The Exchange Students.

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The Exchange Students.
“What do we do now?”, he asked.
“Wait here I guess until they tell us otherwise”,she answered,not fully understanding why they were here and what was going to happen.
Like everyone they had heard the rumors about the Monastery and what happened to errant people there,but was what they heard really going to happen to them,were they really about to have their bottoms spanked?They sat on the long pew watching boys and girls and the occasional Nun and Monk walk past on the corridor.Everytime a religious walked past they had to stand and bow their heads.
“This is taking forever Haru said”. He was 19 and came from Japan to help with his study of English like the girl sitting next to him,Aiko.They were both enjoying themselves so much that they had not bothered to turn up for some of their classes and now found themselves sitting outside a room.Aiko was closest to the door and able to read the nameplate on the door,it read; ‘ Sr. Hilda,BA,MA’. She shifted uneasily on the church pew,”Maybe we should have attended classes.”
Haru looked at her,”It will be okay,she will just scold us and make sure we turn up for class in future”.Aiko didn’t answer,her thoughts began to wonder,the longer she sat there the more she became convinced that both her and Haru would be spanked,she smoothed down her pleated ,navy coloured skirt,she knew that the panties she wore under her skirt would offer no protection f she was to be spanked.

Haru was wondering too;he was secretly enjoying the thoughts on his mind;if the Nun chose to spank them Haru knew that he would become aroused,he had a secret fantasy about being spanked by a Nun.Back at University he and a few friends had paid a lady to dress as a Nun and spank them,just for a laugh,that’s all it was until now,now Haru found himself with the very real prospect of being over a Nun’s knee and receiving a spanking,he took a deep breath at the thought and tried to concentrate on other things,he did not want to let Aiko see his semi erection.
Aiko and Haru sat in silence watching those passing on the corridors.It was Haru who saw the Nun first walking quickly up the corridor towards them.She looked stern and purposeful,she held a book in her hand,but Haru was in awe at the long black habit and thick long black strap she wore around her waist.The Nun’s look on the Nun’s face was severe,made even more so by the long black veil and white coif that surrounded her face.Haru nudged Aiko who immediately jumped to her feet.Haru was too engrossed in the spectacle that before he knew it the Nun had grasped his ear and was dragging him to his feet.
“Stand up in my presence naughty boy!” ,the Nun said sternly.
Haru apologised as the Nun let go of his ear and opened the door to the room,she stood aside and indicated with the book for Aiko and Haru to enter.As they filed past her,both Aiko and Haru received a slap on their bottoms with the book the Nun was holding.

The Nun slammed the door shut making Haru and Aiko jump slightly with fright.
“I am Sr.Hilda and you are Haru and Aiko,I presume;both of you are here to learn and playing truant is dealt with severely at this Monastery,” Sr Hilda said placing her book on the table in her study. She stood glaring at Haru and Aiko for a few moments before saying, “Now,let us get to the bottom of things.”
Aiko and Haru watched as Sr.Hilda opened a drawer on the table and produced a school ruler;they watched as the Nun took a seat and Haru felt his penis stiffen.

“Aiko,come over here and join me over my lap,my girl,I will teach you a lesson that you will never forget,” Sr.Hilda said.
Haru and Aiko exchanged glances.For Aiko this was the nightmare she dreaded;for Haru this was what he wanted. Haru watched as Aiko walked slowly over to where the stern Nun was sitting.He felt his penis harden and wanted to touch himself so much,but was afraid too,he found he was afraid of this middle aged Nun with the ruler. Haru watched as Aiko lay over the Nun’s knee.
“Turn and face the wall,you naughty boy”,Sr.Hilda barked.
Haru,reluctantly turned to face the wall,the image of Aiko over the Nun’s knee waiting for the Nun’s pleasure was driving him wild .Then her heard the first sound of a slap,Aiko screamed out immediatly.Haru could resist,he took a quick glance and was met with sight of the Nun bringing the ruler down on the bare bottom of Aiko.
“FACE THE WALL!”,the Nun screamed.
Haru faced the wall and had to satisfy himself with the delicious sounds of Aiko having her bare bottom spanked with the ruler by Sr.Hilda.The punishment of Aiko continued for sometime,it was clear to Haru that Sr.Hilda was going to making a lasting impression on them both. Eventually after much screaming,the spanking stopped and soon Haru heard his name being called. As he turned around to face his Disciplinarian he was just in time to see Aiko smoothing down her navy coloured,pleated skirt.She was wiping tears from her eyes as she walked over to him and took her place facing the wall.

Haru looked at Sr.Hilda.He could see a slight smile on the Nun’s face.She must have enjoyed spanking Aiko,he thought.He walked slowly over to Sr.Hilda,now he felt a wave of apprehension. Sr.Hilda ordered him to lower his trousers and shorts.He done so and Sr.Hilda saw his erection .
“Well,well,another over sexed boy;I have just the remedy for you Haru,after I am finished spanking you,” SR.Hilda said.
Haru wondered what she meant,what was this remedy?
Haru lay over Sr.Hilda’s knee and felt the ruler on his bare bottom.By the fourth stroke of the ruler he had yelled out and then after that he felt as if someone had set fire to his bare bottom. Sr.Hilda seemed to enjoy bringing the ruler down on his bare bottom,she kept saying, “There,now,you naughty boy”.
Haru cried out,the pain was getting way too much,his fantasy was not like this ,he thought. Finally the Nun stopped and ordered him off her lap.Once Haru was standing and rubbing his sore bottom,Sr.Hilda ordered him to pull his trousers up and then caught him by his ear and dragged him out of her room and along the corridor to the next room.The Nun knocked at the door and a male voice bid them enter. Sr.Hilda opened the door and dragged Haru into the room. Before Haru could see who was in the room ,Sr.Hilda spoke.
“This naughty boy requires some male attention,Bro.Anselm”.
Haru looked and saw a Monk wearing a long black habit sitting behind a large,ornate table.
“Leave him with me,I will deal with him,” the Monk said,a smile appearing on his goatee bearded face.
Sr.Hilda left the room and Haru wondered was she going to do more to Aiko.
The Monk ordered Haru to drop his trousers and shorts.Haru do so and the Monk walked over to him.Haru felt embarrassed and soon felt his still erect penis grabbed by the Monk.
“Now,young man,you and I have something to discuss”,the Monk said with a look of longing.

Aiko and Haru met up later and Haru told her what had happened,how the Monk had used a cane on his bare bottom ad even touched hard penis. Aiko related how she was spanked again,this time the Nun used her hand before having to kneel in front of Sr.Hilda and listen to a long lecture about studying and not playing truant.

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