Suzy; Making the Count

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Suzy; Making the Count
Mr Boulton sat behind his heavy carved wooden desk pretending to be reading some typed notes within a buff folder. In truth though, he was considering the history of that very piece of furniture. It had stood in the centre of his cramped book lined office since he arrived and it had been old even then. The dark wood was nicked and marked in numerous places and polished to a high sheen – though he’d never known the cleaning staff to apply any polish or wax to it – by the actions of innumerable writings, interviews and castigations. He was wondering just how many young ladies had been stretched across that desk to receive their punishments and imagining the reports of the cane as it creased their backsides. Such pleasant contemplations had an obvious effect upon him and he shifted in his seat a little to ease the discomfort at his rapidly swelling loins.
At last he looked up to consider the eminently ravishable form that stood before him in regulation uniform; a navy blue gymslip with a pleated skirt, white blouse, – which seemed not a little tight, perhaps it was last year’s and She had not yet afforded new attire – white ankle socks over delicate smoke coloured stockings, black single buckle shoes with a kitten heel and the red and yellow striped school tie. Her head was bowed so that Her glorious crown of soft blonde slightly curly hair fell across the face he knew to be the picture of feminine beauty. Her delicate, fine white hands were clasped demurely in front of Her as She waited to be noticed. Daniel could have happily sat just drinking in the sight before him for the rest of the day but sadly he had worked to do, though what it was would certainly not be a chore…
Clearing his throat, his voice still a little cracked he asked;
“Good morning Miss Randel, I trust You’re being well behaved today?” He was somewhat taken aback by Her brazen response;
“No always a naughty girl” and it took him a moment to collect his thoughts before he could reply;
“You bad girl. One of these days Your frivolous exhibitionism will get you into such trouble, how many times is this now that You’ve been sent to my study…?”
“Sorry Sir, must be half a dozen times I’m ashamed to say.”
“Of all the girls of whom I’ve been in charge these last twenty years You are quite the most slatternly, what do You have to say to that…? Mr Hendricks has had to take a day off to, in his words; “pull himself, all together” after You so brazenly exhibited Yourself to him. When I came to this school for wayward girls it was with the assumption that those who came here genuinely wanted to improve their characters and immoral ways. You though young lady have it seems become still more rapacious each term You’ve been here. I don’t think I have any choice but to administer the most corporal of punishments. Now quickly Miss Randel go and report to the kitchen. Ask cook for a box of sea salt and be quick about it or the amount of strokes You’ll be getting will rise.”
She turned quickly on Her heels allowing him a fleeting view of Her delectable bottom as She hurried from the room. As soon as She was gone he missed Her and clouds gathered to cover the sun with the absence of Her beauty, he stood up his knees objecting loudly. He realised that he was holding his breath as he stared dejectedly out the window across the hockey field into the distance. In only a very little time though – probably much too little for Her to have reached the kitchens and returned if he cared to think about it – She had returned, panting with Her cheeks flushed prettily.
“Sorry Mr. Boulton, cook wasn’t there.”
“You’re a fortunate girl; it seems You’ve avoided that particular torment, though if I subsequently find out she was there, they’ll be hell to pay.”
“Yes Sir, sorry Sir.”
“And a young Lady should know better than to slouch in my presence don’t You think? Just what punishment would You consider appropriate for such unladylike behaviour?”
“Yes Sir sorry, don’t know is it a spanking over your knee Sir?”
“Maybe for a first infraction, but we’re rather passed that now aren’t we? I’m actually rather surprised You’ve not been sent to see me before in truth.”
“Yes Sir is there anything I can do for you Sir that might help?”
For quite some while a glazed look crossed his face and he appeared to be considering a spider’s web in the corner over the door She’d come in by as he thought about this question. It seemed though he had come to a reasonable conclusion about what he might get away with;
“As I said I think we’re to the point at which the only reasonable course is the cane. However I am loathe to mar Your undeniably lovely flanks. Might You consider an alternative?”
“Please Sir… my friends tell me I am very good with my mouth and could I show you what is under my gymslip Sir?”
“Well that is quite appalling! I had no idea the ideals of the school; to teach elegant, refined and most all of restrained young ladies had lapsed so far… What would Your father say? Though I do now recall he did tell me once You were rather wilful.” He seemed genuinely shocked by Her response and was obviously reddening.
“So; You’re here for no less than six infractions, six strokes for each, I’m sure Your arithmetic is sufficient to calculate That’s three dozen. Would You care to try and negotiate me down?”
“Sorry Sir I do try to be a lady but I love showing off Sir. How do I do that sir?”
