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So 4 weeks ago my Bro called me up with a need of my help. He owns a small limo hire company in England. He has a white Rolls Royce, a stretched Hummer, Stretched Lincoln Town Car, 2 Mercedes mini-busses and a Jaguar XJ. Anyway…. he came off his motorbike and broke his leg and dislocated his collar bone meaning he would be off work for some time. Although he has a good bank of drivers he needed me to cover a trip to Europe driving one of the mini-busses with 13 lads on a long stag weekend in Holland and Belgium. I have helped him out many times and have all the documents, including being ok to drive in Europe. My work is pretty flexible and so taking time off at short notice is no big deal. I agreed as it was £800 for 4 days work (with a tip expected) and wanted the cash. I was e-mailed the itinerary and that is when I thought there may be some possibilities for fun in places where I am unknown and where I reckoned attitudes would be favourable. I am a naturist at heart but other than the summer months beach time don’t get many chances to partake. I collected all these lads in their late twenties (and two older guys, grooms dad and uncle) and set off to Dover (port) at silly O’clock Friday morning to get the Ferry.

The schedule had us staying at a hostel the first night called Hostel Slotania and they had booked a room for ten, a room for 5 and a double for me. On checking in I saw that they had mixed dorms of 8 and once unloaded I asked if I could swap to a dorm saying I wanted to save money and it was nearly 20Euros cheaper. The woman on the desk spoke perfect English and explained they only had a mixed dorm free, telling me what that meant in case I didn’t realise.

I had to drive the lads into the centre of town later so went up to get showered and changed after 7 hours in the mini-bus. The room was a good size with 4 bunks and a shared bathroom. The room was empty but 5 lockers were in use so I knew others were here. I made my bed up and stripped off to take a shower. I put my gear in my locker and went for a shower. I got cleaned up and instinctively wrapped myself in a towel and left the bathroom to see three people in the room, two lads and a girl. They were all in their early 20’s and speaking German. I said hello and, surprise surprise, they spoke good English. We chatted a bit as they changed their clothes and I decided to just go for it. My heart was pounding as I took off my towel to dry myself. None of them missed a beat and they continued to speak to each other in German.

I realised I was turned so that the female would see me side on and I caught her steal a few glimpses of my cock. I should point out I have a fairly average to small dick, about 3.5″ soft and 6.5″ hard and I was fluffed from the shower so felt quite bold. By now she was in her bra, a big all covering white thing that gave nothing away but probably a C cup. I dried and struggled with my locker to get to my underwear. I thought I had done my combination as 007 (James Bond I am not) but must have done 700 meaning I was stood naked in front of these strangers for a while, but I liked it. Once in I grabbed out my bag and threw it on the bed. I realised my white itinerary clipboard was sat upside down in such a way with light shining on it to make it act like a mirror. I could see the girl looking at me and the two guys rummaging in their packs. Her eyes were glued to my backside so I decided to give more and stepped across with one foot and leaned into the bed. This had my feet about 80cm apart and my dick and balls were hanging low (it was a hot shower). I know she was looking but the two lads stopped talking so it went very quiet and I thought I might be going too far. I grabbed my underpants and stood up and turned her way a bit again as I put them on. I needn’t have worried as one of them was sat on his bunk engrossed in a map and the other had vanished into the toilet. I looked up at the lass again. She had mid length curly blonde hair, soft features and was a few pounds overweight but nice enough to look at (I would say a 6.5/10 ).

She was smiling in my direction and when our eyes caught she asked where in England I was from. I told her, making small talk for a bit as I finished dressing and she fiddled with her make-up and hair. She didn’t drop her 3/4 length jeans and eventually she said something to the lads as she put on a fresh top and they left. She gave me a great smile as she passed and looked at my now covered groin without embarrassment. I don’t know if it was having the two lads in the room but my cock never grew at all until they all left. I considered having a wank but time was short and I needed to sort out my bus, programme the sat-nav etc.

I took the group into the city to an easy to find drop off point and they jumped off to do their thing. They wanted to be picked up at 1am but it was agreed anybody who didn’t arrive by 1am would make their own way back by taxi. Some were steaming drunk already but I decided it wasn’t my problem. I drove out of town a bit and found a place to dump the mini-bus not too far away and I walked back into the city. Not being able to drink meant I decided to do touristy stuff and wonder about.

