southern style

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southern style

-thunder storm crashed on the window of the cabin

renting a cabin for the family vacation seemed a good holiday.. until….
I had no idea what was to come.
the cabin was in the forest and secluded. perfect, I thought,
although the place was charming.. like a bed and breakfast. with his and hers bathrooms .. apples everywhere which seemed the theme of the weekend.
.. little did I know what was to happen.
it was old and rustic I liked it as I like all things old and charming/

but aunt kim .. had devilish intents for me.

– the evening—

my 110 body creamy whilte pale. 5 2. perfect slim.

my breasts creamy white. I saw aunt kim watching me as I ran. she seemed spellbound by me.
she bit her lip as she came watching me sweat.
entering the cabin.. hi I said.. knowing..

she entered my room locking the door.
{ I want u” } she whispered. rubbing me between my legs. twisting my breasts hard. the massage between my legs grew rough and fierce. I felt her finger dive high into my vagina twisting. her fingers dove higher deeper into my vagina twisting..
twirling… she began kissing me slowly on my vagina and covered my vagina with hot kisses and licks.
squeezing my vagina hard but slow. firm. pulling my nipple and tugging. licking my breast gently ..
nipping the nipple hard and bitting it hard.
fingers now high up my vagina twirling deeper and deeper . harder. inside me. spreading my legs wide as her fingers grew deeper in my rubbing hard. caressing me between my thighs.. rubbing.
pulling me to her she gave me a rimjob. “dark devilish rimjob”. feeling my legs buckle ,I melted to her mough on my vagina as the rimjob grew dark. sinfil.
aunt kim was finger fucking me roughly.
the rimjob she gave me dark and devilish.

deep kisses I felt enveloping my vagina..
as she began fucking me slowly..
her breasts like ice cream for the sences.. as she suckled me deeper and deeper harder.. longer.
hard and deeper. gently .. slowly.. for what seemed hours. fucking me slowly..pulling my nipple hard biting it.
her finger fuck deep dark … hard rough.

she finger fucked me roughly.. biting my nipple circling it with her figers.. pulling the tip and biting. rubbing it hard.

caressing between my legs and pulling me to her as she suckled me deeply. eating me out. for hours.
rubbing rough between my legs. opening me wide as she fucked me slowly .. over and over. rougher and rougher.
ahh.. the sinfil tourtoure of her hands hot on my skin. ” yes aunt kim” I cried as she went in me twisting. mounting me to another round of hot sinfil delight in a fuck.
fucking me slowly from behind.. for hours.
:yes” I screamed as the sex grew deeper ..darker.. rougher.
aunt kis han ds hot on my breasts twirlinh herlips on my breasts and tugging her teeth on my nipple

giving me a rimjob. her fingers fierclt high up my wall. hard. roug.. pressing deeper deeper deeper higher up me. “rought the sex gerew slow dark deep. : I love your softless: she growled fucking me slowly. as she suckled my vagina slow… eating me out. suckling hard. …
deepthroatig me hard
melting to her as I kissed her slowly.. orally giving her sex for hours….

“yes she growled as I gave her oral sex for hours.

pulling me to her vagina. : fuck me hard” aunt kim whispered. I obeyed/. giving her the twister.
my tougue firmly on her breasts suckling hard. tracing her nipple with my finger and licking her breast, squeezing. blowing cool kisses on her breasts and nipple. licking her nipple slow. hard. tenderly.
circling it with mycool kiss.
she orgasmed hard. moaning.
pulling me to her vagaina : fuck me now: she said.
I gave her the twister twice more. deark deeply deepthroating her.
we fucked slowly for hours… ahh the beautiful delight of her touch.
aunt kim ate me out deeper and deeperd
suckling me hard.. suckling.
suckling slow
pulling me dowln to fuck me cowgirl style
deeply. . we fucked slowly. deeply roughly for hours.
she boiled between my legs finger fucking me hard deeply givng me a rimjob.
the night belonged to us. we lay I bed all night fucking slowly roughly
.. ahh. aunt kim

: ” happy aunt kim”
” u have n o idea my naughy angel”
leaving me with a kiss on my vagina and scratches onmy back.
in chair //
her beautifuly skin memorizing in her .as we fucked roughly log into the summer night.
licking biting her nipple.. blowing her nipple with cool kisses… squeezed caressing her nipple a nd breasts
as I bobbed up and down side to side on her giving her the twister.

– as we fucked hard rough long in to the night
— and I gave her hot oral sex for hours.

-her beautiful skim memorized in her I was as .. we fucked slow deep and rough.
sleeping in her embrace as she hugged me tight and the waves crashed outside on the window.
// and we fucked long deep .. rough for hours.
… the oral sex hot .. demonic.

” yes fuck me hard. suck me my naughty angel” aunt kim growled as I gave her the twister deeper and deeper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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