Taking the Girl

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Taking the Girl
Taking the Girl by Daddy_Jack

NOTE: This is a true life experience …

We drive in silence to a hotel room. My hands squeeze your breasts through the dress, alternately sliding up your skirt to feel your inner thigh, teasing you, tempting you, and exciting you. We had only met that evening through a connection at the dating site, but our erotic conversations over the past week created a tremendous appetite and anticipation of tonight’s pleasure.

I take you in my arms in the elevator, kissing you. We kiss lightly at first, a bit tentatively. Then our lips come together with passion and hunger, as my hand again slips under your dress. We stand there embracing, me fondling you, when our car stops and the door opens. A young girl stands watching, transfixed by our scene. You blush, and I wink as I lead you to my room.

I open the room door, and you walk into the dark room. Your eyes are adjusting to the darkness as I walk up behind you, wrapping my arms around you and kissing your neck. You push back against me, and I grind my moving cock into your ass, as my hands move up and cup your breasts.

We stand there for moments, enjoying the feeling and capturing the moment. I unzip your dress and move my hands around to your bare skin, caressing your tummy while kissing your upper back. I can feel your knees weaken as my arms support your weight.

Slowly I begin to remove your dress, pulling it down over your shoulders, but letting it hang on your upper arm, suspended, as my fingers dance below your throat at the top of your beautiful white breasts. You begin to moan, and my cock hardens, pushing into your backside urgently.

With one more movement from my hand your dress drops to your ankles, and you stand, back still to me, with only your bra and bikini panties. I pick you up, kissing you while I carry you to the king sized bed, which I had pulled back earlier in anticipation of tonight’s delight.

I lay you down, kissing your lips, ears, cheek, forehead, then moving down your chest, giving butterfly kisses to the top of your breasts. Reaching around, I find your bra strap and unclasp it with one hand and pull it aside. Revealed to me are two lovely globes, milky white and soft. Your nipples and aureole are already hard in anticipation of what pleasure I will bring.

My lips trail down your breast and my tongue draws circles on your aureoles, one at a time. I savor the delicious texture of your hardened skin,, and am anxious to move to the nipple, but I don’t want to hurry. I take my time, making your aureoles very hard and filled with goose bumps.

Then my tongue moves toward the peak I seek, and I brush against your nipple, first your left, then your right. Mmmm, I adore a hard nipple, from a girl who is enjoying this as much as I. I repeat the motion, again and again, lapping at your nipple as if it were the sweetest ice cream cone a man could have. After long laps, I finally bring my lips to your left nipple, and take it into my mouth. I suckle like a baby, my lips moving across your nipple while my tongue makes a licking action against the base.

Occasionally I brush my teeth across the nipple and you moan. Then I give you a small love bite, and you flinch with a small scream, but then predictably moan loudly as the small bite is transformed into warmth and sexual energy within you.

My lips trail downward, as my hands explore your nakedness. My fingertips make long slow circles against your naked skin and my wet lips move downward, seeking the spot of my desire.

My lips continue down your thigh and around to it’s inside, the soft milky skin that every man desires. My fingers continue to caress the other thigh while my wet lips offer kiss after kiss, moving up toward your gushing cunt.

My finger spread your cunt and I marvel at its beauty. Then with the tip of my tongue I begin to lick, softly at first, and your body reacts. My tongue moves along the fold between your inner and outer lips, stopping at your clit hood and returning the other way. Then my tongue flicks against the clit hood, right before I push the hood back to reveal a throbbing clit in serious need of Daddy’s attention.

Your taste is divine as I suck on your clit, running it up into my mouth between my lips, while I slide two fingers inside you. My fingers move faster and faster, as I continue to suck, moving the tip of my tongue to the tip of your clit with I suck one it.

Finally your body shudders and you cum in wave after wave of pleasure, while I continue to suck and finger fuck you. You start pushing me away, but I continue until you scream loudly for me to stop.

You lay exhausted, as I kneel next to you, and rub the tip of my cock against your nipple. My pre-cum drips from my cock-head and the sensation against your nipple is electric.

I move toward your mouth and turn your head, you understanding what I want. My cock moves toward your lips, and they part as I slide my cock into your wet mouth, feeling your tongue and lips service me. I run my hands through your hard, and stroke your face as you suck me.

I lay back, and you move with me, continuing to give my cock the pleasure it seeks, and deserves. My hands move down and I play with your breasts as my cock gets harder and harder and hotter.

I turn you on your back and you spread your legs wide for Daddy without being asked. You know what Daddy wants, and you’re eager to please. You feel my cock head sliding between first your outer lips, then the inner lips. I stop and suspend myself above you as your squirm and push up to me, wanting more cock inside you. Slowly I slide deeper and deeper into you, until I completely impale your pussy. I push hard against your pubic region, and you moan.

With slow, long strokes I begin to fuck you. I’m lost in the pleasure of using your body. I wrap my arms around you as I fuck you and pull you close to me, your tits being pressed into my hairy chest. I fuck faster now, and press against you with more urgency.

Suddenly I stop moving, and you feel my entire body shiver, and my cock gets even harder and hotter, as I experience my first orgasm without ejaculating. The feeling to you is wonderful, and I lay there motionless enjoying the orgasm for a long minute. It is the first of several I will have before pouring cum deep into your body.

I begin fucking you again, stroke after stroke, laying butterfly kisses on your cheek, kissing your deeply on the lips, and sometimes just looking deep into your eyes.

You respond and your rhythm matches mine as our tempo quickens.

Finally I can hold it no longer and drive my cock into your warmth, and wrap you up tightly in my arms. Then my cock pulses as I loudly moan and you feel the hot cum pour inside your cunt. You have yet another orgasm, having had several while I fucked you.

After some moments I kiss you tenderly, and roll off beside you. I take the back of your head and guide you to my shirking, although still hard, cock. You understand, and open your mouth to clean me, tasting our mixed pleasure.

I kiss you, tasting the sweetness on your lips. We embrace and fall asleep in one another’s arms. When I awake, I will surely be hard, and I will roll you over and slide my cock into you while you still sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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