Amsterdam is quite easy to navigate on foot and I kept a lookout for the famous red light district (not that I was going to pay for sex). It wasn’t long before I needed to wee and luckily found some public toilets that said they closed at 7pm and it was now 6:55pm. As I arrived a small van pulled up and it was clear to see it was the cleaner. A woman jumped out and she was seriously hot. About 30-35 years old with brown hair tied up in a bun. She had very nice features and wore Daisy Dukes with stripy tights underneath, trainers and a polo shirt with the cleaning company’s name on. Hardly the types of cleaners you find near me! She grabbed two buckets and went into the ladies.

I dashed into the gents and found the first urinal planning on being quick so the cleaner wouldn’t have to wait but as I looked up I saw her coming. As she came in she shouted a few words in Dutch but didn’t break her stride and was in the room within a second of calling out. I watched her come in and she smiled as she saw me but her eyes never looked down. I began to relieve my bladder and used the mirror to track her movement. She opened a small locked door and took out some bits as I was close to finishing and then came and stood right next to me to fill a soap dispenser. She was about 40cm away and I looked over at her as I shook out the last few drops. I was surprised to see she was clearly watching me and despite me catching her (and she knew she was caught looking) continued to look as she fumbled with the soap dispenser. She spoke in Dutch and I said sorry English. She then spoke in English and said hello and that she would be locking up in 2 minutes. I continued to squeeze along the length of my cock draining it but I was long finished and enjoying her looking at my cock. I looked down to see I was also semi hard. I took a half step back and she was now moving over to the opposite soap dispenser. Within 2 more seconds I was solid as rock and knew putting it back in my tight trousers was going to be difficult.

I looked up just as she laughed at me and said, “You have a little problem I think!” Wasn’t too happy about the little comment but I knew what she meant. I sort of apologised but she ignored me and went to re-fill paper in the stalls. I washed my hands with my cock still out when in the mirror I aw a chap coming my way, also wearing the same polo shirt. I painfully stuffed myself back into my trousers just in time. I left quickly in case she told him I was some kind of pervert. One couple saw me come out and I am sure she pointed out my bulging boner to her man as he sneered at me.
I wondered about the red light district and porn/adult shops for a while but after a while realised it was actually quite a small area. It was only 9:30ish and had ages before I had to collect the lads so I walked the 20 minutes back to the bus and drove back to the hostel where I was going to take it easy and watch a film on my iPad for a couple of hours. I went up to the room and walked in to find it empty but I could hear the shower running. There was a red pack on the bunk above mine and from a quick inspection looked to be that of a female. There was also another pack on the top bunk right next to mine which from my quick scan also looked to be that of a female.

It was very hot in the room so I stripped off completely to cool down, put my towel spare around my waist, the other one still drying on the radiator. The towel wasn’t really big enough which meant I was partially exposed when sat down. I got out my iPad and put on a film to watch but I was horny as hell and had enjoyed my two exposures so much that I started to absentmindedly play with my cock. That said, wanking whilst watching Predator wasn’t working so I put the iPad away and got out my copy of GQ where I knew there was an article on LA women that would be more to look at than a sweaty Arnie.

The shower stopped but it was ages until anyone came out but it was worth it. The woman came out wearing a FUCK ME dress. It was a short black dress with lots of skin on show. She was tall and quite a ‘big’ woman but not fat. She had long bleached hair all straggled from being towelled and pretty hot with it. She noticed me and my cock in seconds, a huge grin on her face as she headed my way. I looked up and said hello and she squawked back in a strong Liverpool accent. I was surprised and hardly could make out her hello and an apology for taking so long in the bathroom but that she’d thought she was alone. She continued by pointing out my cock was on show too with a big smile saying “Your prick is showing mate!”

If I were still 18 I’d have got a boner in a second as I love it when girls are crude. I pretended to be sorry and not realise but she said, “Fuck it mate, when I roll in shit-faced later you’ll probably get to see my growler! Best thing about these cheapo mixed dorms!” I was loving this lass and she started to chat about where from, why in Holland etc. then said she needed to dry her hair so turned on the worlds loudest hair dryer. I realised I had let my legs open and she was glancing at my dick sporadically which was now at half mast and growing. I lost my nerve to do any more and went to take another shower despite not needing it. I wanted to be quick in there as I (oddly) was worried that if I took too long she’d assume I was jerking off, but not so fast as to be ‘faked’ (probably over thought the whole thing).

