The Fuck store for mature girdled ladies – Clara,

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The Fuck store for mature girdled ladies – Clara,

As readers will know, I work as an assistant at a boutique clothes and lingerie shop catering specifically for chubby and larger over 50 mature ladies who like wearing girdles. We provide a discreet and private place where they can feel safe – and satisfied — to buy fashionable, sensuous garments and lingerie that flatter them. And the staff are specially selected to help them fulfil their sexual fantasies whilst shopping.

Women do not (or very rarely) lose their sex drive as they get older. If they have a healthy libido and are maybe lonely, lost a husband or lover, they still get the horny hots and have fantasies You would be surprised the number of mature women(even up their early seventies) who feel underappreciated or who because of their age, cannot fulfil themselves sexually – even some married ones! My job is to change that.

Fantasy is a tremendous aphrodisiac – good sex always starts in the brain. Miss Clara Roberts was a good example. She was, I would guess, middle 50s, a nice chubby size 18 and very attractive. The thing that let her down was her dowdy appearance. She had let herself go.

She looked nervous when she came in, so introducing myself I invited her to sit with me and have a chat over a cup of coffee.
Clara to me her story, “I don’t really know where to begin. I was a school teacher for over 30 years. But since my lovely hubby died 5 years ago and the k**s left home, I have let everything go to pot. I was attractive and kept myself trim. But recently, I have a strong yearning for a man in my life, again. But looking like this, who is going to be interested?”
I told her that her dilemma was not that unusual and that I wanted to help as our task was to make her feel good and happy about herself. However, I had to see what she meant by ‘her lovely hubby’
“In my opinion he was everything a woman could want….kind, loving, good with the k**s and very attentive to my needs, how should I put this, in and out of bed, if that’s not too naughty?”

Well, if I am being really honest, he was rather shy but over the years we explored and enjoyed many sensuous delights”
This was a clear signal that Clara liked to try things. But my immediate task was transforming her from unlovable to fuckable.
Asking if she was comfortable if I could measure her- she accented. After removing her dress, pants and girdle she looked really nice especially that lovely plump belly and very hairy vulva. When the bra came down along with her heavy melons the size of her nipples and areoles made my eyes pop out! They seemed to cover a third of each breast.

She clearly noted my astonishment. “What’s the matter? Do these look freakish?”
“Not at all” I replied. “In all my life, I have never seen a lady with such large and lovely areolas and nipples.
“Yes they are rather, I loved it when they were stimulated, but that’s all in the past, sadly”
Still being professional I measured her hips, waist and when it came to her bust I took my time and her nipples get longer. She was definitely sensitive there, taking a gamble, I said that as many men were attracted to large busted ladies, she might consider our new all in- one-open bottom see-through body enhancer with nipple peephole. “Why would I want to expose my nipples?”
“Well, you don’t have to wear it all the time, but it would definitely give you better odds of attracting the right type of men that would suit you” I replied.

I invited her to step into it and rolled it up to and over her bust. She looked very hot.
“Yes I see what you mean. It is very erotic”, placing her hands over her tits and blatantly rubbing her nipples. Then the part I really enjoyed – ensuring the fit is nice and snug. Explaining that, she seemed more than keen to let me put my hands all over her.
Standing behind her and placing fingers up inside the body enhancer I ran them all around finishing at her hairy quim. “It seems rather tight here Clara. With the palm of my hand over her fat fanny and my hard on right up against her arse I said, “Does it feel comfortable?”

“Oh very. This fitting is having a very good effect on me, and from what I am feeling, you seem to be feeling the same. Tell me, is it true, that you make love to all your clients”?
“Well, yes, because I find them all so irresistible. Look at you Clara; you’re everything I love in a woman….lovely and flabby, an extremely hairy vagina and those tits, well!

“You’ve made my day. This is first time in five years I have been desired. What say, you start massaging and sucking my titties.
I could not get enough: sucking, kneading, biting and those nipples rose to at least half an inch. Putting her arms behind, Clara wasted no time in getting my pre cum soaked cock out and playing with it as if deciding where she wanted it.

Rather than just wanting me to screw her, Clara said that rather than a quickie, she wanted to be adventurous. “As I said previously, my lovely hubby and I tried and enjoyed several sensuous things which I would like to try again.
Still playing with my cock and me fingering her cunt she outlined them.

She loved being in state of high arousal and often put love beads up her fanny and a vibrating butt plug in her arse when they went out for the day.

When she and he found the thrill of watching each other pissing they expanded it into doing it discreetly in public places.
And lastly, and this was a complete surprise, hubby got a big kick out of showing her off to complete strangers in public which had led them to dogging.

We didn’t or could not wait any longer; turning her around and against the wall I shagged her brains out. After wiping herself, we then spent several hours getting her new outfits, which would suit her new adventurous spirit
To be continued

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