Sweet Summer: The Punishment

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Sweet Summer: The Punishment
Sam defends his beautiful sister from a cruel pervert
[A continuation of the Sweet Summer series, but from a different point of view. A lot of action and a slightly darker tone in this story. All characters involved in sexual situations are aged 18 or over.]


Sam awoke to see the first fiery rays of the Mediterranean sun breaking over the horizon. He lay there for a while savouring the silence. He’d always been an early riser; he loved the cool pre-dawn stillness, and the glory of the sunrise over the tranquil bay. The tall windows of his bedroom looked down over the lush slope of the garden and framed the handsome sprawl of the harbour in the distance.

The bedsheets shifted as Nina stirred in her sleep beside him. Sam gazed contentedly over at her. His sister looked almost ethereally beautiful, lying there with the white cotton sheets tracing the contours of her naked body. Her lovely face was calm, with just a hint of a smile on her delicate lips. Her ash-blonde hair glowed gently as the sunlight caught it. Sam found himself reaching out with one hand to stroke Nina’s face, feeling the warmth of her skin, the lines of her fine high cheekbones. My girl, he thought.

Sam sported a prominent morning-glory erection as wonderful memories of the night before came flooding back. Nina had come home late from the bar where she worked, while he’d been dozing after a long hard day repairing boats down on the waterfront. She’d woken him with a kiss and whispered to him that she needed to unwind. The two of them were alone in the house this week, with their mother away in Italy and Karl and Valerie visiting a friend out of town, so they didn’t need to be secretive. They’d tumbled into bed and fucked until well after midnight. Sam could still feel the scratches that Nina had left down his back when he made her come.

Furtively, like a c***d who knew he was being disobedient, Sam eased back the sheets to expose Nina’s nakedness. His breath became quick and harsh with desire as he marvelled at her beauty. Her firm, full breasts were tanned the colour of pale honey, rising and falling gently as she breathed. Her nipples were delectable, standing out a rich dark red with large areolae. She was lying on her side, one strong slender leg curved over the other, and Sam could see the gorgeous pink lips of her cunt between her thighs. He woke up to this same sight nearly every morning, and it still made his heart pound excitedly. His already prodigious erection was now growing so hard it almost hurt.

He placed his hand gently on one of Nina’s breasts, not squeezing it but simply relishing the warmth and smoothness of her skin. He moved a little closer to her until the thick engorged head of his cock just barely touched her thigh. Nina smiled sleepily and opened her beautiful emerald eyes as Sam kissed her on the lips.

“Hi,” she whispered.

“Hi, babe. You sleep well?”

She nodded and kissed him, her tongue darting into his mouth before she pulled away. “I was so tired last night.” Her drowsy smile became mischievous as she glimpsed his erect cock. “I wonder why.”

“Well, you’re the one who woke me up for some fun,” he pointed out

“And now you seem to be awake again,” Nina said with a grin. Her hand snaked out and seized her brother’s erection. Sam grunted as Nina’s supple fingers gripped the long smooth shaft and stroked up and down it. It was fully erect now, close to ten inches long. Droplets of pre-come beaded on the swollen tip and dripped onto the bed.

Sam pressed closer to Nina and engaged her in a long, deep, urgent kiss, tasting her sweet mouth and probing her tongue with his own. She kept working his cock with her hand all the while. He repaid her graciously, slipping first one finger, then two, into the soft moist folds of her vagina, teasing her labia between his thumb and forefinger. She whimpered in pleasure and her hips rocked restlessly.

When the long kiss ended, Nina’s breath was quick and her expression was almost desperate. All the sleepiness was gone from her eyes as she lay back and parted her legs, her breasts heaving. Her vulva was gleaming wet with arousal. “Now, Sam,” she pleaded as she looked up at him. “I need it now.” Sam didn’t make her wait.

Sliding into her was pure heaven. She was exquisitely wet, and so incredibly warm. Sam was used to girls feeling tight around him – he knew, with some pride, that his cock was a lot bigger than average – but Nina’s pussy gripped his erection as if they’d been made for each other. Even after all her lovers, and after so much attention from Sam’s cock in particular, the hot throbbing walls of her vagina squeezed as pleasurably tight as they had when he’d first fucked her.

Nina’s breasts bounced perkily as Sam thrust fast and hard inside her. His other girls often thought that Sam was hurting his sister when they saw how hard he fucked her, and certainly there was some pain in her passionate gasps and whimpers, but Sam knew that rough sex was Nina’s favourite. He slowed his rhythm momentarily to kiss her, then sped up again, clutching her breasts hard. Nina moaned in joy and mirrored each of Sam’s thrusts with the bucking of her hips. Her small strong fingers dug involuntarily into his straining back. She always left long scratches on him during sex; he wore them like trophies.

Nina had another habit that Sam liked very much: when she came, she came screaming. With the rest of the family away, Nina could be as vocal as she wished, and when Sam brought her to climax, she cried out his name at the top of her lungs. Grinning like a loon, Sam didn’t stop. Over the months since they’d become lovers, he’d found that he could drive his oversexed sister half-mad with pleasure, making her come again and again without giving her a moment’s respite. He could see tears of joy in her eyes as she reached another orgasm. Her warm juices gushed onto his cock as the convulsive pleasure shuddered through her. His sister was a major squirter.

Long joyous minutes passed by as Sam used every ounce of self control he possessed to keep from climaxing inside his gasping, moaning, contorting sister. He prided himself on his stamina, and he knew Nina appreciated it. Her next orgasm was so intense that she nearly flung him off her as she arched her spine in ecstasy. Sam pinned her down with powerful hands and suckled her breasts hungrily. The bed was drenched and slippery from Nina’s squirting pussy.

There finally came a point where Sam could hold on no longer. “Nina, babe, I’m coming,” he gasped in her ear, clutching her against himself. She gave a fierce hiss of mingled pain and pleasure as he thrust as far into her as he could go. Then, with an explosive pleasure that made him almost delirious, Sam’s cock spurted a hot surge of semen into his sister’s wet and pulsing cunt. He held onto her as the spurts kept coming. Nina’s vulva overflowed with the thick warm fluid. She came again, her pussy squirting and her whole body trembling, but Sam hardly felt it as his own orgasm roared through him.

When he was spent, Sam couldn’t bear to pull out of Nina. His cock was softening now, but it was still achingly big, and Nina’s vagina was so soothingly warm and wet around it. He relaxed on top of her, feeling the quickness of her heartbeat and the heaving of her breasts. She gazed up at him rapturously, her hair sweaty and tangled. She looked dishevelled, exhausted and utterly beautiful. Sam kissed her impulsively on the lips as she tried to catch her breath.

It was a long time before either of them managed to speak. “So, what do you want for breakfast?” Sam asked with a broad smile, still panting a little.

Nina laughed her beautiful summery laugh. “You’re still inside me, love,” she said, reaching shakily up to stroke Sam’s cheek and tousle his short sandy-blond hair. “First things first.”

Reluctantly, Sam slid out of his younger sister and sat up on his haunches. His long flaccid cock was glistening with his semen and her wetness. It dripped the warm mixture onto Nina’s thigh. More of the stuff oozed from Nina’s tender pussy onto the already sodden sheets.

Seeing Nina’s beautiful cunt overflowing with come gave Sam a powerful, virile sense of satisfaction. He never used protection with Nina, and if it hadn’t been for her contraceptive pills, she’d doubtless be as pregnant as their sister-in-law Valerie by now. Secretly, selfishly, Sam often hoped that Nina’s pills failed and that she became pregnant with his baby. She’d promised to bear him a c***d when they were finished at university and financially secure, but Sam was suddenly impatient to start a family with her. Ridiculous, really; she was only nineteen.

Nina noticed Sam’s gaze. “You’ve made me so messy,” she sighed, looking down the length of her own body at her vulva. “If only Anya were still here. She was so good at licking me clean.”