I came out of the shower just as this big Scouse (Slang for someone from Liverpool) girl was finishing up. When she saw me her eyes darted to my groin but I had wrapped the tiny towel around me. I was in a mind to just blatantly drop the towel but thought better of it. She then put her make-up, hair dryer, phone and boots away, squeezing her pack into a locker (but didn’t put a padlock on it). By the end I was now drying my body freely but turned away from her mostly when she asked me something. Her strong accent confused me so I turned to face her and said I hadn’t heard. She looked at my dick again and with a grin asked if I would watch her friends pack as she wanted to go to the hostel bar for her free drink and her friend was still out, “getting postcards or some shite!” I said I would and she then asked me, having looked at my left hand, “Your wife know you show your little prick to other birds?” I think I went bright red as I got a shiver through my body at the mention of my wife, but quickly said we were naturists so it was no big deal to be naked in the company of others. She then asked if we were swingers but I said no, the conversation continued with her assuming all naturists were swingers. By now I was dry and so lay back on the bed as she left and said bye. It was clear from this that her friend should be along soon so I did what I did before and wrapped the towel around so I would be exposed when she came in and got out my i-Pad.

It was another 10 minutes before I heard the electric lock click and so I spread my legs accordingly, only to close them again as one of the German lads ran in grabbed something off his bunk and ran out again.

It was then that I thought it odd her friend out at 11pm getting postcards and thought maybe she wont return and is actually out on the town and dumped her friend. I was pretty tired from the drive and so set my alarm, turned on my reading light followed by turning off the main strip light. I had a doze knowing I only really had an hour and nodded off. I was woken by my alarm and still no sign of this other girl. I got dressed and waited 5 more minutes then left. I went to find the big Scouse girl to tell her and she was sat in a deep leather chair in the bar with two other girls looking pissed already. As I came up to her she shouted a hello by saying, “Hey it’s Tiny Prick the Swinger!” I faked a laugh as she was being pretty annoying as I explained her friend never came back. She introduced me to “Zizzy” (but I think she meant Izzy) saying she was this girl. Zizzy was a plump girl with died red short hair, huge wobbly tits and surprisingly nice legs. She wasn’t dressed for going out, more like hiking. I moaned that I’d waited looking out for her bag and she (Zizzy) just said in a stronger Scouse accent, “Fuck It… there ain’t nuffink worth robbin’ anyway, but cheers anyway…. Tiny Prick” The other lass grinning the whole time was not introduced. They then asked if there was anything else I wanted (by now I wanted to smash her face in (lol), but even Scouse birds are women and that isn’t my style either). So I went to pick up the lads. Nothing more happened that night as when I got back the Germans were asleep and I was knackered so went to sleep.

I was woken (as I expect were the German trio) at just after 4am when the Scouse girls game back into the room steaming drunk. I was drowsy and woken from a deep sleep as they were banging, coughing and generally making noise. The funniest thing was that they kept ‘shushing’ each other making even more noise. The room was pitch black and so they turned on the bathroom light and propped the door open with a towel. From where I was I saw Zizzy taking a wee but saw nothing really as my eyes were still fuzzy. Emma was fumbling with her pack (I guessed looking for night clothes) but not getting anywhere, just huffing & puffing. Zizzy meanwhile was walking across the room with her trousers and panties clumped at her feet making it noisy (her belt buckle kept clanking on the wooden floor) and in her drunken state had her using furniture to keep herself steady. Her shirt was covering her groin so couldn’t see any more of her but her constant bashing into the bunks got one of the German lads shouting at her, so they started swearing back at him and it was starting to get ugly. I turned on my reading light and sat up to try and calm the girls down which had them looking at me and instantly said something like, “Fuck Off little dick!” I stood up to reason with them saying they would get kicked out if they weren’t careful. They were very drunk and I offered to help them. Emma reckoned I was only doing this so I could fuck her but I had to say nothing was further from my mind. I found her over sized T-shirt and she went to change in the bathroom. I saw her in her underwear and she had a good curvy body, tanned skin and her big nipples showed through her pale bra (which she removed once the T-shirt was on).

