pleasure.” The
ladies then produced a huge ice pack and laid it across and around my genitals. ” We
need to cool you down before we drain you.” The pack remained there for at least 20
minutes. It was removed and the women continued their work. They worked their
?ngers and hands at a faster rate. Then, the woman masturabating me removed her
hand and the one working my prostate kept at it. “You are about to realease, 37¨.
But I could feel nothing! What was happening? My captor ?ashed a devious smile
and nodded towards my genitals, “Don’t you want to watch yourself cum?” I looked
down and semen was slowly oozing out of my penis. There was no sensation. This
was beyond cruel. The woman chuckled, ” I wish you could see your face. I hope you
realize this is how you will come in the future. This process leaves you incredibly
horny but able to last much, much longer if I chose to use you for my personal
pleasure.” I was about to cry. I was in hell, and everywhere I turned it got worse.
“Ladies, prepare him to light my cigar.” The 2 women retreived a thin black candle,
almost like a 10 inch birthday candle, and more lubricant. One of the women pulled a
large cigar from a chrome box and handed to the head woman, “here is your cigar,
mistress”. Mistress, I thought? That’s strange. The other woman held my penis,
which began to grow again, while the other wiped the candle with clear lubricant.
She then held the tip of my now fully erect penis and began inserting the candle in
my peehole! The pain was excrutiating. I tried to scream but barely managed a low
gurgle. I tried to ?ght but did not so much as ?inch. “This why I love the d**g you
are on. I used to spend so much time and money on bondage restraints. This way,
none of that is neccessary. I still use them for effect, mind you, but only for my
pleasure.” The candle had.’ now been inserted at least 4 inches into my urethra. My
penis was on ?re. One of the women» struck a match and lit the candle. “37, you are
about to honor me witht the gentlemanly gesture of lighting my cigar” She then
leaned over my burning member and slowly rolled the tip of the cigar over the ?ame.
She then wrapped her lips around it and, while maintaining eye contact with me,
began drawing smoke from the cigar. After several long puffs bringing the cigar to
life, she took one long drag, at least 8 seconds. She slowly removed the cigar from
her mouth and leaned a foot away from my face. She opened her mouth as wide as
it would go and showed a mouthfull of dense, cream colored smoke. She then slowly
drew the smoke from her mouth into her nose, the most perfect and thick french
inhale I had ever witnessed. When she was done she moved over my penis and blew
the candle out with a thick, open mouthed exhale thatr looked like a fog machine. I
felt like I could almost cum. Someday, you will be able to come from the amount of
stimulation you just received. But that’s a long way off. For now, we have begin your
smoke treatment.”

The Mistress, as her staff called her, had just lit her cigar from the candle in my
penis and was now sitting in a large leather chair in the corner of the room. She sat
with her legs crossed and had summoned number 16, who kneeled beside her with
his mouth wide open awaiting her ashes. At the same time the two female staff
members had been busy. They had placed a large chrome object on a pedestal in the
center of the room. The object had a base, perhaps 10 inches in diameter and a
stem rising upwards, much like a candle holder. At the top, there were many silver
attachments, again almost like a candleabra or a Menora. However, the parts where
one would insert a candle were of varying sizes. A single, clear hose ran from the
base of the device and was perhaps 10 feet in length. The Mistress thenspoke, “
before we begin your treatment, 37, you will get the opportunity to witness what
happens to my toys that misbehave.” She nodded to one of the women who
promptly left the room. She returned a moment later with a leash in her hand which
was connected to a latex-covered ?gure. Unlike 16, this ?gure was most de?nitely a
woman. It had huge breasts, some of the largest I had ever seen. These where
accentuated by a corset that cinched it’s waist down to an unimaginable size. and on
it’s feet were boots with heels that made it stand on its toes like a ballerina.
It wore a skin tight latex hood with no eye openings, only 2 small hoses which
connected into each nostril and then joined together into one hose, and a larger hose
running from the mouth. It was a horri?c but somehow arousing site to me. The
woman led the hobbling ?gure over to the Mistress and handed the leash to her. The
Mistress just sat for a moment and looked over her subject, slowly puf?ng on her
cigar. She then romoved the cigar from her mouth and placed it, burning end ?rst, in
16s mouth. 16 lightly clenched its teeth on the cigar and did not move. Mistress then
tapped the female object before her twice on the hip and it immediately kneeled
before her. She then turned to me ” Occassionaly I decide to take a woman into my
possession. Frankly, I tire of men and like to have a change from time to time. 25
here has been in my service for several years and has been a delight. However, she
made a very crucial mistake in my bedchaimber recently and has been undergoing
discipline therapy for the past week.

But before I get into that, a little about her. She was a former Olympic swimmer
from an Asian country. I noticed her because of her beautiful face and sweet voice. I
subsequently made arrangements to acquire her. She was beautiful and tall, but
unfortunately had rather small breasts and an average waistline. I happen to prefer
my women with extremely large breasts and very small waists. So, I sent her to at
friend and associate who is a highly skilled plastic surgeon with a description of what
I wanted. She was returned to me 6 months later as you see her now. He had to
remove several» ribs and do a rather lengthy breast enlargement to acheive the
results you see here, which is a 34 EE chest and a» 20¨ waist. In addition I put her
through very heavy smoke conditioning, as you will be.” At this point the Mistress
stood and walked towards the podium with the chrome contraption. She carried the
leash and #25 crawled behind on all fours. She got to the podium and pulled on the
leash untill #25 kneeled. ” Of all the punishment 25 has received this week, and it
has been rather severe, the worst part is total removal of smoking priveleges. For
someone like 25 here who consumes at least 2 ppd in addition to 3-5 cigars, that is
true hell. I am about to allow her to make up for some lost time. Ladies, she’s all

The two assistants took the hose from the device and screwed it into the hose
connected to 25s mouth. One of them then opened a box and removed 10 cigarettes
of varying colors and sizes and began inserting them in the holes of the device. Then
they removed 3 cigars and did the same. There was one very large attachment on
the device that appeared too large for even any type of cigar. It was probably 2
inches in diameter. It was in the center. The Mistress approached, “as you may have
gathered, we have an assortment of tobacco products here, from Pal-Mal ?lterless to
VS 120s to a nice More 120, 2 cloves and 3 cigars to round it out. The center peice is
a new attachement my little #25 has not experienced. It is a bowl.” With this the
Mistress reached in a box and preoducecl a handfull of pipe tobacco. She ?lled the
bowl and tampted it down well. She then placed her mouth near two tiny earholes in
25’s hood, “25, you have completed your punishment, and as a reward I am going to
allow you to smoke. Would you like that?” The masked head nodded. “Good girl.
Ladies, light her up.”

