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I sat at home, alone and in just an A-shirt and boot socks. Almost into the television, but much more into the memory about the hot time with the guy who’d left an hour or so before. The growling of my stomach soon put me in the kitchen, still in recall, but I prepared my pork chops to be seasoned. A few minutes after I put them in the oven, I heard a knock on the kitchen door. I stepped into the bedroom, slipped on a pair of shorts and then went to the door to see who was there. Behind the glass I saw the only man that could have possibly started my thigh buddy to rise again so soon. The instant after the six-foot tall, solid built, 160-pound brown haired man stepped through the threshold he locked his blue eyes on my chocolate ones.
“Hello. How are you doing?” He asked with a grin.
“Really good, and yourself?” I replied.
“Surviving, you know how it goes.”
I couldn’t help but look down at his crotch, being that he’d dropped by so that I would suck him off. We talked for a bit, during which time I told him about my dinner plans. I also leaned forward and groped the long dick in his pants while he sat on the chair. Then I asked if he was willing to stay until I was finished and I even invited him to share my meal. That blue-eyed fucker agreed to stay, declined dinner, and talked a bit longer and then he excused himself to the outdoors for a cigarette.
Upon his return, my dinner, my guest and myself soon adjourned to the living room. Though I had expected him to sit close to me, he took a seat on the other side of the room. I didn’t mind for it gave me a better view of that crotch. I stared blatant at what awaited me as I ate and conversed, with a look into those blue eyes on occasion just to see the heat that waited to be released. After I verbally proclaimed myself finished with my meal, I wiped my mouth with the napkin, tossed it on the coffee table and then locked eyes with him. He gave me that conceited grin that turned me on, yet I sometimes hated. I told him of my hankering for his cock, and he suggested I come and get it.
“Comes with terms and conditions, does it?” I asked as I stood and walked across the room. He gave a quizzical stare. “Terms are, I want that cock, the condition is that I gotta come and get it. And not that I mind,” I explained to have my buddy laugh. From there, all it took was a touch and the personally affective guest wanted to see my bedroom.
To watch that fucker expose his trim body is an act I could never tire of. Always done in a manner that showed his full intent to not only share the mansex with me, his cockiness gave him a bit of an edge over me. Once that cock was exposed to my greedy brown eyes, I saw and heard nothing else while it had my attention. Eight full inches long and two thick and uncut. Oh how that veiny, throbbing cock made my mouth water! Made my knees weaker in my willingness to get on them before it. As we stripped, I told my favorite buddy how I’d wanted to suck his cock when we’d seen each other the day before. He dropped his shirt on the floor as he admitted that his cock had begun to get hard before we were close enough to speak the day before. He also admitted that it throbbed right hard on the way over that day. I said I was glad he had followed his cock and dropped by, then I stepped from my jeans, climbed on the bed between those hairy thighs, spread ‘em and licked over my buddy’s hairy balls.
He sucked in an icy inhale; let it out in a heavy exhale and immediately began to talk to me. He told me how much he liked my tongue on his balls, and just how good it made him feel to be there with me. I only growled and groaned to it all while I slid all ten of my long fingers over that manly body. First across the trim and lightly haired belly for a bit, then I moved up to his built and masculine chest. With the single finger that touched the nipple, I sent that studmuffin into head-thrown-back gasps, and then slid the other hand further up his form, so as to feel the movement of that prominent Adam’s apple when he growled and performed the needed swallow. He called me baby as I worked him over, grazed hands and fingers over my head and whatever other part he could reach of me without having to sit up. He said in heavy exhale that he’d waited a week to get where he was.
All the while I licked and lashed tongue over those balls, I felt his cock occasionally graze over my forehead. I was quick to reach up and help it along; give it a gentle stroke on occasion to get more precum from it. It all felt so good that I soon spit out those balls, changed position and engulfed and cleaned the dick that throbbed in my hand. My favorite buddy sat up after one of those long throat holds and again reached all over my trim, 140-pound six-foot body. All the while he talked me into a state of horniness that saturated my soul.
I fully enjoyed the cock that slid so fluently in and out of my oral cavity. I moaned, groaned, hummed and even attempted to talk around the delicious mouthful. I eased the man I serviced back into a prone position, freed that meat and continued the physical assault on his body. I got up on my knees, crawled a step closer on the mattress and first began to rub my cock over his. Then I got them both in a grip, seethed and stared into his beautiful eyes while I jacked them awhile.
Then, I was atop my fuck buddy, eye-to-eye, cock-to-cock with him. I grunted low, buried my nose in his neck and gripped those broad shoulders while I humped to that tight body like a ram in rut. He got hold on my asscheeks, gripped, groped, pulled and caressed the mansex-tensed flesh and all the while, he showed how much he loved the feel of my cut, nine-inch black cock, as it was being frottaged to his body. He eased a hand between us and played a few over the head of my cock upon a forward thrust. The longer and more forceful I ground that cock to his body, the more he applied the grip and pull to my ass. He even eased a finger down between my cheeks and played over my hairy and inviting hole. I moaned as I relaxed to let the finger pass over and even slightly into my hole.