The mere mention of Anya’s name nearly made Sam hard again. It had been more than a month since their beautiful German cousin had flown back home. She had been unfailingly sweet, great in conversation, lovely to be around – and, as Sam and Nina discovered to their delight, absolute dynamite in bed. A little encouragement, and a lot of practice, had turned the shy delicate virgin into a wonderfully adventurous nymphomaniac. Even Sam and Nina’s usual wild sex life seemed dull compared to the fun they had with Anya.

“Yeah,” Sam said wistfully. “And she had a cunt that could make a stone statue come. We really need to call her again.”

“Maybe tomorrow. Tonight’s party night, remember?”

“I remember.” Sam and Nina had taken advantage of their mother’s absence this week to plan a major house party, inviting dozens of their friends from town, including plenty of people that they’d previously fucked. There would be alcohol, dancing and hot drunk sex galore – the local house parties were widely known for their sexual nature, and the siblings intended theirs to be no exception. “We’re going to need to clean up first. The kitchen’s still a mess from dinner.”

“I’ll sort it out,” Nina said, and yawned lightly. “I need three things first, though. Breakfast, a shower, and a piss.”

Sam chuckled. “In that order?”

Nina smiled lazily at him as she stretched and got up. Her slender naked body gleamed with sweat in the light of the rising sun. “Well, maybe a cuddle first,” she murmured.

Sam stood to kiss his sister, breathing in her vital post-coital musk as his arms encircled her torso. Their wet tender genitals brushed together again, and though they were both still too spent and sore to fuck again just yet, they held each other close and enjoyed the warm intimate feeling for a few happy minutes. A soft fragrant breeze, more like sweet breath than wind, blew into the room through an open window and cooled their skin.

The pair of them went out into the corridor, naked and unhurried. It was wonderful having the house to themselves. With their mother and older brother away, they could spend the entire day naked, unless they had visitors or needed to go into town. Admittedly, they’d both been working the past few days, so they hadn’t had as much time together as they wanted. Now it was the weekend, and Sam intended to spend as much time with – and in – his beautiful sister as possible.

In the spacious bathroom, the two siblings were as comfortable and unashamed together as they were in bed. Nina sighed in relief as she took a long, leisurely piss, then turned on the shower while Sam relieved himself in turn. They got into the shower cubicle together, kissing lazily and happily. Sam briefly closed his eyes in contentment as he felt the warm water soothe his still-tender flesh and aching muscles. It really had been a marathon fuck.

Sam squeezed lime-scented shower gel onto his hands and began soaping Nina’s body, while she did the same for him. After the urgent roughness of their lovemaking, they were now almost delicate with each other. Nina traced her soapy fingers over Sam’s firm abdominal muscles, then stroked his chest and gave his strong neck a series of tiny kisses. For his part, Sam gently rubbed his sister’s back and shoulders, then playfully soaped her firm buttocks and the sleek outline of her midriff. When he came to her breasts, he cupped them tenderly and brushed his thumbs over her prominent red nipples. Nina inhaled softly with pleasure.

Mindful of each other’s soreness, they were very gentle when they washed each other’s genitals. Nina rubbed soap onto her brother’s dangling cock with slow soft caresses, massaging his thick foreskin between her thumb and forefinger. Sam, meanwhile, tended lovingly to Nina’s vulva, enjoying the feel of her smooth pubic mound and warm labia under his fingertips. He couldn’t resist giving the hooded bud of her clit a quick deft stroke. She whimpered and trembled in response.

They caressed and kissed each other under the falling water as the sunlight gleamed through the frosted bathroom windows. “I love you,” Sam said with simple-minded happiness. He was addicted to Nina, to her body, to her company, to her vitality. He wouldn’t give her up for anything.

“I know, sweet. You keep telling me,” Nina replied with a soft chuckle. “I’m not about to forget it. But I love you too.”

As he held his naked sister, Sam felt a quick flash of apprehension as he thought of the years ahead. They were both heading off to the States to attend university next year; maintaining their relationship would be much more difficult. They’d both promised to keep it up any way they could, but even if they succeeded, it would still have to be their secret. It hurt Sam that he couldn’t admit to his family that his true love was his younger sister. And, while there were plenty of people who loved Nina – or at least lusted for her – he was probably the only one who worried about her.

Most people knew Nina as the gorgeous, confident, relentlessly sexual girl she appeared to be. But Sam knew that, underneath it all, his younger sister was sensitive and insecure, needing a strong hand to support her in her more fragile moments. With their father always absent and their mother often disinterested, Sam had tried his best to be Nina’s protector, brother and lover all at once. Even so, he knew she got lonely. Nina was very oversexed, it was true, but not because she was a shameless slut. The sad fact was, she all too easily mistook sex for love.

In some ways, it was Sam’s own fault. After they became lovers, Nina had initially been terribly jealous when Sam slept with other girls, even though they’d both agreed early on that they weren’t monogamous. He suspected that was partly why she’d become so sexually active herself. They’d argued over it fiercely, until finally reaching a (very pleasurable) compromise when it turned out some of Sam’s girlfriends were aroused by watching the two of them fuck. The resulting secretive threesomes were amazing fun, but more than that, they seemed to make Nina genuinely content. Sam realised that his sister didn’t actually mind sharing him; she was simply afraid of being apart from him.

Sam loved Nina with all his heart. He hoped to spend the rest of his life with her, whether openly or in secret. And as he savoured the warmth of her body in his arms, he vowed silently that he would protect her at any cost.


The weather was beautiful all day, the sky a vivid blue, the breeze refreshing. As the long lazy afternoon faded into a warm sunlit evening, Nina and Sam wandered the house making preparations for the party. Still nude, they moved furniture around to make space for dancing and set up the sound system in the living room. Nina tidied the kitchen and lined up an impressive selection of wine, liquor and mixers on the granite countertop. Sam put crates of beer and cider in the outsized fridge to chill. The guests had been told to bring their own booze, but even if nobody did, there was easily enough alcohol in the house to get forty people merrily drunk.

When everything was ready, Nina and Sam went upstairs and enjoyed a long, energetic bout of sex in Karl and Valerie’s room. There was something peculiarly naughty about fucking in their older brother’s bed. After all, Karl had impregnated his wife in it, and still fucked her in it on a daily basis. The mischievous thrill heightened the siblings’ pleasure as they moved in passionate tandem, more gently than they had in the morning but still with fierce intensity. Nina’s pussy drenched the bedclothes as she came. As they held each other in the afterglow, Sam wondered aloud if Valerie was a squirter too.

Nina giggled, her face still flushed from sex. “You like Valerie, don’t you?” she said playfully.

“She’s beautiful,” Sam admitted. “Not as hot as you. But still beautiful.”

“You think she’d let you fuck her?”

“I doubt it. Even if she did, I couldn’t do that to Karl.” It was the truth. Their big, strong, jovial brother was more like a father to them than the cold, distant man who’d sired them. Their father had given them good genes, a fancy house and nothing else; Karl had given them years of patient love, support and encouragement. He’d taught them everything from swimming to driving, had made sure they worked hard in school, and even when he served his time in the army, he’d kept in constant friendly contact. Sam couldn’t betray Karl any more than he could Nina.

Nina held one long smooth leg up in the air like a gymnast, splaying her toes before letting her leg fall back to the bed. “I wonder if Karl would fuck me,” she said dreamily.

Sam frowned. “Come on, babe. Don’t talk about our brother like that.”

“Well, I’ve seen him eye me up at the beach a few times. And he gets a hard-on sometimes when he hugs me.” She smiled when she saw Sam’s surprised expression. “Maybe he’d let me join in with him and Valerie. I mean, if he did it with me, then you and I wouldn’t have to keep our thing a secret anymore.”