All this while, and it took a few minutes in her drunken state, Zizzy had stripped down to just her underwear which she must have pulled back up and I noticed were big old granny pants. Her tits were out but the lack of light and a bad angle stopped me getting a good view despite my blatant attempts to look. I figured in her drunken state she’d forget or not care. She too put on an oversized T and kept her granny pants on as she climbed onto her bunk opposite. I realised that Emma still had to get into bed so I moved so I could look up her T as she climbed in and it didn’t disappoint. She saw me but either wanted to show or didn’t care. She’d had a good look at my cock that was now tenting my boxer shorts at the anticipation and smiled as she went to climb up. As she neared the top and leant forward I got a perfect view of her arse and pussy. It was well defined with fine dark hair outlining her pussy lips. I was fully hard now and she basically just collapsed onto her bed. Her T-shirt rode up a bit but despite my efforts it was too dark to see anything. I went into the bathroom and jerked off to what I had just seen, lasting just a couple of minutes.

I heard Zizzy up later that night puking in the bathroom but I slept to my alarm at 8:00am. The hostel wants people out early and here breakfast was 7:30am to 9:00am and I didn’t want to miss it. I got cleaned up and dressed but the others were all still asleep when I left and nothing more happened until the following day. I drove us to the Stayokay-Valkenswaard hostel in Eindhoven where the stags were doing a load of activities. It is in a forested area and there are outdoor activity centres there. I again opted for a cheaper mixed dorm (for 6) but when we checked in I was alone. I had a full day to kill so decided to look for a spa in the town and was given a couple of options by the chap on reception.

Being in Holland gives a lot of confidence as they are so liberal about sex and nudity and I tasked myself with finding a naturist friendly venue before we went to Belgium. The first spa I got to attached to the Holiday Inn looked a bit posh and at 37Euros for a half day felt quite pricey too, not to mention a car park full of Mercedes, BMW’s and Audi’s. I went to second another half mile away and it seemed more the place. It looked busy and was only 9Euros. It has pool, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi’s, sun-beds and cafe, as well as tennis and beauticians. As usual the man on the desk spoke excellent English and gave me a towel, mini-guide/map and orange wrist band that meant I could use all facilities (except Tennis & Sun-beds).

I entered where told into a large communal changing area. It was unusual as it was about 20 cubicles but none had doors or curtains giving a clear view of the 3 or 4 opposite cubicles. I of course looked to find some naked women and wasn’t disappointed. I set up opposite but not blatant to two women chatting away as they changed. One was naked the other getting there as I arrived and although they looked in my direction weren’t fazed at all. Both were late thirties (mummy types) with a little extra tummy etc. but both pretty enough and looked sexy enough stood naked not 5ft from me. I couldn’t strip off fast enough as I watched them. Once naked I slowed down and they both looked at me a few times as I faced them naked and slightly fluffed. I wasn’t any more aroused as those situations tend not to give me an erection as also on nude beaches.

By now both were in plain black one piece swim suits as I pretended to struggle to find my Speedo’s and they soon left for the exit. I found my Speedo’s and put them on. Had been 2 years since I’d last worn them and the elastic was a bit tired and I was a stone heavier now. This meant they hung low and were pretty tight but I didn’t feel it would be blatant or get me kicked out (I had swim shorts in my bag if needed). I went to put my bag away only to realise I didn’t have a 2E coin for the locker so went to go to reception. I had to wait at the side whilst two more mummy types paid to come in only much heavier than the other two. The one not paying looked right at my package twice. Like I’ve said before, I’m no porn star and was slightly fluffed in my tight Speedo’s and from what I’d seen in the mirror I knew she knew how big (or small) I was. I got a little rush despite being covered as I got my change then went to explore.

I did a couple of laps of the changing room but saw very little so went through the exit door where there was a line of showers. One chap was showering naked and looked to be on his way out, making me feel better as his big belly meant his dick looked very small. I took a quick shower but kept my trunks on and headed out. It was smaller than expected with a 15m pool on one side a round shallow pool in the far corner, three Jacuzzis behind and to the right and then a covered area with a door marked “Badstue, Steamroom, Terapi”. There were lots of c***dren about in the pool but this door had a sign indication you must be over 16 to enter. I went in and there were 5 more doors down a wide corridor, looking for the sauna and hoping it would be nude. I found the door, went into a holding area and read the signage (was in 4 or 5 languages) but no mention of etiquette, just safety. I saw shorts and a bikini hanging on hooks so figured it was nude. I had a drink from the fountain then took off my Speedo’s and hung them up, but just in case wrapped the towel around my waist.

