Taken Advantage of at School…2

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Taken Advantage of at School…2
It was then that the face came in to focus and realized that it was one of the campus maintenance men. My mind spin as he rammed deep into my bung and grunted and groan, sliding his manhood back and forth in my rectum. A voice called out to me saying ‘…David, David…look over hear, look over hear…’ I turned my head to see where the voice came from as soon as my head was turned hard to my right, hands gripped my face and a rock hard penis was pushed into my mouth. Trapped with an old man ramming into my butt like there was no tomorrow and a rock hard penile shaft stuck in my mouth, I was helpless.

I tried to twist my arms free and lower my legs, I was too drunk to coordinate what I was trying to do. Hands holding my head as a solid hard penis slid back and forth, causing me to gag as he hit the back of my throat. The rock hard penis pounding in and out of my bung was relentless. The old geezer slammed deep in my bowels and I could feel his penis twitch and throb as he erupted deep in my rectum.

Breathing heavily he snorted and pulled from my ruptured butt, the guy that whose penis was in my mouth pulled away and climbed up on the bed. He flipped me over to my stomach and spread my legs wide. Reaching his arm under my mid section, he lifted me up high enough to slide a couple of pillows under me.

It was then that the bed started to spin and I gripped the sheets tightly to keep from flying off. My rescuer(?), was between my legs rubbing his rock hard male member up and down the crack of my butt till he found my anal opening and slid his tool back deep in my bung.

I whimpered as he seated his long tool as deep as he could and started to grind into me. The bed was still spinning and my mind was reeling, when with out warning my lover begin to slam into me with all his might. With my butt stuck up in the air I was in no way able to keep my self from being harmed, I tried to raise up only to have him push my head back to the bed.

I heard the two of them mumbling as my lover slowed and started to grind deep into me again. This being not as violent and the rocking motion caused me to slip into u*********sness again. I awoke some time latter coughing and spitting out huge amounts of liquid. Trying to focus I could see two bobbing penis pulling away from my face.

I reached up and wipe away more of the sticky substance and heard a number of other voices, I could make out a few words here and there. Some one was saying ‘…how long….keep him…is it alright for all of us to take turns…’ Hands gripped my shoulders and another glass of whiskey was shoved under my nose and I was ordered to ‘…take a good drink, this will help you out…’

Before I knew it, my head was tossed back and the liquid was poured into my open mouth, fingers pinched my nose and the palm of a hand covered my mouth as some one said in my ear ‘…don’t spit, swallow it all, swallow it all…’ It took two gulps to swallow the whiskey and remnants of male semen I flew forward as my stomach rebelled and expelled the substance that filled my stomach.

It seemed like I vomit for hours as my guts heaved and expelled all it’s content. Once I had stopped I fell back to the bed as a flurry of movement went around me. Some was wiping my face with a very wet towel and others were around the bed dry gagging as they cleaned up my vomit. Again I lost consciousness and drifted off to never land, I awoke again to the painful entry of a penis into my neither region.

This one was bigger than the others and felt much stiffer, I was on my stomach, my head between the thighs of another man. He lifted my head up just high enough to get his penis into my mouth and I heard him command ‘…come on baby boy suck my dick, suck my dick…’

I closed my lips around his shaft and begin to drunkenly suck on his penis, When I came to my senses again I was on my back with my feet being held up in the air by two guys. One on each side and as fast as possible other men was climbing on the bed and inserting their very hard sex tools into my terribly sore bung hole.

How many men was in the room I don’t know, all I know is that I was unable to move away from there probing members and some stayed in longer then others. Every once and awhile one would deposit his seed into my anal canal and some would say ‘… another load for the cum receptacle…’ Again I drifted off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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