“So you think Karl wants to get you into bed?” He could easily believe that Karl would be attracted to their beautiful younger sister; he couldn’t believe that he’d go as far as committing i****t with her.

“I’m in his bed now,” she laughed. “No, I know he wouldn’t cheat on Valerie. He loves her like crazy. But it would be nice to find out what his cock feels like.”

“I’m not enough for you, huh?” Sam kissed Nina’s warm shoulder, then her neck. “Bet I can make you come louder than Valerie does.”

“Bet you can’t,” she teased him. Sam started tickling her, making her laugh and squirm crazily as she retaliated. Then they twined their legs together, and tickling gave way once more to fucking. Karl and Valerie’s long-suffering bed creaked and shuddered underneath their straining bodies. Sam brought Nina to orgasm three times in quick succession, and her ecstatic cries echoed through the house. When they were finished, she reluctantly agreed that Sam had won the bet.

Still having a few hours to kill, they went back down to laze in the living room. Sam’s body ached with happy tiredness as he languished on the couch. He’d always taken good care of himself – regular gym sessions and hard physical work down on the waterfront made sure he kept a firm lean musculature – but even he could only handle so much sex in one evening. Not that his appetite was even close to sated. He might need rest now, but he fully intended to be back in fighting condition for the party. Nina had made a point of inviting girls who’d expressed sexual interest in her brother.

Nina sat in an armchair and tapped away at her tablet computer while Sam flicked idly through the TV channels. He watched some of a football match, then grimaced at the ever-depressing international news. At one point, his mother phoned from her hotel in Rome, and he listened to her rattle on about the awful traffic and the general perversity of Italians for a good fifteen minutes before she even thought to ask how he and Nina were doing.
“Fine, Ma,” he told her calmly, as he glanced at his sister’s beautiful naked body. “Just watching TV.”

When the call finished, Nina gestured at her tablet’s screen. “I messaged Anya,” she said brightly. “She says she misses us. Apparently she has dreams about us every night. Very vivid dreams.” She sounded extremely flattered.

Sam smiled as he pictured sweet naked Anya in the throes of an intense wet dream. “Let’s go visit her,” he suggested. “I’ve always wanted to get laid in Berlin.”

“She lives in Munich, stupid,” Nina said, giggling.

“Well, let’s take her to Berlin for a weekend, then. See the sights, go out clubbing, then go to a seedy hotel room and fuck till we pass out.”

Nina rolled her eyes amusedly. “Very romantic.”

“Well, come on, ask her. Maybe we can book flights for next month.” Sam was genuinely excited by the idea.

“Okay, I’ll see what she says. By the way,” Nina added, her tone suddenly sultry, “Anni sent us a picture.”

“What of?” Sam asked, already half-knowing the answer. Nina turned the tablet around in her hands so the screen was facing her brother.

A close-up, high-definition photo of Anya’s beautiful vagina filled the screen. Sam saw to his delight that the girl had shaved off the last of her pubic hair, leaving the pale mound of her vulva smooth and unblemished. Anya had clearly been aroused when she took the picture – her labia were prominent and engorged, and her tender pink slit glistened wetly. Her clitoris had emerged from its fleshy hood. One of Anya’s delicate fingers had been stroking it at the moment the photo was taken.

“You should make that your background picture,” he told Nina approvingly.

“Then I’d be too horny to use this damn thing,” she quipped, turning the tablet back around. “She wants us to send her some photos back.”

“We can do better than that. Let’s set up a webcam and give her a live performance.”

“God, imagine the look on her face when she sees that,” Nina said, grinning. “She always loved watching us. But it’ll have to wait, big brother. No more fucking for now. We’ve got to get washed and dressed.”

Sam gave an exaggerated groan of disappointment. “You never let me have any fun.”

“Poor, deprived Sam, how you suffer,” she laughed. “Come on. I’ll run us a bath.” She put down the tablet, stood up and went out into the hall, shaking her firm naked ass coquettishly as she walked. Sam followed her with a massive, frustrated erection.

They bathed together in the luxurious downstairs bathroom; the big marble bathtub had more than enough space for them both. Nina teased Sam cruelly in the hot soapy water. She kissed him, stroked her bare toes over the shaft of his erect cock, took his hand and guided it gently between her legs, but refused to let him make love to her, no matter how much he begged. She wouldn’t even allow him to masturbate as she soaped and fondled her glorious breasts right in front of him. It was pure torture for Sam, who cursed his sister fiercely as she laughed.

Finally, they got out of the bath, and Nina at last took pity on Sam. She knelt in front of him on the bath rug and took his erection in her mouth. Sam sighed in bliss as his sister’s warm tongue caressed his thick shaft and toyed with the throbbing head. Between long deep sucks, she would plant soft kisses on the very tip of his cock, momentarily tonguing his urethra. It was during one of these kisses that Sam came, covering Nina’s lovely face with thick white semen; several hot spurts landed on her wet, gleaming breasts. She smiled and licked the come off her lips, before standing up to kiss Sam’s cheek.

“Does that feel better now?” she asked him cheerfully.

“God, Nina, I love you,” was all he could say in response, still in a post-orgasm daze.

Nina ran a quick shower to wash Sam’s semen off her face and breasts. Then both siblings towelled off and got dressed for the party. Sam wore grey slacks, black leather shoes and a long-sleeved blue shirt. Nina put on an exquisite red dress, its curves and neckline revealing without being sluttish. She let her ash-blonde hair frame her face in ringlets, and applied a subtle layer of makeup. Sam’s cock bulged in his trousers as he watched her pose in a full-length mirror.

“Jesus, Nina, you look incredible,” he said, looping his arms around her waist and kissing her long slender neck. She giggled and kissed him back, but pushed him away playfully when he tried to slide his hand up between her legs.

“Bad boy,” she scolded. “I told you, not before the party. You’ll ruin my dress.”

“Come on, s*s. I’ll go crazy with you walking around like that all night.”

“Good. You always fuck harder when you’re kept waiting.” She slipped on a pair of red high heels to match her dress, and kissed Sam teasingly on the cheek before strutting off to await her guests.


The first partygoers arrived as the sun began to sink magnificently below the blue horizon. A stream of tanned, busty girls in incredibly tight dresses made their way up the drive, some accompanied by boyfriends, many of them already tipsy from pre-drinks. Nina and Sam stood at the front door and greeted them with warm smiles, ushering them through to the kitchen and living room. Sam spotted a few of his former lovers in the crowd, and traded amorous glances with them. He fully intended to get reacquainted with some of them tonight.

Sam briefly headed to the living room to get the music started, and shook hands with a couple of guys he knew as they entered the main hall. Nina glanced at him as he rejoined her. “Counting on you to keep order tonight, big brother,” she whispered. Then she saw yet another little group of guests crossing the lawn, and broke into a delighted smile. “Cynthia!” she called, walking over to kiss the girl on the cheek. “Thanks for coming, sweet.”

“Thanks for the invite,” Cynthia replied, embracing her. She was shorter than Nina, but large-breasted and with broad sexy hips. Her curly black hair fell down almost to her waist. She had a freckled oval face that was slightly boyish, but still attractive. She wore a tight navy-blue cocktail dress, so revealing it was almost pornographic, and a pair of expensive black fuck-me heels. She’d brought two guys with her; Sam recognised them as Thomas and Eugene, lanky twin brothers from a village just outside town.

Nina had been friends with Cynthia for years; they’d gone to the same school and been part of the same swimming club. Whereas Nina had been, unsurprisingly, a very popular schoolgirl, secretive, ill-behaved Cynthia was always more of an outsider. Nina had graciously invited her into her social circle and now counted her among her best friends. She had helped Cynthia get a job at the same bar where she worked, comforted her through messy break-ups, and was full of kind words for her. “Cynthia’s the sweetest thing. She never lies to me,” she’d once told Sam.

