Step Father’s heaven

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Step Father’s heaven
i came, just now.,… to an all morning scene running through my mind of a step father and his hot sub wife, as well as his hot young step daughter. once they had become comfortable and familiar with each other, he occasionally, playfully tweaks his step daughters nipple now and then but she’s not sure if he is just playing inappropriately and doesn’t realize it’s inappropriate… or does he mean it sexually. letting her guess, acting innocent, he enjoys knowing she thinks and wonders about the stolen touches for months. gradually he gets her to where he stood behind her while she’s doing the dishes and nobody else was home, carressing her breasts from outside her shirt with both big strong hands, moving his hard cock against her ass but not too agressively. she’s unaccustomed to a man’s private parts plus this is her mother’s husband so she’s mixed up but curious enough to like it. doesn’t stop him… yet. sometimes they are alone and he doesn’t make a move for her at all, tho she’s expecting him to. it makes her start to make excuses to try to entice him, accidentally of course. bending over in front of him to pick something up she dropped, showing him her panties. changing into smaller tighter tops without a bra, showing her hard nipples hoping he would touch them. wearing short shorts, short skirts and dresses exposing her perfect long legs, making him wonder if she has panties on underneath. all he has to do is lift the skirt but he wont. often even in front of her mother, she would sit on his lap pretending to be playful, affectionate, but secretly rubbing her clit against his leg when she could get away with it.
His wife went to the gym the same time every afternoon, she’d be gone at least 2 hours with the trainer he chose for her.
he sat watching football on tv when his step daughter came in the room claiming to be bored. he motioned for her to come sit with him claiming he’d take care of ‘that’. she sat beside him but that’s not what he had in mind. He motioned for her to get on his lap. She climbed up onto is lap wearing only a sundress and tiny panties. he wraps his arms around her holding her tight from behind. pretending to pay attention to the game he just held her there. she could feel his cock getting hard in his shorts and lifts up so he can pull it up as it slapped his belly button and above. she pretends not to notice as he pulls her hips back down on him. he begins to wedge his body against hers, up and down sliding the length of his hard cock in his basketball shorts against her slit slowly, gently. one of his hands moves up to hold her tit, massaging it fully this time instead of just a nipple tweak which could be mistaken for play. this sent a rush and tingling sensation between her legs as she tightened inside till it passed. before long shes rubbing herself against him as he’s masturbating her pussy with his leg. she’s getting hotter and hotter, feeling her clit swell from the thought of his hard cock between her legs, and his stepfather hands holding her breast tightly. she rides his thigh and clothed cock as fast as he could move her. he takes one hand to her clit rubbing it from outside her young girl white cotton panties, stroking his cock up and down her ass crack through his shorts. moving his fingers back and forth, up and down her clit faster and faster, he felt her body tense up tight, her back arched and she took a deep breath … holding it.. long hair d****d over his face from behind, her hot wet cum shoots right through her all over her panties.
he waits until he thinks it has all dripped out of her before he stands up and gently pulls her panties off her and leaves her out of breath on the sofa while he goes to the restroom and finishes his already almost blown load all over them while he held them cupped in his hand, stroking his cock head with the other. he rubs his cum smearing it all over the already juicy crotch of the panties until he is satisfied they are completely covered with both their juices then brings the panties back to the young girl, and slides them back on her. she feels they are sopping… looking up at him with curious eyes. that’s you and me, and you will wear them all day. do not clean yourself until i tell you to. enjoy your new step daddy, baby. i’m going to take good care of you from now on.

the sub story going on in my head is the hot wife has a new job she’s starting tomorrow, and he wants to make sure she’s sore on her first day, and tired from not enough sleep. he wants her to be unable to force him out of her mind all day at work, because her body will remind her constantly of who she belongs to. what she doesn’t know is the reason he’s hard all the time, is he’s always thinking about eating his step daughter’s pussy one day. he knows the day will come and once he starts, she won’t be able to get enough. he looks forward to taking her whole body in time, but decided making her cum by just his tongue, is appropriate for the first month or so. he’s got plenty of pussy at his disposal with his wife, and others on the side, the teen ager can wait. he likes his ladies to crave more.. never gives them everything.
eventually he’s confident now, she will let him make her cum every night before she goes to sleep, and other stolen moments as the opportunities arise, but for now, he has a wife who needs some serious pussy punishment.
though she’s always a little hesitant, unsure of his full potential as he becomes more aggressive and creative with time. she always wonders the full scope of his sexual abilities and desires. never fully relaxed knowing she can handle anything he throws at her. wondering if she will ever truly know all that he is, sexually. he likes keeping her guessing and the guessing keeps her wet all day every day to her own embarrassment at times. it takes time to build the confidence in her he requires, to fully dominate her without disobedience of any kind. Once he has conquered her, he will need to add others to his sex life, as new is always better. but right now, he has plenty of conquest and training on his hands.
his wife returns from the gym with a towel around her neck, tight body in tight work out clothes, her legs glistening with sweat noticing her husband and daughter sitting on the sofa beside each other, as he invites her to join them after she takes a shower.
she goes upstairs to shower and he follows her to begin the process of making her whole body raw and sore from his pounding. it’s half-time, his step daughter is text messaging somebody, oblivious to anything else that could be going on upstairs.
before the half time show is over, he returns satisfied he’s given his wife a quick but good hard preliminary fuck as an indication of what she is to expect throughout the whole night and into the morning as he had told her, in so many words as he was ramming her from behind talking very dirty to his new wife. she showers alone… gently..legs still shaking, slightly out of breath.

more fun to cum….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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