Slutty Apartment Neighbors — Part 2

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Slutty Apartment Neighbors — Part 2
Well, you’ve read about my landlady (Mature Seduction) and Kris (Slutty #1), so here’s another for the record:

A slender, young dark-haired beauty named Flo lived over my landlady’s apartment.  I’d watch her as she came and went, but especially when she was sunbathing by the pool.  I’d look through my curtains and slowly wank. 

At that time I was experimenting with anal insertions besides my finger, which I’d learned very early on.  I didn’t like fat carrots (still an anal virgin), but would find skinny ones (sometimes peeled, sometimes leaving the ridges on).  I’d lay my chest on the kitchen counter, looking through cracks in the curtains, slowly wanking with one hand and running the carrot slowly in and out.

I’d wanked off many times watching Flo (who had a geeky boyfriend).  She was barely out of high school, but got a bank job (teller) because of family connections with the same bank.  We’d talk in the laundry room occasionally, or I’d run into her downtown Fresno, since our employers were two blocks away.  She was friendly, but not overly so.

One Saturday some time later I was in the kitchen masturbating on top of the counter to get a higher angle and see more of the pool area.  Another neighbor lady was tanning and unhooking her top, so I was getting a little side-boob.  I was using butter (love the taste and smell) as a “lube” — imagine my 8 inch cock glistening and throbbing, my hairy balls all buttered up!  I’d edge a few times, or squeeze and start over, until I blasted on the curtains.

I had just finished when I saw Flo and looser boyfriend emerge from her stairwell, screaming and spitting-mad.  He screamed back, and this continued as she followed him out the side gate.  A couple of minutes later she came back through the gate, slamming it with reverb throughout the complex.
About a week later I was in the laundry, and Flo came in.  She was all-smiles and very friendly, asking me about my job at the insurance company.  Then she said: Tuesday is my 21st birthday.  Would you like to come over and have pizza and beer (which she’d proudly buy herself!) by the pool with her.  I instantly agreed. 

I arrived poolside with a present and card, wearing swim trunks and a towel wrapped toga-style. She came down the stairs with the pizza; an ice chest was already by the chairs. We talked and laughed, ate most of the pizza, and some of the beer (which she proudly pointed out she had bought “legit” for the first time).

(Now remember, Kris’s (Slutty story #1) apartment looked over the pool.  I figured she must have seen me with the younger, prettier Flo.  It was just a matter of time.  Yep, about the first hour in I thought I saw her curtains move.  Another 5 minutes passed, and out came Kris, glaring at me but now saying a thing.  Flo ignored her, and so did I.)

It was finally dusk, and the heat was decreasing.  We decided to swim.  We got in and swam and spashed around.  Flo then moved over and put her arms around my neck, drawing to me.  We kissed and groped.  She grabbed my ass and felt up my cock in its mesh jock.  I felt her cameltoe, then … WHAT WAS THAT?   My finger actually entered her suit, brushing her pubes and her crack.  I said:  Ah, oops, I think you have a tear in your suit!  Uh, oh, she smiled, I guess the stitching came undone (her smile told me she had helped)!    She smiled and raised her knees, wrapping her legs around my back.  I leaned her against the pool, and inserted my finger deeper into her pussy.  She kissed me even harder.  I pulled out my finger and “tasted” it, saying: Yummy.  She laughed and said that’s pool water; she’d give me a better taste.  The water wasn’t cool (it was a Fresno summer of 100+ days), and I wasn’t badly shrunked; so she was stroking and getting me hard.  I’d have a hard time hiding it if any saw me up close!

Kris went out her back door; and then back inside, slammed it loudly.  The pool lights came on, so our options were limited there.  I suggested we go up to her apartment.  We collected the cooler and pizza, and our towels, and scampered up the stairs.

From up in her apartment, we could see the pool below (Kris was now outside, looking around; and then walked toward my apartment).  I could see my kitchen window, but didn’t think Flo could have seen me jerkoff sessions from there.  From the bed you could see the hospital windows, but they could not have seen us without a telescope.

We spend the better part of the evening up there trying different positions and penis angles.  We tried it standing up, leaning at the window.  (Maybe Kris could see Flo leaning at the window sill, little tits showing, with me humping from behind.)   I’ll spare you the fake porn dialogue, but we did everything but anal.  We both had to work the next day, and I had to go early to do a speech for the morning speaking club; so I went back to my apartment after midnight.  We went on a few more dates, including a trip to Yosemite (with two naked swims).  We even fucked on her Triumph’s hood a few strokes, and then I picked her up and moved us into the back seat of my car … in the carport!

Sadly, she found another guy, and eventually got married, moving to a town south of Fresno.

Don’t worry, there are more apartment slut stories to cum!

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