slutty nieces tights

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slutty nieces tights
My sexy 18 year old niece Naomi came to stay with us over Christmas and she gave me a wonderful present.

First a little essential background. I have a major fetish for legs and nylons, especially tights or pantyhose.

My niece and her mum (my sister) came to stay with us for the holidays. I suppose I’ve been lucky in life and I have a large comfortable home with plenty of space. My sister was a single mum at only 19 and now her daughter is a gorgeous 18-year-old brunette with a petite but very shapely figure. I have to admit that I’ve had somewhat inappropriate thoughts about her for the past couple of years as she blossomed into a sexy girl.

She is now about five foot two with a pretty, round, cherub face, dark brown eyes and a sexy mouth with full succulent lips. Her boobs are not large but are good-sized, pert ‘apples’. She has that classic teen bare midriff look with a band of soft pale stomach on view. On this visit I’ve noticed a little tattoo peeping over her waistband at the small of her back. Her mother is a bit of an arty type so I guess she is as free with her daughter as she was with her favours.

Naomi has a large but well shaped ass and really great legs and the cutest little feet. It’s those that have had me wanking over her in the past. I just love soft girly feet with little toes to suck. I travel a lot on business to Thailand and China and I love to fuck oriental women. They are petite and have really cute feet. Naomi’s feet remind me of them.

Last summer we went on holiday together. We have no k**s and my wife has sort of taken to Naomi as a kind of surrogate daughter. My sister relishes the free time it gives her, while Naomi likes the attention from her cool, well-off aunt. Naomi was a vision by the pool in her succession of bikinis. I had to struggle not to get hard watching her walk and swim around.

When she lay down on her front to sunbathe I had a perfect view of her lovely ass, legs and feet. Often I had to go in the pool to cool off. I fucked my wife every evening as we ‘rested’ before dinner. She thought I was being romantic. Little did she know it was Naomi who’d got me so hot.

On Christmas day Naomi appeared in a short pleated skirt and V-neck jumper that showed her cute cleavage. But best of all she wore dark, chocolate coloured Argyle patterned opaque tights with short Ug style boots. She looked incredible and it was all I could do not to stare at her. I wanted her so much, I was semi hard most of the way through lunch.

Later as we all collapsed in font of the TV to watch a movie, Naomi curled up on the opposite end of the sofa from me. She kicked off her boots and tucked her cute feet up under her ass. The sight of her shapely legs actually made me hard and I had a job to keep my ’embarrassment’ concealed, let alone concentrate on the movie. I kept stealing glances at her sexy legs and feet.

Somehow I managed to get through the evening. When the kitchen clear-up duty started Naomi went off to change and reappeared in joggers and a T-shirt. She still looked incredibly hot as she was now in her bare feet. I wondered what had happened to her clothes from earlier. She was sharing a spare room with her mother and my sister had often complained about how messy her daughter was, just dropping clothes on the floor as she removed them.

I took a huge chance and excused myself. Sneaking upstairs I peeked into her room. I quickly scanned the bed but saw nothing. Then my heart leapt as I saw a laundry bag by her suitcase. Could it be?

I tiptoed over and looked inside. For once the messy teen had acted out of character and put her things away. The tights were in the bag. I took them out. They were still warm from her body and I sniffed the toes and crotch. By turns they smelt perfumed and a little musky. Wonderful.

There was a noise on the stair and I quickly stuffed the tights into my trouser pocket and left the room. As I exited I saw Naomi just turning towards me at the top of the stairs.

‘Alright Unc’, you lost,’ she said in her usual playful manner.

‘No I. I was just looking for something.’

‘In our room? What?’

‘Nothing, it doesn’t matter. It’s not important.’

‘OK, whatever. Getting a bit senile then old fella, eh?’ she giggled as she passed me.

I made it to my study and put the tights into my desk drawer and locked it. I went back to help with the dishes. Naomi returned to the kitchen shortly after and made a funny face at me and said, ‘Oh found the kitchen then did you?’

‘Oh he’s always skiving when there’s housework to be done, Naomi, you tell him, sweetheart,’ my wife chastised me.

I felt Naomi gave me a knowing look, but I convinced myself it was my imagination.

Later that night when everyone was in bed I was in my study surfing the net for my favourite pantyhose porn. I was rock hard and wanking and my thoughts were mixed with the images on screen and my sexy little niece Naomi. Jesus what I wouldn’t give to fuck that little tart, to stick my cock in her hot little pussy and to cum in her pretty little mouth.

