Team revenge for losing the meet pt2

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Team revenge for losing the meet pt2
I watched him walk through the locker room door, than I heard some keys jingle and a distinct click of the lock. I could barely stand as I stumbled to the shower and fell to the floor. I don’t know how long I was out, I was still laying there in the floor when I came around.

I heard the sound of foot steps in the hall and tried to get off the floor, no matter what I did I could not seem to get my limbs to work. Some one twisted the door knob, finding it still lock, I heard the sounds of foot steps running away from the door.

A short while latter I heard the sound of keys jingle and the muted voices of grown men at the door. I watched as the lock on the door turned, fearing who or what was coming I tried to crawl back into the locker area. The door opened and I heard the voice of the old custodian ‘that boy has the smoothest boy pussy I ever stuck my dick in.’

‘Damn, the boy moved, he didn’t get out the door. Let’s find him he ain’t to far.’ I was under the farthest massage table, the sheets were hanging down below the shelve under the table. I had just managed to climb on to the shelve when I saw three pairs of work boots pass by.

The three men was saying something I could barely make out ‘I was getting ready to clean this faggot hole when I saw the boy laying there on the floor of the shower. His butt was dripping cum, I pulled him up and put hung his ass on that massage table, I was about to poke my dick in his ass when I saw the prettiest rose bud you ever want to see. Those boys must to have all fucked that little sissy.’ I cursed under my breath at the custodian as he told his compatriots what he had done and what he thought had been done to me.

The three of them was heading back in my direction when one of them reached down and jerked the sheet up. I think we scared each other cause we both yelled at the same time. The three of them pulled my naked ass from my hiding place ‘see I told you the bitch was as naked as a new born baby. Boy how old are you,’ I looked fearfully at that old bastard and told him ‘I’m s*******n, y’all better let me go or I’ll tell.’

The old bastard grinned at me and told his friends y’all know the age of consent in this state is sixteen. And boy we ain’t gonna do nothing to you that them other boy has done. So all you gotta do is turn your tight ass around and bend back over that there table, it’ll all be over in a little while.’

The three of them howl with laughter as the old custodian begin to unzip his pants. His semi rigid cock was sticking out from his pants bouncing slowly up and down. I started to back away only to be blocked by the very same massage table I was hiding under.

One of the other men stroked my arm from my shoulder down to my wrist and said ‘all we want to do is stick our dicks in your ass and cum once, then you can shower and leave.’ The other one chimed in ‘if you want you can just suck our dicks till we shoot our loads shit we don’t care how you get us to cum.

I tried to jerk my hand away when he seized me forcefully and spun my young butt around and pulled me across the table. The old ass custodian quickly plunged his harden cock deep into my cum drenched anal opening.

I cried out in pain and one of them quickly covered my mouth, the old custodian said ‘you ain’t gotta cover the bitches mouth, ain’t nobody here but us and we ain’t gonna let no body hurt this little piece of boy pussy. Not till we are through with it that is,’ again they all howl with laughter.

The old bastard slammed into my butt hole so savagely that I thought he had ripped my anus open. When he finally slammed deep into me and flooded my butt hole, I thought that it was over. The other guy had removed his pants and shorts and was now rubbing his rigidly huge cock head up and down the crack of my butt.

I groaned in dreadful fear as his cock head found my anal opening and prodded it, with a push his cock popped through my anal muscle ring into my rectum. I squealed with pain as he plowed merciless in and out of my anus. It seemed like hours that he plowed my butt, when he did shoot his load, in my anus, it was so much that some escaped around his massive cock shaft and I could feel it running down my thighs.

The one holding my arms released them and walked behind me, he parted my buttocks with his hands and said ‘OOOWWEEEE, look a there, that little ass show is red up there.’ He still stuck his massive cock into my butt and rode me like it was his first time having sex.

My butt was so sore, that with every thrust of the dick in my ass caused me to groan and moan either with pain or pleasure and some time both. The three of these old bastard fucked me for hours. Filling my butt hole with their cum and resting while one of the others filled me, I didn’t know old men could fuck so long or so often.

Finally when they had their fill one of them ordered me to suck their stinking cocks and go shower. I could barely stand and they had to help me walk into the shower. Once in the shower I could not stand so they begin to bathe me, this got them excited again and the made me get on my knees and fucked me again, filling my rectum again with their seed.

This time when they had all went a round with me they told me ‘you might want to get yourself cleaned up and leave soon we might come back. They showered and dressed I heard them exit the locker room, I barely was able to stand, my legs were rubbery and weak, I didn’t know being fucked so much could drain you of your strength.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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