“Yes I’m beginning to realise that. Heavens! If this were a mixed school I can’t bring myself to imagine how You’d be acting! So do You want to try and negotiate a little or will You be assuming the position now?”
“Please sir three dozen is a lot” She replied as She began to raise Her gymslip slowly revealing the tops of Her nylon stockings.
“Well at least I can see Your appreciation of art classes are having some effect, that’s quite a lovely vista. Pray continue.”
With one hand She continued to raise the skirt so to reveal Her distinctly non regulation white knickers whilst with the other She caught the waist band of these; pulling it lower to so that She might show that Her nether lips were shaven.
“Oh, my!”
“Do you like what you see Sir?”
“Oh most assuredly, well I think it’s fair to say that brought You a reprieve of three strokes. Thirty three still to be taken though I fear. Do You have any further negotiations?”
With a snap of elastic and a rustle of falling material She kneels before him and reaches for the buttons of his fly. Stepping back a flustered look upon his face he stammers;
“Err, umm, err. “ He coughs to clear his throat.
“We’re very eager aren’t we? Such a shame You don’t apply Yourself to Your studies with such urgency. Not yet though. Let’s she just how supple You are; bend over and grab Your calves, hug them if You can.” Obligingly She leaps to Her feet and bends with fluidity and grace to grip her calves tightly.
“Good girl. I’m impressed You can do that, at least it seems You make an effort in P.E.” He stepped lightly over to Her to stand very close behind Her, the blood was beginning to rush to Her head and She felt dizzy and unbalanced.
“Miss Randel You really are quite delectable, has anyone ever told You that before? Right, so; suppleness. Check. That gets You a reprieve of one too, still thirty two to go though…” Swiftly and with no warning he pulls down Her knickers to just the tops of Her stockings, forming a light restraint around Her thighs.
“I have a feeling I know what’s coming next Sir.”
“Don’t be so presumptuous, presumption may get strokes re-applied to the total.” Slowly he rubbed his hands together the rough skin of his palms – a workman’s hands not a scholar’s – whispered slightly, he placed a hand on the swell of each beautiful buttock and his thumbss slowly crept toward the crease between them, exploring…
“Why Miss Randel I think You may well have quite the most beautiful anal pucker I’ve ever seen. Don’t move.”
“MMMM sir I was not expecting that.”
“And I’m very pleased to see You maintain the highest levels of hygiene, that gets Your total to thirty. If I get my camera will You let me take a few shots at a cost of one stroke each?”
“Please Sir I hope you like the pictures Sir.”
“Oh’ I’m sure I will. Don’t move from that spot; I will only be gone a few minutes.” She waited, minutes ticked by, decadently a single finger wormed its way between Her lips, She was getting excited and could not resist. The window was open and a gentle breeze sighed across Her; cooling Her rapidly heating lips, she took the finger moist with Her wetness to Her mouth and licked it clean. Her hand was back at Her calf just as She hears the creak of a door, it was not though from the direction of the door Mr. Boulton left through, but the main door out to the office where his secretary had Her desk. She blushed vermillion; whoever came in could not help but see all of Her parts, displayed so lewdly.
She heard a woman’s voice; “Oh my! Who are You girl, why are You here?”
“Hello Miss I am just waiting for the head my name is Suzy, Suzy Randel.”
“Suzy, ahh, yes I’ve had a few reports about You of late.” The voice She recognised as that of Miss Stewart, the head’s secretary, there was the sound of swift efficient strides and the clicking of heels as Miss Stewart approached. Suzy felt a quick hot breath across Herself as the secretary bent to examine the girl’s intimate parts.
“Why is it You saw fit to await Mr Boulton’s return in such a wanton manner though Miss Randel?”
“Well Miss Stewart to save myself from the cane, I am letting the head take some pictures of me like this…”
“You Hussy! Well I’m sure he knows what he’s doing, I suppose he told You not to move though? So You’d best keep still when I do this…” Miss Stewart’s tongue was soft and surprisingly hot as She lapped at Suzy as though She were a kitten and the girl Her cream.
“OOHHH miss! That feels so good MMMMMM” Suzy could feel gentle fingers spreading Her intimate lips as the Woman’s tongue probed deep within Her. Whilst still able to focus Her thoughts Suzy could recall Miss Stewart’s gaze lingering upon Her a few times in passing.
Now though the older Woman’s tongue was almost flicking rather than licking, She placed Her hands on Suzy’s buttocks too, – they were so much softer than the head’s had been- Her neck arched back to allow Her tongue access as She started to squirrel Her right thumb into Suzy’s rear pucker.
There was a creak from the door through which Mr. Boulton had left… Both Suzy and Miss Stewart had certainly heard this but the Woman did not pause in Her ministrations.
