Summer Job

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Summer Job
Holly’s Summer Job

My wife Holly is a school teacher. Every summer she gets a job so we can afford a trip to Florida over Christmas break. This year she got a job as a laborer in a national park. She loves being outside in the sun, and so far the work hasn’t been too difficult. Right now they are working in a campground that was devastated by a wildfire. They are cleaning up construction debris after the restroom/shower facility was rebuilt. That area of the park is closed to visitors and they only rarely see a ranger or the scientists who are monitoring the effects of the fire on some of the critters there.
She is on a crew with three black men and one black woman. The crew leader is a fifty something, overweight man named Harold. He drives the crew cab pick-up and interacts with the administration. He doesn’t actually do any work. The other two men, Will and Red, do the heavy lifting. They are probably late twenties or early thirties. And are constantly telling my wife, in great detail, how much she would enjoy “going black”. The woman, Chantell, is a skinny twenty year old who just doesn’t do anything. She took an immediate dislike to Holly after Will and Red started giving her all of their attention.
My wife wears hiking boots, khaki shorts, and a loose fitting tank top to work each day. She says that she catches Will or Red looking down her shirt, almost daily, as she is bent over doing something. They stop whatever they are doing and stare until she is through. The guys wear long athletic shorts and Tees, most of the time. Some leave little to the imagination she told me one night. Holly said that Chantell was all over Red the day he wore a pair of nylon gym shorts that plainly displayed his bulging manhood. Will caught Holly looking as well and started in on the “once you go black” sermon.
After the water was restored to the site, the men would stand under the outdoor shower at the end of the day to wash off the sweat and dust. They always asked the girls if they wanted to join them.
One day they were all in the crew cab returning from dumping off some of the construction debris. Chantell and Harold were in front, as usual, and Holly was sitting between Will and Red. Will noticed Holly checking out Red’s gym shorts. Will was on her left. He reached over with his right hand, grabbed Holly’s right hand and placed it on Red’s cock, rubbing him up and down. Red took over holding her hand with his left hand. Will then placed her left hand on his organ. The two men then reached up and cupped her breasts with thier open hands. Chantell who was searching through Holly’s purse for some gum, turned around after hearing Holly squirming around trying to escape their grasps. Chantell reached back into Holly’s purse, picked up her cell phone and snapped a picture. She held it up for the two men to see. The men, laughing, finally released her.
“What the hell’s going on back there?” Harold asked “Holly are they bothering you?”
Will looked menacingly at Holly and held a finger in front of his lips.
“No, I’m fine” she answered.
They arrived back at the worksite shortly afterwards and sat at a picnic table while Harold stayed in the truck talking on the radio. Chantell still had Holly’s cell and was scrolling through her phone list.
“Who should I send this to?” she asked out loud. “I know, how about your husband. I bet he would like to see you grabbin’ those niggas dicks and letting them play with your titties.”
Holly reached for the phone. Will grabbed it out of Chantell’s hand.
“Show me how you send the picture.” He demanded. Chantell pressed my cell # and said “Just hit SEND and Mr. Holly will see what his wife really does at work.” She laughed. Just then Harold jumped out of the truck and yelled for Chantell. “Get in the truck, you’ve got to take another d**g test.” Turning back to the other three, he continued “I’ll be back in a couple of hours. Have lunch and take it easy till I get back. I can’t have anyone getting hurt out here without a supervisor around. They’d fire my black ass in a minute.”
“OK boss” Will said “We’ll be right here.”
Holly was confused. After what had just happened in the truck, she was afraid things might get out of control if she was left alone with these two. But she knew them as basically good guys every other day. She finally decided that they just needed to be made aware of her boundaries and what was acceptable and what wasn’t.
“Hey guys, I’m sorry if I’ve given you any wrong ideas, but I….”
“Shut up bitch and take off your clothes.” Will said matter of factly as he held her cell phone up reminding her that he could send me the picture on the screen at any moment. She stood up slowly looking at the two men.
“You’re not going to hurt me are you?” she asked.
“No, I just want to see you naked so your husband doesn’t have to see this picture.” Will said.
“OK, OK…” she answered reluctantly. She figured that they had already seen her tits and they weren’t going to be interested in her big white ass. She started by taking off her boots and socks, then she dropped her shorts. She was standing there in her panties and tank top nervously deciding what to do next.
“Red help her off with that shirt.” Will ordered.
“I can do it.” Holly said. She pulled off her top exposing her breasts to the two men. “There, are you satisfied?” she asked.
“I wanta see that ass.” Red said excitedly. Will motioned for her to drop her panties saying “You heard the man, let’s see that ass.” Holly turned her back to them and lowered her panties.
“Oooohh, I’d like to tear that up.” Red stated appreciatively
“Damn you gotta fine ass. That’s better than some sisters I know.” Will said. He stood up and started toward her. Red approached from the other side.
“You said you wouldn’t hurt me.” Holly cried out.
“Oh it won’t hurt.” Will shot back. “Let’s clean her up first.” He said to Red pointing to the outdoor shower. The two men stopped to get undressed. Holly tried not to look, but couldn’t help herself. Will’s cock was longer and thicker than any that she had ever seen. Then Red proudly pulled off his shorts and waved an even larger one toward her. She was frightened by their intentions but excited at just looking at these two large organs. Looking at Holly, Will said “Now we’re going to take a shower.” He reached out and grabbed her arm leading her to the little building. Red turned the spigot on and jumped out of the way of the cold water. Will pushed Holly into the water admiring her trembling body. She tried rubbing her upper arms to cover her boobs.
