Step by step

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Step by step
I wasn’t thinking at all when I showed Cait the toys, I was just excited about them and about the pictures I had in my head of us using them so when she said “Where did you get those?” and she was laying on her bed naked and I was standing on my knees between her legs and we had played with each other a little and I pulled them out from under the covers where I had hidden them because I wanted to surprise her and I had the double dildo in my hands like a trophy and the butt plug and the vibrator with all the accessories for it on the bed between us and after the fact I realized I could have said it was my mom’s because Cait knew she had stuff like that but what I blurted out was “Aunt Beth gave them to me” and she said “What?!” and I said “Uhh…” and she said “Mom??”

“Uhm, yeah” I said and she said “She just gave all that to you? Just like that? Like, ‘Here, I just wanted you to have this giant dildo just in case you ever got bored and there’s nothing on TV’? Like that?” and I said “Cait, I…” and she sat up with her back to the headrest and she said “Or like, ‘Here’s a little something for you and Caitlin since I know you’ve been shoving your tongue up her pussy but that gets old after a while, doesn’t it?’” and I got a little angry and said “Yeah actually it was more like that” and she said “What??” again.

“She said it was for us both” I said and Cait said “What?” and I said “Well, you see…” and then I told her what had happened, that her mom had caught me masturbating the day before and that I had been watching porn and that she ended up watching it with me and that we masturbated together and after that I had asked to borrow some of her toys and she had left those for me and left a note that said it was for Cait and me both and Cait just stared at me with her mouth open for a few seconds and then she grabbed the dildo and marched out of the room and I ran after her and I grabbed my t-shirt on the way out and put it on as I ran but Cait was still naked and she shouted “Mom!” and her mom answered from upstairs “Bathroom!” and I hissed “What are you doing?!” but Cait just ran up the stairs but I caught up with her half way and I grabbed her arm and said “Please stop” and she turned around and said “Why?” and I said “Because you’re angry and naked and with a dildo in your hand and what are you going to do anyway?”

And she just stared at me for a while again and then she sat down on the steps and said “I don’t know” and she was sulking a little and so I said “Cait babe, let’s go back to your room” because I didn’t want her mom to see us like this but Cait just looked at me with a pout and said “Look” and then she said “I know you have like a ton of girlfriends and I know it’s not like you and I are really together like that so it’s not like you’re cheating or anything and it’s okay, it really is and I know we never ever can be together like that and that’s okay too because I know you don’t love me like that. But I do! I love you like that and so… I mean, I don’t care about the other girls and I’m never gonna ask you to stop doing that but now it’s my mom too? At least I can tell my own mom to not come between us, right?”
And I said “It’s not like that” but maybe it was just a little? But I said “Your mom isn’t going to come between us. And I don’t have a ton of girlfriends, come on.”

And she said “Really? That’s not true because you do. You even called me by one of their names one time” and I said “I did not!” and she said “Yeah you did. That one girl that looks like a super model. You called me Lucy one time” and I said “I did?” and she said “Yeah. You did. And then you came. But I didn’t want to say anything. But you definitely did” and I said “Fuck Cait, I’m so sorry” and she just shrugged.

And she just sat there naked I and just stood there in front of her and I thought; There’s no way, because I was never thinking about Lucy when Cait and I were having sex, was I?
And none of us said anything for a while and then she shrugged again and said “Like I said, I don’t care. And if you’re fucking mom and dad, that’s fine, whatever” and I said “I am not fucking your dad” and she looked at me and said “But you are fucking mom” and I just nodded slowly.

And now she was looking into my eyes and her expression changed slowly and she was biting her lower lip and then she put her arms around me and she kissed me and whispered “Tell me about it” and I whispered back “Let’s go to your room” and she said “No, I want to do it here” and she kissed me more and then she put her hand on my pussy and massaged it and she put a finger inside of me and I said “Mmmmhh” and I kissed her back and then we heard her mom coming out of the bathroom and she said “Caitlin?” and Cait and I both looked up and then her mom was at the railing upstairs and she looked down and saw us and she said “Oh” and I tried to pull away from Cait but she held my head and turned me around and kissed me again and then she dropped down a couple steps so she was below me between my legs and she put her face in my pussy and put her mouth on my clit and I looked up again and her mom was watching us and that made me so unbelievably horny and I let Cait lick my pussy with her mom watching and I had to steady myself with my hands on the steps and then Cait reached up and fondled my tits and pinched my nipples and she had her tongue deep inside me and I was so close to coming already.
And then Cait reached for the dildo without ever taking her mouth off my pussy and she found it and she spread her legs and put it inside herself and I looked up at her mom again and she could see everything from there looking down at my ass and at Cait fucking herself with both hands gripping the dildo and her head between my thighs and she walked around the railings to the top of the stairs in front of me and she was only wearing a bathrobe and she opened it and sat down and spread her legs and then she grabbed my head and pulled me to her pussy and I kissed it and then I put my lips on her clit and sucked it and she groaned and pulled me in tighter.

And now I was licking aunt Beth’s pussy while her daughter was licking mine and it was all so hot and even more amazing than me sucking her dad’s cock while she held it and when I came I came so hard my knees buckled and I almost fell down the stairs but Cait grabbed my hips and held me up and she wouldn’t stop licking me and her mom held my head and rubbed her pussy in my face as she came too and said “Oooohh fuu-uuuck!” like she always did and then she let go of me and I looked down at Cait and she was still sucking on my clit and grabbing my ass with one hand and she was rubbing herself with the other and she just had the dildo inside her pussy and was moving her hips to it and it was swinging like a snake trying to wiggle its way out of her hole and I came again.
And when it was over I just had to pull myself away from her or I was going to faint, and so I did and I got down between her legs and grabbed the dildo and pushed it in and out of her faster and faster as she rubbed her clit and then Cait came too and she screamed so loud.

And then when it was all over and we had composed ourselves I got up and stood against the wall between Cait and her mom and Cait crawled up the stairs to where I was standing and she put her arms around my left leg like a faithful dog and she looked at her mom and none of them said anything but they just looked at each other for a while like they were both waiting for the other to say something first and Cait was just glaring at her really and I thought; They’re either going to start kissing each other or they’re going to start yelling at each other, and my heart was pounding and then her mom stood up and pulled her robe together and she sounded maybe just a little uneasy but not much when she said “Wanna go out for a pizza or something?”

And Cait quickly said “Pineapple!” and her mom and I both said “No-o” and Cait stuck her lip out and pouted but she was really smiling.
So Cait and I took a quick shower and we didn’t talk abut what had happened and we got dressed and then we went downstairs where her mom was waiting and we got in the car and went to a pizza place that was open this late and we had a great time and laughed a lot and aunt Beth even bought a bottle of wine for Cait and me.

And when we got back home aunt Beth said “I’m going to bed” and Cait and I said “Same” and we followed her up the stairs and she continued up to the third floor and we walked towards Cait’s room and then her mom shouted at us “Hey you two!” and I realized she was going to invite us both to her room and I turned around a little too enthusiastic I think, and I caught Cait looking at me in the corner of my eye and she suddenly looked nervous but her mom just said “Don’t forget this” and she threw the double headed dildo to us because we had left it on the stairs and it wobbled in the air but Cait still managed to catch it.

And we went to Cait’s room and undressed and laid down on the bed and the vibrator was still there and Cait took it and handed it to me and smiled and then she said “Just don’t call me Lucy or anything” and I hid my face in her neck and I was so ashamed and I said “I’m so sorry. I feel so bad. I really do love you, baby” and she stroked my hair and then we made love but now I really did have Lucy on my mind the whole time and i just couldn’t help it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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