The two women went from cigarette to cigarette, like lighting a birthday cake, ending
with the bowl of tobacco. As they did this the clear tube leading to her mouth turned
slightly cloudy, then darker and darker untill it was cream colored. At the same time
smoke began comming from the nose tube. After 20 seconds when all had been lit,
the the smoke from the nose tube was comming out in thick plumes. She looked as if
she was on ?re. The Mistress then briefly unhooked the hose, “Even the best
smokers can only endure so much, we have to give her periodic breaks to keep from
killing our little pet here. There is a check valve in the nose tube which only allows
air to be exhaled, not inhaled. Thus, our little rubber doll here is direct inhaling 8
cigarettes, 3 cigars, 2 cloves and a pipe.” It took at least four breaths for smoke to
stop pouring from the tube. After 4 more breaths the Mistress asked, “are you ready
to resume your session?“ the head shook franticly. I could not believe this woman
was anxious to endure more of this. There was a cloud of smoke around her body
that smelled like Clove, cigars and and vanilla presumably from the pipe tobacco.
The Mistress connected the hose and smoke again began erupting in plumes from
her tube. The Mistress then took the nose tube in her hand and placed it in her
mouth. She inhaled deeply for probably 15 seconds, her eyes rolled back in her head
as she removed the tube, rocked her head back slowly and exhaled the largest
exhale I, or I bet anyone else, had ever seen. The exhale lasted for 10 seconds and
extended 10 feet up toward the ceiling. She then turned. to me and smiled. “That, my
boy, is the sweetest smoke on the planet. The blend of tobaccos, cooled perfectly in
my pet’s lungs here. Ah, that is man/elous.” She then. placed the tube in her mouth
and began another unbelievable inhale.

After 20 minutes of smoking, #25 was nearly invisible in a cloud of smoke. The
pedastai around the smoking device was covered in ashes. All of the cigarettes had
burned to the ?lter, the cigars were 3/4 consumed and the bowl of tobacco was 1/2
gone. The Mistress unhooked the hose for the 7th time to allow fresh air in the
tubes. “Ladies, unhook the tubes from her mouth.” The two assistants then made
themselves busy unhooking breathing tubes. The Mistress then positioned 25 on all
fours and reached down between her legs and began unsnapping something while
she spoke, ” In addition to lovely ?gures and voracious smoking, I enjoy women who
have a …… shall I put this…. ability to accept large quantities of attention.
#25 here has proven most talented and willing in this regard.” The Mistress then
removed a square piece of latex from between 25s legs. However, when she pulled it
away there was something attached. Something appeared to be inside her body and
the Mistress was now removing it. “I am removing what is called a vaginal plug. I
use small ones on her because I like her very sensitive up there. However, her ass is
an entirely different story. That is where I have my fun.”

The Mistress then removed another patch and began slowly extracting another plug.
What I witnessed next was almost unbelievable. At ?rst the plug appeared relatively
small, maybe 1.5 inches in diameter. But as it was removed, it got wider! It kept
comming out and kept getting wider. The Mistress was smiling as she kept pulling
more and more of this glistening black monster from 25’s rectum. She had removed
over 7 inches and it was at least 3 inches wide by now. I was horri?ed. Where was
this thing comming from? How had she managed to walk? 25 was breathing at a
very rapid rate now, but remained motionless. The Mistress spoke again, “I wish you
could see your face, 37, you look like you saw a ghost. Don’t worry, there’s more to
come.” She kept withdrawing more and more. The width had maxed at 4 inches and
she had removed over 10 inches now. She patted 25 on the small of her back in a
comforting fashion, “we’re almost there, my little pet. We’ve gotta get this thing out
of you so I can play.” After 2 more inches the monster was fully out. 25’s sphincter
muscle was gaping wide open, it had not closed at all, “God, I love that sight“, the
Mistress said. She then turned to her assistants. “Bring me my glove and two Cohiba
Esplendidos” The women returned with two long, thick cigars and a long black latex

The Mistress walked to the front of her subject and placed one of the cigars in her
mouth. She then began pulling the glove on as she spoke, ” 37, you will witness a
little game I like to play with some of my toys.” She then moved back to the rear of
25, who was still on all fours. She had pulled the glove fully on and it came up past
her elbow to the middle of her upper arm. She pulled a low stool over and sat behing
25. “Our little game works like this: Once lit, 25 here has S minutes to ?nish her
cigar. That’s quite a tall order considering a handrolled cigar this size takes most
people 30-45 minutes. But She is rather talented and manages to pull it off
occassionally. If she succeeds, then she is permitted an orgasm, if not, then the
plugs go back in and she gets to wait till I feel like playing again. Sometimes several
days, sometimes several weeks. It just depends on my mood.”

She smiled at me, “Is this beginning to sink in now, 37? Are you beggining. to
appreciate» the level of control I have? Every bodily function is totally dependent
upon me, even orgasm.”

She grabbed a jar which her staff had placed nearby and stuck her gloved hand
inside. When she removed her hand it glistened with a slimy substance. She then
nodded to one of the women who came over and placed the other cigar in the
mistress‘ free hand and lit it. The woman then went around to the front and held the
lighter near 25’s cigar.

