The Businessman – Part 2

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The Businessman – Part 2
The Businessman – Part 2

By SpectreOfHell

Kyle Richardson sat at his desk getting nothing done. It had been like that for a week now, ever since he’d hired Sandy to be his part-time secretary. It had been a bad decision on many levels. The eighteen year old girl was a terrible typist, was still learning the filing system, could only work three hours a day after school, and he wanted to fuck her in the worst way. She glanced up from her desk, sensing his eyes upon her again, and gave him a friendly, almost encouraging smile. If she had felt traumatized by what he had done to her during her interview, she showed no sign of it now.

Kyle ran his tongue around the inside of his mouth. The taste of her young pussy was long gone, but the memory of it lingered. She had been spread out right her in front of him, on his desk, with her too-dark pantyhose pulled down far enough for him to have access to her crotch. She’d left a puddle on his desk after he had let her up, and the stain of her juices was a constant reminder to him of what had occurred. He had lost control. The pressures of his life, losing his marriage the way he had, his loneliness, all piled up to beat down his reserve, and goddamnit she had been so willing!

He just knew that if he asked her to come in here and spread herself again, she would do it. He had made it clear in the interview that it would be a part of her job, and she had accepted it. Yet for a week now he had not dared to even flirt with her. She was eighteen, so she was legal even though she was still in high school, but it was still wrong. He was her boss, he was old enough to be her father, and he could tell she was as inexperienced as they came. Not even pretty, he told himself, looking at her somewhat tangled mop of curly hair, noting the black plastic rims of her eyeglasses, seeing the glint of her braces when she smiled at him. She was wide in the hips and small in the chest, pale skinned and…and…

He thought he was falling in love with her.

It wasn’t fair! She liked the same books he did, the same music, the same television shows. She even loved Chinese food as much as he did. If he had been younger he would have fallen over himself wanting to date her. Or if she had been older. He looked up again. The angle of her desk meant he could see partially behind it, and she had turned her knees toward him as she held her most recent attempt at typing, proofreading before bringing it to him. The dress she wore that day was a brown and orange and navy-blue flower print disaster, like something she might have stolen from her grandmother’s closet. But the hem came to her knees, and as she sat it had ridden up, showing off the ivory-colored hose she wore today. Twisted as she was, the hem came up a little farther, and her knees drifted apart giving him a peek into the shadows between her thighs. He was rock hard before he realized he was getting an erection

She stood up suddenly and walked into his office from the outer reception area. “Mr. Richardson, I think I got it right this time,” she said. She halted in front of his desk and held out the paper. He was grateful she couldn’t see the tent in his pants through the desk.

“Good work, Sandy,” he said, taking the sheet.

“You haven’t even looked at it,” she said with a gentle laugh. How could she be so relaxed around him? He had forced her to let him eat her pussy. He’d had every intention of fucking her that day before he chickened out. Yet she didn’t seem to harbor any ill feelings whatsoever. Smiling at her friendliness, he glanced over the paper she’d handed him. He found three typos in as many seconds.

“Better,” he said. “But, ah…sometimes you use the wrong word. Like here you typed ‘bare’ instead of ‘bear.’ One means a to carry, the other means naked.”

“Huh?” she said, confused. She crossed around behind his desk before he thought to say anything to dissuade her. He turned so that he could show her the paper. She leaned slightly into him, bending at the waist, eyebrows furrowing in concentration. He was acutely aware of the scent of her, like roses. The warmth of her radiated through her dress and his shirt right down to his bones. She was soft, pliable, a tiny little beauty next to him. It was horniness that made him think she was beautiful, he told himself. If he thought she was ugly, he wouldn’t want her, so he tried to focus on what was unattractive about her. But at the moment, nothing was coming to mind.

“I see what you mean,” she said, straightening but not pulling away. “It’s kinda funny. ‘Bare in mind,’ like I typed, sounds like I’m saying think about me naked!” She laughed, but it died quickly as she saw the look on his face. She blushed.

“Sandy, we should talk,” he said, the words spilling out. “About…about last week. What happened.”

“You want to do it again?” she asked. His instinct was denial, but there was something unexpected in her voice. Not dread, not resentment or anger…it was hope. Yearning. For the first time he realized that what he’d done to her might not have been wholly unappreciated.

