Solo With Older Black Stud Willie

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Solo With Older Black Stud Willie
Now it was a couple of weeks ago that I had got with Ernie and his black stud friend buddy for some double team action Willie which was packing a 9’1/2 fat big dark musty black cock that invaded my mouth and butthole a couple of weeks ago……

Willie called me up a few days before the weekend….Hey you knows who dis is a voice said…….Hey Mr Willie I said how are you in a soft tone ……..Doings good and yous you keeping that ass in shape for mees again he said……My ass is your sir I said……mmmmmmm……. He said into the phone…….. So what’s up with you how is Ernie ….Oh he ok….but I wants to come see you at yo place in the city and have you play my lil white girl again…..Yeah Ernie told me you might call said he gave you my number and said you come to the city somewhat……Yeah I gots some people down that way he said…..Cool with me even if you want to spend the night I told him would love to please you again anytime…….Well I got some free time dis weekend if you want me just send me the address and I will come Saturday night if ok wif you…..Sounds good to me not doing anything and can’t wait to see you again…….Makes sure you gots some of yo lil pink stuff on fo me……..I will so you like pink huh ? Yeah dat was hot shit you had on over at Ernies…….Ok call me Saturday at noon and let me know you still coming down my way…..Ok fo sure baby bye…….

So I called Willie about 11 am on the following Saturday and he said he was about to call me…..Yeah I ‘am gonna be there bout 7 pm he said ……Ok I will be ready for you daddy….I told him.

I had gotten some more pink stuff, garters and stockings, panties after a lil trip to the store and got prepped up about 5pm or so with a bath and douche and some shaving up…..I was so turned on thinking about Willies big black cock all day I had pre cum ozzing out my dick and my ass was wet and moist and thinking about his cock going in it…….

RING….RING…..Went my phone at about 6 50 pm hey runnin a lil late be there in about half hour Willie said ….Got your address on my GPS you all dressed up fo me in yo stuff…..Yes just laying around here watching a lil porn movie on the tv…..Oh ok whats on the movie….? It’s some black dudes doing gangbangs on lil white girls I said……MMMMMMMMMMM Hell yeas Ok be there in awhile he said……

About and hour later I heard a vehicle in my driveway It was Willie in his Wife’s car she had a lil Toyota Corolla yeah tooks the wifes car he said as he came in the side door…..Damn what you gots on there he said as he came in……Dressed in all pink attire I told him it was all for you…..damn let me feels that ass as I bent over and his big black hand rubbed my ass thru the pink panties I had on……Sexy muthu fuggin ass he said……..I stopped off and gots me a lil whiskey on my ways heres you wants some….No I like vodka i told him as he opened his bottle of ole Grand Dad whiskey….. you gots some coke and ice he asked….sure let me fix you one and I will get me one of the vodkas and seven up……So I made us some drinks and brought them into the living room where he was seated on my sofa…..

Sitting a close to him I reached over and kissed him on the cheek ……Damn you all over me like a real girl…….Here’s your drink daddy I told him……Damn he said you gettin me all hards aleadys……So where dis movie you tolds me about…..Oh let me turn it back on I paused it for awhile…..Start it from the beginning he told ok I said……

I restarted the DVD and after a few minutes we were watching the film…..Damn all dem niggas gonna fuck dat white ho huh…..Yeah It’s a hot one I said……Mmmmmmmmmm damn how long dis movie is about 2 hours or more I told him…..I got to go to da bathrooms he said……So I escorted Willie to the bathroom and showed him some towels and stuff if he wanted to shower and stuff….I might after awhile he said…..

I went back to the sofa and he came out and sat back down watching the porn film….Damn i gots to get these pants off so he stripped down to his white boxers with his big black cock head hanging out one side and he took off his shirt I reached over with my head and started kissing one of his dark black nipples swirling my tongue around it ….Damn …shit that feels good he said as I started rubbing his cock thru his shorts after a lil of that…..I layed down sideways with my head on his lap and started taking his shorts down With one hand moving from left to right I could smell his strong musty smell coming out of his shorts as his black prick popped out…….Oh damn dat feels good he said…..I hit the head of his cock with my mouth like a perch hitting a cane pole fishing rod….His cock was so fucking sweet and looked so good I sucked him while we watched the movie on the tv…….Oh baby oh shit dat feels good he said as I worked on his rod……He was soon fully erect and even had some tasty pre cum for me…..mmmmmm his black dick was such a turn on I was grinding into the sofa as I sucked him and his musty smell had me moaning on his cock…I didn’t want him to cum too fast so I went slowly around his cock head….Yeah suck it slow like that ….dats sum damn good head theres he said…..Oh Mr Willie your cock is so sweet I told him and I rubbed his ball sack with my other hand as he watched the movie and sipped his Ole Grand dad drink…..Oh baby I needed dis he said rubbing my head suck it suck it good…….

After a few more minutes of working Willie’s big black meat stick we took a lil break as he had to use the bathroom and I had soaked my panties in my own pre cum so I changed them and wiped off good.