The Mistress spoke, “Are you ready?“ 25 nodded her latex hooded head, “then let’s
proceed”. As the woman lit the slave‘s cigar the mistress inserted 3 ?ngers in 25’s
rear and began slowly working them in and out, ” I just love the feel of a hungry
pet.“ She then placed all of her ?ngers together and began inserting her whole
hand…I could not believe my eyes. This was not possible. Mistress spoke “have you
ever seen someone ?sted, 37? It’s a truly glorious experience, I’m told.“ Her hand
had disapeared now and her wrist moved back and forth, still very slowly. All the
while 25 was smoking her cigar like her life depended on it. She was on her 8th
consecutive drag now. The most bizarre part was that she would take four
consecutive 7 second drags breathing in after each drag without exhaling. It’s like
she wanted as much smoke to stay inside as posible. She would then clench the
cigar in her teeth and exhale around it, blowing unbelievable clouds across the room.
As soon as she had fully exhaled she would immediately start the next four drags.
This pattern continued for the ?rst minute. The cigar had a red glowing cherry an
inch long by now and 25 was on pace to earn her ?rst orgasm in more than 2 weeks.
The Mistress then began her assault at two and a half minutes. She started by
increasing the pace of her hand thrusting and added a twisting motion. At the same
time she took a monstrous drag on her cigar, popped a ball of smoke at least 4
inches in front of her mouth and then snapped it back in with a quick inhale. The
effect on 25 was slight but noticeable. She appeared to lose her concentration and
thus lost her rythym. Her drags were more sporadic now as she was breathing
harder. She was behind where she needed to be and because her mask had no eye
holes she could not tell her progress.

She must have sensed her gradually slower pace because at the third minute she
began to make up time. Two thirds of the cigar was ash now, most of that a glowing
ember that increased in intensity with every inhale. I had been trans?xed on 25’s
smoking and had forgotten the action on the rear. I looked and was again awestruck.
The Mistress‘ black gloved arm was buried halfway to the elbow now. She was pulling
her arm out to the wrist, then pushing back in to the middle of her forearm. She
looked like she was sawing a log. She was smoking her own cigar furiously now,
almost keeping pace with her pet. Smoke was pouring from her nostrils after each
inhale, the cigar never leaving her mouth. She then removed it and spoke in an
excited tone, “Ladies, get me a my riding crop NOW!” Her assistants rushed over to
her and handed her a long black crop with a silver handle. She turned to me while
still working her arm, ” This is a bit like a horse race.” She then placed the cigar back
in her mouth, raised the crop over her head and brought it down across 25s back
with a loud, sharp crack that echoed in the room. At the same time her arm was an
inch short of the elbow. She would extract it and her black latex covered arm was

The crop had an unintended effect, though. The third time it struck, 25 started
another drag. It was 4 minutes in now and she was behind. The cigar began to glow,
but after 10 seconds it did not stop. I thought to myself this was a helluva long drag.
Then 15» seconds had past and the cigar was still glowing and she had not exhaled.
Incredible! She was directly inhaling the smoke into her lungsll After 25 seconds the
cigar stoped glowing. and she exhaled a plume that looked like a smoke machine at a
dance club. She then repeated this. Mistress was cropping her like she was on the
?nal stretch of the Kentucky Derby, but 25 kept inhaling. The black latex on Mistress‘
arm revealed the mucl-es in her forearm rippling furiously, like when someone
squeezes something. She must be moving her hand inside of #25’s bowels while
pulling and pushing. How 25 could do anything but scream is beyond comprehension,
but she was determined to have her orgasm. 5 seconds before the buzzer the cigar
burned into the paper ring, signifying her victory. She kept smoking furiously, not
realizing in her blindess that she had won.

The Mistress spoke, “25, you have managed a narrow victory. I am a woman of my
word, so you shall be rewarded. Ladies, take her to my bed chamber and prepare
her. 4—point restraints, lay out my single tail and some nipple clamps. Also, ?t her
with a face-dildo harness, I think I might ride her a bit. And of course my # 14 strap
on. She deserves it.”

The Mistress then slowly extracted her arm from #25, who was amazingly still smoke
her cigar although it was no longer required. She then came over to my bed, “don’t
worry, 37, you will get your chance to play this game. But for now you need your
smoke therapy. Sweet dreams.

I awoke from a d**g induced slumber sometime during the night. I thought I had
heard voices and opened my eyes to ?nd a woman in a nurse’s uniform sitting next
to the bed. She was reading something on a clipboard when she noticed I was
awake. “37, I have brought you out of your slumber for your ?rst conscious smoke
therapy. I was just reading your chart here and see you have completed your ?rst
two levels and have one to complete before your training is complete. The Mistress
wants you ?nished in 4 more days. That means we have a lot of ground to cover, my
boy.” The nurse stood and walked across the room. I tried to move and realized I
was still paralized. She unlocked a cabinet and began removing various items and
placing them a rolling cart. She then rolled the cart over to the bed and sat down on
her stool and spoke again, “You have been under my care for several weeks now and
have been comming along nicely. You may have noticed some dif?culty in breathing
due to the quantity of smoke you have inhaled. You will get to experience this for the
?rst time while awake. I should warn you will experience some discomfort, but you’re
not here for your pleasure, after all.”

The nurse reached over to the cart and pulled out a leather contraption that looked
almost like a thick collar with a small hole in the middle. She then leaned over and
smeared vaseline around the edges of my mouth. I was scared as hell and more than
a little confused. She then took the leather harness and placed it over my mouth. It
had a 2 inch wide tube that went inside my mouth and forced my jaws open. She
carefully lifted my head and buckled the harness behind. There was a small black
tube which extended perhaps 3 inches from my mouth. Next to the tube was a small
hole in the mask. She next placed plugs in my nostrils, forcing me to struggle for air
through the tube and the tiny hole. The nurse spoke as she ?nished securing the

“I have just ?tted you with our most basic piece of equipment, which we simply call
mask #1. It works by Forcing you to breath through this tube. The hole next to the
tube allows

for fresh air, if any is allowed, and provides a place for smoke to be exhaled. The
vaseline I applied earlier ensures. an absolute airtight seal. We don’t want any pesky
fresh air interfering with your treatment, do we?” she» chuckled to herself as she
reached over to the nearby cart. She opened a small black box and removed a-
cigarette. “This is a More 120, the cigarette of choice for the Mistress. While you will
experience every brand of cigarette

on earth this week, you will become most familiar with Mores. The Mistress prefers
them for several reasons; they are long and thus last longer, they have a high
nicotine and tar content, and last but not least, she enjoys the color.”
As the nurse ?nished speaking the door opened and the Mistress entered the room.
She walked to a chair in the corner and sat down. “Don’t mind me, I just stopped by
to observe

