Taking Control by Karen Kay

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Taking Control by Karen Kay
Katie spent most of the afternoon doing some window shopping at the local outlet mall. This was her second trip in less than a week. Her focus concentrated on several shops that catered in adult oriented attire. Dresses, lingerie, high heels and an array of sexy scents that only the best high class call girls would purchase for their collection of lets say, work uniforms.

Katie of coarse had no problem finding the items she wanted to purchase. So far her collection she already purchased consisted of an assortment of skin tight revealing dresses. That’s if you wanted to call them a dress. Three pair of high heels with 6” spikes. Corsets, half cup bras, garter belts, thongs topped off her accessory collection.

Being a typical suburban stay at home housewife, these were things she wouldn’t normally purchase. Sure, she had a few sexy little black and red colored teddy’s and ruffled panties and such. You know, typical girly things wives have in their intimate collection. But nothing this erotic that she intended to wear in public in the near future.

Being a small petite woman, Katie never had any trouble finding nice clothes to wear that were designed to be worn by women with model figures. A model figure she had! Nice little breasts just large enough to cup in an average hand. A narrow waist and a perky little round ass with long smooth curvy legs. Yes, Katie could strut down the street wiggling her little round perky ass and get lots of attention from strange men and the little old ladies that gave her dirty looks.

She was typically a jeans and sweater and sneaker type girl. After 6 years of marriage, things were going to be a little different in the Gilbert household. Mrs. Katie Gilbert. Married to her husband Steve. They lived in a small Midwestern town. Owned a typical suburban ranch home with a nice little fenced in back yard they planed on using for the c***dren they planned to have someday.

Actually, that’s when their marriage started to unfold. At least for a time it seemed to be unfolding until Katie took control of the situation. It all started when they started making plans to start a family about three years ago. Steve always seemed to have trouble obtaining an erection. His problems started long before her and Steve got married. She never gave it much thought at the time since she loved Steven so much that sex wasn’t a big issue in their life.

Katie had lots of patients and spent much time learning about her husband and how to get him hard when they wanted to have sex. Steven wasn’t that largely endowed. It fact, Katie learned a short time later after searching the internet that her husband was well below average in penis size. Since she’d never had sex with anyone else other than her husband this came as a bit of a surprise. She remembered having a little fun with him one night when they came back from dancing at a club and having a few drinks. A few jokes and silly talk led to them making a bet about the size of his penis. Steve insisted he was 6” long and Katie had her doubts so she got out her tape measure and patiently worked to get him fully hard. From the base to the very tip she could only stretch him to 41/2” tops!

They were both laughing and joking around that night but somehow Katie had hurt Steven’s feelings and she felt terrible about it. Later that night Steven apologized for not being large enough to satisfy her sexy stunning Katie as she wondered why Steven even thought of such a thing.

She laid in bed hugging her husband that night as they talked about sex and somehow lead to the subject of their own sexual fantasies. Steven confessed to Katie that night that he’d often fantasized about watching her making love to another man. Katie thought it to be rather strange at first until she tested her husband a few nights later teasing him about having an affair with a fictional person.

She remembered playing with his cock that night and feeling him getting harder as she talked about having sex with another man. She’d quickly climb on top of him and ride him until he came inside her pussy. She also discovered that she’d have to continue talking to him while they were engaged in sex otherwise he’d quickly go soft again.

After a period of a year or so, Katie pretty much had her technique down to a science. Steven started bringing home adult movies for them to watch and often found those with women that looked similar to Katie. Than one day Steven brought home some interracial movies with women who resembled his wife. Katie was surprised by how well endowed some of these men were in the movies.

As time went by Steven began having problems again obtaining his erection. After experimenting with her husband with different ideas and techniques she finally found something that worked. Well, at least to some degree it worked.

Katie found that verbal stimulation as she stroked Steven’s cock worked rather well but as soon as she tried to mount him he’d suddenly loss his erection again. Katie had about given up any hope of trying to have normal sex with her husband after a period of time.

Steven still brought the movies home on weekends and they were getting more into interracial with an added twist. They were called cuckold interracial movies. One weekend Steven brought Katie a new toy with a new assortment of movies for them to watch. He told her it would help stimulate her watching the movies. It was a black vibrator and Katie just loved the feel of the little toy inside her pussy when she turned it on to vibrate. They spent their first Friday night laying in bed watching a little petite blonde wife being dominated by a muscular black fellow.

