The gent and hot wet sex

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The gent and hot wet sex
After finishing my meal at the restaurant next to the hotel I was staying at I went to go get some things from the back of my car. A few cars along from where I was parked I could see bent over into the back of her car a pair of slender legs in black stockings or tights topped by a tight skirt which ended a few inches above her knees. Her bum looked so perfect and I had dirty thoughts of grabbing it, the thoughts stirred my dirty horny mind. The heavens suddenly opened. She stood up and said “oh for fucksake”, she looked at me and gave me a smile and slightly blushing at her filthy outburst. I simply smiled and said “it’s ok I am not fucking offended”. I grabbed quickly what I needed from my car and my umbrella. I rushed over to the potty mouthed lass and like a true gent I covered her with my brolly. She smiled again at me and got the last of her needed items from her car.
“Thank you, such a sweet man you are, let me buy you a drink” she purred at me.
I nodded and led her to the door of the restaurant and bar. We stood at the bar and she bought us both a drink. We went and sat at a table. We sat across from each other and I have to say it was a beautiful view. She was probably a little older than me, blond hair, green eyes and lush lips. She was stunningly beautiful. My eyes were then distracted by her breasts. She had a lovely big pair but what was making them more appealing was that her white blouse was dripping wet and clinging to her boobs and was slightly see through from being wet. She introduced herself and said she was pleased to meet me and I returned the compliment. She then asked if I was ok, I seemed distracted.
I lent over the table, she guessed I had something a little delicate to say too loud and she lent over too. I whispered to her, “your blouse, urrhm wet t shirt”. And gave her a little wink. She sat up a little and looked down, seeing the wet material clinging and showing off her breasts. She smiled and thanked me for saving her embarrassment and suggested maybe we should finish our drinks somewhere a little more private, I agreed and we left. We both had rooms in the hotel so we went into the hotel. We both had rooms on the first floor, we got to my room first. I opened the door and let her in. My room only had one chair so we sat on the bed chatting. My eyes in heaven looking at her and her wet see through blouse.
She then looked at me and I could see lust in her eyes. “I bet a lone guy staying away has some porn to watch”.
“Maybe…” I cheekily replied and smiled.
She then moved to straddle me and then kissed me. We kissed deeply and long, one hand cupping the back of her neck and the other caressed her gorgeous bum.
She pulled away and unbuttoned her blouse, I looked longingly at her damp boobs “I love wet tits” I told her. She unzipped her skirt and wiggles out of it to reveal that she had some sexy hold up stockings on and a pair of brief lacy knickers. She stood and pulled me up, she took off my t shirt and started to undo my belt and jeans while kissing me again. Once my jeans had fallen she pushed me back to the bed and straddled me again. She slowly removed her bra and stroked her amazing boobs. She smiled at the look on my face as I admired her. She rubbed her boobs against my chest and rode them down my body. She stopped as they rested on my now rather firm cock. She looked up and me, grinned, winked and then pulled down my boxers. Her sexy tits then rubbed over my hardening cock. Soon I felt her lips kissing my dick and then take my hard length into her mouth. Her tongue and lips working up and down me as I laid back in pure ecstatic pleasure. She kept sucking and licking my throbbing hard cock. I told her to stop, she asked why and I told her I was so close to cumming. She took me in her mouth again and intensified the blowjob. With a groan I shot my load, I could feel her gulping down my cum. She sat up and wiped some cum from her lips and licked seductively her finger. I laid her down and kissed her. I worked my lips down to her neck and then slowly to her breasts. Sucking, licking and nibbling her big errect nipples, making her moan lovely. I ran one hand down her body to her sexy knickers. Slipping inside them and rubbing her hot and wet pussy. Rubbing her clit while sucking her nipples got her wetter while she moaned sweetly. I moved away from her boobs and kissed her crotch then pulling her panties off I buried my head between her legs and teased her clit with my tongue making her moan even more. Licking and driving my tongue into her while looking up to see her caressing her tits. This spurred me on even more, licking at her clit while watching her touch her tits was horny as hell. Making her cum again and again as her juices flow on my tongue. She beckoned me to kiss her, we cuddled up and kissed deeply. She then got up and went to the bath room, I heard her start to run a bath. She stood at the door, looking at me and touching herself, one had on her tits and the other between her legs. I laid on the bed watching her whole touch my cock, slowly wanking at the sight of her doing the same. She went and turned of the taps and then held out a hand to lead me to the bathroom. She told me to get in the bath and then stepped in after me. I laid down and again she straddled me. Laying down on my and kissing me passionately while her boobs rubbed against my chest in the water. They slid and stroked me and turned me on even more and I could feel my cock getting rock hard. I could feel the tip of my cock rub up against her clit. She sat up and my dick slipped into her lovely wet hole, I looked up to see her wonder boobs now lovely and wet. I smiled and ran my hands and fingers all over her sexy big wet tits while she rocked her cunt on my cock. She then laughed and grinned at me.
“Hold this thought”. She pulled the plug on the bath and stepped out. “Run the shower babe”.
She left the bathroom but soon return while I ran the shower. She was back but with her blouse back on. She stepped in to the shower and let the falling water drench her blouse. It clung again to her boobs and my cock got the hardest it ever has before. I span her round and bent her over. Her beautiful bum now in front of me. “I was missing this view from earlier when you were bent over in the back of your car”. I grabbed her perfect bum and squeezed it. He giggled but then gasped as I slid my hard cock into her hot sexy cunt, driving it deep in firmly.
“Oh for fuck sake, oh fuck me, fuck me hard”. She screamed, that said how could I not resist so I grinding hard at her cunt, feeling it get wetter and wetter with every thrust, wetter still every time she let out a bigger moan as she came again and again. I asked her where she wanted my cum to which her reply was “Don’t stop fucking me sexy until you cum”.
I fucked her harder, faster and deeper until with one deep hard thrust I came deep inside her as moaned together in one orgasm. I withdrew, cum dripping off my cock and from her lush hole. She turned and knelt before me and licked the spunk from my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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