“Red, hold her arms down, I want to see those nice titties and them hard nipples.” Will ordered. Red grabbed her arms and held them behind her back. Will began exploring her body with his hands. Holly was trembling but she was also tingling. This isn’t right….I want this……..I want these two huge black men to fuck me………it isn’t right……….
She felt Red’s semi-erect penis pressed between her ass cheeks. He felt hot on her fleshy bottom. Will was groping her tits and breathing heavily on her neck. He brought his hands up to her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. Red released his grip on her arms. Will then grabbed his cock with one hand and the back of her head with the other. She looked up at him and opened wide. He stuffed it into her waiting mouth. She reached up replacing his hand with hers and began stroking him as she sucked his huge organ. He was too large to deep throat, but she eagerly explored every inch of his massive tool. Will still had the cell phone in his hand and took another picture the next time Holly looked up into his eyes with her mouth full of his cock. She soon felt his glans enlarge, and knew that he was about to ejaculate. She stroked him vigorously with two hands, her mouth just covering the head of his cock until he started cumming. She swallowed it all, enthusiastically sucking him dry. Will was astonished. “Damn, we were going to take that pussy and now she is giving it up. This bitch has been holdin’ out on us.”
Red was anxious for a piece of her and approached as Will staggered backwards. The new rubber mat under the shower didn’t offer her knees enough cushion, so they moved back to the picnic table. Red’s cock bounced as he followed her. Holly leaned on the table to catch her breath. Red walked up behind her and pushed the head of his cock roughly into her wet cunt.
“UMMMMM.” She managed as she held onto the the edge of the table. He quickly pushed himself further inside of her.
“UUUNNNNNNGHHH” she moaned. When his pubic hair touched her ass, he stopped and gave her a little wiggle. She pushed back hard into him giving herself a huge orgasm. He pushed and pulled while she was still in the throws of ecstasy. Then he started pounding his cock inside of her.
“Fuck me” she screamed “Fuck me…….I love this huge cock!!!”
Red kept fucking her. Will walked over and shot another picture. Red kept humping her backside until he finally drained his nuts deep inside of her. He pulled out slowly as gobs of cum dripped out of her cunt and down her thighs. He smeared her ass with what was left on his organ.
Holly sat down and leaned her elbows back on the table, and stretched out her legs. Sitting in the hot overhead sun, her body was covered with sweat and her pubic hair was matted with cum. She walked over to the shower to cool off. Will and Red joined her. She knelt down between them again and started washing, sucking, licking, and playing with their cocks.
“You sorta scared me back there when you started screaming.” Red said.
Holly laughed, “I’ts never felt that good with a man inside of me.”
“Well if you keep that up, you’re going to be screaming again.” Red responded.
They walked back to the picnic table to dry off in the hot midday sun. Red sat on the edge of the table and motioned Holly over to him. He reached out, grabbed her by the shoulders pulling her down to his lap. “I wanted to do this the first day that I met you.” He said thrusting his cock between her wet boobs. Will took another picture.
“You think Mr. Holly would like to see two big hands squeezing those titties around that big black cock?” he asked. Their skin soon dried and friction kept them from continuing. No mind, Holly switched from looking at that cock inches from her face to sucking it inches down her throat. Will was getting a hard on watching those two and needed some relief. He walked behind Holly and slid his tool up between her cheeks. She pulled Red’s meat out past her lips and said”Oh yes, I’ve wanted to do this since I met you two. Today, I want to go home with cum dripping out of my ass and my cunt so sore, I can’t walk straight.”
Will started in on her beautiful ass. He licked a finger and inserted it in her ass. Then he licked another and pushed them both in. Then he spit in the palm of his hand and smeared it on the end of his cock. He slowly pushed the head into her tiny opening. He repeated that several times until he had gotten her past the hurt. She turned around and looked at him. “Fuck me” she commanded. “Fuck my big white ass.”
Will started fucking her.
“OOOOWWWW that feels good……give me that black cock…….please……fuck me….fuck me.” She cried out. “Push hard…push harder.., I want that cum in my ass.”
Will grabbed her hips and pushed.
“Oh yessss……here it comes” she said feeling him getting close. “Push” she screamed. Will pushed ome more time and pumped a hot load of cum deep into her ass.
“Aaaaaahhhhh…” she exhaled. “That was wonderful.”
Red was ready for her attentions again. She nibbled on his cock, just to make sure. “Get behind me again” she told him. He started to enter her pussy.
“That’s still too tender from the stretching you already gave me” she said.
He gingerly pulled out and placed his huge cockhead on the pink opening of her ass. Reaching back with both hands, she spread her cheeks inviting him to fuck her ass. He pushed himself in and slowly started humping her. She was on tip toes leaning across the table, her soft breasts inches from the rough wood. Gripping either side of the tabletop, she turned her head to look at this large black man thrusting himself inside of her.
“I love this big black cock in my ass” she said. Will took a picture of her puckered hole tightly grasping Red’s cock. Red was sawing back and forth when all of a sudden, Holly shrieks “I’m coming, I’m coming.” She has another orgasm. She relaxes for a moment then begins to feel his hard black muscle impaling her backside. “I don’t want this to end. I want this big cock in my ass forever.”
Red keeps going. Finally, he grabs her hips tighter and pumps her ass hard. He quickly climaxed mixing his cum with Will’s deep in her ass.
Holly falls to the ground clenching her ass tightly closed. Dust cakes her sweat drenched body.
“You turned out hotter than I thought” Will said looking down at Holly sprawled out on the bare ground.
“You two turned out bigger and better than I ever dreamed” she responded.
She stood up and walked over to the shower. After washing off the sweat dust and cum, she modeled for a few more pictures in various poses with the two men and sent them all to my e-mail.

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