I took out her tights and wrapped them round my hard cock. I pressed my cock into the gusset, right where the little tart’s cunt would have been. I was so fucking horny now, I pushed my cock up into the foot of the tights and wanked furiously. The sexy material felt amazing and I soon shot my spunk into the toe. I came in buckets, it was really amazing. I’ve seldom produced so much spunk.

I used the tights to clean myself up and the garment was soon soaked with my juice. I wrapped it in some tissues and put it back in the drawer, thinking I’d dispose of it tomorrow. I then went to bed and dozed off dreaming about Naomi.

The following afternoon I was back in my study, having a sneaky look at some porn. Suddenly the door burst open and Naomi strutted in. I only just managed to switch to an innocent looking spreadsheet before she came around behind my desk.

‘Hi Naomi,’ I said brightly.

‘Where’s my fucking tights, creep?’ she demanded.

‘I don’t know. How should I know?’

‘Because you took them from our room yesterday. I fucking saw you, remember? Now I want them back.’

‘Look, young lady, I don’t care for the accusation, and I really don’t care for your language.’

‘I could give a shit what you care about. I saw you letching over my legs all day yesterday. You’re a creepy perv. I know you were thinking about fucking me. Then I saw you in our room. I know you took them. Fuck knows why you creep. Now I want them back.’

‘Look, whatever you think you saw I didn’t take your tights. Now leave me alone.’

‘Auntie Eleanor,’ Naomi called at the top of her lungs.

I panicked and jumped up to clasp my hand on her mouth, ‘Shut up!’ I hissed. I had pushed her against my desk and I was pressed against her. Luckily it seemed that my wife or sister, who were no doubt in the conservatory listening to music, hadn’t heard her call. She smelt great, my already hard cock twitched in my pants. Gawd I so wanted to bend her over my desk and fuck her brains out. For a lunatic moment I even imagined I could fuck her and still keep my hand on her mouth to silence her.

Suddenly Naomi bit my hand and I pulled it away in pain. She made to call out again so I grabbed her face and kissed her hard on the mouth. At first she fought me, wriggling to get free. But I had her pinned between the large, heavy, immovable desk and me.

Her hands pushed me back but I held her firm. My body pressed into hers and my hands either side of her face. She moaned into my mouth and I probed between her lips with my tongue. To my surprise her tongue followed mine back into my mouth and now we were kissing like lovers. To my even greater surprise Naomi’s hand moved down to grasp my engorged cock through my jogging pants.

I gasped and she broke away from our kiss and hissed, ‘This is what you really want isn’t it? You want to fuck me. But you can’t so you’re stealing my underwear instead. You’re a pathetic wanker. Now give me back my tights!’

With a final hard squeeze of my cock she pushed me back. There was blood on her face. My hand was bleeding from her bite. She just stared at me and I knew she had won so reluctantly I opened the drawer and retrieved her tights.

They were still in the tissues I’d wrapped them in the previous night. I pulled the package apart to free them but the tissue just ripped and bits of it stuck the to the patch of dried-in spunk.

‘They’re a fucking mess, what’ve you done,’ Naomi scolded and snatched the bundle from me. She turned them over in her hands and then looked up at me, ‘This is your spunk isn’t it? You fucking wanked in my tights. You really are a fucking pervy bastard.’ With that she threw them down on my desk. ‘You may as well keep these now but you can buy me some more.’

‘I will.’

‘You fucking better, creepo, otherwise I’m telling. OK?’

I agreed and she turned as if to leave but I said, ‘Wait, where are you going?’

‘Why, scared are you,’ she giggled mischievously, ‘Think I’m going to tell on you?’

‘It’s just that you have blood on your face.’

‘What?’ she seemed shocked. I moved to her and taking the tissue on my desk I wiped her face. Most of the blood came off. To remove the rest I spat on the folded tissue and wiped her cheek clean. It was an odd moment of almost parental-like affection. My niece looked up at me with c***dish eyes, her confident front temporarily suspended.

‘Sorry I bit you,’ she whispered.

‘It’s OK. Sorry I.. well.. that I…’

‘Stole my tights and shot your load in them,’ she grinned, the bravado returned, ‘Hey is that the same tissue?’

We both laughed then looked more warmly at one another, ‘So now I’ve got your spunk on my face,’ she teased me but her tone was now more flirtatious.

Our eyes met and the moment hung between us, then my niece took my breath away by cupping my balls in her small hand and saying, ‘Why don’t you show me your cock?’

I just stared at her. I didn’t know what to say.

‘It feels big. I’d like to see it,’ She took the lead and encouraged me with a nice squeeze, ‘Show it to me and I’ll not tell on you.’

