The Best of Friends…

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The Best of Friends…
I’d been looking forward to a good night’s sex with my boyfriend Sam, but when I got to his flat he’d smoked so much dope he was out of things. After a few minutes trying to wake up any part of him, I decided to cut my losses and go watch TV in the lounge. I wrapped myself in his robe and went through.

In the lounge, Sam’s flatmate Lee was sitting watching a video. I went and slumped down next to him and he instantly went to change channels, when I looked at the screen I saw why, he was watching a porno movie; two girls were lying together on a bed, fingering each other. “Oh, don’t turn it off..” I smiled at Lee. “I’d like to see someone enjoy themselves tonight!”

Lee looked a bit hesitant,by the box of tissues next to the sofa and his half-unzipped jeans he’d been in for a massive wank-session, and I’d ruined it. But by now I was feeling rather wicked and very horny, so I reached over and laid my hand over the sizeable bulge in his groin. “Or we could enjoy ourselves too…” I whispered.

Lee groaned. He was a good-looking guy, not my usual type but I’d always found him attractive, with his long dark hair and big brown eyes, so it was no hardship for me to lower his zip and reach in to allow his erection to spring through the gap.

I held his cock in my hand, stroking it as we watched the action unfolding on screen, getting harder and harder by the second as he watched the girls licking each other’s pussies, tongues on clits, fingers probing. The wetness around his tip mirrored my own and I reached my other hand down between my legs, dipping my fingers into my own cunt to feel the juices building, moving to my clit with growing excitement as I half watched the girls strapping on dildos, and the rest of my attention focussed on Lee as I carried on moving my hand up and down his shaft, down to his balls and up, sweeping my palm over his glans and then forming my fingers into an ‘O’ to tightly squeeze down again. His balls were getting tighter, he was going to cum, and sure enough, as one of the girls on the TV bent the other forward across the bed and entered her arse with the dildo, cupping her own breasts and arching forward with pleasure, Lee came, spurting into my hand deliciously. I always love the power of making a man cum like that, watching his face as his cock rises and falls with the cum jetting out of him.

I hoped I wasn’t going to be disappointed for a second time tonight, but Lee was a gentleman.

“Your turn now” he whispered, and opened the robe, moving my hand gently away from my cunt and replacing it with his mouth. God, he was good! Most men, Sam included, went at cunnilingus as though they were trying to dig up truffles, but Lee licked me, deliciously slowly, tongue working all around my clit without touching it, then finally just brushing against me with the pointed tip and I could feel his breath warm as he blew on it. In the meantime, he circled one finger inside my cunt, then two, fingering me incredibly gently, then more urgently as he felt me pushing myself against his mouth, desperate for more.

“Just fuck her, Lee.” I heard a voice from behind me and half-turned to see Sam, sleepily disarranged, standing in the room with a huge hard-on. “She likes it from behind…”

Lee looked up at me, a question in his eyes, and I nodded so he moved to allow me to turn over onto all fours against the sofa. Then, very slowly, he pushed his newly-risen erection into my cunt. I was dripping by now, so close to cumming against his tongue that I was almost upset that he’d stopped, but the feeling this way was just so good…

I looked up to see Sam, wanking himself at the sight of his best friend’s cock sliding smoothly in and out of me, one hand reaching around to finger my clit. As ever this position pushed me to a stupendous orgasm, and the sight of my boyfriend, both hands working his cock and balls with his eyes fixed on us, and the feeling of Lee’s gigantic cum spurting into me sent me into such waves of pleasure that my legs gave way and I slumped down with Lee on top of me and still inside.

Sam walked over. He was close to cumming, I knew from his breathing.

“Suck me.” he demanded.

I moved to get up, but Lee pushed me back down and took Sam’s glistening glans into his own mouth, caressing his balls and working his lips up and down Sam’s shaft like a master. It was a turn on, watching one guy fellate another, I found myself touching my clit again, and as Sam shuddered and came, shooting his load over Lee’s face, I came for the second time, vibrating against my own fingers.

Without a word Sam walked back into the bedroom and Lee and I grinned at each other. I’d always known they were more than best friends, and now a whole new world of sexual opportunities had opened up to me…

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