Sorry, we are closing now…

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Sorry, we are closing now…
Sorry, we are closing now

Friday late afternoon I was home alone and really horny.
Victor had advised me he could come very late that night, because he was busy with some paperwork and getting ready for a fly on Saturday.
I was getting bored, but suddenly I thought I could go on shopping, to get some sexy lingerie for a last night with Victor before his business trip.
When I arrived at the mall, several shop places were near closing. I hurried up and run to the changing rooms with a three or four thongs in my hands and some matching push up bra sets.

I was undressing when I heard the announcement: “We are closing in five minutes…”

Ten minutes later, I had not decided yet which ones to buy. I needed more choices. Suddenly I noticed it was very quiet around.
I opened the curtains on the cubicle, to find two young black guys wearing only boxers. They were standing at the entrance to the changing rooms.
I lowered down my eyes, just to see both black guys were having sizable erections inside their boxers. One of them was holding out a pair of crotch less panties thong in his fingers and was offering it to me.
“You should try this piece for us, babe”. He said in a deep voice.
I grabbed the thong and closed the curtains again. I turned over and bent to take off my underwear. Then I felt a warm hand rubbing my ass cheeks and a hard dick penetrating my pussy wet lips…
I turned my head, with that black guy still attached and I found myself face to face with a second black cock just asking for a suck. I grabbed hold of it and started matching the smooth movement, in and out, that I could feel from behind.
When this black manhood was well lubricated with my saliva, the second guy moved behind me. He climbed onto the chair above his friend and started working his moist head around my rear tight entrance.

I leaned forward and reached my arms to the back wall of the cubicle.
I groaned wild and leaned more as I felt the pressure of that large black dick slowly but surely entering her anus. The second guy finally managed to bury his full hard dick deep in my anus.
Both men were now fucking me from behind and I was starting to feel my own climax, when the shop lights come on.
All three of us got freeze in position as we heard footsteps closing in on us. Expecting at any moment to be caught, our surprise was bigger, when a security guard opened the curtains and smiled: “Mind if I join you?”
I could feel both black cocks soften inside me and eventually they slipped from my body at the sight of this new black man. They stood next to me.

The new situation was not so comfortable to me and then I tried to escape from these three men, but the security guard grabbed my arm, saying:
“We don’t want you running away now, just as the party is getting started”.
He dragged me outside of the changing room and secured my wrists with a tiny rope around a granite column in the middle of the store.

Making sure I was not going anywhere, the black man slowly began to stroke my shoulders. He ran his huge hands over and down my back…
He ran his fingers down and over my buttocks, kneading them as he went. As the other guys were just watching, he slipped a finger between my slightly spread thighs and ran it up against my moist pussy. Running it up and down a couple of times, he coated his finger with my juices and lifted it to his mouth. He moaned and licked his finger…
Then he sat down on a chair and said to both young guys:
“Now the white bitch is nicely warmed up. I will just sit here and watch you”.
Then both guys untied my hands from the column and dragged me to a mattress lying on the floor, close to the counter.
Jonas and Arthur; those were their names, took turns in licking every inch of my body, taking more than enough time over sucking my increasing sensitive nipples; until they were standing hard and erect…
“Leave some for me, guys” Shouted the guard from his chair.
Jonas left Arthur to carry on enjoying my nipples, while he then made his way down between my legs. He started at the feet, squeezing them between his hands; then slowly he made his way up my inner thighs, kissing and licking as he went.

By the time he had reached my exposed pussy, he found it thoroughly wet.

My eyes flicked, as my body was ravaged by those young guys; but every time I shot a glance over at the guard man, his cock just continued growing.

Jonas’s tongue was slowly working its way up inside my pussy, licking my labia and running his tongue sadistically over my swollen clit, the merest connection causing my whole body to shake violently.

After having covered my breasts in saliva and love bites, Arthur moved up to my face. He put his cock onto my cheek and he asked me to blow him. I began to lick the tip of it and he slowly began to feed it in between my lips, gentle encouraging me to take more and more of it inside my warm mouth.

Jonas was still teasing me, but never allowing me to reach my own climax. Every time I was close, the black little bastard stopped and the moment was gone, only for him to build me up again and again. He finally took my swollen clitoris between his lips and sucked it as hard as he could.

My body arched off the bed and an unknown emotion flooded my body, never had I experienced anything quite like it, and then another, then another, until my whole body shock uncontrollably.
It was only when Jonas released my clit, did my body begin to settle down and I could feel my heartbeat in my mouth, as the orgasms began to subside…
Then the black guard stood up and pulled out an enormous dick from his pants. He pushed out both young guys and climbed onto the mattress.

His huge black cock was swinging beneath him and rested gently at first on my waiting pussy lips. He got into position and slipped the tip of that monster thing deftly into my moist cunt. It made me moan as he expertly pushed further and further inside. I really was enjoying his fuck too much…

As he fucked me wildly, his middle finger went down between my open thighs and rubbed my wet clit; then he was able to gather up some cum and in doing so, gave him the lubricant he needed for probing my tight anus.
The black guard prodded and poked my rear entrance, until his finger slide into my anus, well lubed now by my own juices running down

I had to grip the bed sheets real tight, as the black man began twisting his finger, plunging it right up to the second knuckle…
Suddenly he took off his finger from my anus, slipped out his huge cock from my cunt and made bend over my belly. I felt his giant black serpent resting upon my buttocks for a second.
He then moved his body up towards my splayed thighs and gripping them in each hand he began to spread them apart. Fearing the worst, I began to clench my cheeks together. I knew that brutal black man would hurt me if he would try to sodomize me with his enormous dick…

“Do not worry, babe, I am just going for your pussy.” He said softly…
He then let his cock slide down between my ass cheeks. Then he started to slide again his huge black dick deep inside my wet cunt.
I raised my head and saw the other two young guys just watching; the guard had not allowed them to get closer. He wanted to fuck me just for himself…

I felt my cunt was going wetter, like milking his hard cock. It did not take long before his own climax surfaced and he let fire a torrent of hot seed, deep inside my wanting cunt. I felt him filling me and then I exploded in the most intense orgasm; crying and screaming like a bitch…

Finally his cock softened and it slipped out of my batted pussy. I could feel his cum trickle out of my pussy lips and soak into the sheet.
I was going to get up from the bed when the guard rose from my back; but then the strong hands of the two young black gays held me in position…
“Where are you going, bitch…? My mate and I are not done yet…”
I lay there wondering just how much more my pussy could take. But then I felt a huge dick head probing my asshole…
I tried to struggle, but the hands of Jonas held me firmly against the mattress, while Arthur’s black cock started to invade my tight anus…
They both laughed as I screamed and cried in pain, feeling that powerful massive black serpent opening my rear entrance and sliding deep inside my anus.
Before I fainted, I just remember having thought about that night I could not get home early to show Victor my new lingerie outfits…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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