But Sam had heard other things about Cynthia. Darker things. Girls she’d fondled when they were too drunk to resist. Married older men that she’d seduced. Petty thefts at parties and the sort of furtive social-media blackmail that nobody could prove was blackmail. She was a shameless freeloader, too; Sam knew for a fact that Nina had bought her those sexy black heels, and the dress too. Even Cynthia’s friends were strange. Those twins she hung around with had a reputation for being a little too rough with girls.

Sam had even heard one rumour about Cynthia that was, if false, pure malicious slander. A number of girls had been d**gged and sexually m*****ed at house parties in town over the past few months. Nobody had any solid evidence; the perpetrator, or perpetrators, were good at covering their tracks. But the attacks always happened at the relatively few parties that Cynthia attended, and one girl had apparently hinted to Nina that she’d glimpsed Cynthia spiking drinks.

Sam’s sister, of course, didn’t believe a word of it. Nina was a loyal friend, and always tried to find the best in people – a trait that Sam loved in her, but sometimes thought of as naive. According to Nina, Cynthia was just being bad-mouthed by her jealous exes; the poor misunderstood girl wouldn’t hurt a fly. Sam was inclined to disagree, but even he had to admit that you couldn’t just accuse someone of **** based on hearsay.

“Hey, Cyn,” he said with forced friendliness. “How’s life?”

“Pretty good. The party scene’s been great this summer.” Cynthia’s voice was soft and sultry; her hazel eyes were flicking between Sam and Nina, full of undisguised lust. “Tonight’s gonna be a good one, too. I can feel it.” She winked naughtily at Nina and slunk off to the kitchen, Thomas and Eugene in tow.

Sam turned to his sister, raising an eyebrow. “Didn’t know you and her were doing it.”

“We’re not,” Nina replied with a laugh. “She got drunk and started coming on to me at Giraud’s bar the other night. Tried to feel me up in the ladies’ room. I turned her down gently. She seemed pretty pissed off at the time, but I guess she’s forgiven me now.”

“You reckon?” Sam didn’t like the sound of that. Nina attracted plenty of drunken attention from boys and girls alike, but it was strange for a longtime friend to get so forceful with her.

“Come on, Sam. We’ve been friends for ages. She wouldn’t hold a grudge over something silly like that.”

“Yeah, sure,” he said, unconvinced. “She doesn’t know about us, does she?”

“No. I think she’s a bit too straight-laced for that. I don’t want to shock her.”

Sam couldn’t fathom how Nina could find Cynthia straight-laced, but he didn’t argue. He patted his sister gently on the back. “Let’s go join the party, babe.”

The kitchen was packed now, buzzing with laughter and conversation. The alcohol was in full flow; nearly everybody had brought an extra bottle or two. A large rum punchbowl had been set up on the dinner table, and some of Nina’s work friends were making colourful cocktails by the sink. Shots of liquor were being knocked back by the dozen. Sam saw a few guys he knew and went over to chat idly with them. Some of his girls were here too, all dressed seductively, and they kept flashing him sultry smiles.

Nina, meanwhile, played hostess with consummate ease – it was one thing their often distant mother had taught her. She moved through the kitchen with unbridled good cheer, greeting newcomers, introducing strangers, making sure everybody had a drink. Sam was glad to see the party was in good hands.

After knocking back a few beers and catching up with his friends, Sam went through to the darkened living room, where a space had been cleared for people to dance. The sound system was expensive and powerful; now the room was pounding with a heavy nightclub beat. The big wall-mounted TV was on mutely, providing flashing images from some music-video channel to accompany the sound system. The sliding doors leading out to the garden were wide open to let in the warm Mediterranean breeze. People were dancing around, whooping and eagerly making out as the music blared. Sam suspected that some of them were on more than just alcohol to get so happy.

He found a girl he knew from town, Pamela, and talked with her for a bit, shouting to be heard over the music. They soon started kissing, and before long Sam found himself getting hard. Pamela was a cute, cheeky, blue-eyed girl with wavy dark hair; she reminded him of Anya, which was a serious turn-on. The two of them made out with enthusiasm for several minutes before sneaking off through a side door. Sam led her into the lavish downstairs bathroom, locked the door and leaned back against the wall as Pamela went down on him. She expertly tongued his cock and stroked his balls, taking his shaft deep into her throat. Her lips were soft and smooth as they closed tight around him. When he came, she swallowed it all with a mischievous smile.

They returned to the party separately, trying to look innocent. Nina, however, spied them coming out of the bathroom and went over to Sam, grinning. “Not wasting any time, huh?” she giggled.

“Just warming up. The night’s still young.”

“Well, don’t wear yourself out, Sam. I’m going to need some attention before the party’s over.” She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, subtle enough to look sisterly. Some of the guests knew about the two of them, but most didn’t, and now was not the time to cause a stir.

Back in the kitchen, quite a few people were visibly drunk, stumbling around and slurring their words. Sam kept an eye on them, making sure nobody broke anything, while Nina went to chat with Cynthia and her twin friends by one of the long granite counters. It was no secret that a lot of the other guests disliked Cynthia, and most of them avoided her, but she didn’t seem to mind. Sam could see that her eyes were fixed lustily on Nina.

He overheard the two girls talking. “Nina, honey, let me get you a drink,” Cynthia was saying.

“Don’t worry about it, Cyn. You’re the guest here.”

“No, come on. You like mojitos, yeah? I saw Cassie and Teresa making some just now, you know how good they are with cocktails. I’ll get you one.” Cynthia sounded unusually eager.

“Well, sure, then. Thanks,” Nina replied. Without further ado, Cynthia hurried off towards the sink, where a row of freshly-made cocktails stood glinting in tall glasses. As she walked, Sam saw her reach into her fancy red handbag for something.

Sam approached his sister, who was now chatting easily with Thomas and Eugene. The two ginger-haired brothers were in their mid-twenties, older than most of the other guests, and were almost identical in appearance. They sounded friendly and easy-going, but they had a nasty glint in their eyes as they regarded Nina. When Sam walked up, the twins looked at him with mild hostility. He returned their gazes coolly, and spoke to them with chilly politeness.

Out of the corner of his eye, Sam saw Cynthia pick up two drinks full of ice cubes and slices of lime. Her hand made a quick furtive movement over one of the mojitos, and Sam frowned. It almost looked like she’d dropped something in it. But it had been quick and casual, and he couldn’t be sure. Had it been his imagination?

Cynthia returned to the group and gave Nina her mojito. “Enjoy, baby,” she said with a lazy smile.

“Thanks, Cyn, you’re an angel,” Nina smiled back. She and Cynthia clinked glasses and drank their cocktails down. Nina, clearly thirsty in the hot crowded kitchen, gulped hers down quite fast. Cynthia sipped hers more slowly, eyeing the other girl with interest. Sam didn’t like the look in her eye, or the way Thomas and Eugene started to grin.

A few minutes later, Nina frowned and leaned against the counter, suddenly unsteady. She squinted at Sam in mild confusion. She looked drowsy, as if the alcohol had gone to her head. “You okay, s*s?” Sam asked her, placing a concerned hand on her arm.

“Yeah,” she mumbled in reply. Her words slurred a little. “Just…I feel a bit dizzy. Shouldn’t…shouldn’t have drunk that mojito so fast.” She blinked hard, trying to focus. Cynthia and the twins were grinning ever more widely. Nina sounded very sleepy when she spoke again. “Um, I think…I think I might go upstairs for a bit. Just a few minutes. Sam, can you, um, can you keep an eye on everyone?”

“Okay,” Sam said. It wasn’t like Nina to get drunk so easily. And why was Cynthia looking so pleased with herself? “Want me to come check on you?” he asked.

“No…I’m fine,” Nina said, walking slowly and shakily out of the kitchen. The party continued noisily around her.