I was scared my heart was pounding. If we got caught I’d be crucified, divorced and maybe even in deep shit with the law or social services, even though Naomi is 18. All these thoughts were crashing around in my head while I went to the door of my study. The room is at the front of the house and down a little side corridor. I could hear music in the back of the house and knew that my wife and sister would be nattering and listening to music. They probably wouldn’t move from there for ages.

I closed the door tight and returned to Naomi who was now sat on my chair. She had opened up the media player window and had re-started the porn I was watching.

‘You were wanking before I came in weren’t you?’

‘Yes,’ I saw no point in denying it.

‘Are those women wearing tights?’ she asked in reference to the pantyhosed lesbian action on screen, ‘What is it with guys and lezzers? And what is it with you and tights?’

‘I suppose I like they way they feel.’

‘You put them on your cock?’

‘Yes,’ I smiled at the inquisition.

‘Show me,’ she demanded again,’ Put them on your cock.’

I glanced at the door and Naomi assured me, ‘You know what they’re like. They’ll be talking for hours. They’re already on the sherry so they won’t be going anywhere. Come on! I want to see your cock. I’ll show you my tits.’

At this she whipped up her T-shirt to reveal two perfect globes with pale bud like nipples. They were really lovely and I said so.

She smiled brightly at the compliment and told me, ‘My boyfriend likes them too. he likes to put his cock between them and I squeeze them around it like this,’ she demonstrated by pushing her breasts together. ‘When I’m on my period and he can’t fuck me I suck him and let him do that. He cums on my neck usually. I like that, it’s all hot and it runs down my tits, it sort of tickles, but it’s really sexy,’ then she caught my eye, ‘I bet you want to put your cock here,’ she indicated with her finger, ‘I bet I can make you cum.’

I found my voice and said, ‘I bet you could, Naomi. You’re very beautiful.’

‘Do you want to fuck me?’


‘I knew it,’ she giggled like she was Sherlock Holmes cracking an impossible case.

‘Aren’t you the fucking genius then,’ I walked over to stand between her knees and bent down to kiss her. As I came up again I loosened my joggers and slid them and my boxers down to my thighs. My cock bounced free just 18 inches or so from my pretty niece’s face.

She stared at it. I was very hard and my foreskin was already stretched back to reveal the large head of my penis.

‘It’s big,’ she whispered her confidence ebbing again.

‘Bigger than your boyfriend’s?’

This time she just nodded slowly and looked up into my eyes. I felt in charge of the situation now. ‘Stroke it Naomi!’

Her hand quickly moved up to clasp my shaft. her grip was firm and confident and she stroked like she clearly knew what she was doing.

‘Nice,’ was all I could say.

‘You gonna cum?’ obviously her boyfriend was quick to finish.

‘No. keep doing that.’

Naomi wanked me for a few minutes. She was surprisingly adept at giving a handjob, for a young girl. She varied her pace and frequently made eye contact with me and smiled.

‘You like doing that, don’t you?’ I asked.

‘Yes, I want to make you cum.’

‘I will, just let me enjoy it,’ I reached out and clasped her perfect breast in my right hand. I gently squeezed her pert bosom and then pinched her nipple between my fingers. It made her gasp. I moved her up to sit on the edge of my desk so I could bend down to suck her nipples while she continued to play with me. Now my cock was in contact with her naked belly and she obviously knew it would excite me to feel my cock head pressing into her flesh.

‘You’ve done this before,’ I observed.

‘Lots and lots. Get between my tits.’

She shuffled down and pressed her boobs to me and enveloped my shaft between her pert globes. It felt nice. Especially when my cock came up and brushed her chin. I was already leaking pre-cum and I commented, ‘Now you’ve really got my cum on your face.’

Without a word she ducked her head and took my cock in her mouth. As her succulent lips closed around my dick I nearly came but somehow managed to keep control. She sucked strongly, like a vacuum, then released me.

‘Better now? It was all messy.’ She’d just lapped up the pre-cum from my dick.

‘Christ you’re amazing.’.

‘Want to cum in my mouth?’

‘Gawd yes’

Immediately Naomi wanked me more quickly and instructed, ‘Tell me when.’

I thought ‘what the fuck’ and let her wank me hard. The sensations were building and I knew it would be a big release, would it be too much for her? I thought ‘fuck the little tart. She asked for it.’

I was about to explode and I grunted, ‘Shit, now.’

Naomi’s mouth closed around my cock head and seemed to seal shut. I erupted and deposited spurt after spurt of spunk into her hot mouth. The sensations were intense and caused me to groan aloud. She moaned and sucked and I heard her gulping. As the last shots came from the tip of my cock my knees wilted and I plopped from her mouth. I felt drained. That was one of the best orgasms I could remember having.