“I’m gonna have to feel this on my cock again soon.” He said to me, and I agreed.
“Until we have the time for that, I have something else warm, wet and tight for your cock.”
I eased back down his body, orally retrieved his cock, played a hand in the light hair that dusted his trim belly and then over the bars of muscle that tensed up when I played hard over the area with a few fingers. A need for a better angle of swallow made me move a bit further down, a move that put my hands on my buddy’s trim hips. I got anchor grip on them and then went after that cock possessively. I sucked it fast for a while and then slowed to proficient leisure when I felt that cock throb up hard against my tongue. More than once, I brought that blue-eyed fucker to the brink of blowing that load. In stave, I would either slow my action or cease it altogether for a few seconds and just watch that meat throb. That stud could do no more than show his cocksucker what he wanted; put forth every sexual sound and gesture that let me know he loved my hot mouth and only wanted more of it. He groaned, practically whined, did and said all he could to persuade me to let him get that cock off in my mouth. My favorite buddy soon found that I had other ideas.
Just because it was so close, I returned the grip and caress to his firm and manly cheeks of ass. My buddy raised his legs a slight bit, I followed suit and slid my hands down the front of those muscular body supports and then up the backside until I reached that ass again. To touch it sent my mind into a sexual frenzy. Damn how good it felt! So soft, yet the hair gave everything a wonderful rough and masculine texture. The more I groped his ass, the more I wanted to see it while I did so. That hot bastard only coaxed me on; I groaned loud and long and then released that hard cock from my oral grip.
I then asked my favorite fuck buddy to turn over so I could get a look at that ass. He happily obliged me and I went right for it. I kissed one cheek while I applied grope to the other. Grazed both hands down the thighs and calves, then up the trim torso again and applied light massage to his back. I worked those areas with a passion as I talked my buddy into a passionate frenzy. He talked right back, told me what he wanted and then showed me when he applied grip to my head and began to push me back toward his cock. He told me to take that cock back in and suck it off. I said I wanted to but there was something else that would get my oral attention.
I had slid a hand down to where his cock and balls pressed against the sheet. I told him how much I liked the thicker amount of hair that covered his perineum as I touched it, and that something about the way his balls lay there had set my mouth to watering.
“I wanna suck those balls a bit more before I suck that cock off.” I said.
Yeah, he was eager to feel it again. He went to change position to give me access, but I showed him otherwise. I simply spread his legs, got between them, crammed my nose into that perineum and wagged out my tongue to enjoy a taste of those balls. He quickly got up on his hands and knees to give my hunger total access to his rolling low-hangers. I turned right on over onto my back, shoulder-crawled up the bed to get between those legs and then I slurped both those hairy balls in.
My stud-buddy began to moan, call me by my name; baby or whatever else came to his sexually charged mind. He tried even harder with that hand to get grip on my head and praised me when I moved as it instructed. After he watched for a while and loved how my mouth loved his nuts, he moved closed to my chin, reached behind his legs and began to work my sensitive nipples. When he played a hand from a nipple to and over my cock, and then on to my sensitive asshole, I made a change. I let the hand leave my buddy’s nipple, raised my legs and put my feet over the strong shoulders. My blue-eyed buddy’s action got me to doing a fine, left handed stroke job on my own cock. Made me want him to finger fuck me for a while longer, then turn me over and work all eight inches in my hole.
“I know what you really want, don’t I?” My hot buddy huskily asked to have me nod. So back he went to both those nipples; pinched, pulled and slightly twisted them. I only called for more, licked those nuts and ground my whiskered chin into his perineum.
He stroked his cock while I watched with full zeal. I reveled to watch his hand work, for I knew each fresh stroke brought that stud ever closer. I hoped my wildfire gazes upward helped my blue-eyed buddy along, for I wanted nothing more than to see and maybe even feel that load as it traveled out of that uncut meat. It soon came time and that stud asked me where I wanted that load. I released his balls, slid down before that cock and wagged my tongue out. While my own load covered parts of his belly and back, I took every shot of that load and then took the head in and washed it clean with my tongue.
We lay in silence long enough to let calm breath return to our lungs and then he stood so I could clean the cum from our bodies. After I wiped cum from my Favorite buddy’s back, I began to chuckle when he exhaled with mansexual relief several times as he got dressed. He told me how much he’d enjoyed the heat we’d shared, to have the compliment returned along with an invitation to drop by again. That blue-eyed fucker agreed to return another night that week and then I walked him to the door, groped his cock one last time, smiled and then watched his ass bounce as he walked down the stairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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