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It was a cold rainy night and I was walking home from work. I like my job, well about as much as you could like working in an office and staring at a computer all day. I was wearing a jacket, slacks and a button up shirt. My face was the 5 o’clock shadow that I get whether it has been 5 days or 5 minutes since I shaved. A small amount of long chest hair poked out of the top of my shirt. I was not really paying attention. I had walked this path home a hundred times before. I had no reason to believe that today would be different.
I came to a cross walk, barely noticing the van their waiting for the light. When I looked down at my phone, checking on the time out I heard the door open. Before I could look up from my phone out popped two men with stockings over their faces. A rag was shoved into my face and I was dragged into the awaiting van. One man had his legs wrapped around my waist with the other arm under my throat. Whether it was ether in the rag or the choke hold cutting off my circulation, the result was that I soon blacked out.
I woke to find myself in a much different situation. My body had been well shaved, with me having been as I told a friend “hairy as a wookie on Tuesday” I how had been shaved completely below the neck. My hands were tied behind my back. I was completely naked. Where I found myself was this wooden box that was about 3. 5 foot tall and less than that wide. In front of were I was facing was the monitor. There was sound, and the image became clearer as I recovered from my grogginess.
“You want to please men. You live to please men sissy.” The screen was playing a video of a skinny sissy, who was naked from the waist down, getting brutally fucked by a hairy muscular man. I noticed intermittently the screen would flash close ups of a thick veiny cock with hairy balls from different angles. Mixed with the hypnotic voice telling me to please men and that I was not a man was the soft moans of this gorgeous sissy seeming to enjoy situation.
I noticed that there was a green and clear drip line hanging from the top of the box. “Well, if they wanted to kill me I would be dead now.” I tried them. One was water and the other was like a thick green juice. I could guess from the sound of my rumbling stomach that I had been out for some matter of days. I drank my fill and having little energy or ability to move, I went back to sleep.
This happened repeatedly over what was probably a matter of weeks. I would wake, get some sustenance and see a sissy getting fucked while being told how my life was focused around men and if I was good then I would get fucked. Then I would doze back off to sleep.
The lid to my box was open and the light from something other than the monitor in my box was more than a bit bright. My hands were cuffed to a bar over my head. I saw this okay looking girl with short, reddish hair and what looked to have been a well-worn knee strapless style dress. It had one had a colorful print on this yellow background, but time worn in the kitchen and garden along with many washes had made the print undeterminable. She wore simple hoop ear rings and a lacy choker. The choker I noticed was covering an Adam’s apple. “My name is Charlotte…and your name will be Liz” she said while making sure I was secure. I tried to struggle free but the extended period with little movement had left me with little strength. “Don’t protest. I think you will like this.” She produced a small dildo which she shoved to the balls into my throat and then kept it in place with packing tape. I had gagged a bit and succeeded in only producing a bunch of saliva that was now smeared on my face or dripping from the rubber dong’s balls. “You need to start earning your keep and you can’t do so smelling and looking like that.” I was washed and scrubbed, and my hair was shampooed. I actually enjoyed it. Plus, the ability to stretch was good. I was feeling as well as had since I was shoved in that van. I then saw her take a long metal tube attached to one of the shower facets from the wall. “You are going to need to do this at least twice a day. We will discuss your schedule later.” She slowly pushed what I was learning was a shower enema into my butt. I would get cleaned out. “Let’s get you dry enough to check out.” She was patting me down with a towel.
When she stopped I looked back to first see her taking off the rubber gloves. Then she pulled off her thong. She rubbed for a bit her penis. It was not large, but neither was mine and she was hard, and I was cuffed. I knew what was to happen next.
Charlotte stuck two fingers in here mouth to get them wet. She then massaged my hole and the slowly slipped a finger inside. With my mouth still occupied I gave a bit of a moan but even I could not determine if it was out of please or pain. There was some discomfort but not as much as I had anticipated. Then the next finger was slipped in and I could feel my hole stretching a bit. She was working those fingers. In and out, over and over. After several minutes you could hear how wet my hole had become. I had been moaning. There was no question any more. These moans were out of pleasure. I was her bitch and I was enjoying it. She pulled her fingers out and started stroking her cock. “We both are going to enjoy this” Charlotte said.
I could see a huge drop precum running down the tip. One of her hands was groping my ass the other rapidly stoking her cock. It looked stiff and about 4 inches long. “If you relax this will feel better.”
I could feel the precum on the tip of her penis against my ass. One of her hands grasped my hip as the other one guided her cock inside of me. In and out, her hips slowly began making a rhythmic motion. What discomfort there was initially slowly subsided. I could hear her breathing become louder as her pace quickened. My limp penis swayed with the motions of my body. Cuthud, I felt a sting on my butt as she gave me a soft spank. “You like being a bitch don’t you, honey.”
It had been about 5 minutes in and I felt her body tense. She teased my nipples and kissed my neck. The movement of her hips quickened. I enjoyed the sounds of her breathing. “Oh,..oh yes. I am going to cum.” She sank all her shaft inside me. I could feel the twitch of her member and a warm feeling in my butt. She was softly kissing my neck. I was almost limp from the experience with only my cuffed hands still holding me up. The kissing continued. I could feel her cock going limp. “Let us get you down from there. Are you going to cause an incident?” I shook my head “no.” She uncuffed me and then took the dildo gag out and a ball gag into my mouth. She then laid back in the tub, my head on her stomach.
She told me about the situation. This town had an extremely strong patriarchal system and it was not on a major path to anywhere. The town had become used to its ways but there had been some talks of a change. You see for years all of the wives and girl friends in town had taken a medication which made it more likely that when they had c***dren that they would have girls. The ratio was something like 90% girls. Then when boys in the community reached age 10 they would be split between those that would become the men and future leaders of the community and gurls or sissies. You could choose at that time to be a sissy as Charlotte said she had done. The women were expected to have a lot of k**s. Recently there had been the thought that the community needed more sissies. They had used porn watching habits to help them determine who to take. Charlotte said that “It is now my job to train you to take care of daddy.” She had been taking a low dose of hormones for years and had started me off by putting hormones in the green juice. “give you a few months and you will see the changes in the mirror.”
She stood me up and walked me to a mirror. She applied some foundation and blush to my cheek. Then she put a light pink lipstick on me. I could see that my appearance was changed just in this short time. I was never good looking before, but I was getting better looking.
“Sorry honey but you have to go back in the box. Don’t worry though I will be back to do some training tomorrow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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