Taking Aunt’s Panties

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Taking Aunt’s Panties

He knew he should not be going into her room. But he had seen something as she was folding her laundry that he just had to see again. He started opening the drawers of he dresser. In the middle drawer he saw what he was looking for, among other things that sent a shiver thru him.

It was the many colors and different types of her panties that made him breathless. But it was the red panty that his eyes were drawn to the most. It was the thin strings and sheer piece of fabric.

He put it in his pocket and closed up the drawer. He would look at it in his room where it was safe. It was time for bed anyways.

Back in his room he started to undress for bed. His mind wondered what that panty must feel like to wear. It was so tiny that it must be very tight to have on.

Almost without thinking he stepped into the panty and brought it up his legs until it was in place around his hips and waist. One of the tiny strings went to rest between his bum cheeks, pressing tight against his little hole. He adjusted the front panel of sheer red fabric so that his soft penis and balls were tight and snug within.

He looked down and saw his penis clearly thru the fabric. He enjoyed this and also how the panty was feeling on his bum. It was sending tiny shivers thru his groin.

he had no idea why he enjoyed having the panty on, he just did. He liked the tightness of it on his penis and balls and on his bumhole too.

He lay down on his bed enjoying the feelings he was experiencing for the first time, knowing he had better take them off and hide them and get his pajamas on but the allergy and cold medication he had taken earlier was making him soooo drowsy. He drifted off to sleep with the panty on and his hand touching his penis thru the fabric.

His sleep was restless. His penis was stirring and becoming longer and stiffer in the thong.As his penis became harder, it stretched the fabric and made the string even tighter and his hand wandered between his cheeks to rub his hole back there.

As she went by his room that night on her way to bed, she
heard soft noises coming from inside his room. She often heard him talk
in his sleep since coming to stay with her while his parents were away. A
few times he even walked in his sleep. He had no memory or these times
and he was so deep in sleep. As well the cold and sleep medication that
he had taken earlier to help him reast must be making him restless she

She opened his door and peeked inside. His body was covered with the
bedsheet and his face was flushed and his hair looked damp with sweat.

Thinking he must have a fever she went near his bed to touch his
forehead. He was very warm warm enough that his temperature should be
thaken she thought. She also noticed that his hands were moving under
the sheet…. Between his legs. Curious to see what he was doing she
lifed the covering sheet to look

The first thing she saw was … He wS wearing her red sheer thong. The
very tight one she wore when she wanted to pleasure herself and inside
was his hard young penis clearly visible thru the sheer fabric. She
approved at how it strained and pushed trying to get free. She knew now
what the mosning was for. But he was still feverish. She got up to go
gather her thermometer.
She went to her room and got her rectal thermometer and some
lubrication. It had been a long time since she had used it . she put on
her pajamas then reconsidered and put on a sheer thong panty and a
matching sheer nightgown instead she glanced in the mirror and noticed
how visible her breasts a d panty were
before she left her room she looked under her bed and pulled ”Pleasure
Chest” found what she needed and went back to his room
He had moved onto his belly in her absence and was grinding his hips
into the mattress tge thong pulled tight up his bum cheeks.
She watched for a few moments wondering how that must feel on his hard
penis. She realized that she was beginning to feel wet nside her thong
and was feeling a little light headed.

She spoke his name in a firm voice and recieving no response she knew he
would now be waking up. She then proceeded to lift him up on all 4s a
bit propping pillows under his belly nt his bum was high and exposed

She spread his knees until his bum cheeks spread slightly and started to expose his little bumhole

The thong strong did little to hide anything from her eyes. She topk
some lube and generouslyapplied it to his bum crack and hole. Her finger
lingered on the opening … Pushing and testing for resistance it
seemed to offer none at all

When she was certain he was well lubricated she reached for the themometer
but first she had a thought. She spread his cheeks as wide as she could and
looked at how he glistened from the wetness. He also saw his tight balls within the
panty but his penis was out of sight straining upwards to his belly. She
bent forwards and taking her tongue she licked his bumhole poking with

Satisfied that he was wet enough she began
to insert the thermometer and is slid in with no effort at all. She
noticed that his bum hole started to twitch slightly. It was giving
pleasure. She began moving it in and out. After about 20 motions like
this she took a reading and saw the temp was normal.

Without hesitation she took out the thermometer and picked up the sex
toy she brought with her from her room. She spread lubrication
generously on the tip and down the shaft. It was shiney and black. About
the size of his own penis. Holding her breath she placed it against his
opening. She pressed and in it started to go. He was so wet it seemed
to glide in effortlesly when she had 3 inches in she backed it out almost
all the way then repeated. Over and over until his hips seemed to go
backwards to meet her forward thrusts.

Thinking this might be enough for his bum hole for the night she withdrew
the toy and gathered up her things from his bed. She took out the pillows
from under his belly and rolled him over onto his back. He was still
very hard in her panty.There was a growing wet spot that
flowed from the tiny hole at the tip of his penis.

She took the panties off of him and gathered up some of
his cumm juice on her finger then put it upon his lips and
into his mouth. He instinctivly brought it into his mouth
and swallowed it.

Again she took her finger and coated one of them with his juice.
This time she exposed her breast and rubbed it onto her nipple.
Bending over his sleeping body , she lowered her titty to his mouth and
opened his lips and put her nipple inside.

Once again his instinct took over and he started to suck it into his mouth.

As she was doing this she realized that she was she was getting so
aroused that her knees were beginning to shake. She decided to leave the room and go
to her room to bring herself to a nice cumm.

Covering him up to sleep the night she wondered how his little bumhole might feel i the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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