“I can check on her for you, Sam,” Cynthia said suddenly. She glanced at Thomas and Eugene. “You boys wait for me, okay?”

“Uh, thanks, Cynthia,” Sam replied guardedly. Cynthia immediately went after Nina, almost running as she weaved among the other guests. Sam watched her go with rising suspicion.

“She sure does like your sister, man,” Thomas chuckled.

“Yeah,” Sam said, frowning. He definitely didn’t like the other man’s tone.


Sam waited in the kitchen a short while, mingling with the other partygoers. Maybe Nina was just a bit tipsy, and had gone to get some water. Maybe she was lying down to clear her head, and Cynthia was comforting her. Maybe he was just being paranoid.

But after ten minutes, Nina and Cynthia still hadn’t returned. Sam walked out into the hallway and headed quickly upstairs, dodging around a drunk couple who were French-kissing on the landing. The music from the living room boomed loud in his ears. He passed by his own room, turned a corner in the corridor and saw that the door to Nina’s bedroom was slightly ajar. He looked in through the crack, and instantly froze in shock.

Nina was lying sprawled on the queen-size bed, totally naked, her beautiful body illuminated by the soft evening light that shone through the half-open windows. Her eyes were closed, her face relaxed; she was clearly u*********s. Her legs were spread wide, dangling over the side of the bed. Even in the low light, Sam could make out the familiar outline of his sister’s pretty pink cunt lips.

Cynthia was standing beside the bed, looking down at Nina. She was barefoot, but still wearing her slutty cocktail dress. Sam could see Nina’s red dress bunched up in her hand; as he watched, she threw the expensive garment to the floor next to a tangled black bra and visibly torn silk panties. Evidently, Cynthia had not been patient in undressing Nina.

Sam watched in shock as Cynthia stood between Nina’s parted legs and ran her right hand over her exposed vulva. Nina simply lay there, breathing softly in her sleep, as her erstwhile friend tweaked her labia and slid two fingers into her cunt. Cynthia leaned down over Nina and clutched her breast with her free hand, kneading the soft flesh. Her fingers moved roughly in and out of the u*********s girl’s vagina. Then Cynthia began to speak, and Sam strained to make out her words over the background pulse of the music.

“You’re mine now, Nina,” Cynthia said, her previously silky-soft voice now sharp with contempt. “If only you knew it.” She gave Nina’s full, perfect breast another hard squeeze as she continued fingering her pussy. “And when I’m done with you, Thomas and Eugene are going to come up here and fuck you bloody. I hope you wake up halfway through. Teach you to turn me down, you stuck-up cunt.” There was a cruelly triumphant smile on Cynthia’s face.

Sam’s mind reeled as he realised what was happening. The rumours were true. Cynthia had d**gged Nina – that surreptitious little moment earlier had indeed been her slipping something into the mojito – and now she was going to **** her. Not just **** her, gang-**** her; those pervert twins were going to come up here and violate his lovely little sister while she slept. With the door closed and the music pumping downstairs, nobody would even notice… Unless he intervened.

He pushed the door open and strode into the bedroom, turning on the light. Cynthia turned her head in shock. She leapt back away from her victim and stood staring at Sam, her expression guilty and fearful. On the bed, Nina’s naked breasts rose and fell with her soft breathing as she slept on obliviously.

Sam and Cynthia stared at one another for a long, silent moment. The cool wind blew gently through the open windows, stirring the gauzy curtains. “What were you doing?” Sam asked finally. His fists were clenched.

“J-just putting her to bed,” Cynthia stammered. “I, um, got her clothes off. So she could be more comfortable.” She swallowed nervously, not taking her eyes off Sam.

There was a whirl of rage, revulsion and hatred in Sam’s heart as he heard Cynthia lie. He wanted to beat her senseless for m*****ing his sister, he wanted to break her bones, he wanted to tear her limb from limb. But even as he clenched his jaw in anger, he realised he couldn’t just attack her. He had no proof, just his word against hers. Cynthia would say that Nina had just passed out from the alcohol. She would tell everyone the same lie she’d just told him, about putting Nina to bed like a loyal friend. If Sam hit her, she’d become the victim in the others’ eyes. Frustration boiled up inside him.
Seeing his hesitance, Cynthia’s expression grew more confident. “I was just about to tuck her in. Poor girl needs to sleep it off. That mojito was a bit too much for her.” She giggled, glancing back at Nina’s naked body.

Sam watched her, trying to keep the fury from his face. Then, suddenly, a plan began to form in his mind. He couldn’t assault Cynthia, or accuse her of **** without hard evidence. But he could punish her another way. He could humiliate her and make her a laughing-stock. He could ensure she never hurt Nina or any other girl ever again.

“Thanks, Cyn,” he said, as amiably as he could. “You’re a good friend.” He was disgusted by how pleased with herself Cynthia looked, but forced himself to stay calm. He needed to make her believe she had fooled him.

“Hey, she’s been there for me when I needed her. Just returning the favour,” Cynthia replied. Her expression was lustful once again; she placed a hand on her hip and eyed Sam eagerly. “How’s the party going?”

“Pretty good, sounds like people are having fun,” he said. “I think a lot of them are starting to pair off.”

“That’s the best thing about parties. Finding someone tasty to fool around with,” Cynthia said. She licked her lips as she looked Sam up and down. She swayed her hips seductively from side to side as she approached him. He didn’t resist as he pressed her small, curvy body against him. “Are you single tonight, Sam?” she asked huskily, her hand stroking down his muscled chest through the shirt fabric.

He looked down at her with a slight smile. “Yeah, you could say that, babe,” he told her. Cynthia grinned happily and drew her knee up against Sam’s thigh, leaning against him so that her tits pressed against his torso. Sam tensed as his penis began, ever so slightly, to harden.

“I’m single, too,” Cynthia said, her hazel eyes gleaming. “At least for the next hour.” She took hold of the scandalously short hem of her dress and flicked it up enticingly. Sam wasn’t surprised to see she was naked underneath. Cynthia’s pussy was unshaven, her pubic hair dark and tangled. She was visibly wet already. She started grinding her vulva against Sam’s groin, rubbing him through his trousers.

“Not here,” Sam told her, as his erection reluctantly rose. “Let me cover Nina first. Then we can go somewhere quiet.”

Cynthia looked deeply disappointed. “Fine,” she said, pouting. “Where?”

Sam thought of a room that suited his plan best. “How about the bathroom? The one up here? We can lock ourselves in.”

“Okay.” Cynthia stood on tiptoes so that she could kiss his lips. Her hand gave his manhood a quick squeeze through his trousers. “Don’t take too long.” She picked up her discarded shoes and padded barefoot out of the room. There was a look of mixed arousal, anticipation and relief on her face. She’d fallen for it, Sam realised with cold satisfaction.

He waited until Cynthia was gone before going over to Nina. He gently lifted his u*********s sister, cradling her in his muscular arms, and laid her down so her head rested on the pillows. He took one last glance at her beautiful sleeping body before covering her nakedness with the sheet. He tucked her in and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. “Stay safe, babe,” he muttered to her. He felt an upsurge of protective love which made his heart thunder in his chest.

As he clicked off the light and walked back out into the corridor, Sam remembered, with a jolt of shock, what Cynthia had said about Thomas and Eugene coming upstairs. He didn’t know where the two men were now, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to let them get anywhere near his sister. He locked the door to Nina’s bedroom and pocketed the key.


Sam found Cynthia waiting for him in the bathroom as promised. She was already naked, her clothes strewn on the tiled floor. She wasn’t quite beautiful, but she was still sexy in a wiry, playful way. Her breasts were large, bigger than Nina’s despite her small frame, and her pale nipples were visibly erect. Her legs were lean and smooth. Her labia stood out pink and prominent in a triangle of dark pubic hair.