Katie was surprised that such a movie were made. These were real white couples practicing this strange new thing she had never heard of until she watched her first movie. Katie watched as this tiny little white wife was slapped around by this mean looking muscular black guy. She seemed to enjoy the way he was treating her. He’d grab her by the hair and call her names like, bitch, slut and whore.

Katie actually found herself getting wet watching this dominant black male as he forcibly grabbed the little blonde wife by her hair and flung her across the bedroom until she landed on the bed. Katie watched as he lifted the women’s dress up and slapped her bare ass making a loud noise that filled the bedroom.

She was naked underneath the dress as he forced her face down onto the bed and pulled her petite body toward the edge of the bed lining up his cock between her white ass cheeks. Katie and Steven watched as the black man roughly spread her delicate little ass apart and inserted his thick meaty black cock into her wet waiting pussy in one swift thrust making the little white wife yell out in pain.

Katie reached over and stroked her husband little cock filling him getting hard as they watched the poor helpless white wife getting pounded by that monster black cock. The camera pointed downward near the floor of the bed showing the helpless husband knelling on the floor watching his pretty wife getting laid by the muscular black guy.

The husband just starred at the thick black cock as it sliced in and out of the tiny little women. The black guy roughly flipped her around until her ass was almost hanging over the edge of the bed. He lifted her legs up and moved into position and started to fuck her deep and hard as her legs spread wider to accommodate his huge muscular body.

She was moaning with intense pleasure as the black master rammed his huge thick black body down into the little white wife. Katie was playing with her new toy as she watched the screen now moving the black toy cock in and out of her wet pussy. She closed her eyes long enough to try and imagine herself in that woman’s position getting fucked like a total slut.

Steven saw it in her eyes. Katie was loving every moment of watching the helpless white wife getting her pussy abused and stretched out by that massively big black cock. Before long Katie was sliding down on the bed spreading her legs as she moved the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She forgot all about Steven and used both hands to guide the little toy inside her pussy. The toy was making it’s buzzing sound as Katie had her first orgasm.

Steven was playing with his little cock as he watched his wife the way she responded to her new little toy while the movie kept playing. Suddenly the black man started to grunt and groan as his body slapped into her upturned little ass one more time and sent his life giving seed directly into her waiting womb.

The camera panned in closer giving the viewers a better look as the black master held her legs up high in the air. Katie watched as her legs relaxed from having her orgasm.

“Clean it up.” Katie heard the black man bark at the husband. Katie had no idea what was about to happen figuring the husband was going to wipe her pussy with a wash cloth or something. She watched as the husband scooted across the floor and began licking the cum that seeped out between his wife’s pink pussy lips.

“Let me see.” The black master barked.

The husband lifted his face up looking toward the muscular black man with his mouth half open and tongue sticking out. There was a small puddle of thick white cum on the edge of the husbands tongue. The husband closed his mouth and swallowed than reopened it again showing that he’d swallowed the cum.

The husband pressed his face back between his wife’s open legs and finished his cleanup duty like a little puppy dog. At some point after the movie had finished Katie came again with her little toy. Over the next few weeks Steven brought home even more movies for him and Katie to enjoy.

Each movie featured a white couple and their dominate black bull. Redheads’ blondes and brunettes were all featured. The black men were all well endowed and very muscular and mean looking. Katie began having an attraction to these type of men. She never felt so stimulated by black men until Steven introduced her to this kind of lifestyle.

Her and Steven would talk during and after these movies and fantasize about the couples that performed in the movies. Steven found Karen Kay’s Korner one day and he and Katie spent a Saturday night looking through the site at the many cuckold stories and features on the site. Katie enjoyed the Meat Market section where white wives posted their video ads showing off their bodies to potential black lovers,

Katie often enjoyed the site when Steven was working and began reading the hundreds of stories about white wives who got knocked up by black men. There were many different scenarios where wives would cheat or they were owned by black men and they were forced to bred having their mixed babies.

Katie began to get intrigued more and more each day as she read the stories and advice columns posted by some of the wives who were into this type of lifestyle. It got to a point where Katie was hooked on reading the cuckold stories that were posted on the site. Katie would sometimes read the stories to Steven knowing how much it turned him on.

Katie and Steven had some lengthy talks al week. Katie wanted to know Steven’s true feelings about how he felt about seeing her being intimate with another man. It was Stevens suggestion to seek out a black man. Steven broke down one night telling his wife how bad he felt knowing he couldn’t satisfy his wife sexually like most men. She tried to tell her husband that night that sex didn’t really matter because she loved him so much. Steven kept insisting and didn’t go to sleep that night until he finally got Katie to agree to his suggestion.