“Yes,” he said. The word just jumped from his lips.

She trembled slightly against him. “I’ll go lock the door,” she said quietly. The pressure of her body on his arm eased as she pulled away. He watched her walk into the other room slowly, thinking that her speed was an indicator of reticence. She locked the door, however, and pulled the blinds, too, and then returned to him, crossing around behind his desk once more. There was no fear on her face. She really was eager.

Barriers fell away in his mind. If this was something she wanted, then he wasn’t being a monster at all. It was okay. It was right. He slid to the edge of his seat and reached for her, laying his hands on her hips. She put her hands on his arms lightly and caressed him encouragingly. He pulled her closer, the outside world fading into a dream as his universe filled with her presence alone. His face pressed into her soft, protruding belly and he inhaled her aroma deeply. One of her hands moved from his arm to his head, softly caressing his hair. This was not a young woman in the midst of sacrifice, giving of her body in order to secure her employment. She wanted him. He had to believe that.

Hands shaking with excitement, he lifted her dress, sweeping it up her legs to her hips and revealing her round thighs. Through the semi-transparent white nylon of her pantyhose he saw dark-colored panties. Nothing sexy. They were practical, the kind any high school girl might wear when she thought no one would ever see them. He ran his hands behind her and gripped the copious globes of her soft ass. She inhaled sharply and her hand clutched his hair. He felt an urge to apologize, but it would have been wrong to do so. He wasn’t apologetic. And she didn’t deserve pity for wanting what he was going to do.

Questions flooded his thoughts. Had she ever been licked before he had done it? He had discovered a lack of a hymen, but did that mean she had been penetrated? He wanted to kiss her and wondered if she had ever been kissed before. How innocent was she? How much innocence did she wish to shed? Fingers curled around the tops of her pantyhose and pulled them down quickly, bringing her dark panties with them. She trembled more now, maybe afraid of his lust, maybe simply thrilled. He couldn’t decide if he cared. Using his feet, he pushed away from the desk and leveraged her around so that she was between his chair and the flat surface where she had lain once before. Without needing to be told, she shifted herself up and onto it.

He struggled to recall why he had thought her plain and unattractive. As she leaned back on his desk, bringing her feet up to the edge and allowing her creamy, pale thighs to part, she was beautiful. Sure, it was an unrefined loveliness, but the potential was there, shining through. She gazed at him through the lenses of her eyeglasses, chewing her lower lip in apprehension, allowing him to glimpse the pale green rubber bands on her braces. He thought his cock would rip it’s way out of his pants like the Hulk on a rampage. Her aroma wafted up to him, heady and thick with hints of sweat and arousal. She was hesitant because she was shy, wanting to expose herself to him so that he could pleasure her yet afraid of allowing him to see her at the same time. That was the fear born of rejection. This girl had been pushed aside so many times that she had come to believe she was not worth the effort, and so made little effort herself. But when she looked at him, when she saw the desire etched so plainly on his face, she found hope enough to believe she had been wrong all these years.

With a whimper, he pushed his face between her thighs. He couldn’t quite lick her with her pantyhose still on her and in the way, so he pushed her legs back with his ands behind her thighs, forcing her knees almost to her nearly flat chest. Her pussy flowered open before him. She was far more excited than she had been the first time. Now she knew what to expect. Inner labia splayed out pinkly, glistening with moisture, while her clitoris peeked out at the top. Kyle licked her from bottom to top, the way a hungry man would lick a dripping ice cream cone and gathering up just as much spilling liquid. He closed his mouth and swirled her flavor around on his tongue. Stronger today. Salty and sharp at the same time. He licked her again, delighted to hear a moan escape her lips, and paused at the top of her valley to circle his tongue around her nubbin.

He had a variety of techniques to use, all of them rusty from long years of little use. It didn’t matter. He could have been completely inept and he would have been able to get her off. She was primed and ready, her reluctance crumbling beneath her swelling ardor. He thrust his tongue between her pussy lips, he pushed it inside her, he suckled everything and ran his tongue flatly over her clit, all to the accompaniment of her almost continuous panting and moaning. He dipped lower, daring to lick her rosebud. She was meticulously clean, maybe in anticipation of his tongue. Had she been like this every day at the office? Ready for him, just waiting for him to ask for a repeat, too shy to initiate the encounter herself? He pressed his tongue against her asshole, encouraged by a deeper moan from her, and felt her sphincter relax enough to allow him inside.

