The Bribed Fuck Toy…continued

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The Bribed Fuck Toy…continued
Benny, Carl and Raymond(Ray) dropped out of sight as they reached the lowest field and I watched anxiously to see if they would reappear or if I had gotten a reprieve. My heart dropped and mixed feelings went thru my body as I saw the three of them appear just beyond the bleachers and cross the track/football field.

I started my journey to meet with them knowing that my nightmare was not going to ever be over. The more people knew the more I would have to do. I kept saying to myself that I needed to come to realization that this would be my life from now on.

I did not consider my self to be a sissy or a homosexual, just a guy that got fucked against his will was what I kept telling myself. As I neared my assailants they all looked at me with gleeful smiles and started to go through the fence knowing I would be following.

Like an obedient puppy I trailed behind them as they wound their way thru the maze of paths that swirled thru the wooded area. I knew there was a stream that went thru to a retention pond that emptied out somewhere beyond where I had travel. Carl, Benny and Raymond walked at a brisk pace but not fast enough that they would loose sight of me or I them.

I could hear the stream and was very unfamiliar with where I was at when I noticed that Carl, Benny and Raymond had disappeared. I walked a little farther and came to an abrupt end of the path way at the stream. I must have been past the pond for the stream was flowing freely at this point.

Just as I turned to back trace my steps Raymond appeared out of the bush and signaled for me to follow him. I had to duck down and crawl thru a bunch of bushes to a clearing that was surrounded with heavy bush on all sides. There was even an over cropping of tree limbs and vines that covered most of the clearing so that the sky was hidden.

Out in the opening there was remnants of a camp fire that was some days old and a semi circle of stones logs and discarded furniture that was used as seats. Carl started first with me saying ‘…this is our spot. no one comes here but us and as you can see on the other side of the creek it’s impossible for anyone to approach with us hearing or seeing them before they can see us…’

‘..This is how it’s gonna be. We are gonna get our dicks sucked and then we gonna fuck you, not one of us or two of us but all three of us and you are gonna let us…right!…’ I looked at Benny and Raymond and saw them stroking their penis through their jeans. Raymond chimed in saying ‘…you sucked a damn good dick and we all have heard how well you can get fucked now get out of those jeans quick and in your knees so we can get started and be finished before it gets dark…’

I muttered ‘…anyone have any thing to use as lube or any condoms…’ they all looked one to another before Raymond came over to me and fished out his cock and demanded ‘…you want lube, then you better get this dick all wet and shyt so it can slid up your tight ass hole. If not, it’s going up your ass anyway with out any lube now get to sucking…’

Carl moved behind me sort of blocking the way we came in, I glanced at him and undid my belt and slithered out of my jeans, tennis and underwear. As I knelt down I slide my shirts over my head and took hold of Raymond’s twitching dick and kissed it gently.

Raymond’s cock jumped and he pressed it to my lips smearing pre-cum over my lips and cheeks. He took hold of his cock and guided it to my lips commanding me to ‘…start sucking Bitch…’ Carl was behind me rubbing my naked buttocks as if they were the buttocks of a female. Every now and then Carl would spit onto my butt crack and smear his spittle over my anus pushing one or two fingers into my anus.

Carl came closer and I could feel his body heat as I sucked Raymond’s cock into my lips, Carl pressed the thumbs of each hand in to my anus and pulled by bootie open. I could feel the cool air rush in and the heard Carl spit and felt it strike between his thumbs right into my opened butt.

Just as I locked my lips round Raymond’s dick head, Carl pressed his huge dick head between his thumbs. Carl pried open my anal opening and I could feel his cool dick head touch my neither regions. With a grunt and hunch Carl eased his dick head past his thumbs into my opened anal canal and sphincter tube.

Raymond had hold of my head and pulled me to his crotch as his huge cock filled my mouth. I tried to scream as Carl entered my bung hole but Ray only used this to push more of his cock into my gullet.

Gagging and struggling to breath I had to almost swallow Ray’s dick head, as Carl pulled his dick head out of my butt and pushed it right back in halfway. Tears leaked from my eyes as I cough and gagged on Ray’s throbbing dick head.

Again Carl would pull his dock out my bung and viciously push it back into my aching bung hole. Trying to hold Ray’s cock from going deeper into my throat band Carl from getting his cock in and out of my bung was very difficult and awkward.

Benny stood to one side of the three of us encouraging his comrades as they took pleasure in their sexual torment of me. Carl now was holding my buttocks, one in each grasp as he pulled my butt cheeks apart and slid his torturous dick head in and out of my anal opening.

I could not get Ray’s dick out of my mouth and Carl was going in and out of my very tender bung hole. The pain was so excruciating that tears were flowing freely from my eyes ans ropes of mucus and my saliva was hanging from my lips and chin.

Ray’s cock head was pressed constantly against my throat as he would grind and hunch his cock in and round my oral cavity. Suddenly Ray gripped my head tight and his cock exploded in my mouth spewing his warm load of schism down my throat and out past my gasping lips.

It was as if Ray’s cum went straight thru my body as I started to ex-spell a slick, thick substance over Carl’s dick that was going in and out my rectum. Carl cried out ‘…shyt, this Bitches ass is cumming all over my dick…’ Benny chimed ‘…let me see, let me see…daaaamn never saw an ass hole cum before…’

Ray pulled his dick from my lips and Carl pulled from my butt and came round presenting his dick at my lips and gripping my jaws open so I had to accept his splodge covered dick without having it cleaned. Benny got behind me and I felt his dick enter my now gap open butt hole as he slid the entire length of his eight inch(20ccm) cock into my anus.

This time I was able to let out a small scream of anguish and agony as Benny’s dick entered pass my anal sphincter tube and into my anal channel. Benny did just as Carl had done and as soon as his dick bottomed out, he pulled his dick back out and again entered my anus till her was once again balls deep.

Carl pushed his splodge cover dick into my mouth silencing my scream as I engulfed his huge dick.
Ray walked behind me and told Benny ‘…let’s see which one of us came make this bitch cry out louder.

After another four or six lunges Benny pulled his dick from my very sore anal opening only to be replaced quickly by Raymond’s extraordinary huge dick head. I could not protect myself from their assaults and they took full advantage of entering and exiting my anus as the pleased.

Benny and Raymond switched out on my butt so often that I lost count, after Carl had fucked my face some he joined them at my rear and took part in their merriment. It seemed like it was hours before they all were well satisfied and was ready to go.

My Butt was sore and gaped wide with remnants of their combined cum leaking from my sensitive anal opening. Even the wind that blew over my exposed opening made me cringe…As I tried to stand I found I could only squat and copious amounts of their splodge spurted from me as if it was held in a receptacle and I had turned it upside down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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