#37’s treatment.” The nurse placed the cigarette in the tube and ?icked a lighter on.
She placeed a thumb over the air hole and held the ?ame to the end of the cigarette.
The cigarette came to life as I struggled to inhale fresh air. The cigarette glowed as I
continued to inhale, not having any choice and unable to ?ght my body’s natural
struggle for air. After 5 seconds my lungs and throat began to burn. My heart was
racing and I was sure I was going to die. 15 seconds later the nurse removed her
?nger from the hole and fresh air ?ooded in on top of the smoke that was in my
lungs. I exhaled a stream of smoke from the hole that went at least 7 feet from the
bed. I immediately rushed to take another breath of fresh air but the nurse quickly
snapped her ?nger over the hole. The Mistress chuckled, “nice try, 37. Thought you
could sneak in a little fresh air? Your nurse there is just a little too quick for you, my
boy. But keep trying, I love seeing the look of total fear and desperation on a man’s
face. It’s part of your journey into complete submission.”

I was on my fourth lung full of smoke now and the More was nearly ?nished. There
were ashes on my chest, my head was spinning and I was beginning to feel
nauseous. Alter the cigarette had burned down to the ?lter the nurse quickly
removed the butt and placed plugs in the two holes, not allowing any air in or out. I
was suffocating. “I don’t like my patients getting too much air while I replace
cigarettes, so I have to plug you.” She fumbled in the box again, as the Mistress
spoke, “Give him something different, how about a ?lterless brand”. I was panicking
bad now, it had been 50 seconds since my last breath of air.

The nurse pulled a Pall Mall from the box, removed the plugs, and placed it in the
tube in my mask. She held her ?nger over the hole and lit the cigarette. I was
already inhaling through the unlit cigarette trying to get air. The ?ame from the
lighter jumped to the cigarette, which crackled to life. My lungs began burning
instantly and the nausea came back immediately. The nurse reached over to the cart
and pulled out a syringe. She then plugged the air hole in my mask to have 2 hands
free. “You look rather pale. You are probably feeling the effects of nicotine poisoning,
an unfortunate side effect of our treatment. Fortunateley, we have a d**g which
helps alleviate those symptoms and allows us to deliver a much, much higher level of
nicotine to the system with very few side effects, other than complete addiction of
course.“ As she said this she gave a smile and wincked. I realized that this woman
was a as sadistic as the Mistress and enjoyed her job incredibly. She gave me the
injection and almost immediately the nausea disappeared. I was nearing the end of
the Pall Mall now and the Mistress stood: and walked towards the bed, “The treatment
is going very well. Give him another More, and make this one a menthol. We’ll give
his throat a little relief.” She stood next to the bed and, to my amazement, reached
her hand out and grabbed my limp» penis. She began lightly stroking it very, very
slowly as the nurse removed the tube extending from my mouth and rep-laced it with
a hose that led to a black box the size of a pack of cigarettes which she set on my
chest. The box had several holes in it. The nurse plugged the tube into the side of
the box and ?lled the holes i:n the top with ?ve Mores, all in a row pointing straight
up. She brought the flame to the tip of all five and they glowed brightly as I began to
inhale. The Mistress spoke, “37, I want you to inhale those cigarettes with all of your
might. If you do, I will continue stroking you. If you do not, I will stop. I want to see
how well motivated you are and how much you want to please your owner.” The
nurse then drizzled warm oil on the Mistresses hand, which continued its ultra slow
movement on my shaft. I was inhaling with passion now. When the nurse removed
her thumb from the air hole a thick plume of smoke erupted….I could not believe I
had inhaled that much smoke. The Mistress had me on the brink of orgasm in no
time. I had not had a release in several weeks and was about to explode. Somehow,
however, she could tell when I was on the brink and she would stop stroking. I was
going mad with exitement. I wanted to buck my hips into her hand but my paralyzed
body was motionless.

The cigarettes were halfway gone and the Mistress had increased her pace. She was
going to let me come! I was mad with lust. My vision was blurry from all of the
smoke but I kept inhaling, wanting to please her and earn an orgasm. Here it comes,
I thought. I closed my eyes just as I was going over the edge and……………. ..
CRACK! My eyes ?ew open and my mind was on ?re with pain. The Mistress had
waited until I was just beginning to come and slapped my balls with all of her might.
As I opened my eyes her hand was over her head and she was bringing it down
again…CRACKl My cock had just started to dribble cum and now I was in the most
excruciating pain of my entire life. Tears streamed down my face. I tried to scream
but a quiet croak was all that emerged. The Mistress held my now limp penis in her
hand, reached over and removed one of the half smoked cigarettes from the device
and placed it between her lips. She caved her cheecks around the cigarette and
sucked for at least 8 seconds, never taking her eyes off of me. She french inhaled a
huge ball of smoke into her nose and then spoke while smoke erupted with every
word, “You ignorant little man. You thought I would let you come? Those days are
over. If I decide to ever let you come, it will be with my explicit instrusctions and
when I command it.” she turned to the nurse. “Make sure he ?nishes that pack of
Mores you just opened within the hour, and then put him back to sleep.” She placed
the More between her lips again, double dragged and exhaled as she walked out the

I awoke in my bed as usual, hoses running from from my mouth and nose and
smoke erupting from every hole in my mask. The nurse, as always, sat beside my
bed either reading charts, adjusting her implements of smoke torture, or simply
reading a magazine or book. It had been 7 days since I had last seen the Mistress,
the day she brought me to the edge and crushed my spirit and balls in one fell
swoop. Since then, I had been subjected to repeated smoke torments and was
constantly teased by any female member of the staff who felt like amusing herself.
They would step into the room, ask the nurse how I was doing. She would always
say “he’s comming along nicely. Would you care to play with him a bit?” The women
would then proceed to fondle my penis for extended lengths of time. The nurse had
learned, from watching this constant teasing, every twitch and spasm in my cock.
She had memorized these telltale signs and therefore could make sure I was as close
to cumming as possible before pulling the plug. For instance, today one of the female
aids to the Mistress entered the room during my morning therapy session. She was
dressed in a black latex catsuit, extremely high heeled lace-up latex boots, severe
latex corset and latex hood. After entering the room she pulled her hood off to reveal.
a bald head and stunningly beautiful face . She appeared to be of scandinavian
descent, judging by her height, sky blue eyes , high cheek bones and ivory
complexion. She wlaked over to the bed and spoke to the nurse, “so, love, how is he
progressing?” She had’ a british accent. Interesting.

