Stella’s sudden surrender [1]

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Stella’s sudden surrender [1]

Stella starts to tell Saskia the story of her humiliating sudden surrender early Summer as soon as she submits to us.
Saskia still kneels between the long legs of Stella who orders her to play with her pussy while listening very carefully.
Stella closes her eyes, as if she replays the video of that day in Spain with me, which completely changed her life.
Saskia sees how Stella first fondles her firm tits, soon slides down to her slit, still wet from all orgasms by Saskia.
Stella demands Saskia to come on command for her, everytime she will conclude a sub-story line from our love life.

Very ‘vanilla’, our love life. I was so shy and almost unexperienced, when we met at my very first day in Amsterdam.
We all looked up to him, I guess. We were a dozen freshmen. He handsome, gentle. Six years our senior in age.
He led our group through the first week introduction program at university, guiding us through town and the events.
Probably the other girls also had a crush on him. End of Summer, great weather. We even went once to the beach.
I was lucky to land next to him, when we spread out our towels. Some went for a swim immediately, but I waited.

I love sunbathing. So I stretch out. I hotly hope he will make a first move. Starts some conversation for instance.
I am on my back, but he turns to his belly. Rests his head on his crossed arms, with his face turned towards me.
He sweetly smiles at me when I look at him. To my disappointment he closes his eyes. He seems take a nap now.
I do the same and I doze off from day dreaming. About how he would seduce me and we could become a couple.
Indeed I did get to be his girlfriend, although it took some time. Perhaps that is another sweet sexy story for later.

I interrupt Stella’s story of her fine fantasies, with one of mine on this beach scene, my memories of that time.
In fact, I wasn’t sure what to do next! I mean, she looked too good to be true to me. Young yummy blonde beauty.
Innocent and inexperienced, I guessed. Tasty turn-on to take her, for at least once, just like a few others I fancied.
I know it is relatively easy in such sexy situations to seduce them. I could have tried to get in bed with all I liked.
Instead of aiming for five or six one-night-stands, surely very sexy and satisfying for me, I hoped hotly for more.

I was simply too curious for the qualities of Stella. Outside, she is easiest to observe. Especially from so close.
I wanted a lot of time to study every detail of her good looks, without getting caught for staring at her too long.
I try this tric and indeed I can secretly stare at her as I like. She wears only a tiny blue bikini. Lovely bodyscape.
I look from her firm B-sized breasts down to her very flat belly and beyond. Is she as blonde down there, I wonder?
I took my time to be sure of her other qualities, her inner beauties so to speak , but basicly my intuïtion was right.

I also took my time to find out how to sexually satisfy her. So far Stella only had some orgasms from pussy play.
I tried a few promising positions, in which she can come from fingering her clit, while I enjoy poking her pussy.
I quickly noticed she needs some foreplay to get hot, especially in the morning, when I wake up with a hard-on.
I learned a lesson from an erotic experiment, serving her breakfast in bed. After that, she was easy meat to me.
I caress her belly after her favourite food for a few seconds. Soon she turns to her belly and spreads her legs!

I like indeed to be taken in this way. It took me some time to explain him why I love this perfect position for me.
I know now it secretly reveals my inclination, which I would discover with him much later in our love life together.
I not only want to have my hand down there. I secretly go wanton wet, as soon as I feel his knees spreading me.
I want to feel wanted. With no way out. His firm grip in this position. My only escape is his orgasm. And mine.
I never fail to get off fast. Often my mussle muscles milk my man’s member strong enough to make him come.

I see Stella is close to come from confessing her hot memories with me, making still sweet love in vanilla style.
I also notice sweet Saskia is following, furiously fingering her furry fanny in abandon, ready to come together.
I love how Stella plays her part to make Saskia more mine and hers step by step. No way out for her anymore.
I enormously enjoy being in charge without taking any action actually, apart from a few love lines from our past.
I don’t want to come when my sexy subs share another orgasm, as I know Stella just started. More coming soon!

I have a few remarks to make to my dear readers here. First of all: this series is a continuation of a recent one.
I will post a link to the start in a self-comment. You can find the other parts from there, or from my profile page.
I am also fond of your thumbs up for this tasty story, which starts so sweetly here, with Stella’s first confession.
I am curious for your comments. How do you think that our love life could change so suddenly. In only one day!
I invite you to imagine how you would feel in this situation: a tasty threesome in such a sweet sexy submission?

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