It was heavenly (provided you didn’t look at the two chaps at the front left)! There were 5 people in there: Two old men, one older woman in her forties (who looked ok); and two absolute stunners. Everybody was naked and so I removed the towel straight away. The room was quite big and could probably take 20-25 comfortably. It was an L-shape with 4 levels and I looked for a place to get a good view of the two beauties. I sat on the 1st level at 90 degrees to everyone else. One of the girls was sat side on with her back against the wall her friend a foot away sat normally. One was brunette, her hair up in a matted bun atop her head, large breasts and not quite a ’10’ but not far off it either. The other was curvy with short red hair (natural) also with large breasts and pale freckled skin. It was hard not to stare! I got accustomed to the heat and another chap came in with a huge dick swinging proudly (you could tell he liked to show off but I suppose who wouldn’t if they had 9″) and he sat on the join of the L-shape. I watched as he took in the others in the room then leant back on his elbows and stared at the two women who I noticed stared right back.

I was taken aback as didn’t expect this but it continued for five minutes whilst the girls whispered to each other in Dutch. At one point the red head lifted her foot up onto the step so her heel rested against her bum, giving a clear and wonderful view of her well groomed pussy. She had trimmed it down but not around the lips and her position made it gape open a little. I was still trying not to be too blatant unlike Mr. big dick who was staring at her pussy and she knew it, giving him a short wry smile. The older woman got up (she was sat at the back) and slowly made her way down exposing her clean shaved vagina to me as she went down the steps. I didn’t care about staring and got a good eyeful as she passed between big dick and old men then stood boldly in front of the old men and spoke to them. One got up and they left together.

It was at this point I noticed ‘big dick’ had a good semi-on. I really thought it odd as I expected some sort of composure but I wasn’t complaining. The other old chap turned and smiled when he saw that red-head fully exposed but for some reason she didn’t like him looking and dropped her leg back, shutting her thighs. I too was sporting a semi by now but it wasn’t so obvious but just in case I moved a bit. I did what the brunette did and went to the wall and turned side on. I yelped a bit as my back hit the cooler tiles and everybody looked at me. I smiled like a fool and opened my legs to show my dick. Both girls looked for at least 5 seconds before whispering to each other again. After another few seconds the brunette dropped her right leg to the step below and opened herself up. She was pretty hairy but it was matted with the heat and sweat so her puffy pussy was openly on display to us. I was staring and I looked up to be caught as our eyes met and a smile on her face. I didn’t care as it was clearly a little game and soon red leant back and let her legs open a bit only to expose her ginger curls.

I was growing so lifted my left leg up to hide it as a chill of adrenalin swept over my body cooling me and making me shudder. We sat like this for another 5 minutes before the heat started to get to me and, despite the view, I had to leave. Big dick had stayed in his semi state and I had gone from fully hard to fairly soft and in-between but could stand it no more so stood up with my dick hovering in front of me. Big dick stared as did the girls and old fella as I stumbled out and into the holding room.

Once out of the sauna I put my trunks back on and I had to stuff my dick in as it was just about fully hard, with the elastic rubbish it kept bursting out. I held the towel in front of me and went to find a Jacuzzi. Once back in the pool area I wondered over to see one was closed, one full of k**s (guess about 14 to 17) and one with just a couple in their forties so dumped my towel and climbed in with them, stooping a lot so my dick didn’t pop out. Once in I relaxed back and let the bubbles chill me out.

We acknowledged each other and they continued to speak. Turned out they were American (as in USA) and she was Hawaiian but born in Holland. We chatted and they moved over two years ago, he worked for either FedEx or UPS (we discussed both) and now lived near the spa. I couldn’t tell what she looked like as only her neck & shoulders showed but she looked good. He was Mike and she was Kai. They seemed nice. The chit-chat died out just as the bubbles did which was a disappointment as I had my balls being tickled by some jets. He stood up and leant over to the left where he was just able to reach the button to start them up again and I swear he was tenting his Bermuda shorts but hard to be sure.

I was at full hard on and once the bubbles started back up I started to slowly stroke my dick which had popped out over the top of my trunks in its hardened state. Two k**s looked like they were going to jump in but Mike gave them evil eyes and they plopped in the next one (I say next, but was over 10ft away). I had a good rhythm going when the bubbles stopped (lasted only 5 or 6 minutes on the timer). Mike suggested it was my turn but Kai jumped up saying she’d do it. She stood up to reveal a bright blue skimpy bikini. She was tiny in frame, only about 4ft 8 or even less. She was small all over and her body reminded me of Thai girls with narrow hips and A-Cups but may be B’s. She leant over, her outside leg lifting to balance herself but she was too short. She leant further but failed so jumped out pressed the button and jumped back in, climbing the side rather than pass me on the steps. As I looked over at mike I realised without bubbles this water was totally clear and he must have seen my cock out and my shallow stroking but he said nothing and didn’t let on. I wondered if Kai saw as she grinned at me once sat back down.