The nurse turned away from her book, “oh, he’s comming along nicely, right on
schedule actually. I assume you’re here to play with our little pet?”
The latex-clad goddess smirked, “Yes, I believe so. I just ?nished a long session with
one of the Mistress’ newer toys who recently ?nished his smoke phase and has
moved on to anal penetration.” As the woman said this she lowered her hand and
stroked a glistening black strap on dildo. It was large, maybe 8 inches long and 2
inches wide. She removed her hand, “This is the introductory model, my little pet. I
popped a new cherry today. God that’s a rush. Seeing the slaves face go from
horror, to shock, to pain and then gradually a reluctant pleasure. Seeing a man
become an anal slut before your eyes is a beautiful thing indeed. Can’t wait for your
turn.” With this she turned to the nurse, “Anything I can smoke, love?” The nurse
reached into a box and retrieved a long, almost black cigar, “I seem to remember
you enjoy stronger cigars. This is a new Maduro I’ve been using on our patient here.
Packs quite a punch.”

The latex woman took the cigar, placed it in her mouth and lit a lighter. She slowly
brought the cigar to life, making sure it was lit properly and not inhaling any of the
smoke in the process. I was quietly disapointed. In my mind not inhaling was not
smoking. The nurse spoke, “don’t worry slave, I can see that look on your face. Gina
here is one of the more talented smokers in the building. She invented her own
technique. We call it the snap french. It’s really quite mesmerizing.” Gina then
grabbed my hardening member in one latex gloved hand and just held it, piercing
me with her blue eyes. She brought the cigar to her mouth and clenched it between
her teeth. Her grip on me strengthened to the point where it was painful. She
wrapped her lips around the cigar in her mouth and her cheeks immediately caved,
hollow depressions now formed in her cheeks. She drew on the cigar for an eternity,
her jaw now extended to the point where no more smoke could be sucked into her
mouth. She removed the cigar with her free hand but kept her lips sealed. Her grip
on my cock was now excruciatingly painful. She opened her mouth to the point
where you could have ?t an apple inside. Dense, opaque, almost yellow smoke sat in
her mouth. The nurse, eyes glued, sat trans?xed watching the show.
After several seconds of the smoke just sitting motionless in her open mouth, it
suddenly popped out in a huge, dense ball. It emerged at least three inches from her
face, but did so slower than I ever thought possible. She then snapped the mass of
smoke back into her mouth and into her lungs. She then released the grip on my
now purple penis and bent over slightly , her face maybe a foot from my penis. She
formed an “O” with her lips perhaps an inch in diameter and began slowly exhaling
onto my dripping cock. The warm smoke, in contrast to the slight chill of the room,
was unbelievable. After exhaling for a couple of seconds she did something I had
only seen once before in my life. She performed a massive, three second french
inhale with the smoke she was exhaling from her lungs. She then exhaled again and
the smoke erupting from her lungs looked as if she had just taken a massive drag. I
could not believe how much smoke remained in her lungs. She french inhaled again,
and then exhaled what would be considered a great exhale from anyone else. My
cock was now oozing precum and twitching, and the nurse noticed, “Gina, you’d
better back off a bit. If he cums the Mistress will have both of us in the dungeon
before we can get him cleaned up.” Gina tooka step back and nodded, “You’re right,
I forgot how full his balls must be by now. How many times has he been to the edge
and denied now?” The nurse looked: at her chart, “Actually, this makes 51 in three
weeks. He’s nearing the point where we are going to have to perform a prostate
milking to avoid any serious damage to his reproductive organs. Either that or he’ll
have a wet dream, and we certainly can’t have that.”
I was in agony. My balls were permanantly blue and swollen. The slightest touch felt
like being hit with a hammer. My cock would drip precum if even breathed on now.
Then the Mistress entered the room. “Gina, great session this morning darling. I
honestly had my doubts whether #33 could take all of that in the ?rst session, but
you pulled it off. I guess that’s why you’re my strap on queen.” She came to my
bedside, “awe, look at you. Your eyes look like a scared little doe. Your balls are right
where I like them to be, though.” She reached down and squeezed them ?rmly. My
vision went slightly white with pain. She smiled, “I see they are sensitive. Poor thing.
God I bet you would love to cum. You should be pleased to know that you are
making your Mistress very, very happy being in this state. This is how I derive my
sexual stimulation. In fact, you have been very good and I am in a generous mood.”
She released my scrotum and walked over to Gina, who was just snapping another
baseball-sized ball of smoke from her mouth and inhailng it. The Mistress pressed
her lips to Ginas and began inhaling. After several seconds the Mistress slowly
rocked her head back and exhaled two thick jets of smoke from her nose . She
turned to the nurse, “Have #37 brought to my bed chambers and shackled to the
wall facing my bed. Gina, darling, think you can give our slave here a demonstration
on how to make love to your Mistress?”. Gina blushed and stammered, “yyyes,
Mistress, I would be most honored.” The Mistress nodded, “grab a couple more of
those cigars you were smoking, They tasted great comming from your lungs. Be in
my chambers in one hour.” She turned to the nurse, “Have #37 placed in heavy cock
and ball restraints. We don’t want a slight breeze pushing him over the edge.” With
that she exited the room.

I found myself in the Mistress’ bed chamber. Lair would almost be a better word. The
walls were d****d in a dark blue velvet with candles mounted in various places on
the walls. The room was very large, maybe 40 by 40 ft. The bed was raised, almost
like an alter, and was very large, at least 20 percent bigger than a king size. The bed
had a black leather cover with black satin sheets and pillows. The bed had steel
posts on all four corners and metal bars connecting them, much like an old-fashioned
4 post bed except in black steel. There were rings attached to the bed every foot or
so. On the wall next to the bed was a large armoir. On the wall opposite the bed was
a very large X shaped wooden contraption.

