The college secret sissy

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The college secret sissy
Iam one of those shy white boy with a little cock
I tried to not think about getting a toy to fuck my bubble smooth ass after inserting the handle of a screw driver in me, the toy shape handle pumping in me , making me shiver of pleasure

I thought a lot about having a nice cock toy, something i could suck on and have fun in secret

too shy and living with mom and dad Until i got to college and being alone in my dorm room, away from my family , it just happened one weekend i order it on a toy vendor , i got some anal eaze lube in the deal for free and the second i clicked on the button order, i knew i would be using it to teach myself

when it arrived at my door the very next evening, i was feeling so horny , going to the shower and unpacking my toy

i remember how it looked so big , all 8 inch plugged on the wall me on my knees sucking it under the water, i was having lots of fun and i kept practicing, liking how big it open my mouth

i went out feeling smooth and lubed my hole before sitting on it on a pillow infront of my laptop in mt bed watching sissy hypnos

i had some trouble taking it in , but after a while, practicing to bounce on it , i added more anal eaze , until it felt right sliding back in , i moan and started to enjoy it

i smiled, i knew it was going to be great but was now thinking i should have a real one in me

looking at porn fucking on my chair up and down. training up for a real cock

a month had passed, i was now with girly undies bought at wallmart or other stores, i liked my hello kitty panty pack of 6 the most

i feel so smooth in it as i ride my toy, the pussy access i had cut in a circle shape was letting my toy slide inside me , while i stayed in the nice panty feeling hot

now able to take my 8inch toy so easy and craving it every night , in my dorm room dress like a sissy , jumping on my toy

He orchestrated it meticulously

I had been caught one night my curtain not pulled enough and didnt knew it
the married black daddy visiting his daughter in the other dorm room building smoking a cigarette outside it the dark , watching me hump on my toy in panty has he got closer to my window, had spent time gathering info on me after that night

his wife thinking he his at Rob place , he drive to my dorm, knocked on my door and i walked wondering who it was

looking with the eye i saw him , smile

waiting knocking again

i was too scared to answer

i wait and he left

i walked back to my room and he was knocking on my window

in a pink hello kitty and a pink camisole

trying to put something on me

my hearth pounding

my window getting open

”are you there sissy slut?”

frozen in place his face throught the windiw looking at me with fire in his eyes

”oh yes you are there fucking your toy slut open your door and let daddy in ”

he left and i ear him knock at my door , scared but not wanting to wake my next door college friend, i opened the door

he got in , tall and big compare to me

closing the door

he just reach for me and removed my boy cloth revealing my girly underwear

”never hide how cute you are in sexy lingery ”

”you like big cock white slut?”

”i never been with a real cock….”

”oh for real? you only had your toy? my god come here”’

”i want to show you something lets sit there”

on my couch he cuddle me pulling me toward him, his phone in his hand

and it was me on my chair humping on my toy looking at porn

”you like to be fuck dont you?”

”please please dont show this to anyone, omg”

”dony worry i have a wife and my daughter is going to school here . dont cry girl, i like you”

”and look , ziiiiippp my big cock does too”

i watch him get his 9inch out

”go on, suck me sissy boy”

my head was pushed down and i started sucking, the taste overwhelming me so much real and warm than my toy

i forget about anything, i was getting more comfortable over him , sucking on his big black cock better and deeper

”gooooood girl, thats what daddy needs , yes be a good girl. daddy is here now you dont have to dream of it, im here for you now”

”oh yes that mouth need a real cock , you suck well, you must have train alot cock sucker”

”dreaming of this, nice big real cock all for you”

”yes you do ahaha you are so nice, fucking slut really needed the real deal”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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