We sat in silence for the next few minutes and I’d stopped stroking as I guessed it was my turn next to do the button. As you can imagine I had an erection that wouldn’t bloody go, even when I thought of my least sexy thoughts. I knew time was running out so carefully pulled my Speedo’s as high as I could in readiness. By the time the bubbles did stop I was just bulging a good one but not solid so felt cool about my exposure. I stood and moved my groin within a foot of Kai’s face to lean over. I got the button first time but as I stood my whole dick fell out! Kai saved me though as she pointed to something away from me to distract Mike long enough to allow me back under without him seeing. I looked at her and she winked at me! A minute later and Kai and Mike got up to leave saying they might see me about later. Kai got out second and she put a hand on my shoulder as she left. I was alone and considered jerking to completion but was getting all pruned so figured I’d try the steam room.

I noticed it was now lunch time and most areas had thinned out with k**s to be replaced by business looking types. I went back into the over 16’s area and went into the sauna outer room to peek in to see if those girls were still there but it was totally empty. I moved to the door opposite and it was a small gym room with about 9 pieces of equipment (treadmills, exercise bikes etc.) and it was busy with sweaty people, mostly men. The next door was glass and looked to be a sort of therapy room with manicures, massage chair, those fish that eat the dead skin off your feet and other bits. The next door was a private area so the end door must be the steam room. I went in and again it had a holding area. There were a lot of items hanging on the pegs but no towels so I did as before and wrapped it around my waist. I peered in but the porthole type window was misted up. I should point out I’ve never got on with steam rooms before as I struggle with that damp heat but was desperate to see who was in there and soldiered on in.

It was a strange layout, just a long corridor with benches running down either side. The room was busy and I had to wonder down the centre of the room and could only see about 6ft ahead due to the steam. The room was very long and I passed by the mostly naked bodies looking for a hottie to sit opposite and settled down once almost at the far end.

I found myself opposite ‘big dick’ (who was sporting the same semi he had last time I saw him) and another woman I’d not seen yet. She looked a bit like Julia Stiles but heavier and was sat so close to ‘big dick’ their thighs touched. He looked at me a bit like he hated me and I think I may have walked into something. To my Left was a 4ft gap to another chap doubled over with his head in his hands but he was faded and beyond him was just a few toes in view. I was undecided what to do so decided to play it cool by standing up removing my towel, folding it and sitting back down on it. I absentmindedly opened my legs wider than normal and shifted my hips forward before leaning back to give ‘Julia’ a full on view. She smiled at me then looked at big dick. He took her hand and placed it on his thigh which she didn’t resist and before long she was idly fondling his dick. I gave ‘big dick’ a smile as if to say I was interested and he smiled back. He then moved his arm which was rising along the back of the seat over ‘Julia’s’ shoulder and started to stroke her nipple as our three sets of eyes darted across each other. This went on for a bit with each of us stopping when we felt the air of the door opening but we weren’t disturbed. Within a few minutes we were both fully hard; his no bigger than before really just pointing up and me ready to burst but still only looked half the size of his. ‘Julia’ gave me a wank sign with her hand and I obliged. This was beyond my dreams and I felt like it was my imagination but for the hot damp air. The man next to me sat back and saw us which worried me but he smiled and shifted closer to us to watch. I wasn’t bothered now as Julia was now periodically leaning over and taking his cock-head into her mouth for a few seconds before continuing to wank him off. I was stroking as was the other chap and you could see ‘big dick’ was loving being the centre of attention. He then disengaged from her and moved the last few feet to the far end which had me and the other guy scooting down too. This time ‘Julia’ faced me and leant forward with ‘big dick’ behind her. For a split second I thought she wanted to blow me but she was soon moving back to sit on his big cock. He lifted her by the back of the knee and we had a perfect view of his dick going in and out, it was like a private porno right in front of me. Despite the heat getting to me I continued and soon blew my load into the air and onto the steam-room floor as ‘big dick’ pummelled ‘Julia’ for all he was worth, so much so even his big cock slipped out a couple of times giving a very nice view of ‘Julia’s’ gaping pussy. Spent and hot I took my towel and left them to it, giving them a thumbs up and standing in my own cum as I did (FUCK!). I left past the people still there, none of whom seemed to realise there were people fucking further down.