“There you are,” she said, licking her lips and smiling sluttishly. “How’d you like the goods?” She pouted and bounced her tits at him, while one of her hands ran through her pubic hair to rub her vulva.

“Very nice,” Sam told her as he locked the bathroom door. He wasn’t entirely lying. Cynthia couldn’t hold a candle to Nina, but still, those tits of hers were really something.

“I showed you mine. You show me yours.” She sounded nearly breathless with arousal already.

Sam swiftly removed his shoes and shirt, but lingered for a little while on unbuttoning his trousers, as Cynthia watched him with obvious impatience. Finally, Sam let his trousers fall to his ankles and stepped out of them. He wasn’t wearing underwear, he seldom did in summertime, and his cock swung out long and heavy. It felt good to let it dangle free; one of the downsides to being well-hung was the discomfort of having it constantly trapped against his leg.

Cynthia giggled as she stepped towards him. There was a deeply lustful look in her hazel eyes. She reached out and grasped Sam’s penis, eyeing it eagerly. Her other hand stroked the firm muscles of his chest as he embraced her. “I’ve been wanting a go on your dick for ages,” she confessed as she squeezed his shaft playfully. “The other girls tell me you’re incredible. They say you fuck like a bull.”

“Hell, how am I supposed to live up to that?” he said. Despite himself, he was enjoying the feel of Cynthia’s nimble fingers around his cock. Her big full breasts were pushing hard against his pectorals. His cock was rapidly getting erect, standing up long and thick. Bitch and sexual predator she might be, but Cynthia definitely knew how to arouse him.

Sam decided to get it over with. He grabbed Cynthia and lifted her up, kissing her as he pressed her up against the bathroom wall. She squealed excitedly and wrapped her legs around his waist as he penetrated her. He started pumping away at her, feeling her move in his grip and hearing her moan in pleasure. Her pussy was wet and tight and pulsing around his cock, her tits bouncing in his face, but the physical pleasure felt somehow distant, even meaningless. No matter how good it felt, nothing could change the fact that he was having sex with his sister’s r****t.

He kept going as if on autopilot. He gazed into her hazel eyes, responded to her kisses and quickened his pace inside her. He felt her come, squirting her juices onto his thrusting penis. Then she screamed and came again; this time she bit his shoulder with her neat white teeth, drawing blood. He barely felt it. When he finally climaxed, he stayed almost silent, watching her rapturous expression as she shrieked and bucked her hips against him.

He let Cynthia down to the floor and pulled out of her, the head of his penis trailing a glistening string of come. They stood staring at one another as Sam’s seed dripped onto the tiles. Cynthia’s bare toes brushed against his as she stood on tiptoes to kiss him. Her hands stroked his cock, and she smiled up at him delightedly. “Wow, Sam,” she breathed. “That was amazing. Just like the girls said.”

“Glad I can still deliver,” he said, sliding his arm around her waist and kissing her full red lips. Even as he did so, he remembered how she’d spoken to his sleeping sister, and had to suppress a sudden snarl of anger.

He hated himself for screwing her, but it had worked. He had her where he wanted her. She was naked, freshly fucked and at ease; she still didn’t suspect that he knew anything about her little **** plot. Now he could teach her a lesson.

Sam pushed Cynthia away gently and flashed her his best lecherous smile. “Get in the shower, babe, and kneel down.”

“Why?” she asked, although she looked like she didn’t really care. She was already stepping backwards towards the shower, her eyes bright with arousal, her fingers toying impatiently with her labia. Sam knew Nina was oversexed, but Cynthia was a slut, plain and simple.

Cynthia stepped into the frosted-glass shower cubicle and knelt obediently. She was looking up at Sam with a sharp-eyed anticipatory smile. Her mouth was slightly open as she stared at his semi-erect penis.

Sam stood over Cynthia, aimed his cock down at her and started pissing on her. She stared up at him in mute shock as his urine splattered on her face, soaked her long dark hair and trickled down onto her tits. She spluttered and spat, but was still too stunned to move, just kneeling there wide-eyed. Sam’s face was expressionless as he urinated on her; there was nothing erotic about it for him. This was pure revenge.

By the time Sam finished, Cynthia was totally drenched, kneeling on the floor of the shower in a spreading yellow puddle. There was a moment when the only sound was the quiet dripping of piss from Cynthia’s hair.

“Sam…what the fuck? Why did you do that?” Cynthia said. Her eyes were still wide as saucepans; Sam had at least been merciful enough not to piss directly in them. Then her expression turned furious, and she tried to get to her feet, only to slip comically in the urine and fall down on her ass. She sat and glared up at Sam, her wet cheeks blushing bright red with shame and outrage. “Why’d you piss on me, you fucking prick? You fucking sicko, I never said you could give me a fucking golden shower! What gives you the right-”

“What gives you the right to try and **** my little sister?” Sam interrupted coolly. Cynthia shut up mid-rant. She now looked suddenly fearful. She tried once more to get up, and this time Sam pushed her back down with his foot.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about,” Cynthia said. She probably meant it to sound confident, but there was a tremor in her voice. “Let me up, you bastard, or I’ll-”

“I saw you,” Sam said, watching her impassively. “You put something in her drink. Then you followed her back to her room. I saw it, Cyn. That’s why I came in.”

“You’re fucking crazy.”

“You d**gged her and tried to **** her. If I hadn’t come in you’d have done it.” Sam’s green eyes were cold as stone. “Thought you could k** me you were just tucking her in. You think I’m a moron? And then what, Cyn, you’d have told your pervert friends there was a naked sleeping girl waiting for them upstairs?”

“That’s bullshit,” Cynthia said, but the fear was growing in her eyes. Sam was nearly a head taller than her, and several times stronger. She didn’t have a hope of pushing past him, and she clearly knew it.

“I guess this is a habit for you,” Sam continued. “All those girls who had their drinks spiked. Always at the same parties as you. Nobody’d suspect you for a date-r****t, huh?”

Cynthia’s jaw tightened. “You can’t prove anything, you dumb fuck,” she hissed.

“Who says I have to?” he answered, keeping his voice icily calm. “Nobody knows we’re in here, and the music’s going full blast. I can do anything I want to you. No-one will hear.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Wouldn’t I?” He took a step towards her, hands clenched into fists, and she shrank back in sudden terror.

Cynthia swallowed hard as Sam loomed over her. Her hazel eyes were huge with fear now. When she spoke, the last traces of defiance were gone. “Sam, please, you’ve got it all wrong. I swear I didn’t do anything to Nina.”

“Don’t lie to me, cunt,” he snapped. She flinched as if he’d slapped her, and tears started brimming in her eyes. Sam continued coldly. “I should break your goddamn neck, Cyn. Nina’s always been your friend, always helped you out when you were in trouble. She defended you when people spread rumours. And you repay her with a fucking date-****. You said those guys were going to fuck her bloody.”

“Sam, please, I didn’t, I never-”

“Shut up. Now listen to me. This is what’s going to happen.” He gazed unforgivingly into her eyes as he spoke. “I’m going to leave you in here with the door unlocked, and you’re going to sit there for the rest of the night. You’re not going to clean yourself up or get dressed. Anyone who comes in here is going to see you naked and covered in piss. If you try to leave, or lock the door, or tell anyone that it was me who pissed on you, I’ll let everyone know what you’ve done, and then I’ll call the cops for good measure. I bet they’ll find more than enough evidence in your handbag for a conviction.”


“Not finished, Cyn. If you stay here all night like a good obedient girl, I’ll let you shower and have your clothes back tomorrow morning. But after that, you’re going to get out of my house and never come back. You’re not going to try and force yourself on anyone else, ever again. And if I see you within a mile of my sister, I’ll haul you off to the police station myself. Understand?”

“Please, Sam, no.”

