slavery as i see it

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slavery as i see it
The purpose of this essay is to describe a series of rituals a submissive or slave passes through to reach a state of complete servitude.

It originated in a post I made to the thread in the BDSM bulletin board of the Literotica web site containing erotic stories on Femdom, Tantra Ritual and Kali started on 20/03/2009 ( This thread started with an invitation to discuss an article entitled ‘Iconography of Tantra and Rites of Male Submission’ for which a link had been posted. This article explores the use of rituals in BDSM using the figures of the Hindu Goddess Kali/Shakti and her male consort Shiva as exemplars. During the course of the discussion on the board the question was posed as to whether it was possible to devise a set of rituals for Kali/Shiva, which I attempted to do. The contribution here develops my original post in which I described the different stages of submission that Shiva might proceed through to attain a state of complete servitude to Kali.

The rites of passage described here use the figures of Kali and Shiva to objectify the different stages of a path into servitude. You can interchange the names of the protagonists Kali and Shiva with any others that you choose. The names are used only as an aid to description and to reference the original article and post.

The rituals are written from the perspective of a male submissive because that was the relationship between the Kali and Shiva figures posed in the original article that initiated the discussion. It is also the perspective that I hold, which makes it easier to apply my own personal experience. However, I expect the rite of passage set down here to be equally relevant to a female submissive, who I think might recognise most of these stages as part of her own experience.

My intention here is not to provide a list of BDSM activities but to set out a series of rites or rituals that lead to the complete submission of a slave to his/her mistress or master. I propose which form of BDSM activity I think fits with each stage of the rite of passage. However, it is not my intention that these rituals should be inflexible, quite the contrary. They present a menu of rituals from which a dominant and his/her submissive partner can select to meet their own needs and development. I suggest that in their most enhanced state they can bring about a spiritual and transformative experience for both dominant and submissive

I have broken the rituals down into three phases of progress: initiation, trial and reconciliation.

Initiation Presentation – Shiva offers himself to Kali. It is the point where Kali receives her slave into her presence to initiate an encounter between them. This might be a greeting with a recognised form of words. A tribute might be offered, which could take the form of a gift presented to Kali. The gift could be a present in the conventional sense but it might also take the form of something that is not material – a service delivered or a pledge of devotion.

Supplication – Kali initiates the process of making Shiva surrender mind and body to her through rites of supplication. Shiva takes up a supplicant position – kneeling, lying on his front, bowing his head or adopting a position that’s never higher than Kali would all be appropriate forms in a BDSM context. Boot worship is another activity that sits here quite well. This phase encourages Shiva to assume a submissive state of mind in preparation for further trials.

Receiving tokens of servitude – A ritual acceptance of servitude. Shiva wears or receives a token of servitude from Kali. This might mean the fitting of a collar, but could equally be some other symbol representing ownership. By receiving such a token Shiva is acknowledging that he is giving up control of his body and mind to Kali. Routine collaring conveys this symbolism though it is acknowledged that collaring could also be used as the climax of a ritual in which the final act is acceptance of a physical symbol of servitude.

Domestic servitude – Kali uses Shiva to perform whatever domestic duties she requires. This might involve cleaning around the dungeon, polishing her shoes, cooking her a meal or any other kind of menial domestic duty. The function of this in the rite of passage is for Shiva to prove his devotion to Kali by performing domestic or menial tasks for her.

Cleansing – Rituals around purifying body and mind before other activities take place. This might involve ensuring that Shiva is in an appropriate frame of mind to devote himself to Kali or has no lustful thoughts for her. This could be a specific ritual carried out by Kali to purify Shiva if he has displeased her. Water rituals can form part of the purifying process – enforced bathing or washing as part of a preparation. Fire rituals could also be used – hot wax treatment or any other use of candles or fire in a ritual. Aspects of medical play fit quite well here. Medical play can be closely allied to cleansing rituals where Kali uses intimate examination or penetration of her supplicant to cleanse or purify him in preparation for further trials.

Trial – Shiva’s trial could take the form of either a punishment or test of dedication/fortitude. Many different activities can form part of the trial and they can be combined together to create a customised ritual for Shiva. It is here where the Kali Goddess figure exercises the full range of her skill and creativity. Kali uses her dominance and power over Shiva to exercise complete control over his body and mind.