I was in a very uncomfortable position at the moment, suspended over the bed in a
sort of harness. My arms and legs were stretched to their limits and attached to each
post of the bed. I had been placed in a leather hood which had a ring on the top of
the head which was securely attached to the bar at the head of the bed connecting
the posts. As a result, I could only see the bed beneath me and a little beyond thru
my peripheral vision. The nurse had. attached a chrome steel: cuff, 2 inches wide,
between my balls and my penis which streched the swollen, blue things in an
unbeleivably painful way. A ring had been attached to the base of my cock and the
nurse gave me a shot in the arm which almost instantly made me rock hard.
I heard quiet footsteps approaching. I could see a ?gure beside the beds, then a hand
reached over and lightly caressed my body. The person then layed on the bed and I
could see it was Giina. God she was beautiful. She layed on her back and stared up at
me while she placed a. dark cigar in her mouth. She was completely nude. Her body
completely void of any hair. Her nipples had large bars pierced thru them and her
vagina had several large rings. The amazing part was the small padlock which locked
all of the rings together forming an impenetrable steel cage. She brought a lighter to
the cigar and brought it to life, again getting it lit properly, then caving her cheeks
and huge lips around the cigar for 8 seconds. She snapped a very quick inhale,
formed a tiny O with her lips and blew a thin, thick jet of smoke in my face. I was in
heaven inhaling the sweet smoke when I felt mind—numbing crack on my ass. I was
confused, horri?ed and in great pain. I then heard the Mistress’s voice, “Did I startle
you, #37. I saw you were a little distracted so I thought I would bring you back to
earth.” If I could have moved my head, I would have seen the Mistress standing 6
feet from the foot of the bed wearing a very snug, ?oor length black satin dress and
black satin opera gloves which stopped just below the shoulder. In her hand was an
8 foot single tail whip coiled on the ?oor like a snake. She addressed her prey again,
” The best part about this little game is that while you so desperately want to watch
Gina perform her magic on that cigar, you know that you will feel the bite of my whip
at some time of my choosing.” She was so right. I could not stop looking at Gina
below me, this time taking another 8 second drag and then french inhaling the enire
mouthful of smoke, which took another 8 seconds, and the pursing her lips and
CRACK! My mind went numb again from the pain. I was horri?ed not being able to
see my tormentor, where the blows were comming from, no chance to prepare
myself. Gina smiled, placed the cigar in her teeth and reached up and lightly
caressed my cock with the back of her hand, after 20 seconds of this there were for
drops of precum already on the sheets below me.

Another crack on my ass. The Mistress spoke on a cool, icy tone ” if you cum on my
sheets I will beat you with this whip untill you bleed, and then I will get started on
your punishment.” I then saw her climb on the bed. She lay beside Gina and lightly
stroked her bald head as she spoke to her, ” Let’s see you prepare a nice, strong
lungful of smoke for your Mistress.” Gina placed the cigar in her mouth and drew for
eight seconds, inhaled without removing her lips and repeated another 8 second
drag. After the fourth drag, 32 seconds of total drag without exhaling and small
tendrils of smoke beggining to escape her nostrills, the Mistress grabbed her lightly
by the jaw, pulled Gina’s mouth mouth to hers and began inhaling. Ten seconds later
the Mistress reomved her lips, closed her eyes for a second, opened them as she sat
up and put her mouth around my cock without touching it and exhaled. It was the
most incredible, warmest feeling I had ever experienced. It actually made everything
I had endured worthwhile for that one moment. She sat back down on the bed, ” I
have the ability to make you experience the most unimaginable experiences
possible. Most of them will be excruciatinglly painful for you and nice for me, but
occassionally I will toss you a bone, so I hope you enjoyed that.” She then layed
down on the bed, spread her legs and snapped her ?ngers. With this Gina slid down
and onto her stomach and performed oral sex to the Mistresses soft moans of
delight. At this point I noticed‘ what looked like a plug in her ass. The mistress spoke,
“I can see you noticed Gina’s plug. I keep everyone on my facility plugged all of the
time. That way ifI want to play, they are stretched and ready. Plus it’s a tumon to
know that Gina here has a4 inch wide plug buried in her ass.”

The Mistress had a riding crop which she would use to spank my swollen, stretched
balls occasionaly. This continued for two hours. The Mistress, after her seventh
orgasm, stood and looked at her sheets. There was a wet spot on the bed where my
precum had». dripped. The spot was a foot across. She shook her head and spkoke to
Gina, ” Have the nurse administer a milking immediatelly, this dripping mess. of a
man has gotten way too messy.” With that she walked out of the room and Gina rose
and exited as well.

Several weeks had passed since my last encounter with the Mistress. I was kept
immobilized in a body bag, except for every 6 hours I was removed and exercised for
30 minutes. Although the Mistress wanted me helpless, she said, she also wanted to
maintain my muscle mass to some degree. My attending nurse told me stories of
slaves who had seriouslly offended the Mistress, or who had tried to escape, being
immobilzed for weeks at a time. When released from their body bags, they cold not
move due to muscle atrophy. They would be carried to the Mistress‘ of?ce and laid at
her feet like a bag off jello. She would typically use them for a footstool for the day
and then allow them to beg her forgiveness. Occassionally she would have them
immobilized again for a few days just to hear the screams of horror and begging as
they were d**g away. This she loved.

I was informed the Mistress had gone on a trip to visit an old friend in New Zealand.
The nurses spoke of this woman with great revearance and fear. I was told she had
pioneered certain techniques which the Mistress had adapted over the years to the
misery of her subjects. To make the whole situation even more bleak for me, I had
not experienced an orgasm since I had arrived, over 2 months. My balls were
swollen and literally had a bluish hue. When the Mistress departed on her trip, she
had informed the staff that my genitals were not to be touched in any way, fearing I
might accidentally reach orgasm at the slightest sensation. She said she had plans
for her return.