They came to a mutual agreement that night that if they decided to do this they would find a black man that had experience and would teach them everything they needed to know about having a cuckold relationship.
It’s not that Katie wanted it, she wanted to please her husband’s wishes. Deep down inside she felt all tingly inside thinking about acting out submissively to a handsome dominate type of black guy.

Steven made her laugh that night telling her he’d enjoy acting out being a docile type cuckolded husband. He thought it might be fun having a black man that was truly skilled in the art of dominating white couples take control of their sexual lives. Steven even kissing Katie all over her breasts and belly that night making her laugh even harder because she was so ticklish. Steven even showed Katie how good he could be at licking her pussy and making her cum whenever she felt the need of release.

Katie went along with Steven’s fantasy that night. She teased him as she lay on her back with her legs spread wide. Steven got into position and started by kissing her inner thighs. Katie tried not to giggle as she pointed down at her pussy and ordered her husband to start licking. She had just shaven her pussy mound that morning and knew she felt nice and soft and smooth down there. She could feel Steven’s tongue gently licking the inside of her pussy lips touching her clit every so often.

Katie relaxed her body a bit more and reached down and began massaging her husbands hair as he carefully licking her pussy. She raised her hips up giving him better access to her pussy. She felt so wet now trying to fantasize that a well endowed black man had just fucked her good and hard and made a cum deposit inside her pussy. She started pulling on Steven’s hair as he licked. This seemed to turn him on by the touch of his tongue inside her pussy. He was starting to use more passion in his work as Katie grabbed hi hair even harder than started to chant.

“That’s it. Lick it clean baby. Get all the cum out.”

Steven wet wild with lust and passion on her pussy working his tongue as deep as he could tilting his head around trying to shove his tongue inside as far as he could. Katie held his head tight by pulling tightly on his hair.

“Your doing so good baby. Make me cum with your tongue.”

Those words got Steven going even more as he devoured her wet pussy making Katie moan with hot passion bucking her hips up to meet his driving tongue. Her body started the shack but Steven kept licking and working the tip of his tongue on her little clit. She finally gasped for air one last time and came as she pulled on Steven’s hair while having a really intense orgasm. Her body started to relax and she let go of her husband’s hair catching her breath looking up at the dark bedroom ceiling.

Steven slowly eased up and laid by the side of his wife resting his head down near her breast. She wrapped her arm around his head holding him tightly against her boob as he gently kissed around her hard nipple. She felt like his mother right now. She gently stroked his hair and leaned her head up and gently kissed the top of his head. Katie was thinking how good this could be for their marriage.

Steven could enjoy giving her pleasure in his own way. Katie loved him very much for that. She knew her husband would do anything to give her pleasure and make her the happiest wife on the block. She kept wondering how it would be laying in bed wrapped in the arms of another man while her husband worked at pleasing and pampering her and being satisfied that she was being well taken care of sexually by that other man.

Katie began thinking in a devilish way how she could use this scenario in so many ways. She could have Steven wait on her hand and foot. Her mind drifted everywhere trying to imagine what that other man would be like in a relationship. How could she control her feelings being so intimate with another man? How would she react to him and what would he expect of her?

Naturally she would have to insist on this being a part time adventure. Perhaps getting together for a Friday or Saturday night each week. Let everything out and act out their wildest fantasies. Wake up on Sunday and things would go back to their normal lives again. Her lover would leave until he was called in for the next session. Yes, that sounded about right to Katie.

She’d have to find the perfect man for the job. Someone that was well experienced. He had to have the good looks she required plus his personality was going to be very important. A man that could treat her and Steven with respect and honor the fact that he was just being brought in to play their fantasy games. She wanted a man that knew how and when to turn it off and on per say. She wasn’t sure how hard it would be to find the right guy but her and Steven agreed to give it a try.

Steven suggested that perhaps Katie could make her own movie to post on the site and just see what kind of response they got back from her ad. Katie gave it some thought and finally agreed so they spent a Saturday afternoon making their own video. Katie noticed that the wives did different things in their videos. Some danced, some just stripped showing off their bodies. Some even played with toys making themselves cum on camera.

Katie decided to do a slow strip tease. She wore high heel pumps and a short dress and began dancing to a sexy song she liked to dance to when they went out to a club. She made sure she looked very seductive in the movie looking at the camera several times as she worked her way out of her dress.