Willie came back in the room with his dark black prick dangling between his legs looked at the tv which was on mute and said thats what I’am talking about right theres…..The black studs on the movie were invading a white girls asshole….Oh that is hot looking I told him….The title of the film was WHITE TRASH WHORE VOL something I remember at the time…..You bout ready for me to get that ass again he said……my new panties were getting soaked again as he spoke…..Yes sir if you are ready ……Where yo lube at you gots any vaseline? he said…..Well yeah if you like that better…..go gets it…he said………..So I went to the bathroom and fetched the jar of vaseline and a sheet and laid it out on the floor in front of us……Damn you getting it all ready fo me huh……he said………………..Well let me get my lips back on your sweet cock for a lil bit I said …….Yeah suck it get that dick hard…..And I did as told and loved sucking his big black prick while I rubbed his nuts and savored his dark musty smell that turned me on……

A few minutes later…..ok sweetcheeks time to get it in yo ass…..I got up spread the sheet on the floor in front of the sofa and got some sofa pillows off the sofa……Get it up in the air facing the tv he directed me as he grabbed the jar of vaseline I looked back as he gobbed his finger into the jar and told him to lube me up good because I had not been ass fucked since the last time we met….Willie gonna take care of yo ass don’t worrys he said as his finger hit my asshole with the lube…..Oh oh oh….I said as he rammed his black middle finger up my anus…..Yeah gonna get ya all feeling good fo dis dick he said…..After a minute or so of his finger and the vaseline he stopped wiped his fingers off with the towel grabbed his cock and aimed it for my puckerd pink asshole…..Hold it right there he said as the head of his black dick hit my outer ring……..Oh shit fuck go slow Mr Willie I said as he was a lil forcefull and I bucked forward a bit ….Don’t run from it now back up on that dick girl give me that white ass you know you want to be like that woman in the movie don’t you…..Oh yes sir I told him as my pre cum was ozzing out my own prick onto the sheet and my balls began to ache …….

Awwwww!!! fuck damn shit that dicks big!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh!!!! I let out as he plunged into my anus and backed off a bit…..Hold it right there I aint it that ass good yet he said…..His Big black speared dick head and the first 4 fat inches were a bit of pain but he got in it and went deeper I felt his balls slapping mine underneath….Yeah yeah yeah there it goes now Willie said as he prodded my asshole ……Oh fuck Mr Willie fuck my ass good as he pulled in and out with smooth strokes…….Damn your ass meat wrapped all over my dick he said as he pulled in and out.I could feel him turning my asshole in and out with his long strokes…..Oh make you your lil bitch tear that ass up !!!! I told him… my balls and sphincter were on fire from the ass fucking he was giving me he had my asshole stretched like a pink rubber band on his 9 1/2 by 6 big black prick……Oh yeah oh yeah gonna fuck that ass a long time dis time he said as he started fucking me harder…..I buried my head in one of the pillows as I reared my ass up higher to meet his cock….He was working my asshole over good……How dat cock feel in yo ass you want to be like a lil sissy you mines again now he said…..Oh DAMN you fucking my ass so good Mr Willie as I reached back under my legs and felt his big nut sack….So there I was on the floor with an older black stud up my butt and loving it …….

After a few more minutes I yelled out oh man fuck shit son of a bitch!!!!!!! I ‘am gonna cum as he fucked my ass with his strokes…….I’am about to blow too he said give me another minute….fuck it i’am cumming I said out loud as his prick got me so good in my anus and so intense I shot on the sheet and my asshole gripped his black dong so hard he hollered out ….I’am cumming in that ass now….oh shit here it cum.. Willie said….I felt a big warm load of his ball juice hit my rectum and pour out as he spent inside me….Mutha fuck dats some good ass……Whew whew he said…As I collapsed forward on the sheet with his cum and the vaseline on my asshole….He went to the bathroom and I felt my asshole with my fingers ……damn he tore my white ass up…….My balls were still aching and my ass was twitching…….

After his shower and me holding his dick in the toilet while he pissed .I showered up and cleaned out and he made himself another drink and we watched some regular tv show and news…Damn Willie you sure tore my ass up do you ever do that kind of stuff with your wife ? I asked him………….Shit no man she just straight sex she don’t even suck much…..I hear ya cool I said…. Man yo ass was some tights dis time he said…Yeah well remember your buddy Ernie was up it the first time before you….Oh yeah dats right he said……Ernie got dat ass first…..

So you bouts giving me sum more heads…..sure I said anything for you as I sucked his black musty cock again on the floor to his delight I even got on those balls of his and licked his seam right down to his asshole ….He rolled over and delivered another dose of his hot sperm in my mouth…..damn you gots me drained like a cow whew…shit man…..

So about midnight he decided to just head back home and call it a weekend …I had to go blow another nut thinking about Willie to clean out my aching balls………He came back another time and that was it ……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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