“Miss Stewart what can I do for You? And Miss Randel I trust You haven’t moved?” asked the head seemingly entirely unfazed by the scene that played out before him.
“No sir I promise I have not moved even though it was difficult with what Miss was doing.”
“So the count is currently thirty, for each picture I take that will be reduced by one, but I have a further suggestion… If Miss Stewart agrees – and I’m fairly sure She will – a photo of both of You err, interacting counts two, do You think that fair Miss Randel?”
“Yes sir, what would you like me to do with Miss?”
“Miss Stewart, are You happy to be involved?” The woman raised her head so that She could speak, but only so far that when She spoke the exhalation softly tickled Suzy’s nether lips.
“Of course, Mr. Boulton.”
“Fine fine, just stay as You are, Miss Stewart, reapply Your tongue please.” Miss Stewart bent to the task anew and started lapping at the girl with a renewed vigour. There was the unmistakable click of the shutter on a pre-digital camera closing.
“Quite, quite lovely. Insert a finger please Miss Stewart not too much force though not just yet.” Click.
“Oh Sir I think we could take a better pic if I stuck my bum out a bit more…”
“Yes I think I rather agree, thank You Suzy.” Click.
“Now Miss Stewart if You’d care to insert Your middle finger in Suzy’s bottom and push it in a little.” Happy to oblige the Woman eagerly did so. Click.
“What about if Miss took off her skirt to show her knickers?”
“No Suzy, this is Your punishment not Her’s, nor should You think to presume too much whilst You take it, now begin thrusting at the same speed front and back Miss Stewart…” the secretary was now manipulating Her fingers within the girl in a complex rhythm; as one entered the other was withdrawn till just the very tip remained and then the other went in as the first was withdrawn. The Woman seemed to relish this and sighed softly in appreciation. Click, click.
“Oh that’s wonderful! I wonder if we might consider life photography as an addition to our curriculum. Still Happy there, Miss Stewart? Would You say that Suzy is comfortable in that position?”
“I’m not really sure Sir. Suzy are You comfortable?”
“Well I think I would like to see if i could take more of Miss.” Suzy’s breath was by now getting ragged, but She could not hide the smile of contentment that suffused Her delicate features.
“Why You trollop! Standards have indeed been slipping here it seems. Just for that; Miss Stewart see if She’ll accommodate another couple of fingers will You?”
“OHH Sir, are you taking many pics?”
“Just half a dozen so far which, yes reduces Your count to eighteen, this is perhaps a little extreme for my tastes, I do though know Miss Stewart is enjoying Herself I merely indulge Her at the moment. Please be quiet Suzy until You’re asked to speak though.”
“Sorry sir, could Miss take the pics now?” Miss Stewart removed Her fingers from Suzy’s bottom, She slipped Her now free hand into Her pencil skirt, starting to rub Herself. Her breathing too was quickening, but She bent to push Her tongue with slightly more force into the girl’s anal pucker. This continued for some while, Suzy tried hard to remain still as Miss Stewart’s finger and tongue explored within Her and the secretary coaxed a small but fulfilling climax from Herself. All the while though Mr. Boulton was still, no more pictures were taken and on occasion it even seemed his thoughts were elsewhere.
Finally once She had spent he asked; “Miss Stewart don’t You have something else to attend to now?”
“Yes Mr. Boulton, I’ll make sure You’re not disturbed for another hour.” Then She rose rather shakily and moved to leave.
“Oh please Sir let Her take the pic’s I would like to please you!”
“You weren’t given leave to speak. Seven pictures would have reduced the count to sixteen, but for that we’re back at twenty. You may speak now; I still have a few shots in me, but Miss Stewart must go.”
“Sorry Sir, bye Miss Stewart. Have you finished taking pictures of my bum now Sir?”
“Yes I rather think I have, how adverse would You be to manipulating Yourself for my eager lens…?”
“Yes Sir if it saves strokes, what did you want me to do?”
“First of all relax and stretch if You need to, get comfortable again.”
“Yes Sir, thank you.” She rose with a lithe elegance to sit on his desk and relax. He waited for some while drinking in the sight of Her ripe loveliness as Her breathing slowed to normality.
“Smile for me.” Click.
“Now pretend I weren’t here and You were feeling Your usual incorrigible self and You needed to relax, what would You do?”
“Well Sir, I like to finger myself like this…” She purred as She began spreading Her legs and pulling down Her panties.
“How very lovely.” And he sighed greedily. Click.
“How many fingers can You manage…?”
“Well Sir I like three like this” and She proceeded to invade Herself.