I put on my Speedo’s and stuffed my softening red dick in and went to the pool. I jumped in and sat in the corner of the shallow end cooling off before thinking about getting some food. I had lunch in the cafeteria area. It was separated into two seating areas, one pool-side the other street-side and the service area in the middle serving both but no way to get between the seating areas without going through the main building and reception, the farthest edge was a glass wall about 7ft long finishing the separation between the two areas. There were tables s**ttered about and I saw a free one as I moved with my tray of food. I walked to the table against the glass wall and on the other side of the glass wall was another table with two women sat drinking coffee in their normal clothes.

I sat down and was pleased to see that I was only about a foot away from these women but separated by the glass wall. I ate my food and then sat and recalled the events from earlier, hornier than I could remember. I was soon hard and inevitably my cock-head popped out from my Speedo’s. It soon subsided to just a fluffed state but being sat down meant only about 2″ was on show but I hadn’t realised this. I was sat at an angle so my groin area was exposed to these women diagonally opposite as I sipped my drink and read an English version leaflet about the spa. I then noticed out of the corner of my eye the ‘double-take’. It was the woman diagonally opposite who spotted it and had a classic deer in the headlights moment. Smiling a bit she didn’t appear to let on but I could only hear noise, not words through the glass. For two or three more minutes she kept taking sly glances before I realised I was showing my cockhead to this woman. I was finished my drink and was planning on getting up when I heard a tap on the glass. I looked up to see the woman smiling at me and pointing to my groin. I instinctively covered up and I know I went beet red, apologising with gestures through the glass. As they walked away they were clearly laughing to each other about me.

I had a scary 5 minutes waiting to see if I’d been reported but nothing came of it. I moved back to the Jacuzzi again but after 10 minutes alone went back to the restricted area and into the sauna this time stripping off and walking in towel in hand having not checked who was there. I was pleased to see Mike and Kai, together with one of the older men who’d been in earlier and another man. Everyone was naked except Mike and Kai who had towels around their waists. This did mean Kai’s perky little titties were out, the small dark nipples looking very perky indeed. Mike, Kai and I all acknowledged each other but nothing was said as I sat adjacent to them as I had before with my back against the wall inadvertently giving Kai as much a view of my dick as she wanted. I dropped one foot to the floor to steady myself and just relaxed. This lasted for about 10 minutes, during which I just enjoyed relaxing until the other two men left, leaving just the three of us. I don’t know sauna etiquette but I guessed talking isn’t the norm but with just the three of us a conversation soon got underway about nothing in particular. This allowed Kai to watch my groin without alerting Mike to the fact. She was pretty blatant about looking so I let her see me checking out her tits and I expect Mike saw it too but nothing was said. Kai seemed to enjoy looking at my cock and I was still very happy with my time at the spa. After I while I was about to bring up their lack of nudity when Mike got up saying he’d had enough with Kai following. As they said goodbye and left I GOT FLASHED! Kai opened her towel facing me for about 2 seconds and winked at me, covering back up before Mike noticed. She had soft oriental style pubes shaped carefully into an upside-down triangle.

I waited 5 more minutes in the sauna but nobody else arrived and I had to make my way back to the hostel so I had time to get ready as I was taking the lads into Eindhoven for dinner. I didn’t put my Speedo’s back on just put the towel around and went for the changing area. I went to the line of showers and hung up the towel. I showered for an age hoping to some hot women might come in but I was coming up empty. The spa had hand pumps on the walls giving free scented shower gel and having been washing for so long decided to finish up, so got a huge handful and soaped up my cock and balls. No sooner had I started when a young couple (guess between 17 and 19) came out to shower, they took off their towels and she revealed a skimpy day-glow pink bikini and he was naked. She was one of those girls with a super-hot body but narrow face with crooked teeth and too many spots. I turned slightly towards her and continued to wash myself. Out the corner of my eye I could see her watching me and her male companion equally, like she was watching tennis, her head flicking one way then the other. As he turned off his tap she leant over and grabbed his dick, shook it twice and let go, giving a deep belly laugh as she did. He saw me watching and went instantly red faced at what she had done, I smiled at him and then at her as our eyes met. During this time I had soaped up to a good semi and thought I’d better rinse off as it was getting a bit intense and didn’t know who might come in next. He put on trunks and they left behind me with her looking me in the eye as she passed and brushed her hand on my backside as she passed. I turned to watch them out of the shower area and she glanced back at me for second with a smile. For a balding, slightly overweight man in his late thirties it thrilled me that look back, even though she wasn’t that pretty, but like I said, her body was smoking!

