Taking His Virginity

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Taking His Virginity
Truthfully, I didn’t mean for it to happen this way. I wanted it to be the way you see it in the movies. Something good happens, we share a kiss, we sit down together and soon our kiss becomes something more, it’s slow and it’s special. Well, that’s not it happened. That’s never how it happens with me.

First off, it wasn’t planned, I just wanted to sit with him and enjoy his company and maybe kiss him. We only had a few days together, like we usually do when I get the time off to visit him. I had my head against his chest like I always do, our hands intertwined and resting on his lap. He looked so happy and of course I was happy, I’m always happy to be with him.

This night particularly, I just felt so comfortable and loved with him and he smelled so good, he always smells so good but that night, it just got to me. As we watched tv together on the couch, I ran my hand up and down his chest, sighing happily. He kissed the top of my head and held me tighter, it was so sweet, but I was done being sweet and trying to act all innocent. He knew I’d been with many lovers before of any gender but I’d tried to seem like I had my libido under control when I was around him. I mostly did, but I couldn’t help my hand from sliding down to his jeans to rub my palm against his dick through his pants.

I didn’t say a word, neither did he. After a few moments, I unzipped his pants and pushed them down. I reached into the slit of his boxers and threaded his cock through it. For a little while, I did keep my libido under control, all I wanted to do was jerk him off. I licked my fingers and pumped my hand up and down his hardening dick. His head tipped back and he exhaled, his hands falling to his sides. I kept moving my hand up and down and I looked up at him coyly, I loved and still continue to love doing things with him that he’s never done before.

When he looked down at me, he spoke, “You have no idea how good that feels…” he drawled, his words slow.

But I did know how it felt, at least from a lady’s perspective. Then I starting thinking about the last time I’d visited and how he’d fingered my writing body on his bed and how amazing it felt to be touched that way after so long. Well, a long time since anyone else had done it for me. And all that this thinking about fingering did was made me think about how much I wanted him. All of him. Right then.

I crawled into his lap after I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them down a little. I began to rub my pussy against his hard cock, through my panties. The thing fabric of my panties made it easy for him to feel the warmth radiating from my pussy and I’m certain the wet spot on the silky smooth garment was more than noticeable.

“If you like that, then you’ll love this…” I whispered next to his ear then bit at his lobe. He shivered beneath me. I kept grinding against him and his hands settled at the small of my back.

He groaned and a few curse words spilled out of his mouth. Something about his voice when he was so hard and so needy turned me the fuck on and I needed him.

“So good, baby…” He said as he tilted his head back to kiss me.

I did kiss him back as my hand wrapped around his hard cock one more time and I slipped it under the edge of my panties so he could feel just how soaked I was. I teased his cock between my folds, sliding from my clit down to my throbbing hole. I let the head of his cock dip into me.

I can’t tell you if we said anything to each other after that. I was too overcome with lust to remember anything but the way it felt. The gasp he let out when I let his cock dip into me was enough to ensure that my plan of waiting for the right moment was a bad plan from the start. That dip of the tip was the point of no return. When I remembered how it felt to have a real dick in me, I dropped down on that cock like my life depended on it.

I probably was a little princess about it and asked him how it felt but didn’t wait for an answer and just kept bouncing up and down on him. I know he squeezed my hips, I know he threw his head back, and I know I kissed him hard on the lips. I also know, he didn’t last very long like that.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum…” He warned and in a few moments, I felt that delicious feeling of his cum shoot into my pussy, followed by a few more streams of hot, creamy cum fill me up. I rolled my hips a few more times, I wanted to milk every last drop from him.

When his hands loosened their grip on my hips and his body stopped shaking from the aftershocks of his orgasm, I gracefully moved off of him, his cum already dripping out of my little hole, into my panties. I didn’t care, there’s nothing like the feeling of being full of your lover’s cum.

Neither of us said anything for a moment. I rested my head against his shoulder and listened to his breathing start to regulate once more. That’s when I knew I was going to have a good time introducing him to the world of sex, but even more, it’d be a good time introducing him to the world of sex with me. I’m not usually so vanilla, but I didn’t wanna give the poor guy a heart attack in his early 20s. That’d be a weird one to explain to the medics.

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