Test – Kali sets Shiva a task on which he will be judged. This task could be anything – something that Shiva does out of Kali’s presence and brings with him or the imposition of rules that must be observed whilst in her presence. Shiva may pass the test and be rewarded or fail and be punished, or there may even be some partial completion so that Kali can reserve further punishment for a later date in retribution for an unfinished task. A development of this would be for Kali to set a test for Shiva that he is bound to fail, something that cannot be achieved to her satisfaction. Kali might pose a question in a form that, whatever Shiva answers, it will invite reproach. A further refinement of this could be trial by fate where Kali allows chance to decide her slave’s fate – use of cards, other symbols or random selection of tasks could be used here.

Punishment – It is through physical and mental suffering that a slave’s devotion to Kali is tested. Therefore, punishments designed to prove the supplicant’s devotion or to please or appease the Goddess figure are central to the BDSM rite of passage. This can operate at different levels ranging from a relatively mild chastisement to full retribution in which Kali has been angered and displays the full force of her wrath towards her slave. It is in carrying out these trials that Kali exercises the full range of her powers and ingenuity. She will use all her skills and creativity combined with the equipment and implements at her disposal to ensure that Shiva is punished and comes to an understanding of the meaning of submission. In a BDSM context the activities here would be any form of physical chastisement, corporal punishment, electrics, cock and ball torture or nipple torture.

Restraint – Shiva gives up control of his body to Kali. This is, of course, closely allied to giving up control of his mind as mental concentration is enhanced when the body is restrained. It can also be used in conjunction with other forms of physical punishment to create an especially intense experience for a slave. Bondage in all of its varied applications is closely associated with restraint – wrist and ankle straps, rope bondage, hog-tying, restraint on rack or frame, encaging or cling film bondage are all activities that fit here.

Humiliation – Kali manifests her complete control over Shiva by manipulating him however she desires for her own pleasure and amusement. This could take the form of either mental or physical humiliation. Activities here might include strap on play in which Shiva is penetrated by Kali in the most intimate part of his body. Watersports in which the slave is used for Kali’s toilet or is made to drink the waste fluid from her body, can be a very humiliating activity. Food play, in which Shiva is provided with sustenance by being made to eat food crushed or spat out by Kali can provide another focus for humiliation. Breath control is at the extreme end of this type of ritual. This involves high levels of trust between the participants as the slave entrusts his breath and life to Kali. Mental humiliation is subtler and could be engrained in any aspect of the rite of passage. Kali will use her power and dominion of Shiva to control him and use him. She will use her rebukes and expressions of displeasure over how he has performed to keep him in a state of mental turmoil and submission.

Offering – Kali gives Shiva up to others. This is could be seen as a refinement of the humiliation phase. In this Shiva’s devotion is such that not only is his body and mind surrendered to Kali but he has reached such a state of acceptance and devotion that she can offer him up to others to be used or abused for her pleasure and amusement. This could mean Shiva being given up for use by another Goddess or to other slaves. In a BDSM context this could be any form of activity where other participants are present, such as any multi-slave event or party. Activities such as forced-bi, cock sucking or anal penetration are all activities that fit into this. Kali would most likely have already brought her slave to an advanced state of servitude before this phase is entered.

Surrender – This is the point where Kali has completely taken control of Shiva, both physically and mentally. The surrendering could take place during any of the phases described above or at any stage in an extended ritual. The point of surrender will be a meaningful point in the rite of passage for both participants as it signals both Kali’s exercise of dominance and also Shiva’s willingness to open himself to her.

Climax – This is where Shiva reaches a point of crisis. It can be brought about by extreme physical pain through punishment and torture, but it can also be brought about by mental anguish through Kali’s manipulation and control of Shiva. Release or orgasm might form part of this but only with Kali’s approval. This will be an intense phase of the encounter between Kali and Shiva as a cathartic emotional release is reached for her slave.

Reconciliation Redemption – This is the point where Kali has punished Shiva and his suffering can mean that he can be absolved of faults. In this mode Kali demonstrates her forgiving and caring side.