One afternoon after several weeks I was laying in my leather cocoon when I heard
voices in the room. I was hooded with no vision and my ears were plugged with
earphones which could be activated by a switch beside the bed. I suddenly heard a
voice thatl had almost forgotten, the Mistress. “number 37, so glad to see you
again. I see you have been very active in my absence“ then I heard a low chuckle of
several women. “I have brought an old and dear friend back with me from my trip to
New Zealand. She will be staying here awhile and playing with you. She is famous
the world over for control of male genitalia and….for her smoking.” I then felt hands
on my head and buckles being unfastened. My hood was removed and I squinted at
the blinding light in the room. It took several minutes before I could even see. When
my eyes ?nally adjusted I say beside my bed my Mistress, dressed in a sharp dark
blue business suit and another woman, wearing a floor length red satin gown. The
other woman spoke up, “Hello #37. My friend here tells me you have not had an
orgasm for more than 2 months. Very impressive work on her part. After a month
genitals have to be handled with amazing care to prevent discharge. I have rarely
dealt with a subject with your longevity.” She then snapped her ?ngers and a hooded
?gure came in to the room. “This is pussee, my toy and servant.” \
She then placed a ?nger‘ to her lips and pusee fumbled in a bag he was carrying and
removed a long, very dark cigar and a six inch holder. The holder was unusual
because it was specially built for holding a cigar, very wide at one end, tapering
down and then at the mouthpiece was very thin. Pussee- inserted the cigar into the
holder and held it up with both hands, all the while looking down at the floor. When
the woman accepted it, her knelt at her feet and produced a lighter which he ignited
and held above his head: at just the right height. The woman placed the holder in her
mouth and looked into my eyes as she leaned the cigar into the ?ame. Never
breaking eye contact she drew several times to get it well lit. Then she she caved her
cheeks and began what would become an 8 second drag. She was still staring into
my eyes, almost into my soul. She inhaled the smoke without removing the holder
from her mouth and caved her cheeks for another eight seconds, still staring at me
without blinking. My mind and heart were both racing. I had had no stimulation for 2
weeks, either visual or physical and now I thought my body would explode. She
inhaled the second drag without exhaling and began the third. The cigar was making
hissing noises and crackling as the end glowed a bright orange. After another eight
seconds she slowly pulled the holder from her mouth, still piercing me with her stare.
She opened her mouth to show a dense, dark tan ball of smoke. I had never seen
smoke that looked like that before! It was surreal. The smoke escaped her lips and
slowly emerged from her mouth. It eventually crept 6 inches in front of her face and
then in a flash she breathed in and the smoke snapped 6 inches back into her
mouth. She leaned her head down and exhaled on the top of pussees head. His body
nearly disapeared in the cloud of smoke. Still she stared at me. I heard a slight
wimper and then a quiet “thank you Mistress”. She looked me over and smiled a
huge grin. The only part of my body that was exposed from the leather bag I was in
was my genitals. She spoke to My Mistress, “He is de?nitely in agony, it has been
years since I have seen someone held this close to the edge. Just look at him
leaking.” I strained my head and could just barely see my exposed penis standing
erect at a 45 degree angle. A strand of clear precum connected it to a puddle of
precum on the leather below. The puddle was a least 6 inches in diameter, almost
the size of a dinner plate.

“Well, I guess we should get to work on him” The new Mistress clinched her cigar
holder between her teeth and and instructed pussee to fetch her equipment. He
crawled on his hands and kness across the room. Her gaze had returned to me and
she began another 3 drags on her cigar. After the last drag and another mind
numbing snap inhale, she held her cigar in front of her and exhaled 2 dark tan jets of
smoke from her nose. “Oh my, I have a dilemna here. It appears that my ashtray is
across the room and i’ve nowhere to deposit my ashes. I guess you will have to do.”
She leaned towards me and held the end of the cigar over my mouth. “Now open up,
slave, and accept this gift.” Although I was horri?ed at the thought, I was trapped in
her spell. I opened my mouth. As she casually tapped the holder a 2 inch ash fell
into my mouth with a quick hiss as it exstinguished on my tongue. I ?inched at the
pain but made no noise. “Very good. These cigars burn hotter than average and
produce quite panfull little ashes. I am proud to say that my ashes have gone only in
human mouths, primarily pussees, for 10 years now.” At this time pussee returned
holding a tray. She clenched her holder in her teeth and slipped on a pair of shoulder
length sating gloves. She picked up an instrument which I did not recognize.
“In case you’re wondering, this is a ball vice I designed several years ago. Quite an
evil little invention at that.” She then set about very delicately placing the
contraption on my testicles. She spoke to my Mistress, “you have to exercise
extreme care to not send him over the edge with the slightest touch. In fact, I had
better take some precaution.” She reached over to the tray and grabbed a chrome
peice of steel shaped in an “0¨ It separated into 2 halves and had screws on either
side. She placed this at the base of my penis. and began tightening the screws. I
could feel myself about to go over the edge. She suddenly pulled her hands away
and grinned, “no you don’t. See those contractions and that one vein bulging?” as
she spoke she pointed to my crotch as if she were a med school instructor. My
Mistress nodded, ” it takes a trained eye, but when that vein bulges and you see the
slightest. contraction, back off cause he is going over the edge. Isn’t that right #37?”
My god, this woman was unreal. How did she know the exact moment? This was
beyond torture. My balls ached so bad I thought they would burst. I was physically
trembling now. I looked down and I was still oozing precum at an astonishing rate.
She stepped back and took a cheek—hollowing 10 second drag on her cigar and
inhaled the smoke. She removed the holder and had me in her gaze again. I did not
notice her cigar slowly lowering towards my penis. She smiled, exhaling into my face
and then my whole world exploded. She had touched the glowing end of the cigar to
my penis. Pain went searing through my head. She kept exhaling and began talking
very calmly, “easy, easy. There we go, take the pain. I had to do that to bring you
away from the edge for a few minutes. You were too close even for me to handle.” I
saw my Mistress reach into her handbag and withdraw a silver holder and a long
white cigarette. She lit it and began inhaling furiously, smoke billowing from her
nose as she took the next drag. I could see she was very turned on.
Then Mistress in red returned to her work, tightening the chrome clamp around my
base untill my cock turned a light purple. ” There we go, that should slow you down
some.” She then placed the contraption over my balls. It was a series of metal bars
connected by screws. As she tightened the screws, the whole thing was drawn in,
crushing my balls from several directions at once. The pain went from mild to
severe, and then I could stand it no more and began screaming. She stopped there
and I thought I at least had reached the limit, but she spoke to my Mistress,
“Sweety, could you have someone fetch a good in?ateable gag, I have a way to go
and will quickly tire of his screaming.” I was horri?ed, surely she would crush my
balls beyond repair. My Mistress clapped and a maid appeared and was dispatched to
get a gag. As I lay there moaning the two ladies began chatting as if I was not even
present. I was begging for help, for my life and they kept right on talking. They
would each pause to take a long drag on their smokes and exhale the smoke on me,
which was my only respite.