I expected to see cum dribbling down her front but there was none.

‘That was nice. I love cum,’ she said by way of explanation. She’d obviously swallowed the lot. I was so impressed I kissed her passionately, my tongue swirling into the mouth. She tasted kind of malty. It was wonderful.

I moved down to kiss her tits and at the same time my hand snaked into the waistband of her jeans. It was a tight squeeze but she helped me by popping the buttons and unzipping. My fingers then probed for her pussy. I could feel her soft pubic hair between my fingers. I pushed down and made my way to her crotch. Her labia were slick and very wet. My middle finger curled inside her and once again she groaned into my mouth. But this time I thought it wasn’t a groan of complaint.

I started fingering her and she writhed up to meet my thrusts. After a few moments I paused to push her jeans and panties down and was rewarded by unhindered access to her pussy. I inserted two fingers and she gasped and kissed me again. We remained like this for a short while, me finger fucking her and kissing her. She was getting a little urgent in her humping against me, obviously needing something more. So I brought my thumb up to her clit.

At the first touch of her clit Naomi yelped and for the first time in a short while I was conscious that the were not alone in the house. I shushed her.

”ssss lovely,’ was all the reply she made.

I was pleased to be giving her pleasure in return but though we’d better move it along. I moved her back to my chair and knelt down to spread her legs. Her jeans were now round her ankles.

I kissed her clit and then licked her hot lips. I worked my tongue over and over repeating the action of a long lick along her open vulva and then a swirling lick of her clit. Each time my tongue hit her clit she jerked in pleasure, like an little bolt of electricity had shot through her.

I felt she was nearly there but needed more encouragement. Once more I probed her with two fingers and fucked her pussy. Then I withdrew my middle finger and found her anus. Gently I pushed my finger all the way in. Naomi gripped my head pulled me to her cunt but she didn’t flinch as my finger entered her ass. This really was a game girl.

The double penetration and the stimulation of her clit worked a treat and Naomi suddenly jerked and groaned as her orgasm welled up. I kept up my efforts but reached up to cover her mouth as a signal to keep quiet. Naomi bit my hand again, but more to control her orgasm than in anger this time.

Then she exploded. The climax overwhelmed her and she jerked and writhed in my chair as spasm after spasm wracked through her young body. I held her and helped support her as she slid off the chair and down to the floor. She curled up under me as she whimpered and panted through the end of her shuddering climax.

I kissed her sweaty face, now striped with strands of her dark, shoulder length hair. She responded and we kissed passionately again, tongues fencing. My cock was achingly hard once more and it came into contact with her hands. When Naomi felt it she kicked her left leg free of her jeans and guided me between her spread legs. I entered her hot pussy easily as it was slick from her juices. But it was still a neat fit and she seemed to grip me with her strong young pelvic-floor muscles.

I immediately set up a rhythm of fucking her. All the while complimenting her, telling her how gorgeous and sexy she was. We kissed intermittently and kept pausing for breath. Since I’d cum already I was able to hold out for quite a while and I was determined to give this young minx the fucking of her life.

By contrast Naomi seemed to be having multiple ‘aftershock’ orgasms throughout our fucking. Her gasps of pleasure punctuated the air at frequent intervals. She seemed lost in a daze and gave herself up to me to arrange her any way I wanted, like a rag doll.

First I fucked her missionary for a bit. It was so sweet seeing that beautiful young face beneath me. I couldn’t believe it. After all this time and wanting her and wanking over her, imagining her to be out of reach, taboo, untouchable. Here she was spread out below me, my engorged cock sliding in and out of her hot, juicy, teenage cunt.

With every thrust she gasped and moaned. Oh she moaned so sweetly. That alone was sensational, but the face and body that went with those sweet moans of ecstasy was just inspiring. And I was being inspired to my best ever performance. I rammed into her harder and harder on every thrust. Her breath escaped in explosive gasps each time I bore down on her.
‘So.. fucking.. good,’ she exclaimed in each successive gasp.

Next I rolled her onto her side for some deep penetration scissor fucking.

‘So big,’ she exclaimed as I entered her again.

Throughout this her mouth fell open and her eyes remained shut as she seemed to experience one long rolling orgasm. I pushed my cock as deep as I could and held it there and rotated my hips to move my cock deep within her hot little vagina. I could feel her cunt muscles rippling around my shaft as each little tremor of her orgasm shuddered through her.

As I had her right leg up it still had on her jeans and panties. I pulled them off and enjoyed hugging her naked leg. I stroked her skin and marvelled at its silky smoothness. I kissed the back of her knee and her calf and came to her little foot. She had on one of those shoe liner socks. I pushed it over her heel and off. Her pretty foot and toes were exposed and I kissed her sole. She jerked her leg and so I jammed my cock into her hard and pressed my unshaven face to her sole.