“With my long finger rubbing my clit like this…”
“That’s lovely. “ Click; click “Could You perchance manage four …?”
“Just for you Sir, I just need to open my legs wider… yes four in Sir.” By now She was panting not a little with the effort. Click, click.
“Good girl Suzy.” He smiled.
“Pleasure Yourself, but let me know if I might assist You…?” Click.
She lay back on the desk and drew Her feet up on to it as She started rubbing Herself and Her beloved clitty very quickly.
“I’m not here, it’s just You and Your wanton desires…” Click. By now She was breathing hard and Her loins were awash with a growing wetness. Click, click.
“That’s it, good girl keep it up, You’re almost there. Lovely, just lovely…” Click.
“OH Sir I’m sorry, I’m cumming now.”
“That’s right, cum for Sir, Suzy.” Click click click click.
“Thank You Suzy that was wonderful. Now just stroke Yourself very slowly, get Your breath back.”
“Oohhh yes Sir” she said shakily as She turned over to kneel atop the desk.
“Five left, what do You suggest?”
“Well Sir would you like to put your cock in my bum?”
“Heavens where do You girls get these ideas? But if I did would You consider that Your punishment had been fully served?”
“If you think it is Sir.”
“Hmm, I suppose that might acceptable. Thank You Suzy.” There was a rustle of swiftly removed clothing and a slight pop from his knees as he bent minutely to gain the right height. She could feel his member nudging against Her rear pucker, slowly but intently it pushed inwards till She Her sphincter released.
“Ohhhhmyyyy, oh my, my, my that’s wonderful Suzy!” A slight pause; “Might I thrust a little or do You prefer just to be filled…?”
“Thrust Sir, I really like it ooohhhh…!”
“Thank You Suzy.” Click, three rhythmic, deep thrusts. Click
“Like that” he panted “Or faster?”
“Faster Sir as I finger my clit again.”
“Thank You, Suzy,” Each word was interspaced by a thrust. Click. He worked hard within Her panting, his face reddening with effort his eyes screwed shut in concentration. Click.
“I’m” thrust ”getting” thrust “close” thrust “Suzy.”
“Can” thrust “I” thrust “stay” thrust “in” thrust “You” thrust “Suzy?”
“Pull out sir and cum on my face please!” Click click click click.
“Make” pant “it” pant “quick” pant. He withdrew with an audible *POP* his breathing is haggard and hard and his face puce.
“Turn round quickly Suzy…” His face was screwed up trying hard to restrain himself even though he had not yet touched himself.
“Yes Sir” She scrambled down from the desk until She was kneeling in front of him, now on the floor Her mouth reverently open wide.
He grasped himself hard in his strong right hand, and after a single pump with a roar he could not have held back even if he had wanted he erupted across Her face. His aim though was poor and misjudged and the first jet spurted up Her left nostril and across Her eye, but he adjusted and the rest of his achievement found its way into Her eager mouth.
“Thank You Suzy, thank You.” He managed to announce, panting heavily. “It seems though I rather over indulged with my camera, that’s eight shots – I think – I owe You now. Would you keep them in lieu of the next time I no doubt see You, or would You give them now? The cane is on my seat if You want me to assume the position…”
She remained still; letting all his essence run down Her face into Her mouth and then She greedily swallowed it.
“Well sir I may as well get it over with, but is there anything else I could do to cut the hits down?”
“No You misunderstand. I owe You eight strokes, upon myself, for You to administer.
Or You could just save them to reduce Your total the next time. I was greedy and very bad, I deserve those strokes as much as You did.”
“No sir you were good, I’ll keep them in reserve as I’m bound to be in trouble again soon Sir.” She said blushing prettily.
“Okay Suzy, thank You. May I help clean You up?” As he bent to take a handkerchief from his pocket and spat into.
“Thank you Sir just wipe my eyes please sir as I pull up my panties.”
As he gently dabbed his spend from Her eye smiling all the while, he said;
“Shall we say same time next week then Suzy, assuming Miss Stewart is free? Oh and don’t pull them up, leave them here, just as a reminder to me of Your credit of eight against the next total.”
“Okay Sir” She replied as She stepped out of the scrap of material and handed them to him. “Next week will be nice Sir.”
“Good girl, best get to Your next class now.” As he landed a slap across Her right bottom cheek.
“Ouch! okay Sir.” She said as She sauntered from his room a broad indulged smile decorating Her already beautiful face. He stared after Her long after she was gone. Before snatching up Her discarded apparel, briefly, so briefly he raised this to his nose for one quick sniff then folded them and placed them in his waistcoat pocket before pulling back on his underwear and trousers. Perhaps this might become a regular fixture in his diary…?

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