Leaving her heels on she leaned back against the bed and started rubbing her neatly shaved pussy for the camera spreading her pink pussy lips with the tip of her fingers as she looked at the camera in a very seductive pose. Katie would have felt so dirty just a few months ago but now felt her sluttish side showing through. She laid back on the bed still looking toward the camera lens as she spread her legs and rubbed her bare pussy mound moving her high heeled legs as seductively as she could. Steven smiled at his wife letting her know they had been recording for several minutes so she smiled once more at the camera and waived bye to whomever would see the short sexy clip of her offering.

Katie felt relaxed and a it a bit of relief after finishing the movie clip for her ad. They sat down and downloaded it onto the computer and wrote a short ad and submitted their ad for posting on the site. It took a couple days for their ad to appear in the Meat Market ads. Katie was a little nervous when she saw her ad up on the site for the very first time. Within a day they started getting replies to their ad from several different black men in their area.

Katie sifted through the replies eliminating the guys that were married and the men that didn’t appeal to her. She started a short list for the next week until she had picked out 4 potential black men that caught her interest.

There was a guy who called himself “The dominant Black Master” he said he had a lot of experience with new white couples and would be willing to help train Katie and Steven into his as part of his harem of white slaves. Another guy named Big Mike sounded a bit too dominating but Katie really liked his pictures. He was a very handsome dude she thought to herself.

The most recent reply caught Katie’s eye the most. His name was Andre. Andre was thirty-five years old. He was 6’10” tall and weighed 270 lbs. He was extremely good looking and wrote a very short reply but it was enough to get Katie’s attention right away.

He told Katie he loved her video. Thought she had a gorgeous body. He said he had plenty of experience training white couples. He explained in his short reply that he would like to gain her trust in allowing him to take total control of all her sexual needs and pleasures and fulfilling any fantasies beyond any imagination she ever dreamed possible. He also said he’d teach her how to train and control “The Cuck” to any degree she so desired.

That last remark got Katie thinking and decided she wouldn’t show Steven Andre’s reply. She was curious to know what Andre had in mind about helping her train and control the cuck as he put it. She wasn’t quite sure yet how Steven was going to fit in to all this. She’d seen many different style of cuckolding techniques in those movies she watched with Steven and was trying to remember what turned him on the most. Katie decided to reply to Andre and tell him she’d give him a call over the next couple days once she made her decision.

Katie got another reply back within an hour with a short note saying. “I hope this makes it better for you to decide.” Katie saw that their was some attachments and started to open the one at a time. The first shot was of Andre completely naked standing with his large masculine arms on his hips. His huge cock was only half erect and looking larger than her forearm. Katie started tingling all over looking at Andre’s gorgeous body. His bronze body just glowed with excitement for her as she started to open the second attachment.

Katie gasped in pleasure as she saw the next picture. Andre was seated on the edge of a desk with one leg propped up on a chair. He was smiling as he looked at the camera. His huge arms looked so appealing with such broad shoulders down to his massive thighs. His cock was semi limp in this shot but Katie could see how thick and long it still appeared even in it’s limp stage. Katie’s hands trembled as she opened the third picture.

This was a totally different shot for sure. It was a close-up shot of Andre’s huge thick cock with a full erection. He was holding a soda can next to his cock giving a comparison to it’s size. That soda can was much shorter than Andre’s cock. It’s thickness staggered compared to the solid line of the soda can but every bit as thick. Katie also took notice of Andre’s large meaty hands. She was trying to imagine how his hands would feel touching her in the most intimate places.

Katie was shaking all over as she opened the next shot which focused on Andre’s upper half including his handsome face. Naturally he had thicker lips as most African Americans. Katie lifted her arm putting it next to the computer screen looking at the contrast between her pale white skin and Andrea’s bronze skin. She lowered her hand down between her legs feeling very warm and excited. She wondered if most white women felt like her about the contrast of their skin against a black male.

She kept studying the picture. Andre wore a diamond earring. He was neatly shaven and had a clean cut intelligent appearance. He certainly didn’t have that gangster hood look that sort of turned her off. He did have some tattoos but they weren’t overwhelming like some of the tattoos she’d seen on black men. Katie opened up the last attachment. It was Andre dressed in a dark grey suit. He looked very handsome in this picture.

Katie squirmed in her chair looking back at each photo Andre had send. She looked at his phone number over and over again until she finally decided to give him a call. She dug for her cell phone inside her purse and put his number in and waited for an answer. A voice answered with a deep male tone saying, “Hello.”

Katie cleared her throat and replied. “Hello. Is this Andre?”

“Yes. Whom I’m I speaking to?”

“This is Katie. I just got your email a few minutes ago.”