This was a first for him. A woman’s ass had always seemed so, well…dirty. There was no bad smell here, and certainly no bad taste. Only soft skin, eager flesh, the feel of her quivering transmitted through her body into his. He quickly returned his attention to her pussy but replaced his tongue with a wriggling finger. She tensed, blocking his entrance when he had gotten in to the first knuckle, but then relaxed again as his lips thrummed over her clit. She relaxed, and his finger sank into her. He moved back and forth, fucking her ass with his digit, working deeper until he had no more finger left to give her. Anal sex had always seemed foreign to him, like the idea of beautiful Rome far across the sea, a place he wanted to visit one day but never expected to actually experience. His ex-wife was repulsed by even the idea that her asshole could be erogenous. Sandy might not have known before that she enjoyed anal play, but she sure seemed to love it now. When he concentrated his mouth on her clit and added a finger to her vagina, she came like a bomb.

She arched her back, thrusting her nethers hard against his face. Her voice was lost momentarily as breath rushed from her lungs, but like a building wind it returned, echoing loudly off the walls in the most wanton moan he had ever heard. Her young, tight pussy clamped down on his digit as hard as he rectum did, followed by intense vibrations as her muscles went crazy. Wetness flooded over his hand onto the desk again. She sucked in a breath, collapsing onto her back, only to arch her back again and thrust, crying out loudly in continued or renewed orgasm. When she settled down again, he could tell she was spent. He moved his fingers gently inside her, lapped at her flowing lubrication, and eased off slowly.

He stood. Desire consumed him. Her eyes fluttered open at the sound of his belt buckle loosening. She pushed herself weakly onto her elbows and peered through her legs at him, watching him shove down his pants first and then his boxers to reveal a cock harder than he had ever had before. Her eyes widened. “I…I want you, Sandy,” he croaked.

Sea green eyes darted up to his brown ones. “You mean…go all the way?” she asked. The hesitancy was plain in her voice. He was not the kind of man who could force himself onto a woman. She had to say yes. She had to mean it. He nudged closer, allowing his cock to touch the soft skin of her inner thighs. His dick pulled him toward her pussy like a magnet to steel. “I…I…” she stammered, “I’m not on the pill or anything.”

He groaned inside. He didn’t have any condoms. But he didn’t think that would have mattered anyway. She wasn’t ready. “Have you ever, uh…ever sucked a guy before?” he asked hopefully.

“You mean sucked his…his thing?” she asked.

It was almost funny. “Yeah,” he said. “Can you do that for me? Please?”

She hesitated. His cock throbbed against her soft skin. Her shoeless, stocking covered feet rested against his sides. It would be so easy to just push forward, bending her legs back, entering her, taking her. He couldn’t do it. “I can try,” she finally offered.

Good enough.

He moved back to give her room and watched her sit up, trying to keep herself covered from his hungry eyes. It was cute. She slid off the desk onto her stocking feet, reminding him how petite she really was with the top of her head level with his upper lip. She tugged her panties up first, followed by her hose. He didn’t object. He would rather have gone the other direction and seen her totally naked, but now he was convinced that would happen in time. “How do I do it?” she asked, looking up at him.

“You know how it works, right? I mean the basics of it,” he said.

She nodded. “A little, I guess. I mean, I put it in my mouth and…suck?”

“That’s almost right,” he said. “Here, I’ll sit down, and you get on your knees in front of me. Okay?”


He eased himself into his chair, shoving his pants and boxers the rest of the way down to his ankles. Her eyes widened as she got her first really good look at his cock. He wondered if it was the first she’d ever seen. Slowly, but not exactly reluctantly, she got down on her knees. “Move closer, between my legs,” he urged, and she did, letting her elbows rest on his knees and laying shaking hands on his upper thighs. He told her, “Take me in your hand. Yeah, just like that. Gently. Squeeze gently.”