The maid soon returned and the gag was inserted and in?ated to the point where I
thought my jaw was disconnected. The Mistress then went back to work tightening
the screws. Tears were streaming down my face when I lost consciousness. The next
thing I knew I smelled a terrible odor and woke to see the Mistress in red standing
over me, holder clenched in her teeth and smelling salts under my nose. Then the
pain came back like an ocean of lava. “Don’t worry, I can’t tighten any more without
rupturing your little balls. now for the funl“. She stepped away, smoke billowing from
her mouth around the holder. I looked around and could not ?nd my Mistress. Where
had she gone? The new Mistress returned with a fresh cigar in her mouth. The door
opened and I heard several sets of heels walk in. I saw my Mistress, now dressed in
a long latex gown, very tight wasp-waisted corset and her hair pulled back severely
into a bun. She held a leash and at the end of the leash was something from another
planet. A woman, at least 6 ft tall. Ballet heels, black latex catsuit polished to a
mirror shine. Her hips were a full 36 inches, and then her waist. I could have closed
my ?ngers around it. It could not have been more than 18 inches. Up from the waist
were the largest, most obscene breasts I have ever seen, in a magazine or anyhere.
She was ?tted with a latex posture collar and latex mask with only holes for eyes and
mouth. On top of her head was what looked like the multiple cigarette holder from
my early days here. Much like a candleabra. In the eight holes of the device rested. 8
cigars. A clear tube ran from the base of the device on her head down to her posture
collar and disappeared.

My Mistress spoke, “#37, you remember #25, from your ?rst few weeks here. She
has undergone further body modi?cations and has, at last, become my ultimate
rubber toy. Today, she will be used to take your virginity.” She snapped her ?ngers
and a maid walked over and handed her a harness with a large, 9 inch back dildo.
The Mistress buckled the harness around 25s waist and walked her to the bed. At the
same time two maids came thru the door pushing what appeared to be a
gynecologists exam table. I was removed from my body bag and carried to the table.
There I was laid, feet in the stirrups high in the air and bound. The mistress pressed
a button on the side of the table and the stirrups began to spread, until my legs
were nearly in the “splits” position. The added pain was unbelievable. I almost forgot
about the unreal pain in my balls. The Mistress guided 25 over to the table and
positioned her between my legs. “On my command, 25 here will penetrate you
anally. I will be behind her penetrating her anally.” She casually snapped and one of
the maids handed her a similar harness with an unbelievably huge glistening black
strapon. When the maid had buckled it on the Mistress, it went out straight for 6
inches or so and then bent under its own weight for another 8 inches where the
massive head hung towards the ?oor. The thing was literally the size of my arm. At
the same time Mistress in red snapped and pointed between her legs as she stood
over my midsection. Pussee crawled to her and lifted her satin skirt. There was a
harness around her waist. He pressed his face to her crotch and she buckled several
straps over and around his head, securing him in that postion. She then lowered the
skirt and he disappeared. My Mistress walked behind 25 and bent her over slightly. A
maid stood beside her with a large bowl and the Mistress dipped her hand in and
withdrew a handful and what looked like Vaseline. She smeared it in the monstrous
dildo and pressed into 25s rear.

” Oops, almost forgot. My most recent modi?cation to 25 was to have the tube you
see running from her crown of cigars surgically inserted in her throat. This way she
can smoke and has the full use of her mouth at the same time. Maid, light 25 so we
may begin.“ The maid stood on a stool and carefully lit all 8 cigars on 25s head. The
clear tube running down to her throat turned off-white. Smoke began erupting from
her mouth. The Mistress the slowly inserted the monster in her anus with short, slow
strokes. 25s eyes rolled back in her head and she slowy thrust forward at the same
time, entering me.

The Mistress in red spoke, “you will be permitted to release, 37, but only from anal
stimulation. Your pathetic cock will not be touched.” She held out a riding crop and
began smacking my testicles being crushed by her device. I was going to die. I knew
it. This was more pain than any human could endure, and yet I was in heaven. The
Mistress had buried the monster in 25’s rear by now, and thus she was buried in me.
She was shaking, and smoke was pouring from her mouth and nose like nothing I
had ever seen, even in this insane place. Every time she took a breath it would be
followed by a blast of thich, opaque smoke that never ended. Occasionally she
would open her eyes and look into mine, breathe deeply and then open her mouth as
wide as posible and let a torrent of smoke rush out and onto my now twitching and
purple cock. She would french inhale her exhaled smoke for several seconds,
drawing more smoke thru her nose and from the tube, and then repeat the process.
I could feel myself getting closer to the edge. The Mistress had 25 by the waist and
was slamming the 14 inch strapon in and out in rhythm. The Mistress in red was now
cropping my balls with abandon and moaning from her her slave fastened be-tween
her legs. She lit another cigar and reached down and unscrewed the metal ring at
the base of my cock. blood came rushing back in and precum flowed out like a
faucet. She watched it intently and began powersmoking her cigar, the holder in her
mouth hands-free with smoke rushing from her nose. She saw the telltale~ signs and
leaned over me, direct-inhaling from her cigar for 20 seconds. She pressed her lips
to mine and began exhaling the densest, harshest. smoke I had ever felt down» my
throat. At this moment I began to cum. But since I had no penile stimul’ati.on my
cock simply spasmed repeatedly and semen ?owed out for at least 20 seconds,
merely oozing instead of shooting. I just kept cumming and cumming, and the
Mistress in Red kept her lips sealed against mine, breathing the same smoke
between us over and over. I could hear my Mistress’s hips slapping 25s ass as she
slammed away in the throws of orgasm and the cigars on 25s head, now more than
half gone with ashes all over her head glowed brightly as smoke gushed from her

And that was the last thing I remembered before passing out.

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