In the changing rooms it was pretty empty but for me. Five more people did come in but I was already set-up and couldn’t see into their cubicles from where I was without looking a bit shifty. I left the spa on a high and drove back to the hostel giving me a couple of hours to get ready and think back on 3 hours of one of the best days out a man could have.

When I got to the hostel the lads from the stag were in the bar drinking and invited me over. They said they had met up with a group of women from England over on a team-building exercise for their marketing company (I think they said Bristol but it’s not important). Anyway their plan to go into Eindhoven had now changed and they didn’t need me to drive them anymore until tomorrow. They wanted me to have a few beers with them and this group of women (who were nowhere to be seen). We spent the next hour drinking waiting on these women to return and eventually they started to arrive. They had sort of half dolled up for the night in makeup and hair tidy but casual in jeans or leggings. All the women were aged 30-45 I’d guess and all but one that I noticed wore wedding rings. There were 7 of them all average looking except one stunner who wore too much fake tan and makeup. I didn’t initially see the appeal as, despite being ok looking, they were mostly a bit older and weren’t flirty or anything. That changed when they got drunk and became really fun to be with, telling dirty jokes (laughing at ours) and generally being a good group of girls.

I was having fun and got quite drunk on the Amstel beer we were drinking, still on a high from the spa. The toilets in this place are in the basement and after 5 pints really needed to pee. There is a big open area with a couple of tables and a bunch of vending machines with the gents’ one end and the laundry and ladies room on the farther end. I was already drunker than I was expecting having not eaten, not to mention I’d been sober so far this week. I had to slow right down with the drink as tomorrow I had a long drive so I went for a wee and once done sat on a bench outside the ladies room, leant back against the wall and ate a chocolate bar from a vending machine. I finished my chocolate and must have dozed off.

I was woken by a loud Bristolian accent bellowing out, “That bus driver bloke is really pissed already, can’t keep up with the rest of us!” Another one then spoke up. “Fuck!….. Is that his knob showing?” There was a pause then fits of laughter, followed by hushed laughter. I was still in the shorts I wore from the spa and, having got my underwear wet as I changed, was commando underneath. I must have not zipped up properly so froze a bit. I decided to pretend to be asleep and opened one eye a tad so I could make out their shapes wobbling about as they laughed. One of them took her phone from her bag to get a pic. I was about to wake so as not to be seen splattered all over Flickr when she got up really close and shot down into my crotch. The flash of her camera (wasn’t a phone but an actual camera) surprised me and I had to pretend to wake up dazed and confused. I looked at them pretending I was unknowing to what they saw but they were looking right at my groin then me. I looked down to see my cock was totally on show, not a bit but my shorts fly was gaping and all was on display. I apologised and covered up and they teased me for a bit about being a flasher and not being very well hung but one berated the others and said not to tease me. Two went to bathroom and the third apologised to me. I said it wasn’t a problem and I was old enough and ugly enough not to give a shit. She went on to surprise me saying she thought I had a nice looking ‘penis’ and to ignore her friends. She then told me one took a photo of it. I feigned horror and she said she’d make her delete it but I said it was ok if my face wasn’t showing and she explained how it couldn’t have been. As we chatted I’d been stealing glances of her cleavage. She’d been leaning over and her large breasts hung perfectly in the low cut top. This meant I was now all but totally hard and was still only covering up with my hands, hadn’t zipped up yet. I was really unsure if to do it but I couldn’t resist and said “Excuse me.” as I removed my hands and my dick sprung up. I slowly tucked it in and zipped up (extra carefully as one does when commando). The whole time her eyes looking at it and a huge wry smile on her face. I stood up and my tenting was clear. She giggled then covered her mouth and apologised for laughing but it was funny and I giggled a bit too. She wondered off to the ladies room and a few seconds later I heard them all squeal with laughter as she must have told them.

Back at the bar I stuck to diet cokes and nothing was said (thank fuck) but I eventually around 10pm said I needed to rest for tomorrow, going to bed. As I passed the one who saw my hard-on (never got her name) she gave me a kiss on the cheek and mouthed “I saw your willy!” All in all a top day. In the room nothing more happened and I got a good night’s sleep.

The next morning I drove the Stags back to Blighty listening in on their stories from the weekend but none were as good as mine!

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