“Great. Nice to talk to you Katie. Your husband home?”

“No. He’s at work right now. Did you need to speak to him?” Katie replied nervously.

“No.” The deep masculine voice replied. Andre added. “This your first time Babe?”

Katie was trying to keep her voice from sounding so nervous as she replied. “Yes. Very first time for me….Us…”

“Your husband OK with it?”

“Oh, Yeah….He is actually excited about the whole thing.”

There was a pause for a moment on the other end of the phone than Andre replied. “How about you? You excited?”

“Yes. I’m nervous and scared at the same time.” Katie was being honest.

“Nothing to be afraid or scared about Babe…… You like my pictures?”

Katie smiled into the phone. “Yes. Thought you were very handsome.”

“Glad you liked them….. Your video was hot! You got a gorgeous body!”

Katie wasn’t feeling as nervous now as she replied. “Thank you. I was really nervous doing the video. Hope I didn’t look like a nerd.”

“You looked just fine Babe. Real fine body. Superb!”

Katie was blushing. “Thank you Andre. You look great too.”

“You never had black dick before?”

Katie almost choked as she tried to stutter the words out in a short sentence. “No…Never.”

“That’s OK. I like that. Give me something to look forward to…..Tell me. Where’s your husband fit into all this? What you looking to get out of it?”

Katie was speechless for a moment. She began thinking really quick and finally came up with a reply. “Well. My husband. Steven and I have had long discussions about all this and we finally agreed to seek out someone with a lot of experience.”

Andre laughed. “I got that alright. What you looking for Babe? You looking for good sex?”

Katie nervously replied. “Yes.”

“Your ad said you and your husband were looking for a dominate black man.”

“Yes. That’s right. That’s what we want.”

Andre replied quickly. “You both want to be dominated, correct?”

Katie got a little nervous again as she replied. “Um….Yes. Steven wants to be a cuckold. Wants to watch more than anything else.”

“You up for it? Having him watch I mean?”

“Yes. The idea excites Steven very much.” Katie went on to say. “I’ve been playing with him recently when he licks my pussy. He loves to please me in so many ways. He’s really looking forward to it.”

Andre replied. “Has to feel good for you too Babe. You get into controlling your husband in sexual situations?”

“I guess you could say I do. We just never tried anything with a real man.” Katie went on to explain the movies she’d watched and stories she read about being a submissive wife She tried to give Andre a scenario of what they were looking for in a man.

“Sounds like something I can handle. You and I can talk when we get together and see what works for all of us….” Andre paused than added. “You got to be the one who takes control in your relationship. You can’t feel guilty about the things you do. If your husband truly thinks he’ll enjoy this than the more you take control the more he’s going to please you for doing it.”

Katie nervously giggled as she replied. “I’ll have to get the hang of this. That’s why I need someone who is experienced.”

Andre cut right in. “You have to believe in me to make this work. You will have to put your trust in me. I’ll make the decisions for us as a couple. It’ll be your job to handle your husband. I can give you tips and advice on how to proceed with him when your ready.”

Katie felt a little relieved but at the same time scared about the whole thing.

“OK Andre. I’ll have to put my trust in you to make this all work. I just don’t want to hurt my husband in anyway.”

“You won’t be hurting him. You’ll see in due time how much he’s going to enjoy it. My first obligation will be to focus on you and making you feel special. I’ll teach you things you never dreamed about.”

Katie giggled. “Oh my…I’m really looking forward to meeting you.”

“When you want to get together? This Friday?”

Katie’s heart was beating so fast she could feel it and see the thumping on her chest at the top of her cleavage line of her top she was wearing.

“If you think you can make it this Friday. Where would you like to meet?” Katie asked.

“How about at your place. Want your husband to feel comfortable and at ease for our first meeting. I find it best for the couple in general to meet at their own home if you don’t mind.”

“That will be fine. I’ll text it to you after we talk. Um…Do you want me to wear anything special?” Katie replied.

“I’ll leave that up to you tonight. Let’s see how wild you can be!” Andre chuckled.

“I’ll text you in a few minutes with the address. I guess I’ll see you this Friday evening. Around six-ish?”

“I’ll be there Babe. Take care until than…”

Katie hung up feeling kind of relieved. She also felt a little hesitant about going through with it all but she kind of forced herself to text over her address to Andre on her cell phone. He replied with a short note.

“You’re a hot little Momma”

“Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. I write hundreds of cuckold interracial style stories on my sites. This is a full illustrated story on my site Karen Kay’s Korner

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