Her hand was silky soft and looked incredible holding his cock. She looked incredible. Beautiful. When she smiled up at him, obviously enjoying fondling him, it didn’t matter about her hair or the braces or the glasses or the pear-shaped body. She really was a very attractive young woman. With some coaxing and a little instruction, she began to stroke him. He was so close to cumming already that the slow pace actually helped him last longer. By the time her lips touched the tip of his cock, though, he knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Inch by inch, she took him into her young mouth. She was clumsy a little, scr****g him with her teeth several times, pulling up on his cock with her hand too firmly, but that didn’t matter. Drool ran down his shaft and her tongue rubbed the sensitive underside of his cock, her hand followed her mouth up and down, its passage eased by her spittle. He gripped the armrests of his chair so hard his knuckles were white. “Oh, Jesus, Sandy,” he moaned. “That’s SO good!”

She smiled around his cock, pleased by his praise. A moment later he felt compelled to warn her. “Sandy, I’m about to cum. Do you understand what that means?”

She took her mouth from him and her hands stopped moving. “It means you’ll squirt, right? Your sperm?”

“That’s right,” he said. “I have to know…what do you want to do when I cum?”

She looked puzzled. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“When I orgasm, I spurt, and that sperm has to go somewhere,” he said. Realization dawned on her face and it twisted into disgust. He was afraid of that.

“What…what do your girlfriends usually do?” she asked.

That was cute. She thought he had a girlfriend. No, she thought he was such a stud that he had multiple girlfriends. The evil in him took over. “They usually let me cum in their mouths,” he said. “In fact, most women who give blowjobs do that. You don’t have to,” he added, feeling bad about trying to trick her. “I can warn you before I spurt and you can finish me with your hand instead.”

She considered this. “What does it taste like?” she asked.

That stumped him. He had never tried his own cum before. Or any cum, for that matter. He remembered what his ex-wife had told him long ago, though, so he told her that. “Salty,” he said. “Sometimes sweet. The flavor changes based on what I’ve been eating. I’ve been eating alot of fruit lately, so mine might taste more sweet than anything. I don’t know, really. Do…do you want to try it?”

“You said most girls do it?” she asked.

“Pretty much,” he waffled.

She stared at his cock, throbbing in her hand. “Okay,” she said. “I guess I’ll try it. You’ll tell me when you’re about to do it, right?”


“Okay.” She hesitated and then resumed sucking his cock. Kyle settled back in his chair, elated. She was either getting better by the second or his dick no longer cared about quality. Orgasm swelled within him, tightening his balls, causing him to grip the armrests again. She moved steadily up and down, making slurping sounds, her hand squelching. The world began to spin around him, and he felt his cock swelling.

“Sandy!” he grunted. “I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna…gonna…uuuuuuurrrrrr!” He came hard. He’d had more powerful orgasms before, better ones, but this was special. Sandy continued moving her head and hand as he came, wincing as she felt him spurting hotly into her mouth. Cum bubbled out of the corners of her mouth, frothing, and ran over her chin to drip into his pubes. He didn’t give a fuck. He howled and shook and emptied himself into her young mouth. When he was spent, he collapsed back and she seemed to understand that he was done. She lifted away from his crotch, more of his cum spilling from her lips. She closed her mouth tightly and looked up at him quizzically. He could tell she was swirling it around in her mouth, evaluating it. And then she swallowed.

Kyle thought he might spurt again.

“How was it?” he asked.

“You were right,” she said, actually grinning. “It was a little sweet. Slimy, though. Really thick. And salty, too.”

He had to ask. “Did you like it?”

“Not really,” was her prompt reply. “But…well, I heard that Melissa Johnson, the head cheerleader at school, she puked when Tommy Esposito spurted in her mouth. I didn’t puke.”

He grinned and wanted to tousle her hair like a proud parent. “No, you didn’t,” he said. “You were wonderful. One of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had.” That wasn’t really a lie, either. Her youth made it ten times more exciting, even if the orgasm was only average.

She smiled proudly. “Thanks,” she said. She seemed to notice the cum on her hands and his crotch for the first time. “I guess we made a mess,” he said.

“Yeah, we did, but it’s okay,” he said. “It’s a fun mess.” She laughed with him. Whatever tension had existed between them seemed to have vanished into the ether. She was smiling brightly at him, he was feeling a tightness in his chest that shouldn’t be there, and he knew, he just knew, that they were going to have many more fun times ahead of them.

He underestimated by a factor of three.

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