“Understand?” he said, much more fiercely.

Cynthia hung her head, sniffling. “Yes,” she mumbled.

“Good. Now stay there. I’ll be coming to check on you, so don’t even think about trying to leave.” Sam dressed quickly and walked to the door without a second glance at the naked girl. Before he left, almost as an afterthought, he scooped up Cynthia’s s**ttered clothes and flung them into the corridor. She wouldn’t be getting dressed until the morning.

Sam made sure nobody else was in the corridor before he headed out of the bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar. The music was pumping downstairs, a strong bassy tune, and he could hear laughter and drunken chatter from the hall. With any luck, nobody had noticed his absence.

Before going downstairs, he unlocked the door to Nina’s bedroom and glanced in. His sister was sleeping soundly, still tucked safely under the covers. Her ash-blonde hair was spread out on the pillow around her head, and there was a faint smile on her lovely face. She looked like an angel.

Sam stepped into the bedroom and knelt beside the bed. Nina was breathing softly, the duvet rising and falling over her slender form. Gently, so as not to disturb her, he stroked her hair and briefly kissed her forehead. Sam felt a pang of intense love, so strong it was almost painful, as he gazed down at her. He swore silently, as he had many times before, that he would die before he let anybody hurt this girl.

As Sam returned to the corridor, he heard a shocked gasp, and then loud female laughter. A pretty red-haired girl – Lena, that was her name; they’d slept together once – ran out of the bathroom, almost doubled over with laughter. “Oh my God, Sam,” she said when she saw him, gasping for breath between giggles. “Cynthia de Vere’s in there. She’s covered in-” Lena tried to speak through her wild laughter. “Covered in fucking piss!”

“Well, isn’t that something.” Sam smiled at her as he went down to rejoin the party.


It was a good night, all in all. After a few hours of dancing and drinking in the house, the party moved out into the garden to make the most of the warm summer air. Some of the guests danced on the lawn in various states of undress, while others rolled joints and lazed about to enjoy the high. A group of girls did a long chain of tequila shots on the verandah. More than a few of the guests paired off and went deeper into the garden to have some more intimate fun.

Sam wasn’t able to find Pamela again, but he didn’t mind too much, as he managed to score with two very delectable girls. The first, Suzanne, was an old flame of his with fantastic tits and long, flowing blonde hair; she’d been with him on multiple occasions, and was always happy for Nina to join in. She sucked him off skilfully under the old willow tree, after which he took her to the summerhouse and fucked her until she came screaming. She wanted to go to sleep afterwards, but Sam, now all too wary of leaving a girl u*********s and vulnerable, made sure she went back to join the others on the lawn.

The second girl, Monica, was a stranger, a petite brunette with mesmerising deep blue eyes. She hadn’t technically been invited to the party, but she soon made Sam very glad that she’d gatecrashed. They went to a grassy spot hidden among the lemon trees and enjoyed a long, blissful sixty-nine. Monica turned out to give even better head than Suzanne. After they’d both come, they cuddled naked for a little while before moving on to full sex. Monica straddled Sam’s waist and rode him, squealing with delight, her pussy wet and tight around his cock. “You’re so big, oh fuck, it’s the best,” she moaned, then shrieked in wild pleasure as he brought her to orgasm. Afterwards, as they listened to other couples gasping and groaning with passion in the distance, Monica made Sam promise to call her later. “I’m going to need more of that,” she told him with a delightfully slutty smile.

Finally, Monica kissed Sam’s cock and left to rejoin her friends, her vulva still wet with his semen. Sam reluctantly got up and dressed – not that he really needed to; half the guests were naked by this point – and went to check on Cynthia. She was still sitting nude in the shower, drenched in now-cold piss, and was by now unquestionably the laughing-stock of the evening. Sam looked down at her with quiet satisfaction. “Enjoying the party, Cyn?” he asked evenly.

“Fuck you,” she muttered, shivering.

“Nope. Once was one time too many, if you ask me.” He left her and returned to the party. He noted with satisfaction that Thomas and Eugene had apparently slunk away from the house in disappointment. As he went back out to the garden, he overheard a group of girls talking tipsily in the hall.

“It’s fucking weird. She’s just sitting there, piss all over her, hasn’t even tried to shower it off! I mean, I asked her if she was alright, and all she said was “Fine, go away”! I knew she was weird and all, but this is plain creepy.”

“Wonder who did it to her. I didn’t know anyone round here was into that kind of thing.”

“Well, Cynthia is, apparently.” The group all laughed. Sam, walking past, stayed silent. But he smiled to himself.


Finally, as the sun came up and lit the Mediterranean a rich golden-orange, the party started to break up. People left in ones and twos, clutching bottles and slurring their thanks to Sam as he waved them goodbye. Suzanne gave him a lusty kiss on her way out; Monica just smiled her slutty smile at him before sauntering off down the hill. A few guests, too hungover or u*********s to leave, remained in the living room and on the lawn when the others were gone. Sam made a note to clear them all out before breakfast.

But first, he had to take out the trash.

He went upstairs to find Cynthia sleeping curled up in the shower cubicle, her hair still damp with his urine. He’d checked on her several times during the night, both to make sure she was keeping her end of the deal and, grudgingly, to ensure her safety as she slept. He wasn’t going to let anyone get ****d in his house, not even Cynthia.

Sam briefly considered pissing on her again to wake her up, but he reckoned once had been enough. Anyway, her reputation was so thoroughly soiled after last night that another golden shower would hardly make a difference. He prodded her with his shoe, and she stirred, groaning in discomfort. She looked up at him and glared murderously.

“Alright, Cyn, the party’s over. Get showered and get out of here. Your clothes are in the corridor.”

“You motherfucker,” Cynthia spat. Sam stayed impassive, which evidently just made her angrier. “You fucking shithead!” she yelled at him. “Everyone fucking saw me last night. Everyone! It’s going to be all over the internet, I bet they took fucking pictures. No-one’s ever gonna invite me to anything again!”

“Count yourself lucky,” Sam said drily. “You might be a piss-soaked whore, but at least you’re not a dyke r****t. Unless you want me to tell them.”

“I…no. Fuck it.” Even through her rage, she sounded thoroughly defeated. “I’ll stay quiet. You can keep your fucking whore sister. Get out and let me shower.”
Obligingly, Sam stepped outside, and threw Cynthia’s clothes into the bathroom. He waited for her to shower and clothe herself, then escorted her downstairs. She looked almost sexy again in her tight outfit and high heels, but Sam wasn’t impressed in the slightest. He knew what she really was.

When they reached the front door, he gave her back her handbag. “Your stuff’s still in there. Except for this.” He fished a small plastic bottle out of his pocket and shook it at her, the tiny d**g capsules inside rattling around. He’d found it in her bag the night before. “Evidence, in case you were thinking of trying again. No more putting girls to sleep, Cyn.”

She regarded him with a mixture of fear and hatred. When she spoke, her voice was a spiteful hiss. “Nina’s a slut. She would have loved it.”

“No, you’re a slut. Nina’s an angel. And now you’re never going to see her again. Goodbye, Cynthia.” He gave the girl a light shove and slammed the door shut in her face. The sound of her walking hurriedly away was music to his ears.


Sam tidied the house methodically, clearing away the empty bottles and half-smoked joints littered across the garden. Beer-drenched tables were wiped down, discarded clothes piled up to be returned to their owners. On one of the carved-granite kitchen counters, Sam found a thin powdery line of what was most likely MDMA. He’d never really been into hard d**gs, and he damn sure didn’t want to leave something like that lying around, so he swept the powder into a dustbin bag with the rest of the junk.

When the house was sparkling clean and the last few hanger-ons had stumbled boozily home, Sam finally went to wake Nina. He stripped off his creased clothes on the way and unlocked her bedroom door, comfortably nude. He was surprised to find her already awake, sitting up naked in bed. She was bleary-eyed, her makeup smudged and her hair mussed and tangled. She still looked unbearably lovely.