Bestowing of gifts – Kali presents Shiva with a token of her satisfaction that he has served well. This could involve the granting of some new symbol of servitude but it does not have to be a physical object. The bestowing of a gift could mean the granting of a new identity or name by Kali to her slave. Rituals such as baptism, collaring or re-naming ceremonies would fit here well. Marking through branding, tattoo or body modification would also be an activity that is relevant here. Permanent marks of this kind on a slave’s body are special and meaningful symbols of Shiva’s submission to Kali.

Transformation – A very intense experience, which is likely to be the culmination of several of the different stages in the ritual. A point where Kali brings Shiva to a new realisation of his place through the physical and spiritual experience she has offered him. This differs from the climax described above in that it will have a spiritual and transformative element to it. This spiritual transformation, when it is achieved, will be something that is shared by both protagonists in the ritual.

Release – Kali and Shiva wind down and Shiva is released from her presence and the realm of the Goddess back into the other world.

Application of the rites

Although this series of rites is presented here in a linear way this is only for clarity and to provide a structure to their description. In their practical application these stages will not necessarily follow on one from the other. The stages of ritual are best seen as a menu from which Kali can select. Each individual stage of the rite of passage can form a complete ‘session’ or encounter with Kali. An encounter might include a selection from one or more of the options on the menu.

A single encounter between Kali and Shiva could not run through the whole series of stages because of the constraints of time and the physical and emotional endurance required from both participants to complete such an exacting trial. Neither would this make sense in the context of the wider relationship between Kali and Shiva, which will be long term and developing all the time. Also, certain individual rites like baptism or collaring ceremonies have a great intensity and special meaning that cannot be repeated over every encounter without diluting their significance.

The basic structure outlined here of initiation, trial and reconciliation is likely to be reflected in many encounters, but this will not always be the case. It is Kali’s privilege to jump from presentation to reconciliation and leave out the trial altogether. She might also omit the process of reconciliation, preferring to hold it over to another encounter to leave her slave in a state of mental turmoil between meetings.

There are blurred lines between the different stages of the rite of passage. Different activities can deliver the requirements of different stages. For example, watersports can be delivered as a humiliation or a gift depending on the context in which they are delivered and the rituals that accompany them.

It is perhaps best to see the rite of passage to complete servitude as one that is cyclical. Viewed in this way the rituals can be seen as two interconnecting cycles, a ‘micro-cycle’ and a ‘macro-cycle’. The ‘micro-cycle’ would be the cycle of stages and their related activities that take place within a single encounter between Kali and Shiva. The ‘macro-cycle’ is the cycle of ritual that takes place over a whole relationship between Kali and Shiva. The former is clearly defined and time limited but each encounter contributes to the development of the slave and his rite of passage that forms the larger cycle. The ‘macro-cycle’ will be developed over a whole relationship, perhaps over a period of years. It is likely to be punctuated by rites that have special meaning and significance.

The other advantage of seeing the rite of passage as cyclical is that it is not a simple straight line and more accurately reflects practise. It allows for the possibility for the slave to move back around the circle. The slave does not move forward in easy steps in a linear way. He will face challenges that he will fail and he will do things that displease or anger Kali in the course of his ordeals. These will set him back in his path to complete servitude. It also maintains Shiva in a position of continual striving to serve and satisfy his Goddess. The ultimate goal of an entirely pure slave is not realisable. This leaves the slave in a state of continuing to strive in order to show his absolute devotion to Goddess. He will have to endure the setbacks alongside the occasions where he might receive praise for the times he has pleased Goddess with his service.


It is this tension between punishment and reward, pain and pleasure that is at the very heart of a slave’s rite of passage into total servitude. Kali will use her physical presence and dominance, the full range of her skills and her creativity and imagination to take Shiva on a journey into submission. For his part Shiva will need to open himself up to the possibilities presented by Kali to reach a state of complete servitude to her. He will need to surrender himself completely to her and have complete trust in her skill and judgement. Kali in her most skilled and enhanced state is capable of bringing about ecstatic moments of transformation in her slave. For her part, Kali, through the wielding of her dominance and through the submission freely offered by her slave, will equally share in the ecstatic and transformative experience that her powers can bring about.

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