‘Nooo,’ she winced and writhed in almost unbearable pleasure at these new sensations. The I sucked and kissed her toes, all the while fucking her taught pussy.

After this I turned her over onto her knees for a hard doggy fuck.. Her little tattoo was now exposed and I traced the Celtic knot pattern with my fingers as I inserted my cock into her pussy from behind. She groaned again in approval and I started a steady rhythm of fucking. I wanted her naked and all that stood now between me and that goal was her T-shirt and one little sock. I pulled her upright and pulled the T-shirt over her head. I kissed her neck and ears and gently scratched her underarms. She seemed to like this and giggled as I did it. I then let her relax back down on to all fours.

I pulled her sock off and now she was naked. It’s a silly thing but I relished having her totally naked. Although it did occur to me that this would be hard to explain should my wife or her mother walk in. But I guess Naomi’s nakedness would seem less important than the sight of her uncle fucking her from behind. I smiled to myself at the idea of the two stupid cows supping sherry and gossiping while I had the best sex of my life with my sexy niece.

Naomi reached back to grab my ass and pull me into her. I realised that in my reverie I’d kind of lost my pace. She wanted her just desert. So I re-focused to my task. I started to fuck her with force. I reached under her body to twiddle her clit and that seemed to light a fire inside her.

‘Oh yess,’ she hissed.

Remembering the successful dual approach of earlier I also brought my free hand to her anus. Wetting my finger at her pussy, I slowly inserted my index finger into her puckered hole.

‘Aw fuck yess,’ was the response that drew and now I was fucking hard, playing with her clit and fingering her ass.

I was really nailing her and she was obviously in seventh heaven. My cock was going deep inside her and I could feel it pressing into her womb. Naomi was in a state of constant climax and almost oblivious to anything but the pleasure she was experiencing. I didn’t think she could cum any harder but you should never underestimate youth. Suddenly the triple assault on her body reached some tipping point of pleasure and Naomi started bucking like a bronco. She pushed my hand away from her clit and reared up to grab my other hand. I pulled my finger from her ass and suddenly felt a gush of heat to my balls. Naomi was cumming so hard her cunt was squirting hot pussy juice or pee or something out over my balls. She tried to push me back but I pressed down and kept my cock inside her. She squirmed and writhed under me as a tidal wave of orgasmic pleasure broke through her.

At last she settled and slumped to the floor. ‘Fuck me. That was the most incredible thing ever,’ she half whispered, ‘What did you do to me? I think I pissed on your floor.’

‘You’ve just had the benefit of experience, sweetheart.’

‘Oh shit, thank you.’

‘My pleasure.’

We lay together gently humping. My hard cock was still inside her.

‘Shit you’re still hard? You gonna cum again?’

‘I’d like to, baby.’

‘Christ, OK. If you can keep going so can I, old man,’ the perky teen giggled again.

I rolled over onto my back and showed her how to get astride me. Impaled on my cock she started bouncing up and down. ‘Fuck I’m gonna cum again,’ she gasped. With that she collapsed forward and kissed me as she shuddered through another much smaller orgasm.

Soon I felt the stirrings of my long awaited orgasm and increased my speed to give Naomi a home sprint of orgasmic pleasure. She confirmed another small orgasm then I felt my balls tighten and I knew my climax was imminent. Somewhat late in the proceedings I worried that Naomi was not protected against pregnancy, so I announced that I wanted to cum in her mouth again.

Obligingly the game little slut shuffled down to grab my cock and wank me into her mouth. What an incredible little cum slut she is. I rolled her over sideways and half sat up. She was now on her back and I just got my cock to her lips as I exploded the first jet of spunk. Others followed and most went in her mouth but some landed on her face and neck. She didn’t seem to care. She just lay there and swallowed what she could then let the rest lie on her skin.

We said nothing for several minutes. Then Naomi said, ‘You stripped me naked you perv,’ she kissed my cheek.

‘Well you pissed on my floor you dirty tart.’

‘Only ’cause you made me. How did you do that?’

‘Experience, sweetheart.’

‘Could you do it again sometime?’

‘Anytime you like,’ I kissed her deeply.


‘Sure. Now I think we’d better get dressed. We’ve taken quite a risk.’

‘Chicken. I’m going to take a shower.’ With that she gathered up her clothes and walked out of my room butt naked and headed up stairs.

Christ this girl is either going to be the best thing ever to happen to me, or land me in deep shit. But at that moment I thought it was worth the risk.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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