“Morning, big brother,” she mumbled sleepily. “How was the party?”

“Not bad,” Sam said as he came over to sit beside her. “Shame you missed it.”

“Yeah, sorry.” Nina yawned, stretching her back in a way that made her naked breasts bounce enticingly. “Guess I had more to drink than I thought. Thanks for tucking me in.” She hugged Sam tightly, and kissed him quickly on the lips.

“Just doing my job, love,” he told her, kissing her neck and cheek and long blonde hair. Her skin was so warm and smelled so sweet; her gorgeous tits were pressed up against him as he embraced her. Sam felt his cock start to stiffen. “Do you want breakfast in bed?” he asked her, trying and failing to keep the lust out of his voice.

“No,” Nina said with a drowsy smile as she leaned back against the thick white pillows. “I want you to fuck me like you fucked the girl from last night.”

Sam frowned briefly. How could Nina know about his encounters? She’d been asleep in here with the door locked. “What girl, babe?” he asked innocently.

“The one whose lipstick’s on your cock,” Nina replied, glancing downwards with a significant smile. Sam looked down, then grinned guiltily. Monica had left a vivid red kiss on his foreskin, and he hadn’t even noticed.

“You got me, Nina,” he said sheepishly. Nina put her arms around him and gave him a long, intense kiss. Her tongue moved delicately inside his mouth, and her hands stroked the muscles of his back, playing over his spine and shoulderblades. Once again Sam felt a powerful upwelling of love, a surge of emotion that blotted everything from his mind except his beautiful younger sister. A dark memory intruded for a moment – Cynthia gazing down at Nina with a cruel smile on her face – but Sam shook it away. He held Nina’s warm slender torso tight and stroked her neat little chin as he kissed her. The moment was sheer perfection.

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear. “I’ll always love you.”

“I know, Sam,” Nina replied, as her lips brushed his cheek and then lightly kissed his shoulder. “I love you too.”

She pulled away from him again, her smile tired but happy. The smooth skin of her breasts gleamed in the sunlight that poured through the high windows. There was a flicker of the usual mischief in her emerald-green eyes. Sam met her gaze, his heart pounding, his cock rock-hard between his legs.

“Now, less talk, more fuck. I missed the party but I’m sure as hell not going to miss the morning after,” Nina said. With a flourish, she flung the bedsheet aside, exposing her magnificent nakedness to her brother. Sam grinned like a madman as he climbed on top of her.

Sam had always been delighted by his sister’s stamina; she was one of the few girls who could keep up with him. And she certainly didn’t disappoint today. Nina moved with him, gasping and squealing with joy, as he slid his cock into her sopping-wet cunt and began a quick eager rhythm. He kissed and suckled her superb breasts, tonguing her nipples before squeezing both breasts hard. She twisted and turned sensuously under him, the tight hot walls of her pussy pulsating around the thick shaft of his cock. She gasped and whimpered in pleasure as he thrust deeper and harder into her. She moaned his name and shuddered convulsively as he made her come.

Sam kept going, focusing on Nina’s lovely breathless face and pert, bouncing breasts as he sped up his thrusts inside her. Her arms clutched him, sharp nails digging painfully into his back. More trophy scratches, he thought through the hot haze of sex.

“Sam, oh God, fuck me,” Nina cried out, and she climaxed again, her back arching as Sam held her close against him. Her hips moved in quickening passion beneath him while he kept fucking her mercilessly. The bedsheets were sodden with her vaginal juices. Finally, Sam could take no more, and as he kissed Nina he felt his semen spurt into her in thick hot surges. He gasped and shuddered his way to completion, hearing her scream his name.

They lay on the damp and dishevelled bed, panting for breath and holding each other with trembling hands. Neither of them spoke; they just kissed, running their hands over each other’s bodies. Nina closed her eyes and rested her head on her brother’s chest. Her warm toned belly rubbed pleasantly against Sam’s now-flaccid cock.

“You sure know how to wake a girl up, Sam,” Nina said at last, with drowsy-eyed contentment. “I bet the lipstick girl left walking bow-legged.”

“She didn’t complain,” Sam replied modestly.

“Was it Cynthia? I know she likes you.”

Sam frowned at that. He’d forgotten about the r****t bitch in the heat of passion. He didn’t want Nina to know anything about the whole ugly business. Also, come to think of it, he’d have to find a way of explaining that Cynthia wasn’t Nina’s friend any more. “No, babe. She left early, I think.”

“Pity. I wonder if she’d be turned on if she found out about us.”

Silently, Sam thanked God that Cynthia hadn’t. As it was, he had plenty of leverage over her, having seen her d**g Nina, and having confis**ted the bottle of pills. If Cynthia found out about him and Nina’s relationship, however…she certainly hated him enough to tell people. Her reputation was already in ruins after last night, so maybe she’d think she had nothing to lose.

Sam shook his head. Hopefully, it wouldn’t come to that. If it did – well, he had some information about Cynthia the police would be very interested to hear.

He patted Nina’s thigh and breezily changed the subject. “You planning on getting up today? I’ve got work in an hour, and I could use some breakfast.”

“Me too. And I’ll cook this morning, it’s only fair,” Nina said. “But first, let’s have a shower. I look a total mess.”

“You still look good to me, little s*s,” Sam smiled.

The siblings got up and headed to the bathroom arm in arm, just as they had the previous morning. They ran the shower hotter than usual, and started washing off the sweat and the reek of sex while steam slowly filled the room. They embraced and kissed as they soaped each other down, but Sam was still thinking about Cynthia. If he hadn’t caught the bitch…if she’d led her sicko friends to Nina’s room… The mere thought of his beautiful girl being violated made him clench his jaw in an involuntary grimace.

Nina noticed, and frowned up at him worriedly. “What’s wrong?” she asked softly.

“Nothing, babe,” Sam said. He hugged her tightly, savouring the smooth warmth of her soap-slick skin, tracing the sleek lines of her thighs and hips with his hands. The hot water ran in rivulets over their bodies.

Sam whispered in Nina’s ear. “Nina, you know I’d never let anyone hurt you, right?”

She kissed his cheek in response. “Of course I know. You’re my protector. That’s why I love you so much.”

“I mean it, love. I’d die to keep you safe.”

“Please don’t,” she said. “I don’t know what I’d do without you. Stay with me, Sam.” She rested her head on his shoulder, and they stood together amid the rushing water and drifting steam for some time. As he held his beautiful sister close, Sam could feel his cares and worries slip away. He loved Nina for so many reasons – her beauty, her carefree smile, the wonderful wild sex – but above all he loved her because she made him feel peaceful.

“I miss Anni,” Nina said after a while. She’d said it nearly every day since Anya had left. “She was so sweet.”

“Not when we were done with her, she wasn’t,” Sam chuckled. “She turned into a proper little sex addict.”

“God, don’t remind me. Now I miss her twice as much.” Nina stroked her wet vulva teasingly against Sam’s cock. “Remember when we had her in here? You fucked her doggy-style while she ate out my pussy?”

“Ain’t likely to forget,” Sam said with a smile, his erection rising once again. It was a glorious memory.

“Or the time in the bathtub downstairs? And in Mama’s favourite chair? We made her come so hard she nearly fainted.” Nina had a faraway wistful look in her eyes. “Oh, and all those times in the summerhouse. I think we broke the bedsprings.”

Sam’s penis was almost painfully hard now, jutting up between the two siblings under the steaming water. Nina reached down and squeezed it, her thumb idly stroking the thick throbbing head. Sam met his sister’s gaze and smiled lovingly at her.

“Sam.” Nina’s voice was husky with desire. “I think it’s time we paid Anya a visit.”

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